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Legends of Running Endurance

Legends of Running Endurance

By Camino Ultra
If you want to learn from the Legends of Running Endurance this is where you come to find out.

We talk with the most iconic figures in the ultra running world to find out what makes them tick, and what drives them to epic performances in the UK and worlds biggest ultra marathon races

You’ll find very random ultra chat, laughter, tears, race tips, training tips and inspiration to help you take your running career to the next level.

Each episode is kindly supported by a collection of our partners. EP1 health inspired coffee heroes EXHALE COFFEE - go to and use CAMINO40
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Episode 3 - Legends of Running Endurance - Michael Stocks

Legends of Running Endurance

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Dan Lawson
In this episode Bone and Daz talk with the living legend Dan Lawson, holder of LeJog record, EMU 6 Day Champion, European 24 Hour Champion, GUCR Course Record holder, Spartathlon 2nd place, UltraBalaton winner and generally the loveliest human being we know, apart from our wives and Mum's of course.    We talk sustainability and Dan's brilliant mission with Re-Run clothing, rescued vegetables (i'm looking at you @Oddbox), and lots of random running chat especially Dan's ability to withstand pain.  Daz and Bone fight over having Dan as a pacer at SDW100 next year.  In the intro Bone and Daz almost discuss performance enhancing drug use in ultra-marathons, mull over Adele and Ronnie O'Sullivan running the Lea Valley 50k, we talk about David's incredible 19th place at this year's Spartathlon, and Daz plays an A-Minor chord on an acoustic guitar  Yes it really is extremely pony.  Episode in conjunction with Camino partners: Exhale Coffee the first thing we drink in the morning. - grab a free sample: KOM Fuel our go-to store for ultra marathon nutrition: - contact us for amazing promo deals 80Noir Ultra our favourite post-race or long-run recovery drink, try it here:
December 10, 2021
Episode 14 - Random Anglo Celtic Plate chat - Spotify exclusive
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Bone and Daz go off on 100 kilometre tangents, only available on Spotify
August 24, 2021
Episode 13 - Canal King - Alex Whearity
Having been cruelly let down by our preferred guest Paul Ali - we had the immense pleasure of chatting to the one and only Canal King. Yes a wonderful podcast with the ultra-running legend Alex Whearity. Having been mentored by some of the ultra-gods Paul Ali, Paul Beechey, Rob Corney in his beloved Reading area, Alex has recently had huge results in the UK Canalrace series - 4 wins at KACR, LLCR and last two GUCRs - 145 miles from Birmingham to London. Alex has recently become a Dad and his partner Wendy is also a world-class Team GB 24 hour ultra-runner. In the podcast Alex kindly shares with us some of the secrets to his recent successes as well as some of the mental health benefits that endurance running and racing has benefitted him. As Alex gears up to another epic 24 hour race at UK's Crawley 24 hour we look at some of Alex's future dream races. You can also follow Alex: @runningbants on Instagram 
July 01, 2021
Jason Hardrath - Legends of Running Endurance - Episode 12
Jason Hardrath IS the "King of FKTs" Jason is currently attempting the FKT of the Washington Bulgars - previous record is 410 days!!! and Jason is aiming for 50 days Track him here - - then find Jason
June 24, 2021
Episode 11 Rising Stars - Martin Johnson
We have been such a huge admirer of Martin Johnson for some time. This podcast was a revelation.  We found out that Martin owes everything to Andrew Smith (CactusRuns)!!!! Seriously we love how Martin took on and beasted the wonderful Thames Path 184 miles and created a new Fastest Known Time. We discovered that Phil Young (Board Stupid) helped inspire and support the attempt and with Patagonia there is also a film being produced that will be available later in the year Having podiumed at Centurion events and helped establish the "Black Trail Runners" we had plenty of fantastic new territory to cover off. It was a real privilege to get some advice on how everyone in our running community can better involve all marginalised groups and Martin has certainly inspired us to do get some more skills sessions and promotional material together to support this. Looking forward to supporting Martin in a possible 2022 entry in our beloved Spartathlon. INTRO: DaznBone talk about the incredible scenes witnessed at the Suffolk Backyard Ultra with John Stocker and Matt Blackburn plus our most recent recces of Bob Graham Round and Ben McGoverns successful round @blacktrailrunners
June 11, 2021
Episode 10 - Ali Young - Precision Hydration
Fresh from her scintillating 15 hour finish in last Saturdays Centurion Track 100 mile event we were thrilled to speak with friend and legend Ali Young. We have been lucky enough to run (behind!) Ali at epic ultramarathons such as the 2017 Spartathlon and 24 hour World Champs in Belfast and Albi (France). What we loved about this podcast is that Ali is first a foremost a PT trainer and a lover of her local Parkrun and it is that "more realistic" connection to running and life balance that we explore in this edition. Ali is kind enough to share some wonderful detail on Bulgarian splits (Daz still hasn't recovered, great conditioning exercises as well as her nutrition and ultra-running tips. Grateful to Andy and the team from Precision Hydration for sponsoring this podcast and some of our up and coming ultra pursuits. We would thoroughly recommend that you contact/follow Ali - Conditioning for Runners class Mondays 6.30pm via zoom’ can contact Ali via social media or her email
April 27, 2021
Episode 9 - Aleksandr Sorokin - Bryn Jones - KOMFuel
In anticipation of this weekends Centurion Track 100 mile event we are honoured to have the World Champion Aleksandr Sorokin on the Camino Podcast. Aleksandr has been quarantining in the UK at the home of our friend Bryn Jones. These two legends met as Basel 24 hour champs a couple of years ago and all kinds of craziness happened. We discuss this as well as the preparation for this weekends big race. Aleksandr has won many great ultramarathon races but to us he is in the Hall of Fame for being a winner of our beloved Spartathlon. We were lucky enough to be in that race with Aleksandr (he only pipped us by a mere 13 hours!!) We talk about that year as well as the might Yiannis Kouros - we imagine that Aleksandr is one of the few modern day ultra runners that Yiannis would respect. Huge gratitude to Bryn for helping get this wonderful and mad episode together. Massive kudos to Maksim (Aleksandr's brother) for being on the podcast as no.1 translator) Enjoy x LINKS:
April 22, 2021
Episode 8 - Legends of Running Endurance - James Stewart
We've been long time admirers of James and that has only grown since his recent foray into podcasting with host Paul Giblin on their highly recommended Pyllon Ultra  James has been a key member of the Team GB 24 hour squad ever since he joined the exclusive 160 mile club at Tooting Bec in 2016.  In the podcast we talk about James's wonderful beginnings in running ultras (he manages to compare himself to Ronnie Corbett - which is legendary in itself!) and his spectacular rise in winning big races and setting course records. James is also a run coach and he has the most beautiful way of sharing wise thoughts on everything from running controlled slower runs, to changing your nutrition to better fit your aims and everything from motivation to inspiration. It's difficult to pick out just one great quote but we love this: "Once you've found that niche - serve it profoundly. Don't make it wide and average - make it deep and brilliant" DUV Profile In Intro Daz is reading "Book of Trespass by Nick Hayes"
April 08, 2021
Episode 7 - Joasia Zakrzewski - 80Noir Ultra
Episode 7 of the Legends series sees us joined by possibly the greatest current ultra runner in the UK (that you probably haven't heard of).  Joasia recently posted the 5th best 24 hour distance (236.5 KM) by any female in the history of UK athletics.  On route Joasia broke countless other records including a brilliant 14 hours and 47 minute 100 mile. All this whilst being "marooned" in Australia due to the Pandemic.  We are also joined by our own Camino Legend "Kelsey Price". Off the back of being 1st female at last years Robin Hood 100 mile event Kelsey sustained a stress fracture and she was given the name of Joasia for expert advice. We cover so much in this podcast - REDs (Relative energy deficiency in sport), Joasia's epic ultra history from original races in Scotland with our previous guest Debbie Martin-Consani, Joasia's 10 times International selection, her love of Pot Noodle! and everything from the Australian Ultra scene to our beloved Bob Graham. We are certain that you are going to enjoy it (and unlike most of our other podcasts you may also learn quite a few helpful things from Dr Zakrzewski) Joasia DUV profile - Kelsey blog on Robin Hold 100 mile victory -
March 19, 2021
Episode 5 - Legends of Running Endurance - Alastair Higgins
Alastair has been a friend and fellow lover of the epic Spartathlon for several years. Al has finished Top 10 in it and been first British runner. His running achievements are long and varied. In this soulful and reflective episode we touch on the early days when (like so many) Al read Scott Jurek's inspirational "Eat and Run" book and he first learnt about this 'impossible' ultra called Spartathlon. We delve into what it meant for Al to wear his country's vest during the Anglo Celtic Plate 100km and to share the track with so many brilliant runners. Special time is spent reflecting on Al's experiences of employing a coach - not any Coach! - Only Camille Herron - in our opinion one of the greatest ultra athletes on the planet. h We have some banter around race shoes that we don't love, why Al's beloved whisky industry might crash, whether Daft Punk breaking up was a good thing..... Huge thank you to Al - not only for his time on this podcast but for being such a beautiful soul and an incredible competitor in the ultramarathon community. Al has already achieved some sensational race goals but there's no doubt even more to come. Dean Karnazes quote!!!! If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon. If you want to talk to God, run an ultra.
February 27, 2021
Legends of Running Endurance - Rising Stars - Damian Carr
Episode 4 of Camino Ultra's "Legends of Running Endurance" podcast where our Rising Stars guest is Coventry Godiva's one and only Damian Carr. Damian finished second in the Elite version of last year's Gloucester 24 hour event and had been impressing in small ultras before that. We had a great laugh on this podcast - with Damian asking "who did drop #that banana skin on Lane 1 at Gloucester 24", we find out about Damian's secret training technique and his amazing time out in US during the Black Canyon 100Km with Hayden Hawks and Camille Herron Damian is without doubt one of the most upbeat and positive runners on the UK ultramarathon circuit and has undoubtedly many great years and events ahead of him. Follow the legend Episode 4 was kindly sponsored by our friend from Coros Global
February 19, 2021
Episode 3 - Legends of Running Endurance - Michael Stocks
Michael Stocks is a London based South African born runner who has been successful at every distance from 10km up to 24 hour - crowning things with a place in the 2019 TEAM GB 24hour squad in Albi France Comrades History: Established in 1921. Course records: Down: Men: David Gatebe: 5:18:19 (2016) Women: 5:54:43 (1989) Frith van der Merwe Up: Men: 5:24:49 (2008) Leonid Shvetsov Women: 5:58:53 (2019) Gerda Steyn Michael Stocks 10 time finisher - GREEN NUMBER 31054 PB: 6:47:11 DAZ PB (2006) - 10:27:16 TOOTING BEC: - Michael (far left) Bone (in Puffa Jacket!) Michael 1st Place - 249KM Bone 3rd Place: 222KM Michael Book - Launched March 2021 - "One Track Mind" - PRE ORDER IT HERE - Michael mentions the infamous 1967 Comrades video finish by Tommy Malone -
February 10, 2021
Legends of Running Endurance - Rising Stars - Julien Cazorla
Julien Cazorla has quietly been throwing down some spectacular distances, times and run-streaks throughout the Covid-19 world of 2020. In early 2020 he set out to run 12 official marathons in 12 months and after hitting a 2hr 55 minute PB in his February event....Pandemic struck. Like so many other runners around the world Julien kept himself to local runs. However it wasn't long before Julien kept upping the ante and was looking for further distances and faster times. Most impressively in 2020 was a 15 hour - 100 MILE solo run around the streets for London as part of Centurion's One Love Community series in Autumn 2020.  Kicking on from there, Julien currently sits at the top of the Ultra-X World Championship Leaderboard having run 3 hrs 55 minutes for a 50 KM run with over 1,200 metres of gain. We ask Julien how he made these giant leaps, how he motivates himself to keep up his daily runstreak and how he manages to produce world-class times whilst constantly stopping to takes pictures!.  Julien is a truly beautiful guy and a genuinely exciting talent in the ultrarunning world.  THANK YOU to our Podcast Sponsors: KOMFuel - - Use discount code CAMINOFUEL for 20% off all nutrition orders
January 29, 2021
Legends of Running Endurance - Debbie Martin Consani
Legends of Running Endurance - Debbie Martin Consani. David and Darren chat with Scottish ultra legend Debbie Martin Consani.    There's not much in the ultra running game that Debbie hasn't completed and in many cases won, including: GUCR outright win, Montane Spine 2nd, many Centurion 100 mile wins, GB 24 hour athlete, Tor des Geants, UTMB, Bob Graham Round, TGC and many many more.     Debbie shares some of her epic race experiences and what drives her on to such big performances.  Expect some very random banter too. This episode is sponsored by - the UK's first & only speciality coffee that's crafted for health.   Use code CAMINO40 for a 40% discount off your first order. At Camino Ultra we are getting ready for our first event of the year, the hopefully Covid-proof "Centre of the Universe".    Start from anywhere, finish at Here East in the Olympic Park, minimum distance to cover is 50k to receive your unique Camino prize-bag.   Details and sign up:
January 15, 2021