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Caring Counts - Good People Doing Great Things

Caring Counts - Good People Doing Great Things

By Caring Counts
This podcast will allow us to share some truly great people with you. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry. As we share truly good people that are doing great things in their world. It could be in their business, charity or just in life, our guests will brighten your day! #CaringCounts
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Good Peeps 004 - Doug Belding

Caring Counts - Good People Doing Great Things

Good Peeps 005 - Victoria Taylor
In this podcast Victoria of @UntwistedMedia talks about the power of social media when used in the right way. As well, she shares some great tips about speaking, how to live life to the fullest and much more. Hey, she even sings. *This episode was recorded on FB live. #CaringCounts #GoodPeeps
March 21, 2018
A Birthday Present To Me!
Can you do this for me on my birthday? What you ask? Listen to find out. #CaringCounts
March 5, 2018
Good Peeps 004 - Doug Belding
On this episode I sit down with local artist Doug Belding. We talk about his process, art battles, Nova Scotia Fishermen and much much more. As usual, we laughed..a lot. Enjoy! This is taped live on Facebook and edited afterwards. Follow Doug: @dougbelding Website: #CaringCounts #GoodPeeps
March 2, 2018
Happy Tears Cleanse The Soul
Thanks to @victoriatayluk for inspiring this post.
February 28, 2018
Good Peeps 003 - Mia Voss
Episode:003 found me interviewing the incredible @MiaOnTheGo. “about Mia Voss: Travel & Lifestyle Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Expert Interviewer, YouTube Host; she is the ultimate traveler & people connector. She's currently working with brands such as Lexus, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda and more. Her engaging & energized style showcases businesses with authentic & engaging social content.” #MaritimeMia #CaringCounts
February 25, 2018
Good Peeps 002 - Bree Palmer
Bree and I did this over FB Live and we apologize for the audio, but it was so good we had to share it. Bree is the founder of @AmazingHumanSeries and is truly amazing herself. We talked Social, Kindness, pineapple on pizza and more. Enjoy!!! Follow Bree on IG: @Bree.Palmer or listen to her podcast \u201cThe Amazing Human Series\u201d everywhere! #CaringCounts
February 21, 2018
Good Peeps - Debbie Adams
Good People Doing Great Things - Debbie Adams of • Good People Doing Great Things - Debbie Adams of • Good People Doing Great Things - Debbie Adams of • Good People Doing Great Things - Debbie Adams of
February 19, 2018