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Welcome to Ujana (pron. Oyana) : A Teenager's & Young Adults Journey to Self Love

Welcome to Ujana (pron. Oyana) : A Teenager's & Young Adults Journey to Self Love

By Carol Oakley
Join Carol as she talks to inspiring teens/young adults and mature adults from all walks of life about their journey. Covering a broad range of topics to help teenagers/young adults and parents navigate their way through life and connect with their inner self. A space to hear and celebrate other people’s life lessons, and to get advice and guidance from experts or those who are knowledgeable in their field on everyday life topics and challenges that you can relate to.

A space to hear real and honest conversations.


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S2: EP: 25 Food for Thought

Welcome to Ujana (pron. Oyana) : A Teenager's & Young Adults Journey to Self Love

S2: EP:20 Bonus Episode : The Art of Letting Go
I share my heartfelt farewell message Thank you for listening x
February 04, 2022
S2: EP49: Connection Before Correction
This is the last episode this year, and I will be taking a break in January, with the plan to come back in February with more great stories and content. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.  I've loved sharing a space with you all. Wishing you and your loved ones a great Festive Season and a healthy and prosperous New Year. Now on with the show! Today, I have the pleasure to share a space with Aaron Huey, Founder of “Parenting Teens that Struggle” and the host of the #1 Parenting Podcast “Beyond Risk and Back” which is Mental Health News Radio Network's highest-rated show internationally. He is also a Family Consultant, a teen coach, and an addiction interventionist, and facilitates powerful parenting events. Aaron is the Founder and President of Fire Mountain Programs, and since 2004 has run kids camps, teen camps, and family programming. In 2009, he and his wife Christine opened a residential Mental Health and Dependency recovery treatment center for teens ages 12-17 in Colorado. Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Centre was in 2019 named one of the Top 50 Healthcare Providers in the United States His mission is to awaken confidence and leadership. “It‘s not about being better, it‘s about giving up the struggle to be different from who you are.” . We talk about and what you will learn: ➤His childhood and addiction journey ➤Mental, Addiction, and Behavioral health ➤Why self-care is important for recovery ➤Tips for parenting teens that struggle ➤Case studies ➤His Rites of Passage Program for Teens ➤Programs for Parents Plus much more! I loved Aaron's raw, down-to-earth wisdom and energy. If you're looking for some positive energy or looking for some amazing tips this show is for you! Resources mentioned The Ace Quiz - 50thLaw – 50cents and Robert Green Contact Details Podcast: Beyond risk and back FB: Parenting teens that struggle You can find his master class at: Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Thank you x
December 23, 2021
S2: EP48: Colourless Desires
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with  Kimberley Gowdy, author of The Colorless Womb and Founder of MOBY (Mommy Older Baby Younger) Born in Alabama, and raised in Connecticut, Kimberly always yearned for a child. After seven failed pregnancies and being trapped in an abusive marriage with a spouse, she parted ways with her husband to start a new life in Atlanta, Georgia. Years later she met her husband who shared the same dreams of having a child. ​Kimberly knew that she could become pregnant, however, she could not carry a child to term.  The couple entertained the possibility of surrogacy but experienced one disappointment after another.  With only two embryos left, failure was not an option.  Desperate to find the perfect surrogate led them to the biggest surprise of their lives—an ultimate match in an unforeseen package... We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Her background ➤Kimberly’s infertility and surrogacy journey ➤Dealing with racial and ignorant comments from friends and family members ➤Making the right choices based on your desires ➤MOBY – Mummy Older Baby Younger. A support group for women 35 and over ➤Her book – The Colorless Womb Plus much more! Kimberley shares her powerful story candidly and with grace. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for your support
December 17, 2021
S2: EP47: Surviving Comes From Planning
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with Retirement Strategist and Financial Advisor, Jefflyn Dangerfield. . Jefflyn speaks passionately, about preparing for the future: college funding (US) building wealth and legacy. She shares practical information you can use to reach your goals and retire on your own terms. Whatever financial habits you would like to instill in your child, or changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, Jefflyn has a wealth of experience and knowledge. So tune in now! We also talk about and what you will learn: ➤Her background ➤The importance of investing in yourself ➤70% / 30% Principle ➤Retirement planning ➤Family budgeting/strategies ➤Making budgeting fun with your children ➤Navigating the digital age Plus much more! Resources Podcast: Jefflyn’s Book Retirement Trilogy A book series with written adaptations from the I’m Your Agent podcast, a resource for education, information, and retirement planning. Jefflyn also hosts the “Brunch and Learn event, “Make A Dollar Out of 15 Cents” event and key webinars developed to help women navigate the unique challenges they face at retirement. Contact Details: Website: Instagram: I’myouragentpc Facebook: I’myouragent Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Thank you x
December 09, 2021
S2: EP46: Keys to Clarity
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with Lucy Abigail, a young businesswoman, and fulfillment seeker. Growing up, Lucy struggled to know what she should do to live a life of ultimate happiness and pass with no regrets. Aged fourteen, she turned to the world of positive psychology, the science behind all the best self-help books. There, she found answers to some of her life's most challenging questions. Lucy now hopes to share some of what she’s learned: Keys to Clarity was set up to help others through similar obstacles (or opportunities as she calls them) she faced. Its purpose is to encourage, educate and empower you to live a fulfilling life. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Her background ➤Her business – Keys to Clarity ➤The Self Determination Theory ➤Why it’s important to create a big future ➤Psychology ➤The four learning stages ➤How to deal with negativity ➤Generosity ➤Her Empowerment Journals Plus much more! Lucy has so much wisdom and knowledge beyond her years. I came away feeling empowered! Tune in now! Resources Free Empowerment Coaching Workbook Three Free Exercises for Fulfilment: The Finding Direction Journal: Contact Details: Website: Instagram: @keys_to_clarity Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Thank you x
December 03, 2021
S2: EP45: Success Left A Clue
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with Robert Riopel, who is an international best-selling Author, App Creator, Entrepreneur, and Life Transforming Trainer. After going from $150,000 in debt and stressed to completely financially free by the age of 32, Robert discovered his passion for training others because he felt that if he could even assist 1 person in their financial freedom, it would be all worthwhile. Robert travels all around the world, and only teaches from his personal experiences, struggles, and wins and that is why he connects so well with the audience. He is here to talk about 'how to not only position yourself as an authority but more importantly, how do you become the person that can handle more happiness and success that comes with it so that you can maintain the amazing life it brings'. We also talk about and what you will learn: ➤His background ➤Personal development ➤How he became financially free ➤Passive income ➤Being productive ➤Time Freedom ➤Finding your passion/using your gift ➤The importance of having a coach and a mentor Plus much more! I love Robert’s passion, humour and what he stands for.   Tune in now! Contact Details: Free digital download of his book ‘Success Left a Clue’ Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Thank you x
November 25, 2021
S2: EP44: Creating a Positive Image
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with Lacey C. Clark!, Creator of the 8 S’ Empowerment System, Phenomenally U” A Young Women’s Guide to Being Safe, Smart, and Successful in College. Lacey grew up in North Philadelphia. All she saw in the media were images of women that were highly sexualized. She had a challenging time wanting to know how womanhood should be respected. A question that was on the lips of many women in her community. If she wanted to see the change she had to be that change, so she made it her mission to change the narrative. Lacey now inspires women of all backgrounds to stay true to self. Her beliefs in self-love and empowerment are reflected in her thriving brands Phenomenally U, Phenomenal Everywhere, and Sisters’ Sanctuary. Collectively, the brands impact the world by providing inspirational messages laced with self-esteem boosting content. She shares insight to empower young women as they navigate the transition to adulthood. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Her background ➤Transitioning from young woman to adulthood ➤Challenges your daughter might face in college ➤Lacey’s 8 S Empowerment System broken down. Essential Tools ➤Tapping into college resources ➤Safety and creating a support system ➤Her Phenomenally Branding Plus much more! Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Contact Details: @phenomenally_u2 Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed.
November 19, 2021
S2: EP43: Start Somewhere
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with Adam Legister who is 32-years young and an avid gym-goer. Adam’s journey has been interesting. Peaks and troughs from being a chubby child (his words) to getting in and out of fitness, and now starting to enjoy life. He no longer looks for an escape but enjoys each moment. Still, at the beginning of his fitness journey and new career path, Adam is already seeing positive results in his life. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤ His background ➤ His challenges ➤Health and Fitness Tips for newbies ➤Overcoming hurdles ➤ His views on feminism ➤ Dating ➤ His career change Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Contact Details: @Adamlegend 89 Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed.
November 11, 2021
S2: EP42: Digging in Deeper
Today, I have Jonathan Nazario who is an 18-year-old self-published author who has written a self-help book called ‘The World in Which We Live’ . Jonathon always had ideas but needed an outlet to share them. He tried various methods and they didn’t work, so went back to the good old reliable method – writing. During that time he went on a journey, watching a lot of motivational content on YouTube, trying to find the best ones, and comparing the different metrics. That's what decided the genre of his book. Throughout the interview, Jonathon challenges my thinking on every level. For his age, he is full of wisdom beyond his years. He is not your typical teenager!   He is very bright and a very deep thinker.  His thinking process is a breath of fresh air. He brought up plenty of life lessons that I wish I thought about when I was younger! We also talk about and what you will learn: ➤ His background ➤ His book ➤Empowerment ➤ Creating  new ideas ➤ How to navigate your teenage years ➤ Tips on studying and revising for exams ➤ Productivity and efficiency ➤ Business Ideas ➤ His forthcoming book Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Resources His book ‘‘The World in Which We Live’ Contact Details: Jonathon Nazario Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed.
November 04, 2021
S2: EP41: Behind Closed Doors. Dealing with Narcissistic Abuse
Today, I have a deep conversation with Raj Montage who is an Empath Coach from Michigan, US. Having grown up in an unstable family, Raj didn't feel free to be himself at any time. Instead, he was viewed as a flawed and lost teenager. As addictions took control of his life to mask the pain, his true self was imprisoned behind negative self-belief for many years. He was so young and certain that not being alive, not existing, would be less horrible than having his existence stigmatized and looked down upon by those whose love he so desired. It wasn’t until he’d hit rock bottom that he started an extensive recovery path that he started to heal and come out of this darkness. Fast forward, Raj’s mission is to help as many people to heal and become the best versions of themselves through his podcast, ‘The On-Call Empath’, where he interviews experts and guests from all over the world, who share personal struggles, and coaching. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤ Raj’s background ➤ What is narcissistic abuse? ➤ The traits and behaviours ➤’Copying skills ➤’Grey Rocking’ ➤ Cultural and Family Pressures ➤ Trauma Bond ➤ Recovery Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. This episode is jammed packed with great advice. Tune in now! Resources YouTube and Narcissistic Podcasts Contact Details: Instagram and Facebook - The On-Call Empath Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed.
October 28, 2021
S2: EP40: The Career Toolkit
Today, I have a thought-provoking conversation with Mark Herschberg from NYC. Mark is the author of The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You.  He is also a seasoned university instructor and event speaker. Mark’s passion and knowledge are unwavering. He has been teaching career skills for over two decades ranging from world-class universities to at-risk youth, to people struggling during the Great Recession, to online communities of 200,000+ people. Helping people with their professional efficacy has been his passion most of his life. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤ Mark’s background ➤ How to become more effective ➤ How to develop the right skills and why you should invest in them ➤ Top tips on how you can negotiate in different scenarios. Especially with your teen or parent! ➤Why and how to prepare a career plan ➤ Mapping out your life ➤ How to deal with unfair and unethical behaviour in the workplace ➤Corporate Politics ➤ Striking the right balance of Self Promotion ➤The importance of Relationship Building ➤His book – The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You. Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. This episode is jammed packed with great career advice. Tune in now! Resources The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You. Contact Details: You will find Mark’s social platform’s there Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed.
October 21, 2021
S2: EP39: Your Message Matters
Today, I have a fun and engaging conversation with Tyler Foley from Calgary, Canada. Tyler is an accomplished film and stage performer and has been acting in film and television since he was 6 years old.  Tyler is passionate about helping others confidently take the stage and impact an audience with their stories. He is currently the Managing Director of Total Buy In and author of the No.1 bestselling book ‘The Power to Speak Naked’. Tyler is here to talk about how to be a more confident presenter and speaker. We also talk about and what you will learn: ➤ Tyler’s background ➤ How to become a confident speaker ➤ How to beat public judgment ➤ The importance of preparation and repetition ➤ Tips to script reading ➤ Memorization skills ➤The importance of valuing your child’s voice ➤ How to overcome social exclusion ➤Discovering your why Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Tyler is a great conversationalist. His passion will leave you on a high! Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Thank you for your support :-) Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or a Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email.
October 14, 2021
S2: EP38: Creating a Culture of Possibility
Today, I have a beautiful, thought-provoking and soul-stirring conversation with Michael Phillips, from Dallas, Texas. He is the founder of Life Prep and currently serves as the Chief Engagement and Fulfilment Officer for the TD Jakes Foundation. He is chairman of 50CAN and also serves as a board member of KuriosEd. After losing his father, suffering a life-altering car accident, and losing his college scholarship, Michael turned to selling drugs to make ends meet. But when his house was raided, he was arrested and thrown into a living nightmare. When it looked like he would be sentenced to spend years behind bars, the judge gave him a choice - go to a special college program for adjudicated youth or face the possibility of a 30-year prison sentence. It wasn't hard to pick. From that choice, a mission was born - to help change the school-to-prison pipeline system. He discovered that education was the path to becoming who he was created to be. In this powerful interview, we go deep as Michael talks passionately about helping people live better lives, and his determination to drive social change with lasting transformational benefits to society. We also talk about and what you will learn: ➤ His background ➤ The importance of creating a culture of possibility not punishment ➤ School-to-prison pipeline. What we can do to dismantle it ➤ Why the education system needs shaking up ➤ The importance of creating a wholistic approach to parenting ➤ Why you should invest in your children’s passion ➤Spirituality ➤ Creating generational equity Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Michael's practical steps provide a way forward to anyone wanting to help create space for collateral hope in the lives of young people around them. Resources Wrong lanes, have right turns – A pardoned man’s escape Michael Phillips Contact Details: Social platforms: @mikephillipsofficial Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email.
October 09, 2021
S2: EP37: Are You On The Right Train?
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with Sam Thiara from Vancouver, Canada. Sam is Founder and Chief Motivating Officer at Ignite the Dream Coaching and Consulting, a platform that engages his audience to define their path.  A key element is transformational practices where he is an expert in youth career coaching and supports teams and organisations in corporate alignment.  He co-founded a youth career platform that has gone nationwide. Sam has many strings to his bow. He is a professional who has created a personal journey as a storyteller, writer, workshop facilitator, problem solver, educator, and entrepreneur. Sam’s passion oozes throughout the interview as he shares some insights about how we can help our youth appreciate 'who' they are over 'what' they will do and how they need to activate the voice within to be louder than the noise around. We also talk about and what you will learn: ➤ His background ➤ The importance of obstacles ➤ His 5 Core Elements ➤ Why you should focus on who you are. Reconnecting with your actual self ➤ Key questions to help you make intentional choices ➤ How to lay down foundational pieces ➤ Cultural Identity Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. I learned a thing or two! Tune in now! Resources ‘Lost and found: Seeking the Past and Finding Myself’ Contact Details: All his social platforms are on there. Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email. -- Website - Instagram and Facebook - @ ujanapodcast
October 01, 2021
S2: EP36: Video Gaming Demystified
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with Jed Schaffer from Detroit. Jed is here to share his love of video games, to help a new generation of parents that grew up with video games on how to be a gamer and a parent, and to demystify gaming for non-gamer parents, so you don’t think your child is involved in something negative because you don’t understand it. Jed has been a gamer for 40 years and a parent for 15.  He has 3 boys - twin 15-year-olds and a 9-year-old. We go deep and peel back the layers of this fast-growing industry.  We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Jed’s background ➤How to manage and set boundaries ➤The importance of communication ➤Respecting your child’s interests ➤The good, the bad and the ugly ➤Parental Controls ➤Behaviour and personality changes ➤Signs of Gaming Addiction ➤Safety ➤Being a Professional Gamer – the Pros and Cons ➤ Video Game Careers Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout Resources mentioned: His Podcast - Gamer Parents Strategy Guide Rating boards for Video Games Cyber Sober (by Elaine Uskoski) is a great book on video game addiction and how to recognize it in children. Jed’s Contact Details: Podcast – Gamerparentstrategyguide 411 FB - Twitter - Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email.
September 23, 2021
S2: EP35: Connecting the Dots
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with Ben Corkery. Ben is a teacher turned podcaster and writer who explores ideas around the importance of alternative education and wholistic health. After discovering the power of lifestyle changes to improve his mental health he has been sharing his story with others and encouraging them to dive into the world of alternative health and education so that they regain their vitality and explore their creativity. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Ben’s Background ➤His struggles with anxiety and depression ➤Alternative Education Methods ➤What you can learn from your own experience and keeping a track of them ➤Becoming unstuck. How to reevaluate things ➤The importance of being the hero in your own story ➤How to navigate yourself and your emotions ➤Exploration and Curiosity ➤Wholistic healing and living ➤His Plans Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Thank you so much Ben for your time and wisdom. Resources mentioned: Self help for your nerves Doctor Claire Weekes Show your work Austin Kleon Ben’s Links Podcast Blog Youtube Intagram is @bennyboy.93s Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email. -- Founder and Host Ujana Podcast Podcast - Website - Instagram and Facebook - @ ujanapodcast
September 11, 2021
S2: EP34: There's Always A Way
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with Rhea Watson, Founder of Scholarship Solutions. a premier Scholarship and College Consulting Firm. Dedicated to working with students worldwide, ages six months to 90 years young. Rhea is a leading expert in higher education and a lifetime learner and educator.  She has helped thousands of individuals have a debt-free college experience. In the past 8 years, she has collectively helped scholars earn over $200 million of scholarships. As a freshman entering college Rhea was awarded one of the largest financial packages her college had EVER offered and by the time she was a graduating senior she was actually paid $1000.00 per month to attend college. Additionally, she continued to be on salary as a student through her masters and doctoral programs. Her scholarship earnings have well surpassed the $300,000 mark and on average she has empowered each scholar to earn over $250,000 of scholarships. Rhea is a leading expert in her field and determined to break financial barriers regardless of a person’s education, economic, or ethnic background, with the mission, to create education equity and college debt-free experiences for everyone. As an international speaker, Rhea has presented to audiences in Egypt, England, Germany, Gabon, Jamaica, South Africa, and North America, teaching students of all ages how to have a debt-free college experience. She is getting ready to debut her first book., The Scholarship Doctor is In: Your Prescription For Going to College Debt Free in 5 Easy Steps, in September. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Rhea’s educational journey ➤How Scholarships Work ➤Examples of Scholarship Packages ➤Her Scholarship Programmes ➤Leadership Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout! Resources mentioned: Checkout Rhea’s website Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email.
August 29, 2021
S2: EP33: I'm Not Weird!
Today, I have the pleasure to speak with Kelly Coons who is an Autistic Author writing about Autistic protagonists. Her book ‘All Ways’ was released in April 2021. Kelly is also an autism advocate. Before she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of thirteen, she had a coming-of-age story that was mostly deemed as neurotypical. However, she always felt isolated and, until her diagnosis, believed that she was to blame. After her diagnosis, she became passionate about disability advocacy and promoting Autistic pride. Kelly has such a vibrant and passionate spirit.  When she’s not writing, you may find her playing Dungeons & Dragons or wanting to escape into the Pokemon universe. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Her childhood and its challenges ➤Autism and how to learn about it ➤Advice for parents ➤Advice for children with autism ➤Why she wrote her book and the process ➤Being open to opportunities ➤Her future plans Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Resource mentioned: Autism Heals By Jennifer O’Toole Kelly's details: Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email.
August 20, 2021
S2: EP32: How To Build Your Own Startup
Today, I have the pleasure to speak to Hugo Pickleford-Wardle, co-founder of Startup Sherpas.  A collective of amazing people striving to help teens bring their ideas to life. Teaching them to do product and innovation properly. If anyone has the right credentials to teach children how to build a start-up, Hugo is the man. He started his first business at 6 years old, selling Pot Pourri to golfers in Worcester!  Since then he has done lots of Startups.  He created Mr Truffles, selling fresh truffles to Domestic and Michelin Star chefs.   He created an airline for skiers and has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies like Times and Vogue.  He had his own innovation consultancy which had a couple of million-pound revenue. Sounds like a success story?  Hugo has also had his equal share of failure along the way. They were working with adult career changers and realised that they were reaching people too late.  Teaching them entrepreneurial skills which they should have learned at school. That’s when Start up Sherpa was born.  They also help young people achieve a basic income so they can focus on what they really care about, and to help rapid change and growth in a sustainable way both for the students and for the world. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Hugo’s entrepreneurial journey ➤Why it’s important for teenagers to learn how to build their own Startups ➤Startup Sherpas free Ideas Camp for teenagers this summer ➤Startup Sherpas programmes ➤How to bring your ideas to life ➤Having a purpose in life ➤Making choices based on the things that you care about ➤A healthy and moral way to look at success ➤ Important Life skills Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Resource mentioned: The 100 year life book Hugo can be reached here: Share this episode and help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email. --
August 12, 2021
S2: EP31: Redefining Your Normal
Today, I have the pleasure and honour to share a space with Justin and Alexis Black,  Authors of  ‘Redefining normal:  How two foster children beat the odds and discovered healing, happiness, and love’. Alexis and Justin both grew up in the foster care system.  They met at college on a scholarship program for foster youth  At first, their past traumas and their age difference conspired to complicate their attraction. But the joy each took in the other eventually conquered those obstacles.  They managed to defy the odds, get healthy, and build a new life together. Guided by hope and a sense of purpose, as well as a desire to help others who have similarly suffered, they learned to reject the abusive patterns of their past, thereby breaking the cycle of generational violence and neglect. Since writing their book,  their world has opened up, and are now embracing their entrepreneurial journey, supporting other people in breaking generational patterns and creating a life they would love to live. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Growing up as a foster child ➤Redefining or retuning yourself ➤Overcoming Trauma ➤Dealing with disconnections and negative emotions ➤ Building healthy relationships ➤Creating your own family ➤Their entrepreneurial journey ➤Their book journey ➤Their internship program Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Justin and Alexis’s details: Website – Instagram and FB – re.definingnormal Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email.
August 05, 2021
S2: EP30: Laughter is the Best Medicine
I had the pleasure to share a space with 9ine Degrees.  Who are nine entertaining guys from London that decided to turn their group banter into an animated black British series on Youtube called Pass the Meerkat.  They share stories that are light-hearted, fun and relatable to young adults.  Their demographic is 18-34 yrs. When it comes to forming a tight bond these guys are a testament to having a true friendship. It’s rare to have a group of 9 people all pushing in the same direction, where everyone gives space for another to talk and, respect each other's individuality. I had a blast talking to them and came away feeling uplifted, inspired, and proud.  I hope you do too! We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Their inspirational journey ➤How they come up with ideas ➤The importance of friendships and creating safe spaces for men ➤Advice to young men – how to be confident ➤The importance of creating friendships beyond geographical ties ➤Embracing your creativity ➤Their learnings along the way ➤.Their ambitions ➤Their proudest moment ➤The biggest lesson life has taught them ➤Great pieces of advice for a teenager/ young adult Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Resources mentioned: The 50th Law - 50 cents & Philip Green Kanye West Documentary The Alchemist Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki Contact details: YouTube – 9ine Degrees or Pass the Meerkat  (content is aimed at 18 years and over) Instagram, FB, Twitter, Tiktok – @PasstheMeerkat Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email.
July 29, 2021
S2: EP29: Yoga for Teenagers - The Amazing Benefits
Today, I have the pleasure to share a space with Trishan Haughton, Mother, Nurturer of Mom & Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga. Join me as Trishan talks passionately about the benefits of yoga for teenagers.  Sharing helpful tools from Yoga and Ayurveda to help both teens and parents in navigating the teenage years towards self-love. Trishan’s career journey is an interesting one.  She started her career in Psychology, then branched out and worked in Youth Development.   Wanting to dig deeper into Youth Development and empowerment, she packed up and went to India to advance her studies.  Her career took a turning point when her trip ended abruptly. Dismissing Yoga in India, little did Trishan know that Yoga would be her next calling. Since her discovery, her life hasn’t been the same and has been transformed on many levels. Trishan now brings Yoga to Jamaica in all different spheres.  Working with youth and women. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Trishan’s background ➤The benefits of yoga ➤How yoga can help through puberty ➤ Ayurveda and Puberty – Understanding the language of the body ➤Yogic tools – creating practices for different needs. ➤How children can embrace yoga ➤How parents can support their children's yoga practice for longevity ➤Her challenges to increase awareness ➤How you can wean your teens off sugar Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Resources mentioned: Yo Re Mi (Yoga for children on Youtube) Trishan’s details: Instagram and FB @Trishanthefree Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email.
July 23, 2021
S2: EP28: I'm Not A Label
Today, I have the pleasure to have Ola Adesanoye, Founder of Study Skills Lab, on the show. Ola is an academic life coach for preteens and teens. Ola is a mum of 3 and her background is in Pharmacy. She stopped working when her son was struggling academically and home-schooled him. She then trained to be a Parent Coach and then a Life Coach. Her experiences with her kid’s academic journey led her to this niche - working with pre-teens and teens.  She saw that other kids struggled also and wanted to help other families who felt overwhelmed with their children at school. Despite the title, the main topic of discussion is ‘How to use the summer break effectively so you get back to school well-rested and also academically ready for the term, and what should the summer break look like for a child that is falling behind at school or a child that has had major exams like GCSE’s. We also touch upon other parental topics We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Ola’s Career Journey ➤Breaking free from labels ➤Using your summer holiday effectively so that you are well rested and academically ready ➤Creating a summer plan for children who are falling behind at school ➤Parenting high achievers ➤How to motivate your child ➤Mental Wellness ➤Self Care ➤How to overcome procrastination ➤Ways to model a growth mindset Plus much more…… lots of advice throughout. Podcasts mentioned: Study Skills Exam Study Expert Additude Ola’s details Instagram, FB, and LinkedIn @studyskillslab Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email.
July 16, 2021
S2: EP27: School's Out! How children can start a business during their summer break
I have a great conversation with Kymone Hinds, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, and Speaker, on today's show. Kymone is the host of the Ideas to Life Podcast, where business owners share their stories and the lessons learned from their journey. He is also the co-host along with his teenage daughter of the All Up in the Business Show on YouTube. It empowers teen entrepreneurs and their parents. Kymone served as a Pastor for 15 years. Part of his Pastoral duties was helping others bring their business ideas to life, and, running summer camps for children. It was a natural progression when he received a calling to start his own business as a Life and Business Coach. Kymone is on a mission to help more people discover the value of what they have, help them develop viable businesses, and deploy them out into the world. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤How to raise entrepreneurial kids ➤The 3 ‘P’ to help your child bring their ideas to life ➤How your child can start a business during their summer holiday ➤What you shouldn’t do when your child starts a business ➤Skills learned when starting a business ➤How to market your product ➤Success vs Failure ➤3 tips and advice to give your teenager/young adult Plus much more! Resources mentioned: Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki Experts Secrets – Russell Brunson Kymone's details: All social platforms - @kymonehinds Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach? Send me a DM or email. Thank you for listening x
July 09, 2021
S2: EP26: A Passion For Medicine
On today’s show, I have a wonderful conversation with Dr Shemmassian, CEO of Shemmassian Academic Consulting and one of the world’s foremost experts on medical school admissions, college admissions, and graduate school admissions. Dr Shemmassian is a son of Armenian Immigrant parents, from LA, and went to a private all-Armenian school. He was encouraged by his parents to work hard, get a steady job with benefits for security. While in high school, Dr. Shemmassian took a keen interest in the higher education process. He navigated the admissions process with limited college counselling and became the only Ivy League graduate in his high school’s nearly 60-year history. Throughout his education and beyond, Dr. Shemmassian successfully guided students into top colleges, medical schools, and graduate programs, and has found his professional calling in helping others achieve their educational and career goals. For nearly 20 years, he and his team have helped thousands of students get into medical school and top colleges using his systematic and proprietary approach. We talk about and what you will learn: ➤Dr Shemmassian’s background ➤A typical day in his life ➤The process of making a student’s application unique (US) ➤Changes in the medical application process and field  (US) ➤What qualifies applicants to get into med school or a great college (US) ➤How to write your AMCAS personal statement without sounding cliche (US) ➤What you need to know about extracurricular activities to impress admission committees ((US) ➤When students and parents should start prepping for med school (US) ➤Challenging your thinking ➤Cultivating balance in your life Plus much more! Useful resources for med school admissions which an be found on Dr Shemmassian's website: Medical school personal statement examples Extracurriculars for medical school Medical school requirements Everything you need to know about the MCAT The average GPA and MCAT score for every medical school Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach. Send me a DM or email. Thank you for listening x
July 01, 2021
S2: EP: 25 Food for Thought
On today’s show, I have a powerful conversation with Michelle May, former family physician, recovered yo-yo dieter, Founder – Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs and Training, and author of the Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat Book series. Like many young adults in our current food-abundant, diet-obsessed culture, Michelle struggled with disordered eating and body image through high school, college, and medical school. Her unhealthy relationship with food was her secret. When she opened her medical practice, she was surprised to discover that she wasn’t alone! Michelle’s passion now is helping other people to learn how to make eating decisions using the Mindful Eating Cycle that she developed. She has written a book for young adults and college students around eating. We talk about: ➤Her unhealthy relationship journey with food ➤Yo Yo Dieting. Why restrictive dieting harms our relationship with food ➤How to recognise and cope effectively with triggers for mindless and emotional eating ➤How to get your young adult to make healthy food choices and habits ➤How to balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment – without deprivation and guilt. ➤Today’s culture and its influence on body image ➤Her Powerful Mindful Eating Cycle Program ➤Intentional Self Care Resources mentioned: Am I Ellen Satter – Food advice for younger children. Here’s a link to download the first chapter of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat for Students: Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach. Send me a DM or email. Thank you for listening x
June 24, 2021
S2: EP:24: One Step For Mankind!
On today’s show, I have a great time talking with Jane Reid, Mum, Teacher, and Entrepreneur. Jane always wanted to be an astronaut. She studied Aerospace Engineering and graduated at the height of the recession and aerospace jobs were hard to come by, so she did Systems Engineering and Scientific Research for a while before getting into teaching. She is now trying to help parents get a peek into child development so they know what questions to ask while helping children build solid STEM foundations through tutoring and courses. She is the founder of STEM 911.  A place where students struggling with STEM subjects can come to get help. We talk about: ➤Her background ➤All things STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths ➤How to make STEM fun ➤The educational system in America ➤Child Development ➤The lack of female representation studying STEM subjects ➤Snippets of the aerospace world and other careers ➤The ‘what’ and ‘why’ process ➤Study habits Plus much more! Jane is passionate about what she does and has a wealth of information to share, so tune in NOW! Contact website:   Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Lifecoach. Send me a DM or email. Thank you for listening x
June 17, 2021
S2: EP23: Wonder and Wellbeing
I thought I'd share with you an interview I did on the Wonder and Wellbeing Podcast, hosted by the lovely Carla Magdalene.  I interviewed Carla last year August, and it was such an inspiring and beautiful conversation. Carla is doing a fantastic job bringing guests on to discuss and explore the issues that have an impact on educational outcomes. Sharing learning experiences and propose solutions whilst highlighting the importance of creativity and wonder in learning and life. I talk about Ujana’s inception, its future, teenage challenges, parenting tips, and well-being. Plus much more! Please check out Carla’s podcast ‘Wonder and Wellbeing’. Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people and share this podcast.  Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast. Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Life coach. Send me a DM or email. Thank you for listening x
June 10, 2021
S2: EP22: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
On today’s show, I had a beautiful conversation with Savia Rocks, Writer, Professional Photographer, and Founder of the Us People Podcast. Savia’s passion for photography started at 6 years old when her father gave her a camera. Since then she hasn’t looked back. She has travelled around the world and worked with many well-known brands - Sony, Warner and Eurostar, just to name a few. Savia is a true optimist with a very chilled energy. By the end of our conversation, I felt pretty zen! Join me as Savia takes us on a spiritual journey where we discuss: ▶︎Her background – growing up in Maida Vale/Notting Hill Gate, West London ▶︎Her love of music and photography ▶︎Photo manipulation ▶︎Criticism ▶︎The Importance of networking ▶︎Travelling ▶︎Tapping into your creativity ▶︎Her spiritual awakening ▶︎Ways to thrive and grow during difficult times ▶︎Channelling your anger Plus much more! Books & Resources mentioned: Books, The Power of Now, The Secret, The Four and Five Elements Podcast – The Us People Podcast Website - Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate and leave a review on Itunes.  Help me to serve more people by sharing this Podcast. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Life coach. Send me a DM or email.
June 04, 2021
S2: EP21: How to Market Yourself
On today’s show, I have the honour to talk with Jette Stubbs, who is a Career and Business Coach, and Host of Happy Career Formula Podcast with Jette Stubbs. I’ve had some powerful conversations, but this conversation really shifted my mindset and perception on many levels. Now that things are opening up and new ways of working are being implemented, approaching your career has to be looked at through a different set of lens. Born and raised in the Bahamas, Jette went to university in Canada. After graduating and tuition fees to pay, she had 90 days to find a job or leave the country with zero connections and no family, in the country as an international student. She realised she had lots of skills, but no idea how to market herself. She went from 0% response rate to over 100 job applications to a 70% response rate to 10 job applications. By investing in herself and asking herself the right questions she came up with a strategy that shifted everything. Then, she started helping others. While she was working, Jette experienced common and uncommon obstacles: discrimination at work, living in a country without any family, mum stabbed in a robbery (and lived), dad diagnosed with dementia when she was 25, and had to move countries to take care of him. Entering a new chapter in her life she realised she didn't want just any job, she wanted to build a way to make money that aligns with who she is and more importantly, her situation. She now runs a successful career and business coaching business helping clients and businesses all over the world. Jette shares powerful tools that you can implement NOW to help you along your career and business journey. Young and old! We talk about: ➤ Her journey - very inspiring and empowering ➤ Marketing yourself effectively ➤Recognising your worth and value ➤Investing in yourself ➤Networking ➤Discrimination ➤Mental Health Plus much more! Books & Resources mentioned: The Happy Career Formula Podcast with Jette Stubbs What colour is your parachute – Richard Bolles Designing your life  - Bill Burnett and Dave Evans Website – Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Life coach. Send me a DM or email. Thank you for listening x Email: Website:
May 27, 2021
S2: EP20 It's Okay to Get Things Wrong
This week on my social channels, I’ve been posting inspirational content about failure and the power of your words. So to continue in the same spirit, on today’s episode, I speak with Gemma Edwards, co-founder of So Contented, a brand voice and content marketing agency. Failure is a subject that is dear to Gemma’s heart. Gemma wanted to be an Architect, but after a year at University she decided to study Mechanical Engineering, before working in Personal and Private Banking for 10 years. In 2017, she decided to take a leap of faith and launched So Contented, which is going from strength to strength. Gemma speaks honestly about her career path.  Giving powerful advice about making decisions, dealing with failure and other people’s limitations. We also talk about: ➤ Switching courses ➤Women choosing to study engineering and changing the narrative. ➤Social media. How teenagers can use their words wisely ➤Investing in yourself Plus much more! Books mentioned: - The Talent Code (By Daniel Coyle) - An Everyone Culture (By Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey) If you would like to connect with Gemma Instagram - @socontented Website - Email – Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Let’s help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Life coach. Send me a DM or email. Thank you for listening x
May 20, 2021
S2: EP19: Finding Your Own Voice
On today’s episode, I had such a great conversation with Dennis Morrison, who is an Entrepreneurial Creative and Founder of Audience Magnet. Dennis has worked in the Film & TV industry for over 30 years, and has created branded content for top brands. He’s consulted on numerous video projects for small and large companies, helping them develop their video strategy and build their audience. He also teaches filmmaking and storytelling at international film schools, and does workshops for businesses and professionals who want to communicate authentically and effectively. We discuss an array of things with storytelling being at the heart: >Dennis's career journey >Using your own voice >Being true to yourself in different environments >Building your skill level >The importance of language and expanding your vocabulary >Growing your confidence >The importance of collaboration >Being mindful of what you consume >Empowering young people to make their own decisions Plus much much more! This is definitely one for teens/young adults!  Full of powerful advice and insights. Books/resources mentioned: Books: The Alchemist / The Greatest Salesman in the World Video: Neil Gaiman: Link to get your free gift; Contact details: All social platforms - @ Dennis Morrison Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people.  Let's help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Life coach. Send me a DM or email. Thank you for listening x
May 13, 2021
S2: EP18: Identifying Your Child's Strengths
On today’s show, I have Nadia Lewis-Gorton, Educational Consultant, Windrush Educator, Home Schooling Mother, Online Tutor and Mother of 2 boys. I had such a blast talking with Nadia, hence the length of this episode!  Stay the course. It will be worth it!  If you’re thinking about Home Schooling or recently moved to a new country and finding it difficult to navigate the education system, this episode is for you.  We also cover other topics to help you along your parenting journey. Nadia is from Jamaica but now living in the UK.  Her passion for education and learning started in childhood. In adulthood, she veered off course and worked in the corporate world for many years. However, she found herself naturally teaching and training others. In those little moments she found joy and fulfilment. She started on her journey in Special Education when her son was diagnosed with a learning difficulty. Seeing what he needed and what schools offered led her to home schooling and to re-train as an educator. As well as being a home schooling mother, she is a tutor and supports parents. Showing them different ways to see their children, by implementing new methods. We talk about: >Her journey as a home schooling mother > How to make home schooling work for you >Identifying your child’s strengths and then how to use those strengths to build on their weak areas >Exploring methods so that your child can develop good listening skills >The importance of creating social experiences >Moving to a new country and how to navigate the education system. Plus much much more! Lots of powerful advice and insights throughout. Books/resources mentioned: Barton Reading and spelling system Limitless - Jim Kwik Nadia’s contact details: Instagram @nadia_gorton Facebook – specialeducationjamaica (still in development but active) Email - Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate and leave a review on Itunes.  Help me to serve more people and help our youth succeed. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Life coach. Send me a DM or email. Thank you for listening
May 06, 2021
S2: EP17: How To Raise a Conscious Adult
In today’s episode I’m flying solo! I share my powerful ‘C’ Framework. ‘How to Raise a Conscious Adult in 7 simple steps. I share tips and advice to help you navigate your parenting journey and build a strong relationship with your teen/young adult. Teens/young adults, you can also pick up a few golden nuggets! For a digital copy of the framework, please visit my website and sign up. Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Life coach? Email me Thank you for listening x
April 29, 2021
S2: E16: The Power of Communication
S2: EP16:  ‘The Power of Communication’ On today’s show, I have the pleasure of talking with an extraordinary young lady, 22 year old, Alex Guillot. Alex is an invisible disability activist and patient with a passion for education and social entrepreneurship. A born leader with a driving devotion to help others, she shines when given the opportunity to make a difference, especially in the lives of young people. She’s dealt with a condition called Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome (also known as AMPS) since she was about 6 years old. A nerve condition which causes intense pain and functional disability without evidence of tissue damage. Alex has had her fair share of struggles and challenges. She grew up with severe pain, general anxiety disorder and depression. Struggled to make friends, was bullied for not being like others, and was accused of lying by doctors who doubted her symptoms and was unable to make a diagnosis. She was diagnosed with AMPS at 15. Alex joined a Physical Therapy treatment program when she was 16 so her condition is largely under control, but she is still dealing with new symptoms or reoccurring old ones. She talks candidly about her life. The high’s and low’s. Offering great advice throughout. Communication is her number one mantra. Reaching out and having an outlet is key to building a strong support system, especially for those who have an invisible disability. Writing her book Invisible Conversations: How to Use Communication to Support Those with Invisible Disabilities was her first step into disability activism, born from her desire to provide youth with these conditions, the resources she did not have. She is now on a mission to raise awareness. Her aim is to reach those who are at the start of their diagnosis and treatment journeys, but may not have found their communities online or in-person. Her primary target audience is people with invisible disabilities ages 13-30. We talk about.... ✤ Life before diagnosis ✤ Anxiety and Stress. How to overcome it. ✤ Effective Communication ✤ Her Activism journey ✤ Useful resources ✤ How society can do their bit ✤ Finding inner strength and love Plus much much more! Tune in NOW. An episode not to be missed! Alex’s contact details: Instagram and Facebook @ alexandraguillot_author Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast Are you looking for a Mentor or Transformational Life coach. Send me a DM or email. Thank you for listening x
April 22, 2021
S2: EP15" Carve Your Own Path
‘Carve Your Own Path’ On today’s show, I have the pleasure of talking with 21 year old, young author, Cady Hammer. From the time she was eleven, Cady fell in love with the feeling of creating something new and exciting that others wanted to read. She wrote her first 32,000 word novella between classes. Cady explored her world through her imagination. She was often teased for being in her own world, but never hesitated to invite others along on the adventure. Experimenting with different genres she settled during her freshman year of college on a Young Adult fantasy idea. Cady’s studies in history and anthropology set the stage for the detailed world building that lets readers step into the story. Her debut novel, ‘Chasing Fae’ is her first published book. Followed by ‘Chasing War’. She has already put out a short story collection and currently working on revisions for the sequel to Chasing Fae and Chasing War. Her stories explore the complexities of relationships crafted around the idea that love, friendship, and grief are all interwoven. Being a full time college student has its challenges. Writing and the logistical side of being an author fits in to all of the in between times, as well as her writing commitments. Cady runs the internationally-read website, Fluff About Fantasy, a place for young writers to learn the genre-specific craft of writing fantasy and be inspired by what they can accomplish. What we talk about and answers you are looking for: >Her writing journey in depth and how it transformed her life >The writing process. First draft to publication >How to deal with roadblocks and writer’s block >Being bullied and harassed during her teens >Finding confidence >Why introverts make great leaders >Why you shouldn’t stop dreaming and carve your own path Cady, shares great advice, tips and resources along the way. To any budding writers out there, tune in NOW. An episode not to be missed! Cady’s details if you would like to get in contact: Recommended resources: Like this episode? Please subscribe, rate and leave a review on Itunes. Help me to serve more people. Are you looking for a mentor or coach. Send me a DM or email. Get social with me on Instagram and Facebook @ujanapodcast Thank you for listening.
April 15, 2021
S2: EP14 Patience is a Virtue
Today, I have the pleasure of talking with 15 year Isabella Signs who teaches the world sign language with her brother Lucas aged 8, who has Down Syndrome, her sister Indiana aged 7 and her brother Alexander aged 11 who has Cerebral Palsy. Isabella, started learning Makaton at 11 years old when Lucas was 3 years old. All of his friends were talking but he wasn’t. She really wanted to communicate and bond with Lucas so she made it her mission to be able to do so. Since then her life has never been the same. One day, Isabella started signing to Rockabye by Clean Bandit with Lucas and a friend’s child who also has Down Syndrome, and her mum filmed it and put it on Facebook and it got 30K views. That was the start of Isabella signs.  Teaching the world to sign, one sign at a time.  Isabella now has over 180,000 followers across all her platforms. Isabella talks about > Her journey > What people at school thought > How she gets celebrities involved > Her projects > Her mission. Plus so much more Tune in now to hear Isabella's inspiring story! Please share/tag this post.  Help me to serve more people. Are you looking for a mentor or coach. Send me a DM or email.
April 08, 2021
S2: EP13 Finding Your Hustle
‘Finding Your Hustle’ Continuing with the theme of young trailblazers, today I have the pleasure chatting with Haroun Kiza, Co Founder, Future Talent Management. Haroun’s outlook on life is breathtaking. I was taken back by his resilience, drive and wisdom. I definitely learnt a few things! 17 years old and an entrepreneur, Haroun has had his fair share of knock backs.  He spent most of his time in hospital than at school. At 11 years old, he had to make a hard decision to give up his dream of becoming a footballer after missing a QPR Junior Trial session, because of his battle with severe asthma, and ended up in hospital. Dealing with anger issues that led to disruptive behaviour, one day a teacher took him under her wing and introduced him to The Apprentice during a business studies class. That day he was hooked. Haroun started his first business at 13, selling jewellery to his friends. Still battling with anger issues he got kicked out of school at 14 and permanently dropped out of mainstream education at 15. Coming from a successful and entrepreneurial family, Haroun had to prove to his mum that running a business was the next right move. He wanted to bring an idea to life that came to him from his hospital bed. Fast forward 2 years, he is co founder of a talent management company, which is going from strength to strength. Haroun’s story will leave you inspired and full of hope. Tune in now! Are you looking for a mentor or coach. Send me a DM or email. Please share/tag this post with your mates!
April 01, 2021
S2: EP12: 'Flipping Your Duvet!'
Today I have the pleasure chatting with Jack Parsons, UK’s Chief Youth Officer, The Youth Group. Jack is an incredible young man. A young adult, passionate about other young adults. I had so much fun chatting with him. I left the interview feeling empowered and inspired. I hope you do too! Jack had a tough childhood, growing up in an unstable home. His mum was an alcoholic and violent. He was also bullied at school. Jack decided to make it his mission and passion to help young people. Not wanting any young person to grow up feeling lonely or unloved, like he did. He also wanted to change the ‘system’ to improve the odds for disadvantaged young people to be able to gain access to the same opportunities as any other person. Jack started working with 10 unemployed youth, supporting them to find employment. 3 years later he has helped and changed the future of over 90,000 youth adults and has a global community of over 1.7 million people. Alongside running The Youth Group and leading on youth empowerment, employment and digital skills, Jack is an entrepreneur, public speaker, global ambassador for mental health awareness in the workplace and education. The number one value which he prides himself, is his kindness which has helped get him where he is and what allows him to achieve his goals. Throughout, Jack shares lots of great advice and insights. The number one takeaway is - ‘You need a duvet flip. You need a reason to flip your duvet and get out of bed in the morning’. Tune in now to hear Jack’s inspiring story. If you would like career advice or mentoring check out
March 25, 2021
S2: EP11: The Art of Listening
The Art of Listening Today I have the pleasure of talking with Bernardo Salcido, Founder of Connecting with Teens. Bernardo is a Principal, Father of 2 and Parent Coach. He has 2 decades of experience helping thousands of teens and parents. Bernardo shares his pearls of wisdom about the art of listening and 3 Powerful ways you can improve your listening skills, and instantly begin to build your relationship with your teen around respect. We also chat about: > Negative ways to interact with your teenager > Conflict > Forgiveness > Patience > The importance of carving out family time Lots of tips and advice throughout. Tune in NOW to hear all about Bernardo’s 3 Powerful Steps to help you connect with your teenager. Bernardo’s details Podcast – How to raise responsible teenagers Instagram – connecting_with_teens
March 18, 2021
S2: EP10 Proactive and Intentional Parenting
On today’s show I have the pleasure of talking to Kira and Deana, founders of Future Focused Parenting, an organisation that helps families start with the end in mind. Together they co-host the popular podcast Raising Adults, which discusses a wide range of parenting topics. They encourage families to be proactive and intentional so they can thrive rather than just survive on their parenting journey. Kira and Deana are both parent coaches, and most importantly, are parents themselves! We discuss communication and emotional intelligence- specifically how parents can set up an emotionally safe environment for teens to talk, as well as how communication needs to look different for teens/young adults compared to younger children. ‘The teen years do not have to be fraught with tension and marked by a lack of communication between teens and their parents. Rather it can be a fruitful season of rich communication and positive relationship development that can last a lifetime”. Kira and Deana share powerful tools throughout, including their 3 ‘n’s framework to help you to create a safe environment to communicate effectively with your teen or young adult. We also discuss: >Being proactive not reactive >Parenting from a strong ‘Why’ >The importance of creating core values and boundaries >Being honest and vulnerable >Being upon to feedback >Creating effective coping mechanisms ---- Plus much, much more. LOTS of tips and advice throughout.  An episode not to be missed! Kira and Deana, also have some freebies which you can download on their website
March 11, 2021
S2: EP9: Discovering Your Path
On today’s episode, I have the pleasure talking with Clare Ford, Expert Educator and Wellbeing Entrepreneur. Clare is an education expert with over 15 years’ teaching experience, runner up of the 2019 MPower Legacy Award, international best-selling author and Founder of SwitchedON!, a cutting-edge global education platform offering inspirational education and parenting solutions which combine education and wellbeing. Supporting spiritual and emotional growth too . After 12 years of ticking boxes and battling the system in mainstream education, Clare burned out, becoming seriously ill, depressed and hit rock bottom. She had to find an alternative way of doing what she loved – teaching, inspiring and transforming. So she retrained to become a Reiki Master and a Transformational Dreambuilder Coach to make an impactful positive difference and allow the potential of each and every one her clients to shine. Clare is passionate about giving families the opportunity to learn in a way that unlocks their gifts and potential. We talk about mental health. How youth can navigate themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. Keeping on track to live a life they want to lead beyond the current conditions. Clare also shares strategies on how you can prepare for your exam effectively, and staying motivated. We also discuss: >Discovering your path. Connecting with your inner self >Taking an wholistic approach to learning >Taking Responsibility for your learning >Social Isolation >Wellbeing …. And much, much more.  Lots of Powerful Tips throughout. Tune In Now! Clare’s details
March 04, 2021
S2: EP8: Five Powerful Habits To Become An Effective Teenager
On today's show, I have the pleasure speaking with Angie Karanja, psychologist and parenting expert, who has been empowering teenagers and young people for over 20 years. Angie grew up in impoverished conditions in Kenya. With the help of childhood mentors who believed in her and empowered her to believe in herself, she was able to uplift herself out of her condition and take charge of her life.  Not falling victim to her circumstance. Knowing the importance and impact that mentors can make, Angie made it her purpose and passion to work with young people. As an adolescent psychologist she constantly observes and researches what works to improve the outcomes of young people. Angie shares the 5 key habits that lead to young people being effective and successful members of society. Each broken down simply and powerfully so that you can apply them to your life or your teenager's. Angie also shares her program called ‘becoming an extraordinary young people’ We also talk about: >The important of the 3M’s – Modelling, Mentoring and Motivator to be an influence on young people. >Building strong bonds with your teenager >The important of encouraging and complimenting >How you show up in the world and much much more Angie’s details Insta – raisingremarkableteenagers Website -
February 25, 2021
S2: EP7: How Your Passion Can Make An Impact
S2: EP7 How Your Passion Can Make An Impact Today I have the pleasure of interviewing an incredible young lady, 16 year old, high school student, Bianca Jortner from Connecticut, who co-founded a non-profit, student-led organisation called ‘ Youth Promise’ with her friend Savannah Jiang, which provides underserved youth with free virtual tutoring and group classes. Bianca and Savannah came up with the idea after witnessing first hand how the pandemic impacted education for students. Having a huge passion for social justice and equality in today’s society, and being students themselves they knew they could do something about it. They were passionate about creating an organisation and took the initiative to reach out to the under-served youth who have been affected more harshly by the pandemic; many didn’t have access to wifi devices, or the resources and academic guidance they needed during this time. They knew they came from places where they were fortunate enough to get resources they needed, so they felt it was especially important to give back and aid youth, and provide free, virtual educational resources for them as they knew that education is vital and incredibly important for everyone. The organisation started up pretty fast in the summer of 2020, and it has been a learning curve since. Their journey was difficult when it came to learning about the non-profit, and balancing it with school.  Bianca is planning to go into medicine and Savannah into Politics. Fast forward, they are making an impact on a phenomenal scale. To date they have over 200 volunteer tutors on their books and help students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. We discuss: ▶︎ Bianca’s journey ▶︎ Youth Promise’s Journey ▶︎ How the current climate is affecting education amongst low socio- economic groups ▶︎ How youth can recognise their passions ▶︎How youth can take initiative with their passions ▶︎ Using your resources and advantages to help others ▶︎ Making a difference in the world Plus, much, much more. Please share this inspiring episode. Bianca recommends this video about Social Injustice
February 18, 2021
S2: E6: - Creating Financial Joy by Designing your Life's Vision
Today I have the pleasure speaking with Ken Okoroafor, Co-founder and CEO of the Humble Penny and Financial Joy Academy. Ken has a wonderful and inspiring story. After moving to the UK from Nigeria when he was 14 years old, Ken found it hard to fit in, so he focussed on his studies, knowing that education was the pathway to better himself. Later on in life he went on a journey of self discovery and made it his mission to educate himself, not only in mainstream education but by other learning methods: mentoring, coaching and experimenting. Ken started his career having made it into university through clearing and achieved a First Class degree. That led him to explore training as an Accountant which then propelled him to become a Chief Financial Officer for a Venture Capital business in London. In 2017, he started a blog called The Humble Penny that he ran as a side hustle alongside his full time job as a CFO. He created The Humble Penny to help people demystify money and design their lives for true financial freedom, as he spent most of his career in effect making the rich richer whilst people around him were in decline financially. He and his wife Mary had been working on getting their personal finances in shape for the last decade and paid off their mortgage in 7 years, and managed to invest in other income generating assets.  They achieved financial independence at the age of 34 years, and have transformed their family life and history entirely. Given they could see that this was possible, they wanted to share their story and inspire others to change their destinies forever by doing the same. Having been in Finance for 15 years, Ken took the leap to focus on what he believed was his core calling. – to elevate families financially through the Humble Penny and Financial Joy Academy. Since it’s inception, The Humble Penny has been making a huge impact. Together, Ken and Mary have been empowering families financially to live life by design and use money as a tool to create a life that works for them. We talk about: ▶︎The importance of creating a healthy money mindset from an early age ▶︎The language of money ▶︎How to make money work for you ▶︎Investing in yourself ▶︎Designing a life that you want / Preparing your life vision ▶︎The importance of Income ▶︎Exploring and using your creativity to make money ▶︎Saving and investing – putting your money in the right environment ▶︎And much much more! ▶︎  Recommended reading:    Designing your life:  How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life (Dave Evans and Bill Burnett) Tune in Now! Ken’s details: Blog – The Insta - @the humblepenny You Tube – The humblepenny Let’s help our youth succeed by sharing this podcast.
February 11, 2021
S2: EP5: UK Student Finance Demystified!
I have the pleasure speaking with Yvonne, former Student Ambassador for the University of Essex. Yvonne explains and shares her insights into how UK Student Finance works. A process that sometimes can be complicated and confusing. She decodes and gives invaluable advice throughout and breaks it down in simple terms. We talk about: · Applying for University · Important timelines · Student Finance - tuition and living cost fees · The repayment process · Student Accommodation · Bursaries · University Life · Friendships · Advice for overseas students TUNE IN NOW! LET’S HELP OUR YOUTH SUCCEED BY SHARING THIS PODCAST!
February 04, 2021
S2: EP4: Raising Passionate Teenagers into Fulfilled Experts No Matter Who Your Parents Are!
Today’s episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Joshua Oshowo, Africa's No 1 Business Automation Consultant and founder of Smart Teens Global. The first global teenage automated platform that gives them access to Career Assessment, Trainers, Mentors and Summer jobs or internships all in one place. Joshua’s passion to help teenagers started after a sad experience of poor career guidance back in secondary school. Also, being a victim of low self-esteem and bullying back in his teens. As a result, he went on a quest and made a commitment to contribute his quota in stopping the poor trend of poor career choices, assessment and management of teens. He went on to launch various teenage initiatives to support and empower teenagers. SMART TEENS GLOBAL being his latest initiative. We talk about: · Joshua’s Teenage journey - How to be a fulfilled expert in what you dream of no matter who your parents are! · Smart Teens Global Career Assessment Programme · SMART TEENS GLOBAL SUMMIT. A global virtual event. 8-13 February. Which will be streamed on Facebook and You Tube. Featuring a line up of leaders from around the world, who will be speaking and offering their expertise in relation to: - Career Discovery - The importance of trainers and work skills - The importance of mentoring and understanding your personality -The importance of work experience and internships To connect with Joshua or find out more, check out: Joshua, also recommended the following teenager books: 1.  How to become a 360 degrees Teenager Joshua Oshowo 2.  47½ Things Teens Need to Know About Getting Along with their Parent, Dr Stem Sithembile Mahlatini Next week I will continue to talk about Finance for 2 episodes.
January 28, 2021
S2: EP3 Why Teens and Young Adults should be thinking about their financial future NOW!
Series 2, Episode 3 Finance January – Helping teenagers/young adults to make responsible choices On today’s show, I have the pleasure of speaking with Elisabeth Donati, owner of Creative Wealth International creator of Camp Millionaire, Moving Out for Teens and The Money Game. Elisabeth is also author of The Ultimate Allowance and The Money Jars and co-author of Rocks to Riches for kids. Elisabeth has been promoting financial literacy for kids, teens and adults since 2002…ever since she realised that no one taught her about money. The idea of teaching kids about money came naturally. She decided to create a financial camp to teach kids and teens (and their parents) all of the financial education information she never learned as a child. Elisabeth is an expert in teaching the basic financial principles people need in a way that is engaging, empowering and fun. Her favourite thing is inviting kids and adults to think differently about everything. She figured the earlier we expose kids to the world of money, the better prepared they’d be to handle it wisely. We discuss: ⌘ Creating a healthy mindset towards money ⌘ Spending your money wisely / making conscious decisions ⌘ The different methods of learning ⌘ How to create a stress free environment to talk about money ⌘ Empowering children to take responsibility ⌘ Planning and budgeting ⌘ Saving and investing ⌘ Two powerful concepts to accumulate money ⌘ Passive income ⌘ Advice for parent ⌘ The importance of investing in yourself ⌘ Keeping a positive mind set ⌘ Books and Tools  Tune in Now!  Lots of powerful of advice  Elisabeth’s details:
January 21, 2021
Series 2, Episode 2 Finance January – Helping teenagers/young adults to make responsible decisions Gavin Cameron, Car Buying Guru shares his insights and knowledge about Car Finance. An area, which often gets forgotten, when it comes to financial management/literacy. After several years of working in the motor trade, Gavin and his partner Lee went on a mission to hatch out a plan to remove the mystery that was covering the motor trade.  Wanting to make car finance more transparent and easy to understand. Gavin shares his own journey and the bad decisions he made.  He now helps people to make more informed decisions before buying a car, especially young adults.  Educating and empowering them to make responsible financial decisions. A candid and frank conversation with lots of advice and tips throughout. Tune in Now! Gavin’s contact details” Website - Facebook - carbuyingguruuk Instagram – Mrgavincameron
January 14, 2021
S2: EP1: Mum, Dad, Please Can I have Some Money?!
Happy New Year.  Wishing you a great 2021. Amanda van der Gulik shares her story and her passion for teaching children the art of money management. Empowering children and families to become money smart so that they can succeed and become financially independent. Amanda’s started Clever Dough Kids in 2007 to help parents teach financial literacy and entrepreneurship to their children using the power of story-telling. In 2016, she survived a 3 week coma, with only a 20% chance of survival. She is now on a mission to empower families to create passive income from their passions. We discussed: - Budgetting - Communication - Creating a Healthy Wealth Mindset - Creating Good Money Habits - Saving - Passive Income Ideas - Multiple Incomes - Offering lots of tools and advice along the way Tune in now if you want to start your journey to become financially independent. If you would like to connect with Amanda you can find her at or
January 07, 2021
Join me as I reflect and celebrate Ujana’s journey. I also share my plans for Ujana. Thank you for your support and love. Wishing you all a peaceful and joyful Holiday Season and endless blessings for 2021 and beyond. Peace and Love Carol
December 23, 2020
EP36: Always Take Your Lunch Break
I had the pleasure interviewing Michael Earle who is an award winning Well-being Consultant, Speaker, Trainer & Mental Health Complex Needs Practitioner. Michael helps people to discover that by using simple practices they can enhance and improve their well-being at work and in their personal lives. He is a great advocate of self-care, and inspires people to prioritise themselves by ‘Always taking their lunch break’. Born in Cardiff, Michael was brought up in a tight family household. His parents were the shining example of what he could aspire to.  With strong work ethnics, discipline and education at their core, these core values became the anchor to how Michael pursued his life. Being the youngest of 6, Michael experienced the usual sibling dynamics, like not being heard or taken seriously.  As the only black family at school, he was bullied which some times escalated to fights.  As Michael said  "he got through it and was not mentally scathed". This was mainly down to the fact that his parents didn’t tolerate such negative behaviour to enter or affect the household. From a young age, Michael had the natural ability to look at things objectively and was always called upon to deal with uncomfortable situations. This attribute held him in good stead as he grew up and he became naturally attracted to positions which involved helping people. Michael has a wealth of experience in the social care and well being sector and he brings this to the table. We discuss: bullying, mental health issues, exploration, tapping into your natural abilities, people’s opinions and well-being.  And much more. Tune in now! Michael’s details: Website – Email - All social platforms – Michael Earle
December 17, 2020
EP35: All Will Be OK
Michael Byrd,  Real Estate &Mortgage Broker, and Writer. Michael shares his harrowing, painful and dysfunctional childhood.  Daily life was a struggle and full of humiliation and hate. Subjected to physical, sexual and drug abuse, Michael experienced things no one should ever experience especially at such a tender age. Caused by those who were in a position of power and authority. In his words ‘he was the manifestation of everything his mother loathed’.  His experience lead to problems with insomnia, drugs and alcohol. Growing up, he was never given the tools to engage in close personal relationships during the normal sensitive growth period in life. Instead he was taught to beat, humiliate, degrade and abuse anyone that would cause him emotional discomfort or pain. Unable to experience joy in his adult endeavours and caught in the past, unable to move forward, he destroyed his relationships in order to prevent success from lasting. He lived in a constant state of fight or flight and his ego was continuously being driven by fear, loathing, anger and rage. Six marriages later, as many attempts at recovery, traditional therapy and counselling, Michael had a metaphysical awakening and through therapy he began to understand what happened to him and how to change it. Listening to thought leaders and motivational speakers like Tony Robbins he started to have a mental shift, which brought healing and transformation. He had to learn to forgive himself and for all the pain and destruction he inflicted upon others. Fast forward, Michael has nearly completed writing his book ‘Life’s Little Instruction Book’ and now on a mission to help people who can resonate with his story and help them succeed through theirs. A story about courage, resilience, forgiveness and transformation. Tune in now!
December 10, 2020
EP34: Own Your Space
Siam Hurlock-Noel, Therapist. I had the pleasure to interview my childhood friend Siam, who is an amazing lady.  Siam battled with self esteem issues in her teens, always taking a backseat and not owning her voice or space. It was in her twenties she found out that she was dyslexic. Despite her limiting beliefs, Siam went on to achieve many great things in her life. At the beginning of her career, Siam was a hair stylist, working with an eclectic mix of people in the media and editorial industry. Life looked bright. However, her life took a turn when she became a young mum to twin boys. A challenging period of her life, which taught her about resilience and tested her faith. Knowing that she had more to give, with God being her anchor and with the help of her Drama Teacher, Siam went on to become a singer and actress in the entertainment industry, where she graced and owned her space on many West End stages. Siam is now a Therapist and ministers. Empowering and inspiring people. Helping them to transform their mind set and tap into their inner self. Siam brings her words of wisdom and faith to the table. Enjoy x Please check out Siam’s content Instagram – rubiesred2018 You Tube –
December 03, 2020
EP33: Free Yourself From The Shackles Of Your Mind
Winco Chau, Air Veteran, Counsellor, Executive Coach and Lifestyle Coach. I had the privilege and the honour to chat with Winco Chau who is a Air Veteran, Counsellor, Executive Coach and Lifestyle Coach.  Coming from a defence background, Chau spent his childhood in Airforce stations, being educated in various schools, colleges and universities across Indian subcontinent. Growing up with disempowering beliefs and a weak mental status, with no focus, purpose or goals, Winco cruised through life after his grades took a nose dive at school.  Not getting the qualifications he wanted to become a pilot, he decided to join the ranks.  Despite being told that he had a medical condition, Chau went on to achieve many great things, and ended up serving in the Airforce for 34 years. Now in the coaching field, Chau's mission is to empower one million entrepreneurs, executives & youth, with sustainable resilient lifestyle through spiritual intelligence. Transforming their reality and creative destiny. We also talk about tapping into your inner self, empowering young people, the education curriculum in India, plus much, much more. Chau brings his charm, sense of humour and pearls of wisdom to the table. Tune in and Enjoy!
November 26, 2020
EP32: What Value Do You Bring To The Table?
I had the honour to interview Clare Rudo, Global Category Leader Real Estate and Facilities, and Founder of Clare is an exceptional young lady doing exceptional things. She is all about the power of stories, especially those that drive and dare to lead action for a positive impact and value for women and young Africans and Africa. Born in Zimbabwe and now residing in Switzerland, Clare talks candidly about her life.  At the age of 12, she went to Boarding School which was a welcome change being the only child for 10 years. There she formed strong friendships and gained independence. Having the freedom to be the driver of her life.  However, education was fundamental and always at the forefront of her parent’s minds.  Despite not being wealthy like her peers she always knew she had a place at the table and the opportunity just like everyone else to excel. Being curious and having a thirst to learn, Clare majored in Biochemical Engineering. Clare decided to pursue a different path and is now a trailblazer for many initiatives that she has created to empower women and young black Africans. We talk about the importance of knowing your core values and being accountable in every situation, to bring about a positive change and impact others.  Plus much, much more. Clare brings her wealth of experience and wisdom to the table. Tune in now! Enjoy listening.
November 19, 2020
EP31: Holding Onto Your Dreams
Jackie Daley – Teacher, Motivator and Mother shares her wonderful story: · How she held onto her childhood dream to become a teacher. · Being in a teenage relationship that did not serve her. · Overcoming anxiety, fear and depression on her self development and spiritual Journey. · Why stories have always been at the core of her being · Her 6R process to deal with family conflicts caused by excessive screen time · Her 10 step routine to rebalance · Lots of powerful insights and advice Enjoy listening and learning! x
November 12, 2020
EP30: Don't Lose Sight Of Who You Are
Rachel Frei Bandieri, Outdoor Explorer, Author and Mindset Mentor shares her story. As a child, animals, especially dogs and horses were Rachel’s best friends. At the age of 13 she developed severe eating disorders, a mean to cope with an identity crisis - trying to fit in and be accepted. Despite her struggles, her rebel temperament along with a vivid imagination and a certain pride got her through these hard times. Rachel excelled at school. She got a Master in Laws, and did a post-graduate in Criminology and became a Criminal Officer. Being in an enclosed structure and still fighting her demons, her Bulimia and eating disorder were getting worse. Yearning to be amongst nature, after 4 years, she hit rock bottom, and quit. That’s when a new chapter opened up.  Rachel followed her passion and now does expeditions and coaching, and is free from her eating disorders. We also dive into other areas of her life. Rachel shares many powerful tips, insights and advice along the way. Enjoy!
November 05, 2020
EP29: Destruction Creates New Opportunities
Veronika Winski, founder of The Dream Life Formula shares her story and insights into living a purposeful life. Veronika was born in America but grew up in Poland. Despite living in a communist country, her childhood was not affected because of her birth status. She remembers having lots of fun and was able to leave the county and travel the world with her family, experiencing different cultures. Her world flipped upside down at the age of 13 when her parents decided to move to America. Three months of arriving in the US and 3 days before her 14th birthday her dad passed away unexpectedly.  In that moment, Veronika had to grow up and think differently. Missing Poland and her friends, Veronika’s teenage years were lonely and rebellious, finding it difficult to find her place at school.  Knowing about the ‘American Dream’ she focussed on academics and told herself that getting a corporate job was the only path to be happy and successful, despite the fact that her instincts told her otherwise. After years of feeling unfulfilled in the corporate world, she woke up one day and realised she was on the wrong path and not aligned with her true calling. After 3 years of soul searching, experimenting with different opportunities and dealing with adversity, she found her true calling - to help women to re-invent themselves and align themselves by discovering their purpose driven calling. Veronika’s speaks candidly and passionately about her journey, sharing lots of powerful advice and insights. Enjoy listening.
October 29, 2020
EP28: Beauty Starts Within
Jazee Womack, Cosmetologist, Owner and Founder of Just Jazee Beauty, shares her story about resilience and determination. At the age of 13 she found her true calling.  After her mother recovered from an emergency surgery she had to maintain her own hair and learnt how to braid.  She tapped into her talent and started to do her friends and family’s hair. That’s when her entrepreneurial spirit came to life, and she began to build up her clientele. Dealing with identity issues and other challenges during school, Jazee continued following her passion and kept her eye on her goal. At the age of 20, she started her own beauty line.  Five years on, her brand is going from strength to strength and has received international recognition after being handpicked for a magazine editorial. Promoting self care and positive self identity is at the heart of what Jazee stands for, also making a difference in the beauty industry. We also talk about other areas of Jazee's life.    Lots of powerful advice and insights along the way. Enjoy listening.
October 22, 2020
EP27: When Hope is Crushed, the Heart is Crushed
Telma Dias de Brito, Student Language Teacher. Navigating through her childhood and teenage years wasn’t an easy feat.  Born in Portugal, Telma was uprooted on many occasions so that her parents could seek a better life. Switzerland seemed to tick all the right boxes. However, as soon as Telma entered education she had a rude awakening.   From the tender age of 6 years old, Telma was subjected to emotional and physical racism by some teachers. Yearning to be heard and accepted, she became rebellious.  A reflection of the pain she was experiencing. Longing for her father’s love she went on a mission to reconnect with him.  Again, disappointment seeped into her life. With the help of her mother and a teacher who saw the greatness in her, Telma went to England with a purpose, to turn her life around, and has never looked back. Telma has now started a blog to help her heal and inspire others. A story about hope and courage.
October 15, 2020
EP26: Insightfully Humble
Nelson Beltijar, Life & Executive Coach worked hard all his life. Climbed the career ladder, reached the top, became very successful, and then suddenly his world came crashing down, after being diagnosed with cancer. Nelson’s story is truly an inspirational one.  Refusing to be a victim during his childhood, he used a technique called mental imagery, which he practiced throughout his life when faced with challenging situations. Little did he know that this technique would save his life.  He was stamped cancer free after an almost 3 year battle. Nelson’s infectious laughter and candid approach to life will make you smile, pause and reflect on things in your life. We also discussed: Dealing with distractions, turning adversity into an advantage, the art of productivity and much much more!
October 08, 2020
EP25: Finding Love and Finding Your True Purpose
Lenita Reeves, Purposehouse Publishing shares her story. Lenita’s childhood and teen years were formative. After her parents divorced when she was 7 yrs old, she experienced a lot of pain and struggle for love. As a result, during her teen years she embarked on a journey that led her into wrong relationships and being date raped. With a great support system, and a strong and positive mindset, also knowing that she had a purpose in life, Lenita was able to confront her horrific experience head on and proceeded to excel at school and in her career. Lenita talks candidly about being a Rape Survivor, and her mission to communicate with passion, tackle underserved topics and propel people into their purpose despite their past. Lots of insights and advice shared along the way. Tune in NOW!
October 01, 2020
EP24: How Poetry Saved My Life
I had the pleasure of interviewing Telixia Inico who is a Spoken Word Artist, Published Author, Public Speaker, Creative Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of LDN Creates Ltd. Telixia has had a colourful journey.  Misunderstood at school because of her dyslexia, Telixia discovered poetry and used it as an outlet to express her emotions and teach herself to read and write. At 13, she joined one of the biggest girl gangs in London.   Girls who shared the same pain, struggles and indifferences - leaning on each other for support.  She shares her experiences during her teen years.  Again, turning to poetry to help her through her struggles. Finding herself during the latter part of her teen years, she turned her life around and went on to breakdown barriers and became a successful Spoken Word Artist, Published Author and now Founder of her new Creative Hub. Telixia's story will move and inspire you. 
September 24, 2020
EP23: Life Isn't A Steady Progession
Sir John Hegarty, Founder and Creative Director of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) and Founder of The Garage Soho, shares his wisdom and knowledge about how he navigated through life to build one of the most admired global Advertising Agencies.  John talks candidly about his life and offers advice about education and creativity.  He stresses the importance of becoming great at one thing as that will make you powerful.  Lots more insights.   Tune in and enjoy!
September 18, 2020
EP22: Your Circumstances Do Not Have To Define You
Radojka Miljevic, Management Consultant shares her interesting story.   Growing up as a daughter of Serbian migrants (fleeing the Second World War) her childhood was unconventional.  Not only did she have to deal with cultural issues but also the death of her mother at the age of 7, and being the only female in a predominately male household.    Despite dealing with confidence and identity issues this did not stop her excelling at school and University.  Her drive:  wanting her life to be better.  The love of learning being at the forefront.  This still stands true today.   Radojka shares practical advice along the way.  Very powerful and inspirational conversation.   Tune in to hear more!
September 10, 2020
EP21: Being on the Other Side of the Table.
Diana Kaufman, College Advisor and Host of College Advice in Nanoseconds interviews me about my journey and Ujana.  
September 08, 2020
EP20: You Are Enough and The Art of Communication
Desiree Panlilio, Teen Life Coach shares her passion and mission to empower teenagers to reach their full potential.   Her mantra is communication, communication, communication!  It's ok for teenagers to mess up.  Empowering them to find their own solutions is key.  Building Communities and relationships is also at the heart of her message.   You can't help feeling Desiree's passion and love.  A definite listen for teenagers and parents.
September 03, 2020
EP19: The Importance of Self Care and Giving Back
Dionne Lackey, Life Solutions Coach and Massage therapist shares invaluable tips about self care by taking a wholistic approach.   She also explains why she is a huge advocate for giving back and having multiple income streams, and why both are important.  
September 01, 2020
EP18: Life as a Teenage Parent and Acceptance
Carla Magdalene, Business Coach, Consultant and Creator of learning content for Parents and Educators.  Carla shares her journey from growing up in a single parent household in Scotland to adapting to life in Nottingham, to navigating and accepting life as a teenage parent.   She also offers great advice along the way -  being honest with your parents, learning how to speak your truth and how to use social media to your advantage.
August 28, 2020
EP17: Who Are You Hanging Out With?
Amika Ezer, Radio Promotions Executive at Universal Music label talks about the importance of having a good set of friends and having an open communication with your parents.  Also the importance of networking, as well as listening to your intuition and building up resilience.
August 25, 2020
EP16: Letting Your Children Express and Explore Themselves
Mary Tapa, Transformational Life Coach and Speaker, talks about her childhood in Cameroon.  Now living in America.  She shares lots of insights.  From the importance of listening to your children, to overcoming limiting beliefs, to practicing the power of intention.   And much much more!    Another Powerful Conversation.
August 21, 2020
EP15: Doing what you Love
Rick Elgood, Director, takes us along his journey from growing up in Yorkshire, to walking the artistic road and making an impact in Jamaica.   He also shares his latest initiative in Africa, teaching children to tell their story through film.
August 18, 2020
EP14: Why kindness goes a long way
Diana Kauffman, College Advisor, talks about her life in Caracus, Venezuela and about the importance of Personal Growth and Kindness.
August 14, 2020
EP13: The Value of Being Different, Distinctive and Authentic
Jim Carroll, Advertising Planner, Former Chairman of BBH, UK and Brand Consultant, talks about his life.  Stressing the importance of creativity, finding your passion and the importance of working hard and being exceptional at what you do, especially in the work place.  Offering powerful advice and tips throughout. 
August 12, 2020
EP12: Fighting your own battles and being bold
Gin Godden Visual Effects Producer offers great advice about the importance of communication, self exploration, respect and how to navigate within different cultural groups.
August 06, 2020
EP11: Investing in your Creativity
Rania, Creative and Creative Coach talks about growing up and living in Ghana.   Also, championing the importance of inventing and recreating yourself, and engaging in Deep Play.  As well as offering powerful spiritual advice along the way.
August 06, 2020
EP10: Be the change that you want to see in the world
Adrian Grant, Entertainment & Media Producer speaks openly about his journey.  Despite facing and overcoming obstacles, he  has produced magazines, books, records, videos, television, concerts and theatre shows.  He even met Michael Jackson along the way.  
August 06, 2020
EP:9 My Story - Just Being Me
Having a conversation with my son Omari.  Connecting with him and you on a deeper level.
August 04, 2020
EP8: Learning to love yourself
14 year old Maddie Seal, host of the podcast 'The Flowering Compass:  A Teen's Journey to Self Love' talks about her life.  Learning to love herself and her quest to help teenagers who are struggling with self image to find self love.
August 04, 2020
EP7: It's never to late to re-Invent yourself
Jackie Benjamin, Educator talks about her journey about becoming a Head Teacher.
July 29, 2020
EP6: Using your creative compass to help you achieve your goals
Anthony Thomas, Content Creator, talks about how he navigated his way to becoming a successful Director.  
July 28, 2020
EP5: Facing resistance while keeping your eyes on your goals
Nina Lewis - Educator, shares her story about the obstacles and challenges she faced while studying and at work.    Offering powerful advice along the way.
July 27, 2020
EP4: The Power and Value of Self
Jamaal takes us on a journey about finding self and making a difference in the world.
July 24, 2020
EP3: Finding Self and Being Authentic
Helen Powlette, Executive TV Producer speaks candidly about her interesting journey.  Sharing her words of wisdom and love.
July 21, 2020
EP2: Hanging out with my niece Lennicia. From Young Carer to Tour Manager
Lennicia tells her story about the challenges she faced when she was a young carer to trying to follow her dream to work in the music industry.
July 17, 2020