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Carpe Diem Connections

Carpe Diem Connections

By Yvette Francino
Using Agile Philosophies to Live a Happy, Productive, and Meaningful Life
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Aparna Saligrama - Quiet Value Woman
Aparna Saligrama recently started a new network called Quiet Value Woman: An intellectual lounge for women.  In this episode, Aparna talks about her community and her motivations behind creating such a network. Full YouTube interview can be found here: Quiet Value Woman Website: Quiet Value Woman Facebook Community: Blog Post:
October 18, 2020
Jonathon Stalls from Walk2Connect and Intrinsic Paths
Jonathon Stalls talks about his journey as an artist, first walking across the country, and later forming Walk2Connect and Intrinsic Paths. Jonathon continues to share his art and explores ways of walking and connecting with others. Full YouTube interview: TEDx Talk (Life at 3MPH): Walk2Connect: Intrinsic Paths: Blog Post:
October 11, 2020
Patti Ashley - Authenticity Architects
Dr. Patti Ashley, a licensed Professional Counselor is the creator of a unique process called Authenticity Architecture designed to help you create your authentic self and live your best life. You can find out more about Patti and her many services and offerings at Blog post about this episode: Full YouTube interview found at:
October 4, 2020
Carlyn Shaw - Strangers to Friends
After a diagnosis of MS and the deaths of two good friends, Carlyn was at a crossroads. She wanted to find people like her, but this was in 1997, before the days of social media. She created "connection cards" and discovered the beauty of strangers becoming friends through shared stories.  You can see the full YouTube video with Carlyn here: Carpe Diem Day Blog Post: Strangers to Friends Website: Strangers to Friends Facebook Group:
September 27, 2020
Interview with Jennifer Fields from Thriving Solo
Jennifer Fields, a writer and coach, talks about her coaching practice, helping singles live their best lives. So often society sends us messages that we need to be paired up, that we can feel like something's wrong if we're single. Jennifer works to break down that old stereotype, helping people live full lives, regardless of their relationship status. The full YouTube Interview with Jennifer can be found here: Thriving Solo Podcast: Blog Post:
September 20, 2020
Rebecca Mullen of Altared Spaces Talks about 3 Roles Between Partners in a Marriage
Rebecca Mullen from Altared Spaces is a master certified life coach. She typically coaches people through transitions but this month she's preparing for her dream class: Habits for Happily Ever After. Rebecca talks in this clip about the 3 roles partners play in a marriage... that of a partner, that of a friend, and that of a lover, and how understanding these can really help strengthen communication with a marriage.  See the full YouTube video here: Blog Post:
September 11, 2020
Lawrence Coburn talks about the new app, Twine
Lawrence Coburn, co-founder of Twine, talks about the new app that fosters deep meaningful conversations between two people.  Tune in to see the full Interview on my YouTube Channel: Blog Post: YouTube Video: You can check out the twine app by going to:
September 5, 2020
Pamela Gail Johnson - Founder of Society of Happy People
I'm thrilled this week to talk to Pamela Gail Johnson who founded the Secret Society of Happy People (no longer a secret!) in 1998.  Now you can find a community of happy people and join yourself at  There's also an app (SOHP) where you can track 31 types of Happiness. Be sure to sign up for the SOHP newsletter and participate in Operation #SmileStarter for August - Happiness Happens Month! Tune in to the full YouTube video here:
August 28, 2020
Tom Johnston Interview
Episode #2 is an interview with Tom Johnston of Ageless Explorers. Full YouTube interview can be found here:   Blog post can be found here: The Ageless Explorer Facebook page can be found here:
August 22, 2020
Just Do It!
This is the first episode of a new Podcast: Carpe Diem Connections, a podcast about living life fully and fostering deep social connections. I was inspired by my friend who had ALS to live fully every day. I'll use this platform to talk to others who write, speak, and have interest in positive psychology, and leading a full and happy life.
August 16, 2020