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Sex, lies and BORIC ACID?!

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By Elite Sounds Radio/ Planned Si
Discussing a number of topics that we deal with in the urban community, be it relationships, work, and school you name it!! We will also be debuting music from The home team Elite Sounds Entertainment and more and some dope interviews from the hottest up and coming independent artists from all over the country!!

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Tek di wah an lef di wah?? Yuh moddd!!
Girl chat with my homegirl up and coming hip hop artist Anjelica Pickles!! Some shit u just can't believe until you read it y'all!!! Music by SkateGODrodger, Elite Sounds and Mike Gzz Tap In!!!
July 28, 2019
Biggest day ever!!!
Miss Casey discusses her new company Yung Mogul Entertainment!!! And drops new music from her artist skateGODrodger!!! And this is a big day for our show!!! We got Heatmakerz producer Rsonist is in the building!!! We will get into his amazingggg career and everything he has going on!!! This is big shit popping y'all!!! Tune in!!!!!! Shout out to AWOL management for sending us some heat!!! Be on the lookout for them!!!! We got some amazing shit in the works!!!!
July 24, 2019
Listen his own daddy told me he wasn’t shit!!!
Storytime!!! Miss Casey discusses the warnings about our partners that come from those who you'd least expect!! Do you listen or do you ignore the warnings? She also shares a personal story about as time in her life where a hard head made her fight for her life!! Music by Q the General also artist A$H drops a quick snippet for us and artist Swell closes the show!!!
July 4, 2019
Child he took her to the soup kitchen on the first date!!!
Miss Casey taps into this meme where a young brother with a whole lot of nerve took a woman to the soup kitchen on the first date!!!! Up and coming hip hop artist @tellemitwasshotdy will be on the line and we will discuss his career and tap in to his music!!!!
June 28, 2019
Bitchhhhhh Cardi had me like PRESS PRESS PRESS PRESS PRESS
Miss Casey Reviews the 2019 BET Awards,and touches on news stories circulating around the web. Shout out to JB host of The rude urban truth podcast!! Music by Elite Sounds Entertainment and Billionairerob
June 26, 2019
Blike men’s don’t do whet nye?!!
Miss Casey Kior discusses the ridiculous meme “black men don’t cheat” that has seemed to gone fool on Facebook and everywhere else!! Up and coming hot hip hop artist Swell will be on the line discussing his upbringing and career and his new song “better days” ft Flipp Dinero!! TAPN!!!
June 21, 2019
Listen sis!! You gotta protect those KIDS!!!
Miss Casey Kior gives her opinion on dating and kids should your partner be allowed to spank your child if they aren't the biological parent? How about bathing or any other type of discipline? Tapn!!!! Music by Elite Sounds and Ermaine music
June 15, 2019
Its giving jack in the box vibes stink 😒
Miss Casey Kior gives her thoughts on doing pop-ups in relationships this should be fun lolll music from Elite Sounds Entertainment and Mattie B
June 9, 2019
When they see us had me like honey when I see Linda!!!!
Miss Casey Kior gives her review on the gripping documentary series “when they see us” and reads Linda Fairstein for filth!!! Y’all know UK Casey had to pop out for this one!!
June 6, 2019
Correct me if I’m wrong
Miss Casey weighs in on a question asked on Facebook: How come some folks help outsiders before they help family members? She also discusses upcoming plans and other exciting things brewing in the works!!! Music by Elite Sounds Entertainment and Ermaine Music
May 29, 2019
Treat her like a lady, fuck her like a bitch!!!
Shout out to the guys over at theblueroom_theory on Instagram!!! Miss Casey piggybacks off of their latest episode topic: do women want to be respected in the bedroom?? Do they want respectable dick? Or do they want to be handled with care? Tune in to find out!!! And be sure to check @theblueroom_theory on Instagram to see what they had to say!!!!
May 18, 2019
Yes thats cheating as well stink!!!!
Vent session in progress!!!! This needed to be off of my heart and in you guys ears!! I pray someone can benefit from the topic!! Do you think inappropriate texting being your partner and someone else is a form of cheating? Even if they didn't have sex do you still feel like it's an infidelity of some sort? Chime in!!!!
May 15, 2019
Treat me like somebody and then we can talk
Miss Casey gives her opinion on sex and how nasty a woman gets if she's lived correctly!! And we take. Deeper look inside black dating and standards!! Music from Elite Sounds Entertainment and Mattie B!!!!
May 13, 2019
Leave Mrs. Curry alone period!!!
Miss Casey chimes in on the hoopla surrounding Ayesha Curry’s appearance on red table talk. Music from Elite Sounds Entertainment
May 11, 2019
How do you snip a branch off of your family tree?? ” when you cant relate to relatives”
Miss Kior ”uncousins” a family member once and for all and discusses the fine line between chivalry and selfishness!! S/O to Nathaniel from Brooklyn my good bro for submitting your topic!!! #justgiveherthecoatbro 😂
May 8, 2019
Oh honey you must be crazier than a fish with titties!!!
Inspired by a true story and meme, Miss Casey weighs in on the ”rubberneck effect” is it ever ok for our partners to stare in public at other women? How do guys feel about women who do it? Tune in to part one of this two-part show and let us know what you think
April 30, 2019
Sex talk and topics with Miss Casey Kior “ The one-armed bandit who almost got away with me!!!”
Today’s topic: embarrassing moments during sex!! Miss Casey recalls a time where she thought her life was on the line during sex!!! Music by Elite Sounds Entertainment!
April 27, 2019
Meet Mr Pat Quinn!!
Miss Kior chats with up and coming all around talented artist Pat_Quinn_Music and gets to know him and his music and what inspires him to be the amazing individual he is!!! He also leaves us with two of his hot singles ”world cup” and ”strike a pose”
April 26, 2019
Meet Eyah official!!!
With her amazing recruiting skills Miss Casey Kior has found another amazing artists to chat with!! All the way from the Ivory Coast Eyah comes through and drops some history in his career and leaves us with three amazing songs!!!
April 25, 2019
Meet my boy MJ!!!
Miss Casey Kior and Watts California representative Mj_robge chop it over over his dope budding music career an speak on the death of Nipsey Hussle and the future of gang unity all over the world!! He also drops some dooe music for us so tap in!!!
April 25, 2019
Ermaine music is here
Miss Casey Kior has her much anticipated sit down with London Uk born rapper Ermaine Music!! He discusses his influences and all of his future projects as well as premiere some dope new music for us!! Tap in!!
April 23, 2019
No you have to add some peppa pon it!!!
Miss Casey Kior introduces the ”sex segments” held every Friday and Saturday and tonight's topic is keeping things spicy in long term relationships!! She gives tips and shares her ideas on keeping things litisha in the bedroom!!!
April 20, 2019
Meet Mr Caleb DGE!!
Casey has a chat with an amazing up and coming rapper from Long Island, New York Caleb DGE!! They discuss the direction of hip hop today and he leaves us with two.of his amazing songs!! ”black man’s rage” and ”all dis sauce!!”
April 19, 2019
Popping the pee after popping baby bottles!!!
Miss Casey Kior gives advice and thoughts on keeping your sexy together after giving birth!! It's definitely a struggle but with a lil time and effort you'll be back to popping that other bottle in no time!!! I also have a small message for Kodak Black!!!
April 17, 2019
I want that old thing back!!!!
Miss Casey Kior and special guest DreaNicoleMusik, an amazingly talented RnB singer and philanthropist from Brooklyn NY, chop it up about what music is missing today. Yessss and she leaves us with a track,from her upcoming album titled MusicalTherapy!!
April 4, 2019
Girl codes!!! And the bitches who break them
Miss Casey has a special message for women who think it's ok to sleep with friends and family members partners!! And sets ground rules for outings with the girls!!! Music by elite sounds ent and lil homie leezy
April 1, 2019
Me and Houston definitely Have problems!!
Miss Casey Kior gives her take on minorities and postpartum depression does it exist in the black community?? Know when to seek help and if you or some you know needs help please call the national postpartum support line at 1800.944.4773
March 25, 2019
Girl you was on WHET show??!!!!
Miss Casey Kior recounts a special time in her life when she found herself on an episode of america’s number one baby daddy/ baby mama drama show in the world!!! Alexa!! Play knuck if you buck!!!
March 21, 2019
Friends!!! How many of us have them?!
Friends and business can be a sticky situation!!! Miss Casey Kior checks in with hot upcoming Florida rapper the underdogslim!!! We will discuss friends and getting support from them when beginning new business ventures!!!! Tune in!!!! He also drops us some music yayyyyyy
March 12, 2019
Toxic people and relationships
Miss Casey Kior gives her advice on toxic people and the effects they can cause on a person’s mental and emotional well being!!
March 3, 2019
Elites in the building!!!
Miss Casey Kior chops it’s up with the man who built the Elite Sounds Entertainment family!!!! Q the General himself stops by to discuss the movement behind the label and future plans for Elite Sounds Entertainment!!!
February 21, 2019
Fellas yall alright??
Miss UK Casey Kior delivers a message to the fellas from the ladies regarding first date questions and hobbies and cousin Frederick calls in and gives his opinion from the male perspective!!!
February 21, 2019
Meet cousin Mattie B!!!
Miss Casey Kior and amazing up and coming singer and cousin Mattie B chop it up over mastering your mind and your beliefs to create the things you want and change your situation!!!! She also leaves us with two singles off of her dope EP Sweet and Sour!!!
February 21, 2019
Queze Butler is in the building!!!
Miss Casey Kior and special guest Queze Butler a hot up and coming taper out of Greenville, SC!!! We will chop it up over the topic dead beat fathers and the psychological effects the child may experience due to their absence!!!
February 20, 2019
FYVE came 😍😍
Miss Casey get serious tonight and chops it up with amazingly talented and intelligent up and coming singer FYVE_OFFICIAL about depression and overcoming obstacles in life!!!promising want to miss the conversation with this talented brother I promise!!!!
February 20, 2019
Abducted my dick!!!!!
UK Casey and the Leprechaun tag team the abducted in plain sight documentary and read all characters involved for filth!!!!
February 17, 2019
It’s hard out here for any pimp!!!
Casey Kior checks in with 50 hues of her admin Satin Reed aka Solo to discuss how hard it is for lesbian women especially studs to date!! She also drops two tracks from her brother Chad Major!!! They are putting the show me state on the map y’all!! Tune in!!!
February 16, 2019
Meet the leprechaun
This was a rant guys!!! I promise I had some shit to express and I just let that go tonight!! Sorry if anyone was freaked out
February 16, 2019
Sex lies and BORIC ACID part 2!!!
Your host Casey Kior touches on yesterday’s topic and sex health educator and cousin Joy my Luv calls in and drops some gems!!!
February 16, 2019
These kids are out of their skulls!!!
Miss Casey Kior weighs in on the new craze among teens the 48-hour challenge and discuss Valentine's Day gestures among couples!! Good friend and UPK director Sammie Flunz calls in
February 15, 2019
Sex, lies and BORIC ACID?!
Casey Kior weighs in on sexual partners and hygiene and weird home remedies found on Google (guest classic man calls in) music by elite sounds
February 12, 2019
Polygamy and plastic surgery open discussions
Casey Kior discusses polygamous relationships and gives her thoughts and opinions on plastic surgery (special guest cousin Lakiesha chimes in on the topics!!)
February 11, 2019
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