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Mountain Gypsies "Just A Few Things"

Mountain Gypsies "Just A Few Things"

By Cathy&Tess
The Mountain Gypsies are Mother and Daughter, Cat Young & Tess Hughes. They reside on a mountain in the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Tennessee & Western North Carolina. They are Gifted/Intuitive, Teachers/Healers of the old ways. They are full of life, love and fun. The accent, the sayings, the stories will hold you captive as you hang on for this wild journey!
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Are We Really Up Crap Creek Without Toilet Paper!?!

Mountain Gypsies "Just A Few Things"

Are We Really Up Crap Creek Without Toilet Paper!?!

Mountain Gypsies "Just A Few Things"

Are We Really Up Crap Creek Without Toilet Paper!?!
Has the world gone mad? Has darkness overcome us? Let us get out of this alive and happy together!
March 18, 2020
I Misssed You!
HEY! Just saying hello and letting you know we are coming back with some exciting new shoes to help you along this journey!
February 17, 2020
How the wrong perception can cause devastation in your life and the lives of others! How to overcome the lies!
May 16, 2019
Who Is Your Momma Talking To? A Mothers Day Special!
A special message about talking to the dead and the reasons you may want to reconsider! Dont miss the surprise ending!
May 8, 2019
Interview with Greg & Kathy Fektik Parapsycon
This episodes starts with the discussions of  injustices in small town, small thinking people, and ends with an incredible interview with  the founder and co founder of Tri-Cs Ghost Hunters, Greg and Kathy Feketik! We just know you are gonna love us as much as we love you! Come on and set a spell about Just a Few Things! Love all you sexy Roosters and Chicks!
May 1, 2019
The Real Sleeping Beauty
Has trauma and sleeping disorders caused chaos in your life? Lets do some healing...
April 24, 2019
A Interview with Drew Fu Varick from American Horror Story
He's a man who grew up 3rd generational jehovahs witness for twenty years to breaking out to the real truth. At 42 inches max he has been through more unnatural events then most can imagine: a superpower of suffering. 25 years of twisted doctrine to going to college and searching unconditional love. With the chance to spread his wings he was on the show: American Horror Story Freakshow working with the best of heart users and gaining better perspective on life. Dealing with his issues constantly he also is able to maintain a vegan diet, worlds lightest competitive bodybuilder as well a film editor and blooming screenwriter. More importantly he spends time remembering the space around us, knowing we are connected to a source and tasting permanent freedom – but freedom is not always easy to get or stay in your grasps – we have to want it at all cost consistently, like gold must be constantly purified by fire and all diamonds first have to be under years of pressure first. Today he is turned inward with a brighter path believing and finding the reasons why he is here on earth, but still remaining human. He's no 10 foot superman in physical height but he's 20 feet square feet in spirit.
April 18, 2019
What do you do when life takes a turn not expected? How do you handle the changes, hurts and broken hearts along the way? We have some answers for you that will help those who are seeking a journey of love and truth. Join us as we talk about accepting you, your life and how to overcome the pain and move forward. Love all you sexy Roosters and Chicks, Cat & Tess
April 11, 2019
Mountain Gypsies "Home"
Join the Mountain Gypsies as they begin their journey with Home! This light hearted look into the lives of Cat & Tess and their heritage. Meet some of the characters they will introduce from the past that you will come to love as you share in their journey! Take away some knowledge for a happier home full of love. Enjoy the show and come back soon!
April 4, 2019