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Cat's Pajamas Convos

Cat's Pajamas Convos

By Carrie-Ann Wade
Cat's Pajamas in conversation with...
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Cat's Pajamas Convos with Jane Galloway

Cat's Pajamas Convos

Cat's Pajamas Conversations with...Lee Griffith
In this special episode of Cat's Pajamas Conversations, Carrie-Ann Wade talks with Lee Griffith, coach and founder of Sunday Skies, about coaching and mentoring. This episode was recorded for release on our Cat's Pajamas #SmallBiz100 day on 24 November 2020. We are taking this opportunity not only to promote small business owners but to share our news about the changes we are making at Cat's Pajamas to move towards the provision of mentoring programmes for communications professionals. Carrie-Ann and Lee talk about the difference between coaching and mentoring, how they have made use of both during their own careers and the importance of investing in your own development. If you would like to find out more about Lee an Sunday Skies you can visit There is a teeny tiny swear word in here so use your headphones if you are around little people or the easily offended!
November 24, 2020
Business Built on Passion - House of Cinn
In the third episode of our Businesses Built on Passion series, Carrie-Ann Wade talks to David Martos and Itseoritseno Onuwaje, co-founders of House of Cinn. House of Cinn launched in July 2020 not only to deliver scrumptious cinnamon buns to people at home, but more importantly to support rough sleepers in London and help break the cycle of homelessness. House of Cinn has partnered with Street Cafe with the aim to build supportive communities around those who are rough sleeping.  They have a buddy and back-to-work system in place to help the beneficiaries back into a supportive work environment, with jobs at House of Cinn when they’re ready for employment. This is one serious business built on passion and David and Itse have a real sense of purpose about what they are aiming to achieve, we dare you not to feel inspired to spread a little kindness. Find out more via 
November 20, 2020
Business Built on Passion - Comms2point0
In the second episode of our Businesses Built on Passion podcast series, Carrie-Ann Wade talks with Darren Caveney about his business Comms2point0. As well as finding out more about what inspired Darren to set up Comms2point0, the pair talk about pubic sector communications, supporting the communications profession and the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the industry. Find out more about Comms2point0 via 
November 5, 2020
Business Built on Passion - Bad Ass Mother Runners
Welcome to episode one of the second series of Cat's Pajamas Conversations. This series is focused on business built on passion and in the first episode our founder Carrie-Ann Wade talks to Bev Logan of Bad Ass Mother Runners. Bev talks candidly about her business journey, her mental health and what keeps her going. Find out more via Thank you so much Bev for sharing your insights and for running such an amazing business built on passion. 
October 23, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Conversations From Inside the Hive
This episode was recorded on 5 September in Wales as part of a planning weekend for the AWEsome Women's Retreat. Jane Galloway from Quiet the Hive, Lorna Reeves from MyOhMy Events and Carrie-Ann Wade from Cat's Pajamas are collaborating to bring you the AWEsome Women's Retreat. The first of these Retreats is already fully booked and this conversation provides a taster of what delegates can expect.  The date for the Spring Retreat is set - 19-21 March 2021, the waiting list is now open so join the list via the link here.  You will then have exclusive early access to secure your place when booking opens in January 2021. Find out more about AWEsome Women via
September 18, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Conversations Small Biz 100
In this episode of Cat's PJs Convos our founder, Carrie-Ann Wade and Jane Galloway, founder of Quiet the Hive, celebrate their recognition as part of the #SmallBiz100 2020. In the run up to Small Business Saturday on 5 December 2020, 100 small businesses around the UK are being recognised as part the campaign and both Carrie-Ann and Jane have been named as two of the small businesses in the #SmallBiz100. Listen up to hear more about their journeys as small business owners, their most recent collaboration and why small businesses are so important. Find out about Small Business Saturday via  PS there are two tiny naughty words in this episode so maybe listen with headphones!
September 6, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Conversations with...Minoti Parikh
In this episode of Cat's Pajamas Conversations Carrie-Ann Wade speaks with fellow F:entrepreneur #ialso100 female entrepreneur Minoti Parikh. Minoti is founder of TPL Experiences and in this podcast she talks about how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted her business model and what she has learned about her approach to business. As well as the changes she has made to deliver her services to clients, Minoti has also found ways to collaborate with others throughout the pandemic.  Find out more about Minoti via LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter or visit the TPL Experiences website.
August 15, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Conversations with...Katya Willems
In episode 10 of Cat's Pajamas Conversations, Carrie-Ann talks to Katya Willems all about flourishing in your forties. Katya is the founder of Easyinstamcr and you can find her on Instagram at @easyinstamcr You can also follow Katya on Twitter via @easyinstamcr and on LinkedIn as Katya Willems.  This conversation was refreshing, inspiring and honest, it was great to get an insight into Katya's journey so far and to hear about why her forties have been her best decade yet.
August 6, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Conversations with...Asif Choudry
Join Carrie-Ann Wade in episode nine of Cat's Pajamas Conversations, this time with Asif Choudry.  Asif Choudry is Sales & Marketing Director with resource, an award winning creative marketing and print provider. He is a CIM Fellow and Chartered Marketer.  He is the founder of #CommsHero @CommsHero the award winning conference that is a community celebrating the heroics comms people perform every day. Although a big fan of social media, he’s not afraid to use tried and tested comms channels like meeting IRL (In Real Life), speaking on the phone and handwriting a letter or three. In this episode, Carrie-Ann and Asif talk about the #CommsHero journey, what next - including the upcoming Comms Hero Week - and who Asif's Comms Heroes actually are. You can connect with Asif via Twitter @AsifChoudry or Linked In. And you can find out more about Comms Hero Week and book your place at
July 30, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Conversations with...Jane Galloway
Welcome to episode eight of our Cat's Pajamas Conversations podcast. In this episode Carrie-Ann Wade, founder of Cat's Pajamas, talks to Jane Galloway, who was our first ever podcast guest! Jane is founder of Quiet the Hive and is back to talk about all things Imposter Syndrome. Jane explains what Imposter Syndrome is, you may hear it referred to as your inner critic or your Lizard Voice. The conversation explores who it makes you feel, how to recognise it and what might trigger it. If you want to find out more about Quiet the Hive and how you can work on your own Imposter Syndrome you can visit and if you want to know more about The Compass, the course Jane mentions then visit  Jane and Carrie-Ann are also collaborating on an amazing project and you can find out more at Jane mentioned the Say Yes More Movement and  finally the book Jane recommended in the podcast is Playing Big by Tara Mohr.
July 20, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Convos with Ceri-Jane Hackling
In episode 7 of our podcast series, Carrie-Ann talks to Ceri-Jane Hackling, founder of Cerub PR. The podcast is all about PR in a pandemic, and they explore why PR and marketing is usually the first thing people cut and why you really shouldn't. Ceri-Jane also shares some of her tips and insider knowledge to support you to do your own PR through this pandemic. To find out more about Cerub PR visit or follow them on Twitter via @cerubpr  You can also follow Ceri-Jane on Twitter at @CeriJane
May 26, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Convos with Christine MacKay
In episode six of Cat's Pajamas Conversations, Carrie-Ann talks with Christine MacKay, founder of Salamandra UK.  Christine first founded Salamandra (Design & PR) in Johannesburg in 2006 and has since resurrected it in the UK as (Animation & Design) after falling in love with animation (whilst working in Auckland) as an impressive medium for B2B communications. Being a very visual person, Christine gets a real kick out of helping clients tell their story through delightful visual content, on any platform. Earlier this year, Christine was named in the UK's top 100 female entrepreneurs, celebrated alongside International Women’s Day at the House of Lords. In this episode Carrie-Ann and Christine talk about how the lockdown situation in the UK has impacted Christine's business, how she has worked with her clients through this period and how her team has pulled together.  If you want to find out more visit or you can follow on Twitter via @salamandrauk or Instagram via
May 21, 2020
AWEsome Women's Retreat - meet your team!
Listen to this podcast to find out more about the AWEsome Women's Retreat. The Retreat is a collaboration between Jane Galloway, founder and director of Quiet the Hive, Carrie-Ann Wade, founder and chief collaborator at Cat's Pajamas Communications, and Lorna Reeves, founder and director of MyOhMy Events and MyOhMy Weddings. The podcast gives you the chance to find out more about the collaboration, what we hope you will gain from the weekend and how you might benefit from being part of the AWEsome Women's Retreat. It really is all about helping you find your awareness, will and energy. Find out more and book your place via  Follow on Instagram at @awesome_womens_retreat or join the Facebook community at Awesome Women's Retreat. If you want to know more about the amazing work to empower women by Quiet the Hive visit www. and you can keep up with what Jane is doing via @quiet_the_hive on Instagram or on Facebook.  Carrie-Ann can be found at or across the socials via @catspjs_uk on Twitter and Instagram where you can see her latest work and collaborations. And to find out more about Lorna and the fabulous work she is doing with MyOhMy Events visit or follow along with all of Lorna's latest activity via Instagram @myohmy_events or the Facebook group. 
April 23, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Convos with Lorna Reeves
In episode five of Cat's Pajamas Convos, Carrie-Ann discusses pivoting your business with Lorna Reeves. Lorna is the founder of both MyOhMy Weddings and MyOhMy Events and has recently made the move to pivot her business due to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.  Lorna discusses how she has made the move to provide a new service to her clients, why she did this and whether you should too. Pivoting is not for everyone and Lorna provides some practical advice and tips to support small businesses when thinking about pivoting. You can find out more about Lorna via or you can follow her on Instagram and find her on Facebook. Thank you so much Lorna for taking part in our podcast!
April 16, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Convos with Lisa Anderton
Welcome to episode four of our Cat's Pajamas Convos podcast series. In this episode Carrie-Ann talks to Lisa Anderton, founder and coach at eight Leadership Coaching about experiencing the menopause in the workplace. Lisa also works in healthcare and shares her advice, tips and wisdom to support working women with the menopause. Find out more about Lisa via or follow Lisa on Twitter @TheLisaAnderton
April 4, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Convos with Martin Evans
In episode three of Cat's Pajamas Convos Carrie-Ann talks all things crisis communications with Martin Evans. Martin is the founder of Tandem Comms and is also a founding member of the Cat's Pajamas Collaborative.  Planning is key to managing a crisis, as is the ability to keep calm. Martin talks about crisis communications and shares some of his own experiences from the military and healthcare. If you would like to find out more about Martin visit or email 
February 22, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Convos with Mikaela Jackson
Welcome to episode two of Cat's Pajamas Convos. Our founder Carrie-Ann Wade talks to performance coach Mikaela Jackson about overcoming overwhelm. Mikaela explores what overwhelm is and when it can strike, as well as talking through tips to support you.  This episode of our podcast focuses on clarity, boundaries, expectation setting and balance. Being self aware can help you manage feeling overwhelmed. Thank you so much to Mikaela for sharing her thoughts and insight. If you want to know more about how Mikaela can help you visit  We hope you enjoyed this episode all about overcoming overwhelm and look forward to our next Cat's Pajamas Convos!
January 31, 2020
Cat's Pajamas Convos with Jane Galloway
Welcome to the first episode of Cat's Pajamas Convos. We are talking to Jane Galloway, founder of Quiet the Hive, about the art of networking. Our founder Carrie-Ann Wade talks with Jane about how challenging many of us find the idea of networking and why. Jane offers insight, tips and practical advice on how we can overcome our fear of networking.  Carrie-Ann mentions dealing with tricky questions but didn't come back to this later on - we are so sorry! Jane has shared the following advice on this conundrum.  In this conversation Jane references Anna Cuddy's TED Talk on power posing. You can view it here.  If you would like to find out more about Jane's work and Quiet the Hive visit  If you are a member of the Collaborative you can access the Quiet the Hive hints sheet on the art of networking via Thank you so much to Jane for sharing her wisdom and insight, as well as being the first guest on Cat's PJs Convos.  PS we promise C-A will stop calling these editions in future and call them episodes :-) she needs to get used to this podcasting malarkey!
November 7, 2019
Welcome to Cat's Pajamas Convos
We are launching Cat's Pajamas Convos as part of our Collaborative. Each month we will feature guests talking all things business and leadership as well as sharing info for those of us working in the creative industry. Sign up to the Cat's Pajamas Collaborative for just £12 a month (or £99 for the year if you pay in advance) for access to the podcasts, as well as our online directory, online forum, real life events and more.
September 8, 2019