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The Celebrant Talk Show

The Celebrant Talk Show

By Josh Withers and Sarah Aird
A regular talk show on being a marriage celebrant, the Australian marriage laws around celebrancy, and the art of running a celebrant business, hosted by the editors of the Celebrant Institute, Josh Withers and Sarah Aird
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A terrible time to buy a business

The Celebrant Talk Show

Happy Podcast New Year!
We know, we know, we've been away for a whole year, but we're back! In this episode we talk about where we're both at in July 2022, and the major things that have happened in celebrancy and at the Celebrant Institute in the last 12 months: new forms released 1 September 2021 changes to compulsory OPD new Cert IV in Celebrancy released new PD options released amazing meeting with the Marriage Law and Celebrants Section - email with your examples of why being able to witness signatures on NOIMs over Zoom should be made permanent We're hoping to release more regular episodes in the coming months - let us know if there's anything you think we should talk about!
July 13, 2022
We're not going to charge you more money, it's ok
We're tired, and we know you are all tired too. In this episode we catch up on each other's news, and chat about value (and how it's difficult to articulate!) and how OPD is going in 2021.
July 14, 2021
Advanced OPD topic on how to skin a rabbit
After a six month break from podcasting because our world's got crazy and busy, we talk about what was keeping us busy. Namely, reschedules and postponements and cancellations of weddings, and how that's affecting the whole industry. Plus we go over our 2021 OPD - ongoing professional development - program in great depth. You're going to love it! Go to to see the whole offering.
April 08, 2021
Be the CEO your wedding celebrant business needs you to be
It's time to life up our heads from managing, or surviving, in our wedding celebrancy business, and to actually lead our businesses to a place where they bring us joy and happiness again. This episode of the podcast is with someone who helps people like us do things like that, Heidi Thompson from Evolve Your Wedding Business. Heidi is hosting the Wedding Business CEO Summit later this month and Josh is speaking at the summit on automating your customer journey. Celebrant Institute members and Celebrant Talk Show listeners get a free ticket to the summit by clicking here!
January 15, 2021
Was the tinsel an acknowlegement?
After meeting with the Marriage Law and Celebrants Section of the Attorney-General's Department, Josh and Sarah bring you all the updates to marriage forms, OPD in the years ahead, signing NOIMs online, plus we've got some helpful tips on social media content and live streaming wedding ceremonies.
October 31, 2020
Tasmania (BDM) gets the internet
Sarah chats to Tasmanian celebrant Kathleen Pavlic-Ryan about the brand new online registration system available through Births, Deaths, and Marriages Tasmania!x
September 30, 2020
The one in a hotel room with a lawyer
After five months of fighting for wedding vendors affected by COVID-19 lockdowns, cancellations, postponements, delays, booking fees, deposits, contracts, and the wasteland that is the wedding industry in August 2020, Kathryn from Hallet Law joins the podcast to talk about it all, and about her new service contract product which you can get from
August 28, 2020
Preparing for the aftertime
In today's Celebrant Talk Show podcast episode recorded Saturday August 1, 2020, we talk about how branded face masks should in no way be a thing, giving terrible advice to couples about COVID-19 lockdowns, preparing for the aftertime, how to make a customer journey, our new Celebrant Institute membership software (Memberful), and can celebrants act as a JPs in their community?
August 01, 2020
I think I've already mentioned this on the podcast
It’s been 7 weeks since marriage equality finally became a thing.  Australia has figured out that all people are actually just people…So what is the LGBTTQQIAAP alphabet soup? Today S & J take a detailed look at CRM systems and processes and hash out the customer journey they take their couples on. There are heaps of tips and hints that may add some value for you and your clients. Feel free to steal, and if you have any further tips suggestions or questions email or send a recorded voicemail message to:
June 07, 2020
Luna's debut on the podcast
Legal help, cancellations thanks to COVID-19, OPD over Zoom update, how to become a travelling celebrant, and how to get audio to videographers, all in this podcast episode with Sarah and Josh.
June 05, 2020
A terrible time to buy a business
Recorded on April 21 in the year of COVID-19, live on Facebook and here in the podcast. Talked about how OPD has moved to webinar, how business is in the era of the coronavirus, do we need business cards any more, and what to do if you're now doing a small wedding instead of a big wedding.
April 21, 2020
Karen would like to talk to the Coronavirus manager
As everyone else in the world is doing, this episode we're talking about the coronavirus, aka COVID-19. How is it affecting the wedding industry? How is it affecting us specifically? Get in touch if you want to tell us how you're feeling:
March 24, 2020
I'm a CEO now!
Thank you again for listening! This episode we chat about: • Sarah's exciting news • Privacy implications of hiring a virtual assistant • That old chestnut: thoughts about charging for travel and how to do it As always we welcome your thoughts and feedback at!.
March 06, 2020
Do not murder
It's our first episode for 2020, and in this one we chat about: • the Celebrant Institute's new partnership with Pod Legal • the pros and cons of leveraging the bushfire crisis (or any other charitable cause) for business purposes • what happens when a party changes their name before the marriage but after the NOIM has been lodged • a reminder that celebrants are not the police or the immigration department or anything other than celebrants As always, let us know if there's anything you'd like us to chat about on a future episode!
January 12, 2020
The one with the solid tangent
It's a month until Christmas and here we are again with another episode of your favourite podcast! This episode Josh and Sarah chat about the latest newsletter from MLCS, our thoughts about OPD into the future, our obligations in an online environment, not stressing too much about the smaller details of the marriage paperwork, and how to bring the magic to every single ceremony.
November 25, 2019
Written to elicit a response
On todays episode, we discuss our seat at the big table with MLCS, caping celebrant numbers, and the new survey that was written to coerce celebrants into doing less OPD, the implications for the industry and what you can do about it. We also look at the celebrants obligations in an online environment and we finish the episode discussing the inclusion of children at ceremonies.   1.30 Preshow banter 6.23 MLCS inclusion for Celebrant Institute 15.55 Capping celebrant numbers 33.46 The survey that was written to elicit a response 45.27 Recap of electronic environment questions 50.27 Children at weddings
October 17, 2019
Are we finished being angry at Glenn yet?
A wide variety of celebrant chat in this episode! Celebrant Institute turns one (happy birthday!). We recap our first year and what we have accomplished. We discuss Glenn’s feedback from our previous episode plus general discussion on industry updates. 0.40 Sarah’s nicknames 4.00 Global Climate strike 8.50 1st year anniversary for Celebrant Institute! 14.11 Sarah is now training through CI 16.37 Community over competition and raising the industry standard 24.57 LGBTQI Awareness 27.17 Are we still mad at Glenn for his feedback? 29.11 Signing the certificates 41.06 Can we have the rings please? 45.05 High heels for presence 48.56 Continue to develop 51.15 CoCA update 62.38 Say yes to all the things and be a good human
September 20, 2019
Ladies and Gentlemen and Everyone Else!
Today on the podcast we're super lucky to be joined by Glenn Mackay, who is an award-winning wedding MC and DJ in SE Queensland. He's seen hundreds of wedding ceremonies while he's been playing the ceremony music, and we're delighted to have him talk to us about his thoughts about what celebrants can do better. Remember: this is only Glenn's opinion! We're not suggesting anyone has to do anything Glenn says. But it's always good to be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking, so we hope listening to Glenn will at least make you stop and think about what you do and why you do it. Glenn talks about the MarBecca method; you can find out more about that here: You can connect with Glenn here: Let us know if anything Glenn says resonates with you, if you've changed the way you do something because of something he said, or if you're completely offended and hate every word that came out of his mouth! We always want to hear from you at :)
September 06, 2019
On the off chance that no-one knows what this sentence is about
Hello everybody! Thanks for joining us for another episode of The Celebrant Talk Show! This time Josh and Sarah chat about the annual registration fee (pay yours now!), the review of the marriage forms, the epic funeral course Sarah went on (, and the new fact sheet about celebrants’ obligations in an online environment, plus an exciting announcement! As always, shoot us an email at if you have any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss in an upcoming episode! What a time to be alive!  The Marriage Act 1961 has finally aligned with the Electronic Transactions Act (thanks Josh)! and this ep chats about what this means for us. Paying your Annual Registration Fee and why pricing yourself out per hour or perhaps why you can’t are also discussed in this episode. Other awesome content re the MLCS fact sheets and Sarah has some wonderful advice for funeral celebrants. You can’t miss this one! 03:00 – Sarah’s fav podcast. This podcast will kill you. 04:10 – Why it’s impossible to price yourself out per hour. 12:40 – Why do you have to pay your Annual registration fee?  Why such a big deal? 19:15 – What do the MLCS do with the funds from the Registration Fee? 27:45 – MLCS Fact sheet regarding Celebrant obligations in an online environment 28:25 – Accepting the NOIM, Date and place of Birth electronically! -  What a time to be alive! (Thanks Josh)! 30.20 – Sighting evidence of identity electronically. 33:40 – The Electronic Transactions act 34:07 – What is a Commissioner for Declarations? 36:15 – Children of previous marriages – Australian Bureau of Statistics 41:50 – Conference chat - DJ Alliance of Australia 52.22 – Doing the Cert IV with Sarah and Lifeskills Training 59:00 – Silver Celebrant Funeral training – Robyn O’Connell
July 27, 2019
Sarah is pretty riled up
Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in once more! This episode we chat about: • funeral training and why Sarah continues to attend it, even with her level of experience • funeral photography: • • • outcomes from the May meeting between the Marriage Law and Celebrant Section and representatives of celebrant associations • the disaster that is the Victorian BDM marriage registration system, and what's currently going on with it • why join or stay in an association? • • what advice would you give to an aspiring celebrant? Wow! This episode really explains all the things! To join an Association OR why you possibly wouldn’t….. ? J It will have you counting your blessings you are a member of the Celebrant Institute and thanking the universe there is now an RTO lead by one of the best! Lastly, valuable advice to aspiring celebrants.  So much gold in this ep!  You’ll love it! 04:35 – Why would an experienced celebrant attend training? 07:38 – John Slater – Sydney Funeral photographer 07:38 – Why would you have a funeral photographer? 12:30 – Silver Celebrant Funeral training – Robyn O’Connell 14:30 – More on why would you attend a Training Seminar? 16.57 – The second you make the statement that you are at the top of your game, that’s the direct indicator that you haven’t.   Dunning Kruger Effect 20:30 – Forms review chat 23: 45 – Celebrants working in an Electronic Environment 24:54 – Why do we still need to sign two copies of the Marriage Certificate plus Form 15 when we upload the MC to BDM thus not requiring two copies of the MC? 33:57 -  Victorian BDM online – RIO Software   This is the part where Sarah gets riled up re delays in registration! (In relation to the VIC BDM System) J 46:10 – Data entry changes in RIO (VIC BDM) 49:15 – Celebrant Associations – What is their purpose?  Why we ARE or ARE NOT a member of an Association. 49:54 – Is the Celebrant Institution an Association? 50:06 – What is the Celebrant Institution and what do you do? 52:00 – AFCC Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants 53.50 – AMC Australian Marriage Celebrants 55.23 - International College of Celebrancy Association of Alumni and Friends – ICCA 56.35 - Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants Victoria 59:43 - AFCC Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants 64:14 – AFCC Training strategy– The main reason Sarah was riled up this episode! 69:48 - Considering becoming a Celebrant?  Advice for aspiring Celebrants
May 30, 2019
The emotional bit, with Vickie Musni, personality trainer
A special guest, Vickie Musni, on the podcast this week to talk about the upcoming Celebrant Institute conferencewhere she's talking plus hosting a workshop on how personalities work themselves into your business. Get your tickets to the conference and Vickie's workshop at the conference web page.
April 22, 2019
Money, money, money
In this episode we discuss being a full-time celebrant, off the back of the results of the annual CoCA celebrant survey and a subsequent article on the ABC website plus we talk all things Celebrant Institute conference!
April 17, 2019
God bless the Facebook Groups
Hello again everyone! Today Josh and Sarah are actually recording this from the same room! Amazing and awesome. We had a bunch of topics we planned to talk about, but instead it appears we ended up talking about the importance and difficulty of language for almost an hour. Hopefully you'll find something interesting in there!
April 08, 2019
You gotta know when to fold 'em
Get the low down on Sarah’s’ new Cert 4 in training with the Kick Start Session explained. Followed by the Marriage Celebrant Matters Autumn Newsletter Debrief. Josh gets a high five from all celebrants with the Electronic Transaction Act Commonwealth Legislation – Sighting ID over Skype. And lastly a big D&M session on the VIC BDM RIO System and how to get it working properly for you. Sarah is here to save us all! 2.30 Where we are both at this time as it is our first blog since December – Personal Info. 6.42 Sarah’s Cert 4 Training 8.29 Kick Start Session Explained – 5 Days face to face training with mx 20 people per class. Basically F2F is training then you have 12 months to complete the at home assessments. These include: Meeting, Paperwork, create ceremony and perform 5 weddings. 3 non marriage ceremonies: naming Day, Vow renewal & 80th birthday. 2 Memorials and 2 funerals. That’s 12 ceremonies in total and 10 performed. 11.27 500 to 600 hours to complete cert 4. 14.50 Explaining how everyone works differently and time varies for completion. 16.20 Discussions on choosing the right training courses to better equip you as a celebrant – not just price. 18.59 Discussions on how if you have bad training you might be prepared adequately for the celebrant world. 20.06 Marriage Celebrant Matters Autumn Newsletter – Debrief. 20.36 Sarah explains the different between the Commonwealth Attorney General Department and Births, Deaths and Marriages in each State and their roles. 23.22 Josh informed the appropriate people about the Electronic Transactions Act Commonwealth Legislation in regards to sighting ID over skype not physically. 26.10 The newsletter noted that a Factsheet was currently being created for celebrants in an electronic environment. 29.00 Discussions held on electronic signatures in the possible future – Pros & Cons. 31.00 Discussions on frauds in regard to adaptation of documents and our obligations as celebrants. 32.37 Finish Celebrant Matters Topics with the colour changes on the document. 34.16 VIC BDM RIO - Live 19th Feb. 39.00 RIO - Occupation Lists Discussions. 43.10 Discussions on QLD Systems in comparison and Josh’s input into the system. 47.00 The Frustrated State. Josh recommends book to read. 49.02 Going Full Time as a Celebrant: Member asked the question Josh & Sarah responded with their own personal stories. Josh – Brief explanation – No perfect way to do this just go out on fire. Story – May 2009 started no intention of going full time. 2012 Attended a wedding expo – Great Success – Pitch "If you book me this week I will MC your reception for free!" Focus on getting hours up. Started taking time off from work to do weddings increased. Decided to go full time as a Celebrant. Foundations – Tell your story authentically. Play the long game. 01.03.10 Sarah’s Story – Total Opposite walked in to do it full time. Inspired by another celebrant she saw. She it up the way she way she wanted it to end up. Had skill that she can work at all times of hours – Professional transcript typist. Made her available for wedding, funeral any day. First expo – 10 bookings. Priced it cheap to get runs on board. Got to a point where she had more celebrant work available. By default, it happened no time left for transcript work. 01.09.06 Refer back to member question – Budgeting as a Full time celebrant. Important to do your numbers and see what you need to survive and maintain your lifestyle and how many wedding that will take. If you have to cut costs can you diversify, funerals or training. Understand what full time means to you personally don’t be distracted by others term of this. 01.14.42 Josh’s methods of measuring his business. – Invoicing times and account receivable. Sarah Method is more based on number of wedding per year. Starting a business is the easiest part. 01.21.08 Member Question – How should one approach questions with their full time boss about reducing hours or taking time off for weddings without getting f
March 15, 2019
These vows are bad, I'm out
Thanks for having us in your ears again! This episode we catch up on what's been going on in both our lives over the past three months, we follow up on a few issues from the last episode, and we chat about what's to come in 2019! Topics covered include: • Josh's baby and new house! • Sarah's new training job! ( • paying your celebrant registration fee • marriage statistics ( • Dubsado, Tave and Xero
December 21, 2018
Is that wedding today?
Hello again and thanks for tuning into The Celebrant Talk Show! This episode we chat about: - wedding planners - receiving identity documents electronically - Celebrant software: which package is better? - the importance of paying your registration fee as soon as you receive the invoice - what happens when a party isn't consenting? Let us know any thoughts!
September 22, 2018
The one about the wedding porn
We chat about the importance of exchanging value and not simply expecting things for free, we give a rundown of what we've written about for the Celebrant Institute over the past month, and we talk a bit about Vic BDM's new online system (spoiler alert, it's coming "soon"). 00:04.14 Consolidating photos, systems and using Dropbox. 00:11:45 Expecting something for nothing, and why its not OK. Value those that assist you with their intellectual property, and how. 00:32:35 The Celebrant Institute progress, what's on there currently. 00:41:16 The what, when and how of Social media as a celebrant. 00:48:49 What's coming up on The Celebrant Institute, and a call out for questions. 00:52:50 Victoria BDM update. 00:55:24 Electronic lodgement in Queensland BDM is coming. 00:56:18 Why you must still get three documents signed.
August 08, 2018
We don't think you're smart enough to get two emails in the one day
We recorded this episode on 6 July 2018, before Sarah had a chance to read the fact sheet from the AGD about the change in the one month's notice period, so we don't discuss that in the episode. Sarah will write more about that change soon; suffice to say she's fighting it because she believes it's a mis-interpretation of the Acts Interpretation Act. In this episode we launch The Celebrant Institute: what it is, why we're doing it, and why we hope you'll support us! As always, please check in at if you have any questions or anything you'd like us to talk about in future episodes! 00:01:08 Josh and Sarah catch up on each others news 00:04:00 Shout out to Annie Moz and the Unholy Matrimony launch 00:05:18 Why terminology is important, and why what we say matters 00:10:18 How does a new Celebrant get their first clients, and should they offer a discount to get those first bookings? 00:22:54 Is it worth listing on aggregate sites such as Easy Weddings, PolkaDot bride, Celebrante etc 00:25:40 Why you must track where your enquiries come from 00:28:40 If you have a question please email us 00:28:59 BDM online systems updates, what's new and what we need to know 00:46:2 Electronic signatures, the guidelines, and the electronic transactions act 00:49:36 New guidelines were published on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 00:52:46 The Celebrant Institute launch!
July 08, 2018
I've watched celebrants read a newspaper
Sarah & Josh, chat about Sarah's experience performing Eurydice Dixon's funeral; Paperwork only, legals only, registry style weddings and the legalities surrounding them; Copyright for marriage celebrants. 1.30 Advice and tips for anyone using a microphone 3.00 Sarah talks about her experience of conducting Eurydice Dixon’s funeral 14.10 Josh discusses IGTV 29.58 Sarah & Josh discuss Legal’s only/Registry Style/Paperwork only weddings and what makes them legal. 54.33 Copyright for Marriage celebrants 60.00  Discussions around exhibiting at wedding expos
June 22, 2018
A tribute to the greatest episode in the world
Sarah & Josh spend most of this episode talking about some major changes in the legalities of how we do our work:- changes to the gender and sex questions on the NOIM through an updated Compulsory OPD booklet- the new Marriage Regulations 2017- the new Draft Guidelines on the Marriage Act. 1.20  Is there such a thing as wedding season 3.00 – Sarah and Josh’s ramblings 6.29 Josh & Sarah discusses Pa systems 14.19 Wedding industry conference 15.30 Josh’s enquiry process 22.20 Josh & Sarah discuss their marketing process 26.45 Changes to the legislation 31.15 Changes to the code of practice 37.40 The New Guidelines 53.00  Changes to the sex and gender item on marriage documents.
May 29, 2018
"Gay weddings" are not a thing, they're just "weddings"
As the introduction on the title address says gay-weddings are NOT a thing they are just weddings!! This podcast features Josh and Tara Baker who is one of the brains behind Dancing With Her a publication for LGBTQ+ women in love. Together Josh and Tara discuss a range of topics that people within the LGBTQ+ community face on a daily basis and how the language we use is vitally important when connecting to couples. The need to be authentic in what we share, do we use the correct language on our paperwork, no longer using the Bride & Groom tag etc are all parts of the whole. With the legalisation of same-sex marriages in Australia on the 9th December in 2017, weddings among the L.G.B.T.Q + the community have been on the rise.  So, when as a guest or vendor you find yourself working or witnessing their vows, it might be helpful to know-how you say something could offend the couple you so dearly love as you celebrate with them. Labelling same-sex couples as different from any other wedding is the root of the cause. The qualifier to describe the wedding signals that it’s unlike a wedding of a heterosexual couple. It feels exclusive. BUT it is a legal marriage like any between a man and a woman. A same-sex couple and a straight couple both say the required vows and sign the same marriage paperwork to be recognised as legally wed. So why has it taken time to get the language briefly and clearly expressed? In this exclusive interview, Tara and Josh discuss the subtle differences of meaning, expression, or sound when engaging with couples. No matter how couples identify it is up to us to ask the question, how do you present yourselves?… what pronouns would you like me to use? Don’t just assume. This session also discusses the language used when addressing guests, the need to be inclusive to all. The burning issues that came out of this podcast: 1:05: Begin by honest conversation, not assumptions. Taking responsibility on how to make a  spouse feel with conversation/language 4:00: Acronyms 6:20: Gay weddings "it's just a term" 7:35: People as a whole, not just colour culture or sex 10:05: Genders/defunct idea?/scientific explanations. What pronouns do we use? *transgender *non-binary *no gender" 18:15: Relationships within marriage. What should we name our clientele, language to be used in ceremonies, celebrant paperwork-do you need to reword? 25:00: An open discussion on promoting business to the L.G.B.T.Q+ community. Remove Bride + Groom from advertising...don't make assumptions... be inclusive, equality is the sentiment. 31:35: If using a styled shoot be authentic and open, everybody doesn't want to be a poster-person. 33:40: Before December 2017 36:18: Life experience 2018, challenging for a time
April 23, 2018
We're not so desperate anymore
Delivered with love and setting the tone for what was is to follow in this Podcast. Immersing their audience in a story is something both Josh and Sarah do because a well-told presentation will stick in their audience's brain for years to come! 2:17: Victorian/Melbourne Death Scene. How's life in the funeral industry? why celebrants must diversify their roles within the industry, not just rely on one form of industry work. Figures from Springvale Botanical Cemetery show the drop-in funerals for February and March. With no apparent reason, the bottom fell out of this market. there is a reoccurring issue. and you can bet that the same time the following year it was reversed. We need to think about the way we market death! Weddings have changed “enormously” in the past decade, and for the better, with people taking greater ownership not only of their ceremonies but also their marriages. Civil celebrants, for example, have overseen the majority of weddings in Australia since 1999. Similar “exciting developments” have been slower to show in the funeral industry. Now we see families looking for a celebrant who fits in with who they are. However, many are at the whim of a Funeral Director. Which says to us, don't just rely on this form of recommendation. to produce a sustainable business! 7:40: Custom design coffins: - Josh talks to a Graphic artist on the work that she is doing within the funeral industry, designing beautiful wraps for standard coffins. These wraps are designed with the deceased in mind. Their personality certainly shines through. 10:00: Templates of forms. Official Certificate of Marriage and DONLIM template - the lovely Peter Willington was good enough to design some writeable PDF templates for the OCM and DONLIM, and the use of Adobe Acrobat versus Adobe Reader. 12:00: Technology, love it or hate it! Facebook information that we all should know about. 23:00: How to tackle a second wedding. When already legally married how you approach the conversation with couples as to why you can't have a second "marriage ceremony." The legal implications for celebrants, the nuances of this situation and the ramifications of your actions. Legal issues - wedding days = Marriage Act and consequences explained. 35:00: Marriage equality. NOIM descriptor was not clear, Sarah has since updated information that has been clearer in this podcast. Descriptor question is a tricky one, and we talk about how Sarah's advice in an earlier episode wasn't strictly on point. 45:40: Cancellations verses refunds.
March 26, 2018
It's the Mabo of the thing
We know it’s been a while, but welcome back to The Celebrant Talk Show!  In this episode we’re responding to questions from you, our lovely listeners. Feel free to send us your questions by email to, or even record yourself asking us your question and send us the audio file!
March 02, 2018
Imagine that you're on a date with Facebook
It's January - the traditional enquiries season for the wedding industry. Sarah and Josh reveal what their business focus is at the start of each year, and discuss in detail their process for dealing with an initial enquiry. Times and topics 01.50 Marriage equality - following up from the last podcast, it's now one month after the changes to the legislation 05.40 New question on the NOIM: Q1 Description of party 10.15 Difference between 'partner' and 'spouse' 10.33 New question on the NOIM: Q4 Sex 13.37 Enquiries season (January) is here 16.19 Some wedding DJ love 17.04 The January Process - marketing, directories, expos; it is (or can be) a crazy time in the industry 18.05 Sarah does a major expo each January. Why expos can be good for your soul as well as your business 25.10 Josh discusses his marketing focus in January 30.04 Josh's content sharing; blog vs socials. Episode title explained! 37.22 Facebook's metric (measurement of success) is how many people CAU - Care About Us - Josh is aiming for similar - mattering to people. 43.25 Process! Methods & systems to avoid double-booking, especially in busy enquiries season 50.25 How Sarah deals with enquiries 53.42 How Josh deals with enquiries Show Links Sarah's CRM is Tave Josh's notification service is Pushover Josh's emailing system (since retired and replaced by Dubsado) is HelpScout Josh adds video to email (since retired and replaced by Bonjoro) using BombBomb
January 15, 2018
Sarah answers all of Josh's stupid questions about marriage equality and what it means for marriage celebrants
Marriage equality has come to Australia! Finally! And it came in like a wrecking ball, changing everything for marriage celebrants whilst also delivering equality, love, and compassion to a large part of our population. There's so many questions to be asked about marriage equality and what it means for celebrants, so we hope you enjoy this episode - Josh is sorry for his terrible audio quality, it was recorded in a Brisbane co-working space which was noisey and echoey, sorry! Is Australian society now doomed? Is my marriage now less valid? This episode answers so many crucially dumb questions, you can’t afford to miss it.  (Even if it is just for the giggle). 4.47: The biggest change after Marriage Equality – 7th December 2017 5.25: Previously only 3 categories of Celebrants. A – Religious officiants of a recognised Religion. B – State and Territory Officers (registry weddings), C – Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrants. 6.47: The added 4th category after Marriage equality, D – Religious Marriage Celebrants 7.70: Jedi Warriors 8.10: What are Religious Marriage Celebrants? 9.26: Can new celebrants become a Religious Marriage Celebrant? 9.57: What if I have a moral objection to same sex marriages, but I’m not religious?  (If that is a thing)? 12.25: When did Marriage Equality become legislation? 17.26: The first same sex marriage in Australia. 20.56: Shortening of Time chat 22.25: Civil Union information 24.15: What if you were married overseas before legislation changed?  Is that now recognised in Australia? 26.35: Do I need to get divorced if I was married overseas but it wasn’t recognised in Australia at the time? 28.20: Can I use old NOIM’s that refer to parties as Bride & Groom? 32.26: Where can I download a NOIM? 34.33: NOIM info – Party 1 and Party 2 on the NOIM – which person do I put first? 34.50: NOIM info – Description of Party – What descriptor do I use? 37.00: NOIM info – Sex (Should be Gender) – Male, Female or X? 42.00: Official Certificate of Marriage 47.50: Form 15 – Canprint 50.44: Can we still use the words Bride/Groom/Husband/Wife in our script? 51.33: What does one month mean? 30 days? Or 28?  Or……???? 52.40: Monitum – how has this changed since Marriage Equality? 53.45: Legally binding vows 55.14: Why does it say spouse in the vows but partner on the NOIM? 56.34: What do you say for the pronouncement?  I now pronounce you? 59.00: Saying “I do” 62.39: Celebrant Suite – Ron Byron and Ivan Conway
December 22, 2017
Top ten tips for new celebrants
On this special episode, Josh dials in from California to chat with Sarah about their Top Ten Tips for new Celebrants, as requested by Emily. But there are some tips in here for all celebrants, new or not! • Network, network, network - with anyone in the marriage industry • Find a buddy/mentor • Read the Guidelines to the Marriage Act cover to cover, and look at them regularly when you have a question • Watch lots of ceremonies to find out different ways of doing things • Learn how to business • Figure out your differentiator, your point of difference • Earn your fee ... aka don't just google other fees, but figure out how to charge what it costs you etc, and there's the sliding scale of learner to expert • Learn from other industries - business-wise - and ceremony wise • Attend OPD in person! (not distance) • PA system/tech gear • A bonus 11th tip is an ad, for Freshbooks - because honestly, the biggest tip you could get is to get on top of your money. Get on top of invoicing, getting paid, tracking expenses. But Freshbooks don't sponsor us anymore, so feel free to choose any accounting software.Times and topics 01.46 Tip 1 - Network, network, network. Sarah's all about going to every wedding-related event she can. Josh agrees - it's about building relationships, not only with other celebrants but with people and suppliers from all across the industry. It's not just about getting work, but about making our work lives more fun 08.24 Tip 2 - Find a buddy/mentor that you can bounce things off, and ask for help 09.48 Tip 3 - Read the (current) Guidelines to the Marriage Act cover to cover, and look at them regularly when you have a question. The Guidelines will answer 95% of any questions you may have. Even Sarah, who knows the Guidelines really really well, still goes back and checks the Guidelines 12.47 Tip 4 - Watch lots of ceremonies to find out different ways of doing things 16.45 Tip 5 - Learn 'how to business'. Understand your business accounts, how people want to pay for things, contracts. Know where & how to get advice and specialist help when you need it 20.00 Tip 6 - Figure out your differentiator, your point of difference. What are you good at/not good at? Your brand should reflect this, and explain how this matters to people getting married 27.10 Tip 7 - Earn your fee, aka don't just google other fees, but figure out how to charge what it costs you etc, and there's the sliding scale of learner to expert 34.59 Tip 8 - Learn from other industries - business-wise and ceremony-wise. Learn voice tips from other public speakers and even podcast hosts 39.44 Tip 9 - Attend OPD in person! (not distance) Josh has done both and it's way easier to attend in person; also it's good to meet other celebrants and learn from them 41.02 Tip 10 - PA System / tech gear. Know your gear and learn how to use it properly. Make sure everyone can hear you! 46.07 Bonus Tip 11 - Get on top of your accounts. Freshbooks accounting software can help with invoices and clients can pay directly from the invoice you send them •
December 13, 2017
The one where we throw eggs at Sarah's house
Get your eggs ready folks, for once Sarah Aird says something controversial. Don't worry though, anything she said is not as bad as whatever Josh has to say. This episode also dives deep into what price to charge your clients, and why? Everyone has an opinion on this and want to ask the question, but the conversation is taboo right? Not on this podcast! Undercutting, undervaluing our profession, but more importantly encouraging you to charge what you are worth, are just some of the topics we chat through today. 1.00: Rain event/Consider your back up plans! (inclement weather) 1.22: Tattersalls Club Brisbane City. Massive Grand old Ball room. Well priced and beautiful backup option for outdoor weddings in the event of inclement weather $250 (Weekend rate). Good for Summer wet weather backups. 2.15: Community Park Hall across the road from Centennial Parklands Sydney, in the event of inclement option $185 ?? 4.00: Ceremony and reception at the same location is the norm? Or close by? Are guests going to have a good time travelling if at different locations? Consider your guests. 4.30: McLaren Vale Pennys Hill Winery (reference) 5.52 (reference) 6.45: 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics - chat - Nerdy numbers stuff- An industry in need of help. Annual marriages reached new low. ABS actual data cubes. 14.00: Money. What we charge. To chat about or not to chat about it... 15.50: Opening up the conversation 16.20: Celebrant pricing conversations - The background. 17.00: Price fixing conversation (ACCC) - The history / Dally Messenger. 20.00: Why our conversations are NOT price fixing 21.00: Karen's points and opinion on the subject- Melbourne Celebrant (Highlighting the variety of products and levels of pricing in the handbag industry - to compare with celebrants in celebrant industry)! 27.30: Karen highlights the different reasons people become celebrants and what factors may contribute to their price. 36.48: Karen's respectful request for us to stop howling at each other for devaluing our profession by undercharging, without knowing all the circumstances. ? 37.15: Josh and Sarah dive deeper into money - knowing your worth. 39.35: Pricing Tips- What should I be charging? Where to start? Charging an hourly rate? 47:17: (reference) 47.22: Tenielle Nuske Adelaide Celebrant reference 48.20: Charging an hourly rate? 52.10: Charge what you are worth, what covers your bills, and what you are proud of. 55.46: Feeling comfortable with your fee 57.02: Sarah's price points 59.35: Josh's pricing structure 59.56: Alex from Time With Alex
November 30, 2017
The only podcast banned by the AFCC!
Welcome to the only podcast that's officially banned by the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants. We'd like to thank our families and our industry colleagues for supporting us thus far! Seriously though, here's another sweet podcast episode, enjoy! • Emily asks for a podcast episode with top tips for new celebrants, we'll release it soon! • Marriage celebrant matters, the AGD newsletter is out and boy is it fun/boring. We deliver a blow by blow recap of this industry-defining PDF file. • CoCA comments "we don't want the right to discriminate" in the SMH • Send in your feedback - why are you, or are you not, a member of an association • The Marriage Act (legislation) has not changed yet, so we can't accept notices (NOIMs) for same sex couples until the marriage act allows us to.  On the 23rd of November the current statement is "celebrants are currently not able to accept a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) from same-sex couples." • BDM (Births, Deaths and Marriages) chat on the new Queensland BDM online marriage registration system, NSW's Lifelink and Victoria's Marriages online, and why you might want to, or not use them. Facebook post to the new forms in beta release from the Qld BDM. When the new Qld BDM online system goes live, you'll access it here.
November 23, 2017
I've never seen marriage paperwork fly like that
​Two marriage celebrants with wedding hangovers bring you this November 6 episode of the Celebrant Talk Show, In follow-up Evie writes in on the topic of titles for the individuals booking celebrants, and Sean asks how does Josh sign marriage paperwork on an iPad.Topics covered in this talk showAFCC advertising in the "Qantas magazine".Stat dec required for proof of date and place of birth.Listing your pricing and packages live on your website for the public to see.WTF?!? "CoCA does not support the September 2017 guidelines and position paper on the Conflict of Interest and Benefit to Business because the Policy does not uphold the professionalism of celebrants and the consultation process was flawed."
November 06, 2017
I'm not a scientist, it's way above my pay-grade
Josh discovers that not everyone (no-one?) likes a rebrand; Sarah discusses how marriage equality will likely affect celebrants; and why both Josh and Sarah think telling people to kiss is a bit weird. Plus, the Marriage (Queensland) Arrangement 2017, why the marriage industry needs to start being less heterocentric now, and Josh is not a scientist. 0:00 Sarah and Josh have made a thing (podcast). Please send your questions. 2:45 Josh makes a boo boo – a lesson in rebranding.  25:36 What we think marriage equality will mean for celebrants (recorded pre-postal survey). 44:38 How the Marriage (Queensland) Arrangement 2017 will affect the Marriage Act 1961. 48:32 Making the wedding industry less heterocentric. 
October 26, 2017
We accidentally started a podcast
And so it begins. In the very first episode, Josh and Sarah discuss the change in the Conflict of Interest guidelines for marriage celebrants, and introduce the world to their very particular sets of skills; skills they've acquired over their celebrant careers; skills that make them a delight for people like you. 0:00 Josh & Sarah decide to start a podcast. 1:35 Chit chat: Josh discovers how expensive it is to plan a holiday in less than a week; when exactly is "wedding season"?; and the one thing Melbourne wedding expos always seem to forget. 6:27 The change to the Conflict of Interest Guidelines.  22:00 Introducing Josh and Sarah.
October 11, 2017