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As a business accelerator and investor in ancillary cannabis companies, we’ve helped launch 80 companies and have made 100+ investments. And along the way, we’ve seen a lot! Now we’re sharing everything you need to know about starting up and investing in the legal cannabis industry. Learn more about what we do by visiting us at
Mentorship 101
Curious about mentorship at CanopyBoulder? This week, we dive into what it takes to mentor, why it's so important and what's in it for them and how to get connected. If you're interested in mentoring, tell us about yourself:
August 8, 2018
What is the CanopyBoulder Podcast?!
“What is this? A podcast on starting up and investing in Cannabis? Sign me up!” - you
August 1, 2018
Cannabis Business Summit Recap
Did you make it to NCIA’s 5th annual Cannabis Business Summit? No? Well- we did and we recapped it for you so you can pretend like you were there too!
August 1, 2018
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