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Celtic Students Podcast

Celtic Students Podcast

By Association of Celtic Students
Welcome to our first ever podcast series! In this podcast, we talk about lots of different aspects of Celtic Studies, and about the Celtic languages and cultures. Our different guests discuss their interests, passions and projects in English, Irish, Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, Cornish, or Breton. We hope you enjoy! You can contact us & learn more on Twitter (@CelticStudents) & Facebook. We also have a blog that you can visit at For information about our annual conference, go to
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Celtic Studies at DIAS & the Ní hAnsae Podcast
In this episode, Nina Cnockaert-Guillou talks to Dr Nike Stam, an O'Donovan Scholar at the School of Celtic Studies of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS). They discuss Celtic Studies, the Dublin Institute, Dr Stam's research, and the podcast she created called Ní hAnsae or 'not difficult' in Old Irish.  What we mentioned in this episode [links also available at]: Utrecht University, Celtic Languages and Cultures ( School of Celtic Studies at DIAS ( O’Donovan Scholarship (applications open, deadline 5 July) ( Irish Script on Screen Project (ISOS) ( Bibliography of Irish Linguistics and Literature (BILL) ( Glór archive ( Celtic Studies Bookshop (  Stam, Nike. A Typology of Code-Switching in the Commentary to the Félire Óengusso. Utrecht, 2017. Dorleijn, Margreet, and Jacomine Nortier. “Code-Switching and the Internet.” In The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Code-Switching, edited by Barbara Bullock and Almeida Jacqueline Toribio, 127–141. Cambridge, 2009. More info on the Félire Óengusso (élire_Óengusso). Have a look at the manuscripts on ISOS or on Digital Bodleian (  Further reading: Horst, ter, Tom. Codeswitching in the Irish-Latin Leabhar Breac: Mediaeval Homiletic Culture. LOT 452. Utrecht, 2017. Newsletter of the School of Celtic Studies (sign up at  Ní hAnsae Podcast ( Production team: Christina Cleary, Margaret Irons, Nike Stam. Technical support: Andrew McCarthy. Multilingual MSS Conference: The conference is over, sadly, but proceedings will be published! In the meantime, you can listen to the special Ní hAnsae episode here: Dr Stam’s new project: Sebba, Mark. Spelling and Society: The Culture and Politics of Orthography around the World. Cambridge, 2007. "Lomax the Songhunter" documentary ( Mabinogi-Ogi (Stwnsh) ( Episode in English, recorded in April 2021. Host: Nina Cnockaert-Guillou Guest: Nike Stam Music: “Kesh Jig, Leitrim Fancy” by Sláinte, CC BY-SA 3.0 US (, available from
June 15, 2021
Season 2 Trailer
Welcome back to the Celtic Students Podcast, in which we discuss the Irish, Welsh, Gaelic, Cornish, Manx and Breton languages and cultures with academics, professionals, students and community members. In season 2 of the podcast, we will have episodes in English and in the Celtic languages as well as bilingual episodes. We hope you enjoy them! As always, please share far and wide, and let us know what you think!  You can find us online: – Twitter & Facebook @CelticStudents  – Blog (  – Annual conference (  – Email:  This trailer contains excerpts of upcoming episodes of season 2 of our Celtic Students Podcast, to be released this year (2021). Music: “Kesh Jig, Leitrim Fancy” by Sláinte, CC BY-SA 3.0 US (, available from
June 8, 2021
Learning Welsh
In this episode, Freya Smith talks to two learners of Welsh, Susannah Paice and Joe Simpson. They discuss what motivated them to learn the language and compare their experiences, mentioning the many resources that help them, including tv shows, books and music. They also chat about other Celtic languages such as Scottish Gaelic.  Here are the resources mentioned in the podcast: Dysgu Cymraeg Say Something in Welsh (Twitter / website) S4C BBC Learning Welsh section BBC Wales, Catchphrase Pobol y Cwm (soap opera, S4C) Gollwg (news website, good for learners) TV shows e.g. Y Gwyll (Hinterland); Un Bore Mercher (Keeping Faith); Pobal a Cwm (link above) Geiriadur (Online Bilingual Dictionary, University of Wales) Nant Gwrtheyrn (offers residential immersion courses) Cyfras Amdani (book series aimed at learners) Jiráff, a'r Pelican a Fi, Roahl Dahl (quite advanced) Y Dydd Olaf, Owain Owain (advanced) (science-fiction, available online) Gwenno (musician) Modern Welsh: A Comprehensive Grammar, Gareth King 9Bach (band) Celtic Students Conference Niteworks (Scottish band) Deoraí (Irish band) This episode is in English. Host: Freya Smith. Guests: Susannah Paice & Joe Simpson.
December 14, 2020
Cornish Studies: Past, Present & Future
In this episode, Kensa Broadhurst talks to Dr Garry Tregidga, Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies at Exeter University about the establishment of the Institute, directions within Cornish Studies, and its place within the wider field of Celtic Studies. They also share their hopes for the future of the language both within academia and in the wider community. Below are the some of the groups and individuals using the Cornish language in their work mentioned during the podcast. Institute of Cornish Studies (link) Stephen Morey (La Trobe University) Black-Eyed Nancy (Anella - YouTube) Macquarrie and Toms with Lauren Chandler (Opening Night Pan Celtic Carlow 2017 - YouTube) Russell Pascoe (My Works - Russell Pascoe) This episode is in English. Host: Kensa Broadhurst. Guest: Dr Garry Tregidga.
November 30, 2020
Nualitríocht na Gaeilge (Modern Irish-Language Literature)
[Gaeilge] San eipeasód seo, labhraíonn Stiofán Ó Briain leis an léachtóir, criticeoir agus file Caitlín Nic Íomhair faoi litríocht na Nua-Ghaeilge. Pléann siad saibhreas na Gaeilge mar mheán ealaíne agus beocht na nuafhilíochta sa teanga. Féach ar na cruthadóirí agus na saothair thíos le tuilleadh a fhoghlaim faoi nualitríocht na Gaeilge. [English] In this episode, Stiofán Ó Briain talks to lecturer, critic and poet Caitlín Nic Íomhair about modern Irish-language literature. They also discuss the richness of the Irish language as an artistic medium and the vibrancy of contemporary Irish-language poetry. Check out the creators and the works below to find out more about modern Irish-language literature.  Caitlín Nic Íomhair ‘Méarlorg’ - poem by Caitlín Nic Íomhair Ciara Ní É Séamus Barra Ó Súilleabháin Beatha Dhónaill Dhuibh - Poetry by Séamus Barra Ó Súilleabháin Eoin P. Ó Murchú Alex Hijmans Micheál Ó Conghaile Cathal Ó Searcaigh Pádraic Breathnach Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill Biddy Jenkinson Mis - Poetry by Biddy Jenkinson An Grá Riabhach: Gáirscéalta - Short stories by Biddy Jenkinson Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh Isobel Ní Riain Alan Titley Úrscéalta na Gaeilge - Book on modern Irish novels Leabhar na hAthghabhála - Collection of modern Irish poetry Filíocht Chomhaimseartha na Gaeilge - Essays on modern Irish poetry Dublin Review of Books Tá an podchraoladh seo as Gaeilge. | This episode is in Irish Óstach | Host: Stiofán Ó Briain Aoi | Guest: Caitlín Nic Íomhair
November 16, 2020
Curation & the National Library of Scotland
In this episode, Freya Smith is talking to Robin Smith from the National Library of Scotland about what curators do and about working with Scottish collections. We discuss how a library with collections in many languages can promote Scottish Gaelic and reflect on how far a monolingual archivist fits in with Gaelic. This episode is in English.  Host: Freya Smith  Guest: Robin Smith
October 26, 2020
Treuzkas ar brezhoneg er familh er 21añ kantved (Transmitting Breton in the family in the 21st c.)
[Br] Kaozeet hor beus gant Katell Chantreau, a zo oc'h ober un doktorelezh e Skol-Veur Roazhon II. Emañ Katell o labourat war dachenn treuzkas ar yezh, o sellet pizh ouzh dibaboù, strategiezhoù ha luskadur ar gerent. Emañ o labourat gant kerent yaouank a oar brezhoneg, hag hi ha klask kompren perak o deus divizet treuzkas ar yezh pe mont hep he treuzkas. Fellet a ra dezhi kompren ivez penaos e vez treuzkaset ar yezh gant ar re a zibab ober kement-se. E-touez kavadennoù Katell betek-hen e weler un diforc'h etre paotred ha paotrezed, hag e weler pegen luziet eo an afer e-keñver stad ar yezh en endro sokial.  E brezhoneg eo an abadenn.  Abadenner : Fañch Bihan-Gallig  Kouviadez : Katell Chantreau  [Eng] We met with Katell Chantreau, a PhD student from the University of Rennes II, in Brittany. Katell is working on "Transmitting Breton to one's children? Choices, strategies and motivation of young Breton-speaking parents". Throughout this project, Katell is working with young Breton-speaking parents in order to understand why they decided to transmit or not the Breton language to their children, and how they go about it. Katell's early findings reveal strong disparities between men and women, but also a complex relationship with the language and the social environment.  This episode is in Breton.  Host: Fañch Bihan-Gallic  Guest: Katell Chantreau
October 11, 2020
Women in Celtic Studies
In this episode, Nina Cnockaert-Guillou talks to Professor Katherine Forsyth and Dr Geraldine Parsons, both from the Department of Celtic and Gaelic at the University of Glasgow, about women in Celtic Studies. Prof. Forsyth and Dr Parsons were the organisers of a panel at the XVIth International Congress of Celtic Studies in July 2019 entitled "A more equal way forward for women in academia: the view from Celtic Studies" [link to the Congress programme; this panel was held on Tuesday, 23rd July 2019]. They explain why they organised this event, what came of it, and they discuss the place of women in Celtic Studies and academia, finishing with exciting film and book recommendations. Links & notes: Link: Ériu 2017 special issue. AHRC Research Council Centre for Doctoral Training in Glasgow (link).  Dr Elva Johnston, University College Dublin. The Aurora programme, run by Advance HE. Dr Abigail Burnyeat, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. The Athena SWAN programme, by Advance HE too. Prof. Jerry Hunter, Bangor University. Prof. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, NUI Galway. The Women’s Classical Committee, founded in 2015 in the UK. Irish Research Council, “Gender Strategy & Actions document”; postgraduate scholarships (link). Questionnaire that was given at the session in Bangor:  You know you are a female academic in Celtic Studies when… An opportunity to share any personal or observed experiences which are distinctive to female academics in Celtic Studies.  What needs to change? Please share your views of ways in which women in Celtic Studies are currently disadvantaged — directly or indirectly (general, or specific, large or small, concrete or intangible). What are the most pressing issues? Article by The Guardian on the 2020 strike in Universities in the UK.  Margaret Stokes & Eleanor Knott. Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, University of Cambridge. Arracht (2019) by Tomás Ó Súilleabháin (trailer) Prof. Mary Beard, Women & Power: A Manifesto (2017) Caroline Criado Perez, Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men (2019) Laura Bates, Everyday Sexism (2015) Prof. Angela Bourke, The Burning of Bridget Cleary: A True Story This episode is in English. Host: Nina Cnockaert-Guillou. Guests: Prof. Katherine Forsyth & Dr Geraldine Parsons.
September 27, 2020
A’ soillseachadh an deasbaid: Beachdan mu Ghàidhlig ann an cunnart bho dithis eileanaich (Illuminating the debate: Two islanders’ perspectives on the dangers ahead for Scottish Gàidhlig)
[Gàidhlig] Sa phod-chraoladh a tha seo cluinnear dithis bhoireannaich bhon Eilean Leòdhais, Jane NicLeòid agus Magaidh Nic a’ Ghobhainn ’s iad ag innse gu Déirdre Ní Mhathúna carson a tha a’ Ghàidhlig cho prìseil dhaibh, ciamar a ràinig an cànan agus an cultar ìre cho cugallach anns na h-eileanan agus dè ghabhas dèanamh airson an sàbhaladh. Tha beachdan làidir aca mun leabhar ùr, Gaelic Crisis in the Vernacular Community (Soillse, 2020) a bhios inntinneach do sgoilearan agus oileanaich, an dà chuid. Tha am pod-chraoladh seo sa Ghàidhlig.  Òstag: Déirdre Ní Mhathúna Aoighean: Jane Nic Leòid agus Magaidh Nic a' Ghobhainn [English] In this podcast we hear two Lewis women, Jane NicLeòid and Magaidh Nic a’ Ghobhainn describe to Déirdre Ní Mhathúna just how important Gaelic is in their everyday lives, how the language and culture come to be at such a fragile point and what might be done to save them. Jane and Magaidh have strong opinions about the newly published book, Gaelic Crisis in the Vernacular Community (Soillse, 2020) that will be of interest to both scholars and students. This podcast is in Scottish Gaelic. Host: Déirdre Ní Mhathúna Guests: Jane NicLeòid and Magaidh Nic a’ Ghobhainn
September 13, 2020
Bunscoill Ghaelgagh & the Manx-speaking community
In this episode, Nina Cnockaert-Guillou is talking to Nicola Tooms and David Kilgallon from the Isle of Man, who both have children at Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, the only Manx-medium school in the world. They explain the origins of their love of the Manx language and culture, and talk about raising their children in a bilingual environment, language revitalisation and how they are using Manx in many different ways!  Here are some links if you want to follow up on our discussion: Bunscoill Ghaelgagh website. A short biography of revivalist Mona Douglas. The dance group Matilda and Aalish are part of is called Skeddan Jiarg. An article regarding the UNESCO's classification of Manx as extinct. Culture Vannin website. They are also very active on Facebook and Twitter, as is the Learn Manx initiative! An article published after we recorded this episode about a potential future Manx-language secondary school. The Bunscoill's play "Mollyncroat" is available to listen here, with links to the lyrics and helpful tools to sing along! Manx National Heritage website. One of Skeddan Jiarg's performances at the Lorient Interceltic Festival. An article on the exchange between Bunscoill Ghaelgagh and a Gaelscoil in Ennis, co. Clare in Ireland. An article on the trip to Wales with the dance group Skeddan Jiarg. The Breton-Manx collaboration was between David Kilgallon, Lors Landat, Thomas Moisson and Mera Royle (link to the 2019 concert). This episode is in English. Host: Nina Cnockaert-Guillou  Guests: Nicola Tooms & David Kilgallon Celtic Students: Twitter — Facebook — Conference website (Online, 15-18 October 2020)
August 30, 2020
LADTA+ na Gaeilge
[Gaeilge] San eipeasód seo, pléann Stiofán Ó Briain agus Eoin McEvoy an pobal LADTA+ sa Ghaeilge, na dúshláin a bhíonn roimh phobail teanga dhifriúla maidir le cúrsaí LADTA+ agus na cosúlachtaí idir taithí daoine LADTA+ agus taithí cainteoirí mionteangacha, ar nós na Gaeilge. Féach ar na cruthadóirí agus na saothair thíos le tuilleadh a fhoghlaim faoin bpobal LADTA+ sa Ghaeilge agus i gcómhthéacsanna eile. An Queercal Comhrá Bród 2020 Eoin’s article on Tbilisi Pride | Alt Eoin ar Bhród Tbilisi Ciara Ní É Gaylgeoiri TadhgOfficial TadhgArt Lauren Ní Chasaide Jill McMahon Paris is Burning Ru Paul’s Drag Race Alex Hijmans Micheál Ó Conghaile Cathal Ó Searcaigh Brian Lacey - Terrible Queer Creatures Barry McCrea - Languages of the Night  Le tuilleadh eolais a fháil faoinár gcomhdháil ar líne ar an 15 - 18 Deireadh Fómhair, téigh chuig ár meáin shóisialta nó chuig Tá an podchraoladh seo as Gaeilge.  Óstach: Stiofán Ó Briain Aoi: Eoin McEvoy [English] In this episode, Stiofán Ó Briain and Eoin McEvoy discuss the Irish-language LGBTQ+ community, issues different language communities face in relation to LGBTQ+ matters and the similarities between the experiences of LGBTQ+ people and speakers of minority languages, like Irish.  Check out the creators and the works above to find out more about the LGBTQ+ community in the Irish-language and in other contexts. For more information about our online conference on 15 - 18 October, go to our social media or to This episode is in Irish. Host: Stiofán Ó Briain Guest: Eoin McEvoy Celtic Students: Twitter — Facebook — Conference website (Online, 15-18 October 2020)
August 16, 2020
What is the Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain?
In this episode, the current chairperson of the Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain (ACSIB for short), Adam Dahmer, chats with Déirdre Ní Mhathúna and Christopher Lewin, two founding members of ACSIB, about the origins of the Association, how it has grown in the past 8 years, Celtic Studies as a discipline and what is next for us in ACSIB. [Also briefly featuring Nina Cnockaert-Guillou, our current social media officer.] For more information about our online conference on 15-18 October, go to our social media or to  This episode is in English. Host: Adam Dahmer Guests: Déirdre Ní Mhathúna, Christopher Lewin and Nina Cnockaert-Guillou Celtic Students: Twitter — Facebook — Conference website (Online, 15-18 October 2020)
August 2, 2020
Welcome to our first ever podcast series!  In this podcast, we will talk about lots of different aspects of Celtic Studies, and about the Celtic languages and cultures. Our different guests will discuss their interests, passions and projects in English, Irish, Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, Cornish, or Breton. We hope you enjoy! The Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain Twitter: @CelticStudents Facebook: Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain  Conference: Email:
July 15, 2020