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Cet & Friends

Cet & Friends

By cet mohamed-moore
Hosted by writer and artist cet mohamed-moore, the podcast centers connection via a series of ongoing discussions with other artists, activists and ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
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Right Relationship, Open Relationships & Recalibrating
In the last episode of 2019, I'm podcasting solo. I'm fawning over my friends, letting you know what you can expect of the podcast in 2020 and covering the misconception that once you go open, you're stuck in non-monogamous hell forever, if you don't like it. I also fangirl over The L Word: Generation Q and The Art Assignment a bit, since I was already out of breath the entire episode.
December 30, 2019
Episode 2: Customer Service & Calling Up Hotlines Miserable
This episode featured Sam, a Team Lead in a financial technology call center. Like the last episode, we pulled a tarot card. Per the card, we spoke on possibilities. We also spoke on some customer service nightmares, empathy, the backend of call center calls and customer service misconceptions. Hopefully, this episode finds you at a time where it can make a difference in your dealings with retailer workers, or service industry professionals. If you work in any of those industries, my hat’s off to you. I hope you get some respite this holiday season and are taking care of yourself.
December 23, 2019
Episode 1: The Mind, Memes & Other Connective Issues
This episode features my dear friend, Dennis Amadeus. A poet, youth development worker and Leo, Dennis is a very expressive dude who cares about his fellow humans a lot. We went down a rabbit hole of speaking about losing our minds and whose voice is in your head. We also spent a healthy amount of time on memes and how they don’t get enough credit... As promised, I looked into my archives and found the meme we were talking about. For full show notes, links and pictures, visit
October 13, 2019