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By mallja1 mallja1 is a podcast hosted by Jacqueline Mallais. The show features a variety of episodes, including practical teaching advice, lesson ideas, solutions to common ESL teaching challenges, and interviews with inspiring educators.
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011: Learning Differences in the Second Language Classroom
If your classroom looks anything like mine, addressing learning differences is a real necessity. So few educators (me included) feel like they have been adequately prepared to meet the needs of L2 learners with disabilities. For this reason, I am so excited to introduce Alexandra Coutlée and Lysiane Dallaire who are here to share some of their ideas, resources and expertise to help us provide better instruction to all of our learners. Mentioned Resources / References Keep an eye out for Speaq's newsletter titled IncluSig that is full of references, ideas and help. Twitter: Instagram: Email: Website:
April 11, 2021
010: Let's Talk Conversation in the ESL Classroom
Oral interaction is a critical part of the ESL classroom experience. In this episode, we are looking at the importance of oral interaction in an L2 class. The aim of this podcast is to discuss different ways teachers can get students talking, keep them talking and help them to be more accurate speakers of English as a second language. Join us for an interesting conversation with 2 experienced ESL teachers as they share some of what works for them in their classrooms.  Episode Summary A little theory Guest teachers Instagram contributions What to do with non-verbal students Mentioned Resources / References Lyster R. Ranta L.1997. ‘Corrective feedback and learner uptake’. Studies in Second Language Acquisition 19/1:37–66. Twitter: Instagram: Email: Website:
March 5, 2021
009: ESL Teacher Identity
PODCAST NOTES Teachers are at the heart of all things pedagogy. In this episode, we are looking at the importance of teacher identity in an L2 classroom. The aim of this podcast is to discuss different teacher identities including Non-native speaking second language teachers. Join us for a frank conversation with 2 dynamic non-native speaking teachers of their second or third language. References Twitter: Instagram: Email: Website: Moussu, Lucie & Llurda, Enric. (2008). Non-native English-speaking English language teachers: History and research. Language Teaching. 41. 10.1017/S0261444808005028.
December 6, 2020
008: What To Do With Student Writing
In this episode, we are looking at evaluating writing in an L2 classroom. The aim of this podcast is to discuss different principles and techniques of written evaluation in ESL. The following topics will be covered: developing useful and efficient feedback techniques, using technology to evaluate and to communicate results to students and how to have students respond to feedback. Twitter: Instagram: Email: Website:
November 29, 2020
007: Understanding Understanding with Teresa Capparelli
PODCAST NOTES Teaching comprehension is so much more than just questions and answers after reading a text or watching something. In this episode, you will meet Teresa Capparelli Conseillère pédagogique d'anglais, langue seconde au secondaire and hear how she explains everything about understanding, from definitions to explaining the whys and hows of teaching comprehension in ESL.  Episode Summary Call-in/e-mail question Meet Teresa Capparelli Comprehension discussed  definitions explanations of the response process examples of demonstration of understanding and reinvesting understanding tasks strategies for students to employ before, during and post comprehension task assessment Mentioned Resources / References C2 web event link For the Response Process Handbook and the C2 FAQ+ Handbook go to and then click on Secondary, then on Resources, and lastly on Handbooks. Twitter: Instagram: Email: Website:
September 20, 2020
006: Dr. Susan Ballinger Discusses Translanguaging
Teachers want to be a part of an educated pedagogical citizenry. In this episode, you will meet Dr. Susan Ballinger of McGill University, and hear how she is questioning the need to maintain a unilingual stance in second language classes. She will explain the idea of translanguaging and offer teachers some tools to help them integrate translanguaging practices into the classroom. Episode Summary Call-in question Meet Dr. Ballinger Translanguaging discussed Defining Translanguaging Background/history Teacher concerns Ideas for implementation Mentioned Resources / References Carol Dweck book Mindset PlurilingualLab Claude Quevillon Lacasse and Diane Alain MEES project video link Françoise Armand and Érica Maraillet Twitter: Instagram: Email: Website:
August 2, 2020
005: Top 10 Tools for Teaching ESL Remotely
As an ESL teacher who was, like many of you, thrown into teaching ESL remotely, Aziza wondered what other tools were out there just in case the upcoming Fall necessitates continued online teaching. In this episode, you will learn about 10 different online tools that made ESL teachers' lives easier and their students' lives more palpable during a stressful learning period.  Episode Summary Call-in question Screen capture recording apps Loom Virtual Classrooms  Teams Google Meet Zoom PearDeck Kahoot and Jeopardy EdPuzzle Padlet Flipgrid Powtoon Bitmoji Classroom References to leave a message
July 11, 2020
004: SPEAQ up!
As an ESL teacher here in Quebec, Canada or as one in a neighbouring global school, the organization; SPEAQ provides up-to-date news for ESL and is considered a touchstone of the ESL community. In this episode, you will meet Monique Mainella, the dynamic V.P of SPEAQ and hear about everything this organization does for all its teachers. Episode Summary Call-in question All about Monique and SPEAQ History Resources Social media platforms Membership Contest Recommended Resources
June 29, 2020
003: Diary of a Resilient Teacher - A New School
Being the new kid on the block is challenging. Being in a new school at the beginning of a career is equally challenging. In this episode, you will meet Rachel Demers-Lambert, a dynamic ESL and Spanish as a Second Language teacher, and hear how she navigates the system from the beginning to the end of the year. Episode Summary All about Rachel First Day Navigating the system Finding, inheriting, creating and adapting resources The most surprising thing you learned this year Teaching abroad Teaching in Quebec City vs Montreal Special Programming - International Baccalaureate Finding support - online, mentorship, colleagues Remote teaching Advice for new teachers Organizing for June and September Recommended Resources EduProtocol Field Guide Books 1 & 2 by Marlena Hebern & Jon Corippo The Google Infused Classroom by Holly Clark & Tanya Avrith The HyperDoc Handbook by Highfill, Hilton and Landis Profes de espanol en Quebec Quebec ESL Teachers
June 10, 2020
002: Brave New World of Differentiation
In this episode, we discuss the differentiated and culturally inclusive ESL classroom.  We discuss what it is, what it does, and how to implement it with simple,  concrete ideas. 
May 11, 2020
001: Chalk.n.Coffee in the time of COVID19
I am super excited to begin sharing and co-creating knowledge within our ESL teaching community.  In this episode, I will introduce myself and share some ideas to inform, equip and help other educators in this new, remote-teaching situation.
April 17, 2020