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Cheer and Loathing

Cheer and Loathing

By Morbidly Beautiful
She’s a lover, he’s a fighter. Together, they’re CHEER AND LOATHING. Tune in to hear your hosts, Stephanie (Cheer) and Casey (Loathing), clash over the films they love — and the ones they love to hate. With a new theme each month and related topics each week, they’ll make a case for the good and the bad; it may even get a bit ugly! New episodes drop the first three Sundays of every month, with possible bonus content every fourth Sunday.
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Episode 32: Baby It's Cold Out There
Welcome to a new year of Cheer and Loathing! After a brief break, we're back with Season 3 and a discussion of Winter horror. This week, we're discussing two recent releases — and two very different films. Steph picked the light-hearted, vampire horror-comedy Red Snow, while Casey went with the bleak and atmospheric Antlers. What's more surprising than our picks this week is how we felt about them. This episode goes to some very unexpected places, and it's one you'll definitely want to tune in for. Intro Music Credit: Ariel Dyer -
January 16, 2022
Bonus Episode: Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals
By listener request, we are revisiting one of our most infamous and explosively divisive episodes where we discussed Repo! The Genetic Opera. This time, Steph makes Casey sit through the whole thing and they discuss the film’s strengths and weaknesses in real-time while watching together. Has Casey’s opinion of the film changed? Does he succeed at making Steph cry for Christmas? Is this as big of a fiery train wreck as it sounds? Tune in to find out!
December 25, 2021
Episode 31: I Think We're Alone Now
It's our last official episode of 2021, and we're talking isolation horror. After this week's barn burner, both Stephanie and Casey are gonna need some isolation — especially from each other! Tune in to hear what happens when Steph dares to pick another Nic Cage movie. This one happens to be critically acclaimed. But can Casey find it in his black heart to appreciate it? You'll just have to listen to find out as we talk about The Ritual (Casey's pick) and Pig (Steph's pick).
November 28, 2021
Episode 30: FCKD Family
It's almost Thanksgiving in the States and the start of the holiday season, which means many of us will be spending a lot of time with loved ones. For some, that's a real treat. For others, trying to get through those dysfunctional family dinners can be its own real-life horror show. In honor of those poor, unfortunate souls, this week's theme is FCKD FAMILY. We're talking about films where family is a real F word, and our two featured films are The Loved Ones (Casey's pick) and Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin (Steph's pick).
November 14, 2021
Episode 29: Private party (Samhain Special)
We're recording this episode on the holiest of holy days, Halloween. That's how much we love you! And since it's such a special occasion, we're doing something a bit different. We're peeling back the curtain and giving you a glimpse into the minds of the maniacs behind the mics. Who is Cheer? And what the hell is up with Loathing? Tune in to get all your burning questions answered, uncover our origin story, find out what our favorite films are, hear which Cheer and Loathing episodes we had the most fun much more!
November 01, 2021
Episode 28: This is Halloween!
This week, we’re looking at Halloween Horror — films that take place on or near Halloween and evoke the spirit of the season. As usual, we were each responsible for picking one never-before-seen film, and we coincidentally picked films with a lot of similarities to each other. One is a 1981 made-for-tv horror film, and the other is a recent release that takes place in the 80s and reflects the look and tone of 80s horror. So, grab your pumpkin pail full of candy, get comfortable, and settle in for a festive double feature of NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW and CANDY CORN — plus other treats.
October 17, 2021
Episode 27: Work is Hell
In honor of Casey's triumphant (or, let's just call it tragic) return to the workforce, we're celebrating the horrors of earning a living. As if just having to show up each day to that evil place where they keep our paycheck isn't horrifying enough, these films show us what happens when things get much, much worse. For each of our first-time watches, Casey picked an indie horror classic out of Canada (big surprise), 2009's Pontypool. And Stephanie hates teambuilding, so she visited a recent horror-comedy from one of her favorite indie filmmakers, 2019's Corporate Animals.
October 03, 2021
Episode 26: Legend Has It...
What is it about "you'll die if you do X" urban legends that leave us dying to do X?! Say his name five times; visit a sketchy internet chat room; purchase a ticket for a cursed film. We know we shouldn't do it, but we just can't help ourselves. Kind of like listening to this podcast. We warn you it's going to be a trainwreck, but you just can't help yourself, can you? Speaking of trainwrecks, Casey picks the infamous 2012 debacle known as Smiley while Stephanie hails Satan with 2018's Antrum.
September 19, 2021
Episode 25: Horror Anthologies
We're back! It's a new season, and we're mixing things up. Tune in to hear what you can expect from Cheer and Loathing 2.0. And join us as we explore a couple of modern horror anthologies helmed by some heavy hitters, like Joe Dante and Kevin Smith. Enjoy a sadistic celebration of most major holidays, from Valentine's Day to New Year's Eve, with 2016's HOLIDAYS. Then grab a seat for a showing at NIGHTMARE CINEMA, a high-profile 2018 anthology from one of the original Masters of Horror.
September 05, 2021
Episode 24: What The Hell?!
Well, we've come to the end of devils and demons month on the podcast. It was Stephanie's turn to pick the films, and she did her damndest to go out with a bang by picking a couple of recent, lesser known indie horror comedies: the animated film ATTACK OF THE DEMONS and the (debatable) so-bad-it's-good schlock fest BUS PARTY TO HELL. It was a hell of an episode, but not quite in the way she was intending. Instead, Casey brings the heat by way of unfettered rage. It's probably good we're taking a little vacation after this one, because we definitely need to exorcise these demons!
July 26, 2021
Episode 23: Nude For Satan
If you asked the average person what the biggest holiday in July is, most would say it's Independence Day — or, perhaps, Canada Day for Canucks like Casey. But for the freaks who host this podcast, it's National Nude Day! It's such a big deal that we even decided to host a special bonus episode to properly celebrate. And, since this is also devils and demons month on the podcast, there was only one choice when it came time to pick a film to discuss. Of course, we're talking about "Nude for Satan". The film is weird. REALLY weird. But it's not nearly as weird as how fired up Stephanie gets about bad porn. It's a hot one, and you don't want to miss it!
July 14, 2021
Episode 22: Demonic Electronics
It's hotter than Hades, so we might as well hail Satan while we burn. All month long, we are talking about movies featuring devils and demons. This week, it's Casey's picks. He has us talking about the evils of technology with "Sinister", a twisted tale about a demon who possesses young souls through Super 8 video, and "Nektrotronic", an Australian horror-comedy about demons who use the internet and smartphones to destroy humanity. Kind of like a documentary, but a lot more fun. Press play and open a portal to hell with us.
July 11, 2021
Episode 21: Happy Birthday, America
Happy July! We'll be hailing Satan all month, talking about movies that revolve around the theme, "The Devil Made Me Do It." This week, we've got two recently released horror-comedies, both of which happen to feature a main character who chews the HELL out of scenery without saying a word. In PORNO, we have a wickedly sexy succubus who tempts the pious and takes more than their chastity. In WILLY'S WONDERLAND, we have a man known only as The Janitor who takes out the trash in more ways than one. This week also brings the triumphant return of Nic Cage. It's a hot one this week...don't miss it!
July 04, 2021
Episode 20: The Return of the Dead
It's the end of remake/reboot month on the cast, and we're going out with a bang. This week, we’re chatting about the 2011 remake of Tom Holland’s 1985 film FRIGHT NIGHT as well as EVIL DEAD, the 2013 remake of the 1981 film written and directed by Sam Raimi. In one corner, we've got tight leather pants, A-list actors bringing their A-game, and a Brewster who's so cool we can hardly stand it. In the other corner, we've got buckets of blood, atmosphere for days, and a young scream queen who goes to hell and back for her craft. Many remakes are trash, but are some worthy of recycling? Tune in to find out!
June 28, 2021
Episode 19: Who's your Daddy?
It's remake/reboot month on Cheer and Loathing. In honor of Father's Day, we discuss two modern remakes revolving around father figures. In "The Amityville Horror", George Lutz becomes a new dad to three kids when he marries a beautiful widow. But winning their approval becomes a hell of a lot harder when the family's new home comes complete with demonic possession, turning George into a very scary (but very sexy) psychopath. In "The Omen", a well-connected U.S. ambassador gets offered a handy replacement baby when his son is stillborn. Seems like a great deal, until he discovers he's raising the spawn of Satan. Are these remakes of horror royalty hellacious...or a hell of a good time? Tune in to find out!
June 24, 2021
Episode 18: Slash and Rehash
This week's podcast themes are traumatic childhoods, devoted moms, the high price of bullying, and the pastiche of a good mask. Find out what happens when two horror icons of the slasher heyday get reimagined for modern audiences. It's an absolute bloodbath — and we're not just talking about what happens on screen. So leave the kids with the horny babysitter and gather 'round the campfire while we regale you with two timeless tales of terror.
June 13, 2021
Episode 17: The Bad Boys of Torture
Our theme this month is Summer Reheat, and we're talking about remakes, reboots, rehashes, and reimaginings; sequels that take place within a well-established universe. This week, we're looking at two films that attempt to revive extremely popular and long-running franchises. First up is the latest in the Saw franchise, the polarizing "Spiral," followed by the virtually unknown and seriously unloved "Hellraiser: Judgment". These films are 9 and 10 respectively in their franchise. Both attempt to shake things up by introducing more of a police procedural, mystery element. But does it work? At this point, are we just beating a dead horse...or, rather, frying a dead pig? Push play and let's find out!
June 07, 2021
Episode 16: Witchy Women
Lay down the Pentagram rug and remove thy shift. It's time to get witchy with two of Stephanie's favorite modern horror films about witchcraft and feminism: The Love Witch and The Witch. Does the Patriarch (ie, Casey) enjoy the deliciousness? We'll let you venture a guess. But, spoiler alert, there may be as many hexes in this episode as in the films we discuss. Buckle up, sinners, it's going to be a bumpy ride!
June 01, 2021
Episode 15: How To Make Friends
You haven't seen "Trauma"?! This week, we discuss what happens when childhood trauma takes two women from socially awkward to sociopathic. First up is a B-movie Blumhouse production inexplicably featuring an Oscar-winning actress, followed by a smart, cult indie darling featuring a Fangoria Chainsaw-winning actress. It doesn't make any sense, but we're here for it! Join us in our basement as we party down with "Ma" and "May" (or, as Casey calls it, MayMa), and see if we can get drunk enough to ignore all the warning signs.
May 23, 2021
Episode 14: Girls, Girls, Girls
Mötley Crüe said it best (when was the last time that sentence was uttered, if ever?)...what we need is girls, girls, girls. We need "Final Girls" and "Tragedy Girls". We need girls in peril and girls doing very bad things. We need serial killers, quick-witted teens, killer 80s tunes, satire, and social commentary. We need the horrors of "Camp Bloodbath" and the even greater horrors of high school. Join us as we ask important questions, like, "What's scarier, masked machete-wielding killers or fame-obsessed teen girls?"
May 16, 2021
Episode 13: TTFN, Tawny
On Friday, May 8th, 80's icon and video vixen Tawny Kitaen passed away at her home on Newport Beach at the age of 59. Tawny starred in one of Stephanie's favorite 80's horror films, Witchboard. And Casey was kind enough to indulge her in a special bonus episode of CHEER AND LOATHING to celebrate this cult classic and to honor the memory of a redheaded rock 'n roll horror goddess. We talk about the legacy of TTFN, debate the "real" pronunciation of Ouija (We-gee? We-juh? Ja Ja Ding Dong?), and consider the merits of gratuitous nudity. So move the planchette to HELL YES and join us for some wicked fun.
May 12, 2021
Episode 12: Mumsie Dearest
It's a new month on Cheer and Loathing — and that means a new theme! But first, we couldn't neglect the opportunity to celebrate moms with a little maternal mayhem. First, Rebecca de Mornay takes another turn rocking the cradle of insanity in Darren Lynn Bousman's Mother's Day (2010). She proves that mother may always be right, but she's not always right in the head. Then we take a trip down the mother of all rabbit holes with the heavily allegorical mother! (2017) from Darren Aronofsky. What's it all mean? Join us as we try to make sense of it all. But like childbirth itself, this one's gonna get messy!
May 10, 2021
Episode 11: Burn, Baby, Burn
It's the final week of "What a Twist!" month on Cheer and Loathing. Join our cult as we dare to let Ari Aster f*ck with our heads yet again, discuss the merits of booty slaps and phallic symbols, get a little philosophical around the maypole, and discuss if sanity is really all it's cracked up to be. We didn't start the fire...but we're definitely gonna burn in hell. Join us!
April 18, 2021
Episode 10: Mum's the Word
It's "What a Twist!" month on Cheer and Loathing. This week, we're delivering arthouse horror, supernatural scares, and iconic leading lady performances with The Others, starring Nicole Kidman, and Hereditary, starring the incomparable Toni Collette. Stephanie hails the Oscar-worthy performances and emotional depth, while Casey remains unphased by the hype and revisits one of his favorite catchphrases: "Meh." Let's all try to keep our heads about us as we buckle in for one hell of a ride!
April 12, 2021
Episode 9: Who Wears Short Shorts?
It's a new month and a new theme on Cheer and Loathing. In honor of April Fool's Day, we're featuring movies with shocking twist endings. This week, we're taking a fashion-forward trip to the 80s to explore a couple of cult classic slasher (sort of) films. First up is the film that boasts what, to this day, remains one of the most talked-about twists in horror history. It's all about Angela, Angela, Angela on Sleepaway Camp. Then we get in the spirit of tomfoolery by debating a film whose marketing campaign and surprise ending hoodwinked a lot of horror films. Of course, it's April Fool's Day. Get ready for the ultimate drinking game...and the ultimate weekend getaway. It's a can't miss episode!
April 04, 2021
Episode 8: A Shpadoinkle Finale
It's the final episode of Musical March on Cheer and Loathing. And that means it's also the listener choice Bonus Episode. You voted and demanded we serve up Trey Parker's directorial debut Cannibal! The Musical. And frankly, we ate this one up! What's not to love? Twisted humor from the man who gave us South Park, hilarious and oh-so catchy tunes, and even a real-life murder mystery. Despite all this deliciousness, does Casey have trouble digesting it? You'll have to tune in to find out! You'll also get a big tease for next month's theme, and we promise a big SURPRISE!
March 28, 2021
Episode 7: The Phantom Menace
Tune in and turn it up. It's Musical March on Cheer and Loathing. After last week's duet of Musical Maneaters, we're warming up our vocal cords and taking the stage. It's a double dose of Phantom-inspired cult classics: Phantom of the Paradise (1974) and Stage Fright (2014). First, we make a deal with the devil and Death Records...asking ourselves, "If it's good enough for Daft Punk, shouldn't it be good enough for us?" Then we travel to the campiest camp in town for a medley of Meatloaf, metal, and mayhem. Does this duo bring harmony to the podcast, or is it a double dose of discordance? Listen to find out!
March 21, 2021
Episode 6: Musical Maneaters
It's Musical March, and we're sounding off about horror musicals all month long. After last week's science fiction double feature, we're hitting rock bottom with the poor, unfortunate souls in "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" (2007) and "Little Shop of Horrors" (1986). Stephanie gleefully sings the praises of these musical masterpieces. But can Casey be persuaded to stop beating the "I hate musicals" drum? Tune in to find out!
March 14, 2021
Episode 5: Late Night Double Feature
You're arrived on a very special night. Now that February is over, we've put Nic back in his Cage, and we'll be sounding off about horror musicals all month long. That's's Musical March! And we're ranting and raving about two paradigms of rock opera: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008). Stephanie craves these cult classics like a junkie craves Zydrate pressed against their anatomy. But do they strike a chord with Casey, Mister "I hate musicals" himself? Tune it to find out!
March 07, 2021
Bonus Episode: Cage Air
We just couldn't end our stay in Cage Country without one more brief layover. In this very special bonus episode of CHEER AND LOATHING, we turned the controls over to you, our listeners, and asked you to choose this week's in flight entertainment for the last leg of Nicolas Cage Month. You flooded us with great suggestions, but it came down to two very different Cage flicks: 8 MM and Con Air. The latter won by a nose, giving us the chance to explore Cage's Southern charm, windswept hair, and rapid fire one liners. Is our final trip with Nic a flight of fancy or a crash landing? Tune in to find out!
February 28, 2021
Episode 3: Cage Exotic
It’s week 3 of “Nic Cage Month” on CHEER AND LOATHING. After spending Valentine's Day with the Sultan of Suave himself, we're spending this week exploring Saint Nic's otherworldly roles in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Color Out of Space. Whether pissing fire and punishing the guilty, or playing with alpacas in the midst of a cosmic clusterf*ck, Stephanie thinks Cage is absolutely out of this world. Casey, however, thinks Cage's career success is an unexplained phenomenon. Do the stars finally align to get our hosts on the same page? Tune in to find out! And be sure to hang out after to listen to what one of our listeners has to say!
February 21, 2021
Episode 2: Uncaged Heart
It’s week 2 of “Nic Cage Month” on CHEER AND LOATHING. Stephanie and Casey celebrate Valentine’s Day by exploring Cage’s lovesick roles in the infamous Vampire’s Kiss and the arthouse indie film Mandy. Whether he’s battling inner demons or a sadistic biker gang, Stephanie is head over heels for Nic’s unmistakable je ne sais quoi. Casey, however, fails to be seduced by Cage’s charms. Does love conquer hate in this very special Valentine’s episode? Tune in to find out!
February 14, 2021
Episode 1: Rage in the Cage
On the premiere episode of CHEER AND LOATHING, Stephanie and Casey kick off “Nic Cage Month” by debating some of Cage’s Cagiest roles in “Face/Off”, “Mom and Dad”, and, of course, “The Wicker Man”. Stephanie cheers Nic’s one-of-a-kind screen presence and that gloriously over-the-top charisma he’s known for. Casey, on the other hand, loathes Cage’s quintessential camp and scenery-chewing mania. Who wins this ultimate Cage match? Tune in to find out!
February 07, 2021
The Very First Trailer!
If this doesn't sum up our hosts, I don't know what will. We have Cheer, with all the enthusiasm in the world for her podcast... Then we have Loathing who, well, doesn't quite share that level of excitement. Either way, new episodes will drop on Sundays! So in the words of Cheer, CHECK IT OUT! Or if you ask Loathing... Check it out, if you want to. 
February 02, 2021