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The Choosing Brave Podcast

The Choosing Brave Podcast

By Lindsay
Dreams change. What happens next? Stories and honest conversations that shed light on times where we feel uncertain. Join host Lindsay Swoboda and guests as they explore what it means to show up to life, and choose brave.
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Season One Finale
We made it to the Season One Finale! Join host Lindsay for this solo episode where we unpack Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, give ourselves permission to change up the plan, and make a good list. If you've been a listener this season, THANK YOU! To create anything this year, AND to share it, feels like a feat. Celebrating YOU and whatever your next brave step is. Come hang out with me more @upliftinganchor on Instagram, and at
December 30, 2020
Let's Catch Up
Remember that time in a pandemic I started a podcast? And then had a baby? And then thought, “when will I ever write, create, record, have anything to say again?!” Eventually, we get to come back to the other extras in life- and hopefully, we come back refreshed and excited. In this episode, Let’s Catch Up, I’m talking about all things of life lately, including a healthy dose of how I’m learning to run my own race (without any actual running involved). I talk about our birth story, 21 days of Whole 30, and how the word capacity is helping me out. Come hang out with me more @upliftinganchor on Instagram, and at Show Notes: Surge Capacity Article // MUTU System // Whole30 // Exhale Creativity: Thirty Days of Grateful Writing Challenge
November 20, 2020
Choose What Makes You Feel Like You with Katie Sieber
“Being true to you is often very brave...and sometimes when you do need to change you feel it inside a long time before you’re willing to admit it to yourself.” Katie is a Kentucky native turned New Yorker who loves musical theater, traveling the world, hiking up mountains, reading historical fiction and eating her away across NYC. Katie moved to Manhattan to pursue theater and spent several years performing around the country at both regional theatres and on a national tour. Favorite roles include Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Jane Eyre in Jane Eyre the Musical and Maria in The Sound of Music. In her interview, Katie leads us on her quest to change dreams- and what it looked like to slowly let go of one in order to make space and pave a new path to herself without performing as her identity. Katie is currently a member of a vintage entertainment group called America’s Sweethearts and is thankful for the opportunity to continue to share her music. Katie currently lives in Brooklyn and spends her days teaching chess to children and dreaming about her next travel adventure. You can connect with Katie on Instagram @katiejeanne18, as well as find out more about Chess at 3 @chessat3and @storytimechess Connect with host Lindsay: @upliftinganchor on Instagram, and find Show Notes at her website:
June 30, 2020
Not Letting Fear Hold You Back with Katie Haahr
Katie Haahr takes us on her path from the east coast of America to the west coast- from telework to landing a new job, and then getting let go by the company and starting her own business. She is now the Founder and CEO of where she helps women in their early twenties figure out all the “non-sexy but essential” life skills that no one really talks about (aka: adulting). Katie is now a “virtual big sister” for girls like her, and creates resources designed to help women feel less alone and navigate life as an adult with confidence. “I feel the most brave when I’m the most scared- but I’m not letting that fear hold me back.” Connect with Katie on Instagram @katie.haahr or at her website: Sign up for Katie’s Weekly Tips Here. Connect with host Lindsay: @upliftinganchor on Instagram, and find Show Notes at her website:
June 23, 2020
Courageously Vulnerable with Anne Villano
“Art saved me. Art was the one thing…that I was drawn to, I leaned on, and it became this coping mechanism to help me through my day to day.” Anne Villano leads us in a discussion on her personal experience with Bipolar Depression, and how she has become courageously vulnerable on her journey. Anne is a mother, painter, military spouse, and graduate social work student. She received a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from The College of Saint Rose and because of the frequent moves of military life; she decided to take the leap into being a professional artist. She has had her artwork and writing featured in Legacy Magazine with hopes of expanding these opportunities. Working with many mediums starting with acrylic paint and ending with oils, it is her goal to create a moment where the viewer feels something or even better, begins a conversation. After graduate school, Anne’s goal is to use her MSW degree coupled with her talent and love of artwork to establish a creative therapy program for active duty service members and their families. This program would utilize multiple creative therapies to reveal to active duty members artistic coping skills that can be exercised when in crisis. Connect with Anne on Instagram @milartmom, and her website will be available mid July 2020. Connect with host Lindsay: @upliftinganchor on Instagram, and access Show Notes at:
June 16, 2020
#writelikeamother Reflections on COVID-19
15 voices from across the nation. Mamas hailing from Georgia, Virginia, Alaska, Hawaii, New York, Spain, California...the list goes on. 15 writers capture their experiences in the times of COVID-19 on The Choosing Brave Podcast and offer them as pieces of their hearts that breathe hope. Meet the Writers that shine their light in this special edition: Tamar Rachel Mekredijian @tamarrachelwrites McKinsey McCormick @mostly_motherhood Lorren Lemmons @lorrenlemmons Molly Flinkman @molly_flinkman Michelle Windsor @michellevwindsor Rachel Nevergall @RachelNevergall Erin Strybis @erinstry Lindsay Swoboda @upliftinganchor  Jacelya Jones @jacelya_jones Karla Filibeck @karlafilibeckwrites Kimberly Knowle-Zeller Kimberly Knowle-Zeller, Writer on Facebook  Rosalie Durayee  @mrsduryee Robin Chapman  @robin.chapman and @kindred_mom Megan McCoy Dellecese @megactsout Jodie Toresdahl @jodietoresdahl Show Notes are available at 
June 9, 2020
From Active Duty to Diaper Duty to Author & Podcaster: Amanda Huffman
Amanda is a military spouse and veteran who served in the Air Force for six years as a Civil Engineer including a deployment to Afghanistan. She traded in her combat boots for a diaper bag to stay home with her two boys and follow her husband’s military career. She is the host and creator of the Women of the Military Podcast sharing the stories of women who have served or continue to serve in the military.   "(My) Podcast has been a healing journey for me. There was a hole that I didn't know was in my heart (that is now) filled up because I get to talk with other women about their military experience."  You can connect with Amanda on Instagram, the Women of the Military Podcast and her book Women of the Military  Connect with host Lindsay: @upliftinganchor on Instagram, and at her website:
May 26, 2020
What does Love Require? Special Edition Episode; dedicated to Military Appreciation Month
What does love require? Join host Lindsay Swoboda for this special edition of The Choosing Brave Podcast, dedicated to Military Appreciation Month. “Love has required sacrifices and strengths I could have never imagined. It doesn’t stop requiring it. Somehow I learn to keep giving, as all military spouses do.” Connect with host Lindsay: @upliftinganchoron Instagram Show Notes:
May 24, 2020
Gain Confidence with Moving: Mallory from @mamas_onthe_move
Mallory from @mamas_onthe_move and the DITY Mama Blog is an Army wife of eleven years. Her family has moved 9 times in 11 years and they have lived in 11 homes (and the number keeps on growing). She utilizes this experience to help military families with their own DITY (Do it Yourself) moves. She has a master’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in marriage and family therapy and is currently a stay at home mom to 3 precious kids. Her perspective on moving her life so frequently is refreshing and encouraging. “I have to actively remind myself to search for good and the beauty in each place and the opportunities that await…It really is all about the perspective and the attitude.” You can connect with Mallory on Instagram @mamas_onthe_move and her DITY Mama Blog Connect with host Lindsay: @upliftinganchor on Instagram, and at her website:
May 19, 2020
Don't Let Your Life be Full of "What ifs" with Zayda Barros
“It’s easier to regret not doing something than to do it. Do not let your life be full of ‘what ifs.’” Colombian born and raised photographer Zayda Barros of @zaydabarrosphotography joins The Choosing Brave Podcast to discuss how she has shifted within cultures as she’s lived around the world with her Navy husband, son, and 9 year old stubborn Scottie dog. Zayda has a contagious zest for life, and she shares how to foster a deep love of traveling, how one photograph gave her the confidence to launch her career, and how to reframe change from hardship to privilege. Connect with Zayda: @zaydabarros on Instagram Her professional account  @zaydapbarrosphotography Zayda’s Society6 shop: Connect with host Lindsay: @upliftinganchoron Instagram, and at her website:
May 12, 2020
Mama Year One with Megan Staub
“It takes bravery to hold onto what you know is true when your world turns upside down...I’m in a season of accepting limitations and looking for joy.” In this episode we get to chat with Megan Staub, the founder of Mama: Year One, a new website that dives into the mess and magic of new motherhood with honesty and camaraderie. As a writer, Megan believes in the power of storytelling to create connection and erase fear. Connect with Megan: @mamayearone on Instagram, and at her website Connect with host Lindsay: @upliftinganchor on Instagram, and at her website:
May 5, 2020
Welcome to the Choosing Brave Podcast
In the first episode of The Choosing Brave Podcast host Lindsay Swoboda delves into her own journey navigating several job transitions from performer to teacher to stay at home mom to free lance writer.  She has moved six times is eleven years, all over the world from California, Hawaii, Korea, Morocco, Ecuador, and back to the USA. As a military spouse, creative, and mother she weathered change both well...and terribly. She speaks on how she works to navigate seasons of transition, and the hope that this podcast reaches out to listeners who feel stuck or feel like they have failed because life isn't what they thought it would be right now. Dreams can always change, but what happens after they do? Lindsay defines bravery by showing up to her life, the best way she can. You can connect with Lindsay on Instagram, Facebook, and read her stories on her website.
April 28, 2020