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Antidote One

Antidote One

By Chris Colby
Providing the antidote to old school viewpoints to help people around the world get the information they didn't get in school to help them succeed in work, life and entrepreneurship!
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How to live a life of purpose while saving others!

Antidote One

Ep.016- Scott Wallenhorst, AIA - The Power of Good Mentors
Episode 016 of the Antidote One Podcast was a "proud poppa" moment for me. I interviewed Scott Wallenhorst, AIA who is a friend and also a graduate of the Architect Accelerator coaching program.   Scott shares his journey of seeking licensure and finding the "right firm" to work for throughout his career. His path is not uncommon to most of us. Seeking mentorship along the way and guidance that seems to elude all young architects at times.   I selfishly must say that I am proud of all that Scott has recently achieved and I look forward to seeing what he will do next. Please click the link below to hear his story of becoming an architect.    #podcast #architect #architecture #architecturaldesigners #youngarchitect
June 24, 2022
015- John Chan - The Durable Slate Co.
Every once in a while you come across an individual and a business that has a depth of knowingness and class that seems to pervade an entire industry. In episode 015 I interview that person John Chan of the Durable Slate Company.    John started working at the Durable Slate Company while he was in college. At the time it was a small mom and pop company operating in a small area of Ohio. John had the opportunity to become a co-owner in the business and helped grow it into an international award winning company.    John shares some of the most valuable lessons and advice about business that I have ever heard. Please have a note pad ready when you listen to this episode if you want to do well at business or your career!  Please check out The Durable Slate Company here: or on Instagram @durableslate
June 14, 2022
014- Architect Josh Kunkel and Social Equity in Architecture
In this episode Architect Josh Kunkel of the Method Group dives deep into his approach to social equity, community engagement and how to run an architectural firm that is not self centered on one owner. Josh and his team specialize in historic renovations, community redevelopment, interiors among others. The Method Group team is nimble with their members operating in multiple states working on commercial and residential projects of all types. Check out Josh Kunkel, the Method Group and their amazing projects at   On Instagram @methodgroup_ Or check out Josh on: Instagram: @joshpartyof6 #architect #architecture #socialequity #podcast #design #community
June 02, 2022
013 - Mark LePage The Challenges Architects Face
In episode 013 I had the honor and pleasure of doing my first collaborative interview with architect Mark LePage. Mark is the managing partner of the award winning architecture firm Five Cat Studios and the Founder of Entre Architect. Through his work with Entre Architect Mark is on a mission to help architect run more profitable architectural practices and avoid the pitfalls that come along with many business endeavors.  Mark and I discuss our organ stories in becoming architects and discuss the challenges architects currently face and will face in the near future that   could lessen the architects role in society. Please be sure to check out Mark's content at His award winning practice at And on social media: Instagram: @markrlepage   AND @entrearchitect Facebook:  AND
February 27, 2022
Ep 012 Jeremy Ryan Slate- Freedom, Responsibly and Potential
Jeremy Slate rocked Episode 012 of the Antidote One Podcast. We discussed everything from his massive success with his podcast, his "failures" along the way and the state of the country and what we might or might not be able to do about it.   Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world; including the former CIA Director, Super Bowl Champions and even a three-time Indianapolis 500 winner.    He studied literature at Oxford University, and is a former champion powerlifter turned new media entrepreneur. He specializes in using podcasting and new media to create trust and opinion leader status.  In iTunes, he was ranked #1 in the business category and ranked #78 in the Top 100.   Jeremy was named one of the top 26 podcasts for entrepreneurs to listen to in 2017 + 18 by CIO Magazine, top podcast to listen to by INC Magazine in 2019 and Millennial Influencer to follow in 2018 by Buzzfeed.  He’s also a contributing editor of New Theory Magazine and Grit Daily.    After his success in podcasting, Jeremy and his wife, Brielle, founded Command Your Brand to help visionary founders use the power of podcasts to change the world.   Check out more on Jeremy and his amazing Podcast, PR company and social at the links below:   Learn more about Antidote One at:
July 24, 2021
Eric Upchurch | Special Ops Army Vet, Real Estate and Saving Vets lives!
In episode 011 of the Antidote One Podcast I had the honor of interviewing Eric Upchuch.  Eric is a retired Special Ops Army Vet who turned his passion for real estate into a successful 1400+ door apartment portfolio.   Eric has used his "why" of saving our nations Military Vets from suicide by helping them transition into civilian life by teaching them real estate investing. He co-founded Active Duty Passive Income 4 years ago with this mission in mind.   Eric shares his "secrets" to success with us, including his success formula (its not what you think) and the importance of mentors and having the right team around you to speed up your path to the top!   Please be sure to check out Eric and support his mission and our nations Military Veterans at his websites below:
July 08, 2021
010 Donovan Everett - How great people grew a $30M business in 7 years!
In episode 010 I have the opportunity to interview Donovan Everett the CEO of The D.A. Everett Construction Group. A truly amazing individual with an amazing attitude Donovan was able to grow a $30M business in just 7 years.   Donovan shares how he learned to push through fear, doubt and hesitation after leaving his "comfortable" job at a national construction firm to grow what is becoming a regional leader in K12, Higher Ed, Health Care and Automotive Construction.   Please take a listen to this episode where Donovan shares what worked, what didn't and how he leveraged mentors and mindset to transform his business and life.   Check out Donovan and learn more about him at the links below: Linkedin: @Donovan Everett  Instagram: @donovan.everett To learn more about Antidote One click here: 
June 23, 2021
Ep 009 Chris Rood- Trailer Park & Wholesaling King
In this episode of the Antidote One podcast I have the opportunity to interview Chris Rood, the King of Wholesaling and Mobile Home Investing.   Chris and I discuss everything from his first business changing oil in cars (while in college), his first real estate investments and all of the bumps and bruises along the way that helped him build a $23M + real estate portfolio.   Chris also runs a coaching and seminar program where he helps others "skill up" to learn the real estate investing secrets he spent years developing.   We also discuss being a father, husband and the state of affairs currently surrounding the United States.    Learn more about Chris at  or you can find him on all social media accounts by searching for "Chris Rood" or "RealEstateRood"
June 04, 2021
008 Michael Riscica- The "bad boy"of Architecture
In episode 008, I interview Michael Riscica, Architect who turned his frustrations and what some would call learning challenges into a passion to help other up and coming architects.   Michael shares his struggles with school and taking the ARE (Architectural Registration Exam) with me and how this extremely hard and frustrating experience became a passion project that has now helped thousands of other architects.  We discuss among other things, Michael's persistence and hard work and how going to college for architecture helped develop these skills which later on became invaluable to building    Michael's business, Young Architect serves thousands of architect through training, coaching and events. His next event is in July where anyone in the Architecture field can benefit from the conference workshops, keynote speakers and much more.   Please be sure to checkout and register for the conference at  You can follow Michael at the following social platforms:   IG: @youngarchitxpdx  FB:   Be sure to check out other episodes of the Antidote One Podcast on Youtube, Apple, Spotify and don't miss the opportunity to join our coaching or training programs at
May 28, 2021
Ep 007 - Architecture & Hard Work w/ My College Professor: William Dean AIA
In episode 007 of the podcast I interview my college professor Willian Dean, AIA who is currently the Chair of the Architecture Department at SUNY Alfred.    We discuss having a plan, working hard, making mistakes and how college is just a part of the journey on a longer path.   William (Bill) with over 35 years in a professional and academic career has opened the eyes of his students and created the "Urban Design Studio" in collaboration with student and communities in Western New York. This program focuses on revitalizing downtown neighboorhoods  and business corridors.    This is a most interesting and reflective episode for me as we also dig into what my design studio looked like 20 years ago with Bill as a new professor. I must admit our class gave him a run for his money, while we were learning how hard work would later pay off.   Find more about Bill and the Architecture program at SUNY Alfred here:  You can also find Bill on Linked In here:  To learn more about Antidote One coaching and training check here:
May 21, 2021
Ep 006 Robert Syslo Jr- Overcoming Barriers Living to your potential
In this episode Robert Syslo Jr joins me to talk about his journey from self taught video editor to being homeless (twice) to crushing it with his 7 figure digital marketing and promotion agency.   This episode is a real treat! Robert drops some huge bombs when it comes to being productive, making money and dealing with the obstacles that life throws at you!   Check out Robert at or anywhere on social media @robertsyslojr
May 14, 2021
Ep 005 with Bill Rieman - There is no secret sauce to success
In this episode of the Antidote One Podcast I interview Bill Rieman.  We discuss of all things... Sports Cards, Luxury Real Estate, His mentorship with Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett and just plain hard work!   You can learn more about Bill's compnays and social media at the links below:  Website: Linked In: Facebook: Instagram: @imbillreiman
April 30, 2021
In this episode of the Antidote One Podcast I interview Mr. Steve Ware. Steve dives into his amazing journey in life from being homeless, going through 32 foster homes (14 in one year), finding the right mentor fulfilling his financial dreams in his 30s and finding out that being a millionaire was empty. Steve found purpose in his life when he found God and started to serve others, including the kids in his community that needed guidance and a place to find purpose in their own lives. Please check out Steve's Non-Profit organization "Game Changers" at where kids come to sharpen there Mind, Body and Soul. Find out more about Steve's story and some of the Kids that have pass through the doors of Game Changers / Rivers Edge here:
April 22, 2021
How to live a life of purpose while saving others!
In episode 003 of the Antidote One Podcast I interview Kirk Mote.  Kirk is the founder of Rescue Site Services, a distributor of AED's, you know the things that save your life if you are having a heart attack! Sounds like something you probably want to avoid talking about... but you need to listen!    Kirk also has an interesting story outside of his business. He has successfully hiked the Appalachian trail, been a guest on a billionaire's yacht and has a tremendously positive attitude and perspective on living life to fulfill your purpose.     Trust me, you will not want to miss this episode!    Check out all Kirk has to offer from his book to training to AED's: Link to Kirk's book:  Kirk's Social:    Facebook:  Instagram:   @captainkirk14   @rescuesiteservices    Linked In:  Want to learn more and support this podcast? Go to
April 01, 2021
From Husky to International Physique Transformation Champion
In episode 002 of the Antidote One Podcast I interview Russ Yeager. Russ is a body transformation specialist, author, speaker, fitness coach and super positive!   Russ shares his story with me about growing up as the "husky" kid who was embarrassed to go to the pool and how he used that and some encouragement from his father to become an international fitness / body transformation specialist.    Don't miss the wisdom that Russ shares in this interview!   Check out all Russ has to offer from free books to coaching here:​  Get Russ' Book here: https:​  Want to learn more and support this podcast? Go to
March 27, 2021
4 Timex INC 5000 in Pandemic, Adoption, Hard Work and Values
In our first episode of the Antidote One Pod Cast, Our guest Brian Sullivan, CEO of Sullivan Engineering explains how core values, family and hard work landed his company in the INC 5000 for the 4th year in a row in the middle of a pandemic!  For more information about Chris Colby and Antidote One please visit
March 27, 2021