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Grappling Real

Grappling Real

By Christopher Parker
"We are building a powerful community of the Grappling Martial Arts who can come together to learn from and teach one another what works best in their own lives that may help each of us. From storytelling and insightful competitive mindset to words of wisdom from effective coaches. We bring together the Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Sambo communities as a united whole. Tune in now to learn from and deepen your understanding of the Grappling Martial Arts through the eyes of one another"
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“The Happiness of Pursuit” with Gym Owner Michael Withrow

Grappling Real

“Better Yourself & Pass it Forward” with Professor Neto a Double Black Belt & Wrestler
Since 3 years old Professor Neto has been on the mats grappling! He is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Judo, and a Brazilian National level Wrestler. In our conversation Professor Neto shares his thoughts on competing to better yourself, his approach to teaching, as well as team loyalty. We also talk about Jiu Jitsu becoming an Olympic sport both the benefits and draw backs. Enjoy!
November 07, 2019
“From BJJ Fanatics to Jiu Jitsu in the Olympics” with Joe Gilpin a Pan-Am Champion from Yamasaki
With Joe Gilpin being an employee at BJJ Fanatics we get into a behind the scenes discussion about what that world looks like as well as what could be next for the Fanatics Team, the largest Martial Arts Video Distributor in the World! Also we cover a competition we both went to run by the JJIF in Uruguay. This organization is in process of getting Jiu Jitsu into the Olympics!! Tune in for this and more...
October 29, 2019
“American Judo Rising” with Sensei Jimmy Pedro 2x Bronze Medalist & Olympic Coach
With a vision for Judo in America, Sensei Jimmy Pedro speaks with inspiring thoughts on how to bring Judo back to life in our country! He takes us through the evolution, the challenges, and the possibilities to reignite the interest in Judo. We also dive into the heart and mind of this Olympic Champion when it comes to competing, Coaching, and inspiring change in the community. Sensei Jimmy is not only a legend in Judo, he is a true legend in life as well...
September 13, 2019
“A Champion’s Sacrifice” with Sensei Israel Hernandez a 2 time Olympic Bronze Medalist
What is Judo? What is the difference between a teacher and a coach? How do you teach moral character? What makes a Champion without a medal? What is America’s biggest challenge in Judo today and how do we overcome it? Tune in to find out the answers to these questions and more from Sensei Israel Hernandez a multiple time Olympic Champion from Cuba who now runs a developmental school called SoCal Judo in Temecula, California.
September 06, 2019
“Your Excuse is Probably Bullsh*t” with PhD and double Brown Belt Haleem Syed
Tune in to find out why your excuse is probably bullsh*t! With experience in the three major Grappling Martial Arts Haleem and I talk about teaching methods and what BJJ and Judo can learn more from each other through studying their complimentary arts. A double gold finisher at Judo Nationals in 2019, Haleem Syed wears a Brown Belt in Judo as well as Jiu Jitsu training at Jimmy Pedros Judo Center and Travis Stevens Fuji Gym for BJJ.
August 27, 2019
“You define who you are no matter where you came from” with Brown Belt Andrew Hansen.
From being a foster child who grew up in an abusive environment which led to a period of drug addiction, Andrew found a new beginning through self love and positive mentorship in BJJ. Tune in to hear how Andrew Hansen, a Brown Belt in BJJ at the Yamasaki Academy, dealt with and overcame his childhood challenges and found a fulfilling life through being a father, husband, and competitive Jiu Jitsu practitioner!
August 24, 2019
“The Happiness of Pursuit” with Gym Owner Michael Withrow
Gym owner Mike Withrow from First State Martial Arts shares his transformative perspective from training as a white belt to opening his own gym to creating an environment he always wanted to train in. Challenged by balancing gym growth, training, work and life, Mike has found a way to thrive through it all. Tune in to hear a man motivated by making a noticeably positive impact on the community through the Martial Arts.
August 17, 2019
“Self Discovery through Jiu Jitsu” With Ph D. Fabiano Bastos
Just because your over 40 doesn’t mean you stop discovering who you are! In fact in this episode Ph D. Fabiano Bastos dives deep into perceiving Jiu Jitsu as a self learning tool as well as a great parenting tool for teaching. Tune in to hear this and more from two rising Jiu Jitsu competitors.
August 12, 2019
”From the Dominican Republic to a Jiu Jitsu Jesus” with Professor Tony Rosario
This is a heart transformative story of a Dominican Republic bad boy tough guy who was humbled by the Art of Jiu Jitsu and now dedicates his life to giving back what he has learned to his students. Tune in to hear why we call him the “Jiu Jitsu Jesus” and how he has made an incredibly powerful impact on the numerous kids he has coached to find CONFIDENCE in themselves. May this leave a long-lasting impression on your heart. Ohana!
August 10, 2019
“Ohana means family” with Co-Owner and Coach Tony Matias
In this episode we have a powerful conversation about how the gym, Conquer Self Defense, has developed a team to create a growing community around family! Tony, their Krav Maga instructor and co-owner talks about creating an environment you can walk into where it’s family friendly and anyone from any level will feel comfortable and safe to train.
August 10, 2019
“10,000 tap-outs to Black Belt” with Coach Chris Bumgarner
What is “REAL” self-defense? Listen in from a Black Belt police officer of almost 20 years experience. Also tune in to find out what legendary Master Pedro Sauer’s requirements are for being a Black Belt as I interview Chris Bumgarner about his journey through teaching, coaching, and learning Jiu Jitsu.
August 05, 2019
“The Toughest Fight in Life and Striving for Greatness!” with Coach Eric Buckson
With decades of coaching and refereeing experience, Coach Eric Buckson shares his insight into what key factors helped him become a more effective coach in the 6 varsity sports he has been involved with. Tune in to hear Coach Buckson talk about what he believes is the toughest fight in life and why it’s important for everyone to strive for greatness!
August 04, 2019
“Know Who You Are on the Quest for Excellence” with Coach Darrell Gravatt
In this episode Wrestling Coach Darrell Gravatt with over 20 years experience coaching goes through what he believes to be the most important things in life to teach including, how to have a winning mindset, utilizing the golden rule, and knowing who you are. What’s more important than winning? Tune in to find out what a multiple time champion coach has to say!
August 04, 2019
“Equality Jiu Jitsu” with Ronald Mann, a 3x World Para Jiu Jitsu Champion.
This is a powerfully insightful interview with a man who once held a loaded gun to his own head questioning whether or not he wanted to continue living. His ultimate decision has molded him into the warrior he is today. This 3x Para World Jiu Jitsu Champion, 170lbs. MMA Champion, a US Army Veteran, and the first amputee to fight kickboxing and MMA has transformed his greatest struggle into his greatest victory through finding a life worth living. Listen in to hear his inspirational story.
August 02, 2019
"Jiu Jitsu is my Religion" with Timmy Donahue
"Jiu Jitsu is my religion."  We all have a journey which can be an inspiration to help our fellow grappler.  "Rockstar" lifestyle ... That's how we'd describe Timmy's early stages.  He's a man of resurrection.  From excessive drug addiction he found his life saved by his dedication to Jiu Jitsu.  Find out how Timmy's inspirational story can help all of us achieve our maximum potential through self-realization and hard work.  We all have a journey which can be inspired by others.  Let's let our fellow grappler help us find our way.
July 27, 2019
What is Grappling Real?
Who I am, what we are doing for the Grappling Martial Arts Community, and why.
July 09, 2019