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What's Your F'n Binge?!

What's Your F'n Binge?!

By Christopher Rutter
If you enjoy comedy, television series to binge or just the opportunity to watch an idiot make a fool of himself trying to guess what our guest(s) are watching then THIS is the podcast for you my friends! Chris Rutter interviews folks and then review their favorite TV series' to binge. Sometimes he really likes it and sometimes not so much so he rates them on a scale of 1 to 10 or if its especially dreadful he gives it the most honored rating of DUMPSTER JUICE! Each episode includes a week in review so to speak as well. We hope you ENJOY!
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Podcasters are such a pain in the ass
Steven L Joiner is mine and several hundred other podcasters publicist and booker- this conversation is for and about podcasting for podcasters
October 3, 2020
Olia Oparina and Anya Bay are a force to reckoned with! Young, ambitious AND ARMED WITH A VISION!
Olia Oparina and Anya Bay are originally from Russia; as in Siberia and the True mountain ranges of deep in the USSR! Who were able to make it to the states, make it to California, start as models and get the opportunity to study the art of film making and see it from behind the lens as well as being the centerpiece of a photoshoot ,who jointly made the decision ,"we can do this! " Since 2016 these 2 young ladies have turned their dream into reality with The full length feature- SNOWBOUND which visually is breathtakingly shot In the Snow  with a very visceral and psychological approach that was received well enough to be shown on the Cannes circuit in 2017! The ladies are frank enough to speak on what a whirlwind experience it was ,and how fast it went by for them ,which they have now followed up with the short film "I AM NORMAL" which to be honest from what I have been allowed to see -looks like a fim that begs to become a feature! Olia and Anya have a very distinct style of vision that is visually stunning and memorable and I can definitely see BIG things in their future as movie makers and creators! I hope all you take a second and check out their work and it's easily accessed with all the links included below including their facebook pages. LIKE
September 30, 2020
Gunnar Qualen & Jenna StClair and the BDSM recording Dungeon!
'What do you get when a husband and wife team up to read for books that involve mystery, some violence and SEX? You get Gunnar Qualen & Jenna St Clair and BDSM styled recording dungeon! They regularly appear on Sister Spotlight and Shenanigans GQ & JENNA on Facebook and Instagram.  With USA TODAY's Best Selling author Samantha A Cole they have read for Absolving his Sins in their latest work and some of the scenes are downright X-rated and you can imagine their fans are rabid for the next one to come out........ In this interview we discuss why it's fun to work with each other, how they even got into the business to begin with and how much fun it is to meet their fans and what to look for next from them! We had a great time and we hope you do as well!  Gunnar & Jenna also known as  (  )  are a married couple who just so happen to be on a VERY SHORT list as the world's best "DUET" narrators working together as a team on BEST SELLING audio books by #SamanthaCole (.Jeff Peterson is with Jenna St. Claire and Samantha A. Cole )is one of the very best collaborations in the industry ! Gunnar Qualen & Jenna St. Claire Audiobook Narrators
September 18, 2020
We did a lot of "hippie" like exercises and such......A Sunday afternoon with Derek Long
Derek K. Long ( an actor and producer, known for Tales from the Dead Zone, Failure to Adapt and Body Swap (2019).Derek and I spent the better part of an entire Sunday afternoon talking about life on the road as a trucker, his pursuit of acting and how he got his start a couple short years ago.  Derek's show for me to guess is a classic OLD LEGENDARY television series from way back in the 70's! Just wait till you hear what it is lol, it's worth waiting for-trust me.  Then we take a look back on the history of yesteryears "Rasslin vs what you see now-a-days on TV which takes us down a whole road of topics and tales from back in the day. We enjoyed and I hope you do too!  Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend and we'll see you next time!  Music by Jonas Cowan. Testify with Lacy Jean  Advertising for LIFE ACTIVATED found at:   OR to order all the fine products they have to offer! CEO & President of LifeActivated: Brandon Hayes & my friend Clay Suter  can be reached for LifeActivated affiliate or retail opportunities to START YOUR BUSINESS in these crazy times! and  Publicist: Steve L Joiner. This podcast is a broadcast in partnership with -@
September 6, 2020
They call it the Quarantine 15 And one of more inspiring quotes of the year:"Most all of the solutions to almost all of our problems can be found in Nature."
Brandon Hayes is the CEO and President of operations for LifeActivated Brands. A company with core beliefs as follows:The People's Company Our mission is to help you Reactivate Your Life through our premium products and lucrative business opportunity. Our focus is helping people, having fun, and earning income, all while making an impact. We take an afternoon and I take a crash course on what the best products are exactly and what business ownership opportunities there are for the listeners of our show. The product are incredibly diverse and they treat a wide variety of needs. Whether it's sleep, Energy, Focus, Relief from aches and pains, an entire cleansing system that will kickstart that diet you've been wanting to get on.  AMERICAN MADE 100% American Products and Sourced 100%' All the very best products available on the market from all the very best ingredients that can be found- a straight to consumer shipping system so you don't have any delay getting it to you as quickly as possible. They launched this in  October 2019 and on the 1st they grossed 6 figures ,BUT you tend to get those results when you spend 9 months and 250,000to make sure your doing it right, you tend to do it right....... Music by Jonas Cowan. Testify with Lacy Jean Advertising for LIFE ACTIVATED found at:   OR to order all the fine products they have to offer! CEO & President of LifeActivated: Brandon Hayes & my friend Clay Suter  can be reached for LifeActivated affiliate or retail opportunities to START YOUR BUSINESS in these crazy times! and Publicist: Steve L Joiner. This podcast is a broadcast in partnership with -@
August 28, 2020
Don Smith returns and this time we talk about What we do in the Shadows AND Yellowstone!
Don Smith is from Dayton, Ohio, he is the operating /owner of Wileys Comedy Store and has 22 credits to his name on IMDb. His work can be seen on "GemCity Tonight" a local entertainment show out of Dayton as well as online at and including: BlackWolf, Black Mamba, The Goocher, SIX feet Below HELL and the acclaimed short film Buttons that was a semi-finalist in the film festival STAGE 32 as well as the TOP SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL.  He also is the host of THE LIFE: Radio Show and a weekly contributor to The Realm of the Mist entertainment company. His weekly news show features the strange and funniest news headlines from across the country and I have come to find his reports to be as funny as any out there and his off the cuff humor is quick,sharp and as insightful as it is silly! He continues to work with Cinema Lexicon Productions and in the past 6 years has appeared in 7 movies for William LEE an Indie film pioneer and legend!  Music by Jonas Cowan. Testify with Lacy Jean Advertising for LIFE ACTIVATED found at:   OR to order all the fine products they have to offer! CEO & President of LifeActivated: Brandon Hayes & my friend Clay Suter  can be reached for LifeActivated affilate or retail opportunities at: and Publicist: Steve L Joiner. This podcast is broadcast in partnership with -@ 
August 24, 2020
Rafael Sanguily. I just wanna make people laugh at what's real!
@rafcomic @RafealComedy @Gastrobo Taking a minute to chop it up with a touring comedy,roaster and just general all around great guy with a sense of humor! Raf is a mainstay on Comedy 105 in Dallas/Arlington and is appearing soon in Houston, Arlington, Dallas, San Antonio, & Austin be sure to catch him like I did: LIVE WITHOUT A NET! Quick, Smart and a credit to his craft..... I can only speak for myself but Raf and I had had a great Saturday afternoon with each other and covered a lotta ground from current social (dis)order to a lil politics and of course both of our 1st loves: COMEDY!  A class act and a true gentleman coming on while I had Covid -19 and just having a genuine funny conversation with no props or ques or co-hosts or guests. A genuinely great show with with great conversation!!!!!
August 23, 2020
Brother Jonas and Sister Jean...........Parlor Tricks
What do you get when you cross a classically trained violinist with a preacher's kid turned Bluesman? You get Jonas Scott Cowan and and a whole lotta attitude! Parlor Tricks, learning to play the fiddle with absolute legends and playing in venues that would make most shake in their boots as they go on stage. Learning from Prince, Muddy Waters, Hendrix and the family preacher all come together to present a distinct sound with a Southern Indiana/ Kentucky bad intentions vibe.  Jonasscotcowan/Parlor ticks Available on Spotify, Apple and any other fine media outlets, Check them out or inquire directly at!
August 20, 2020
With help from our friend Brandon Dixon we finish our discussion of Quentin.......
What else is there to say at this point? We wrap up the discussion on Quentin with a special countdown of each of our favorite 3 films by the master we all call Quentin!
August 5, 2020
Is he the greatest Writer/Director of our generation?
Joe and Chris sit down with Brandon Dixon and discuss the past 25 years of Quentin Tarantino. His Box office Smashes and the ones that weren't received well, the action, dialogue, all THAT DAMN BLOOD! Covering scenes that are quentesentially  Quentin, The recurring themes within his universe. The Rise and genius of a man who has participated in our social landscape for the past 25 years is covering alot of ground and we take this as a challenge to rise to the occasion- we aren't here to re-hash everything you have heard before but we look at it from how he and his work has impacted our lives from the 1st scene we remember, to what could arguably be his last work as well. We truly hope you ENJOY our take on him and his artistic sense that we've come to love on the big screen!
June 19, 2020
So Woody Harrelson became the biggest star out of all this? The guys take a look back at CHEERS!
Watching a series that ran for almost 12 years takes a little time, back in March we had a vote on our private page to have Joe and Chris watch AND grade a show from history, since then we've has a nationwide pandemic, riots,cities burn down literally, looting, entire police departments disbanded and in the meantime, Joe and Chris continued to watch Cheers 'cuz the TRIBE told us too.  Sam & Diane, Norm, Carla,Coach, Woody and of course Cliff- For 11 years were able to finish #1 several times and always in the top 10 of show ratings EVERY YEAR!  Long before Seinfeld and Friends did a sow about "nothing" there was Cheers. Multiple Emmy's, Multiple weeks at #1 Multiple careers we're launched from this show as well: Frasier, Night Court etc. There are a combined total of 6 Stars of Fame in Hollywood because of it.  We enjoyed watching it for it being so non-topical that other than clothing doesn't date it self. It holds up! We hope you enjoy our discussion about it as much as we did getting to talk about it!
June 12, 2020
A River of Filth runs thru it or something.......
1st off I have to start with thanking Mr Roy Worley for dropping in and giving us his time. He is a true up and comer with some serious creds in "voice acting" talent. He has worked on projects with the GREAT Zane Grey,Scott Harris- done work with and for HARPER-COLLINS, he's done commercials for Firestone with the 1 and only Mario Andretti! A super, well-spoken,and incredibly warm and generous personality. BUT....his recommend of VIRGIN RIVER is not received very well by the boys at F'n Binge.  Joe sincerely expresses his want of having a Wikipedia page started and Chris wants one that is all TOTALLY FALSE- just cuz its funny. We cover just how hysterical it is to have the opportunity to watch ANY telecast that involves the legendary Bill Walton and Joe Somehow or another works in another parable on just how BAD Virgin River actually is....... We hope you laugh half as much as we did while recording it and Roy......I truly apologize but we kinda went hard in the paint on this one, but this is just too funny to pass up. So ENJOY everyone, and till next time- Don't forget your Squeegee and Don't get any on ya! 
June 5, 2020
The long awaited release of part 2 of the very best tv series of the 2010's
This episode reveals #5 thru #1! So far the list includes the following: 10.Shameless & Sherlock (the BBC series) 9.House of Cards &Schitt's Creek 8.The American's  7. Eastbound and Down 6. Fargo & Vikings (History channel )
May 29, 2020
We play 6 degrees of Sean Kanan with Sean Kanan . The soap star of 27 years drops by to tell us what's new for the new AmazonPrime STAR!
Sean has been a major player in the soap opera biz since 1994. He's appeared on General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful and just about any other major daytime show you can think of.  Studio City, his newest project-which he has co created and written, put together an amazing ensemble cast has now been nominated for almost 20 total nominations both internationally as well as ere at home! Such an amazing accomplishment has to be accompanied by a great guy ,right? Well in this case it' turns out to be true for sure. We had a great time recording with him and we hope you enjoy it as well.  ENJOY!
May 22, 2020
Dale Niehaus drops by and Chris gets to talk about TWD finally!!! drops by and the boys all find out we are from the same area in Southern Indiana! We also talk about Dale's upcoming films and releases. He also reveals that The Walking Dead is his current binge! Funny conversation and a great series to discuss.
May 14, 2020
The Ortiz! Eddie Ortiz comes on and the guys all crack up......
Eddie Ortiz, AKA the Dominican, El Conquistador and if you really know him- Ed. Eddie,Joe & Chris have all been friends since 2002ish ( so a long fuckin time) and it really shows in the interview, so be ready to laugh at them all being idiots. However the show Eddie brings to us is a great Netflix original that you will surely enjoy as well as we did! Great drama, Breathtaking scenery, intense plot development and one of the most notorious stories of the past 40 years as well!  The interview with Eddie and the guys' review of the series are split by a short commercial for  
May 8, 2020
The guys talk with Brandon Dixon
What do you get when you have 3 guys who've all known each other for over 20 years combined to talk about a TV show? Complete absurdity! The guys get with Brandon and have some seriously funny topics and subjects covered- gotta tune in and check it out, you'll laugh your ass off we promise! Also the series we cover is Parenthood- an all time great series that covers all aspects and emotions of life in America from a one families point of view. It's a great series and you should absolutely check it out! ENJOY!
April 30, 2020
The wit and sarcasm of Robert Wuhl..........
Robert calls Christopher a geek, Robert also tricks Chris into thinking he's heard of a TV Network that never existed, Robert also tricks Joe into doing a Accent (which Joe never does). In short the Guys had a blast with the incomparable Mr Wuhl. Great Knowledge of Hollywood's history as well as the scope and impact of comedy and what makes it relevent are all just a fraction of what gets covered in this interview.  Robert also HIGHLY suggests that our listeners watch Westwing.  ENJOY!
April 22, 2020
Marilyn Ghigliotti drops by and let's us know about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Chris interviews Marilyn and then Joe comes in to do the review of the newest version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch/ in this reboot it moves to a much darker tilt and gets really moody and at times there is the comedy thrown in here and there like the old show,BUT, this new version really goes hard in the paint in it's approach to the occult and witch-craft. Joe gives it a new rating: The 1 Legged Man. Chris rates it much higher and as a result we split the vote to land right in the middle..... Joe makes a joke about and together him and Chris maybe find the origin of Covid-19. Joe gives the breaking news on the new Samsung TVs and we are truly let down by it ....... ENJOY!!
April 17, 2020
The Tiger King!
Here it is- the most talked about Netflix series in some time. Joe and Chris cover all the dirty details and "chess moves" from all the parties involved. ENJOY!
April 7, 2020
Part 2 of our Top 10 Most Influential Oscar movies of all time!
Joe express' his love of Sam Rockwell and snow. Chris Tells a terrifying story of his childhood. We talk about Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Special effects and sound tracks. The last episode left off at #6 and so now we pick up where we left off at #5! Will one of your all time favorites appear? Tune in and listen!
April 2, 2020
The Ranch
This week the guys Interview the boys from The Black and Gold Standard: Steelers Podcast (Jim Tyger, The FamousTA and the NewJerseyDEV) We discuss the Recent Hit comedy: The Ranch. Witha ton of STAR power including ASHTON KUTCHER, SAM ELLIOT and DEBRA WINGER! The premise is simple yet effective with alot of laughs. It's newest season is coming out this year and is set for at least another year with the potential to add many more!  We recognize the same setups and writing that we got with The 70's Show and similar personalities as Last Man Standing- it works and we enjoyed it for what it is. ENJOY
March 27, 2020
BREAKING NEWS............A special edition of F'n Binge?!
Joe and Chris just want to take a second and focus on the good things we can all do during this quarantine. We know it's more stressful for some more than others, we just want to provide a moment of distraction talking about the COVID-19 pandemic but focusing on the good things that can come out of it. We hope 30 minutes of silliness will lighten the heaviness of the days events for some and as always : ENJOY!
March 24, 2020
The What's Your F'n Binge?! current picks to watch!
Joe and Chris Take  a look at the current binge-worthy episodes airing new show's at the moment! Joe takes a trip down memory lane and gives a retro pick (not named M*A*S*H) and his current pick is something he predicts that by 2023 or so we will be looking back on as the BEST series ever from Netflix- right up there with the all time great 10's like SOA or GOT . Once you hear what it is you'll have to check it out for your self but we think this series is a sure fire  10 in the making. Chris' current pick takes us way off the beaten path and with what is going on in the world today, it is a great way to shut out the current events and lose your self in a cool world of hunting, great scenery and culinary arts you may not have seen coming! With 8 seasons out its a great way to kill this quarantined world we live in today. . 
March 18, 2020
We have a great guest on this week, Don Smith. Don is well known and immersed in the comedy scene in Ohio. He runs Wiley's Comedy Store as well as hosts The Life Radio Show on WWSU FM in Dayton a live variety comedy show that airs every Tuesday night, be sure to look for it on The Life Radio Show page on Facebook!  Don brings us a great little show called Norsemen a medieval setting revolving around the daily life of a quaint little vikings settlement with ALOTTA tongue and cheek humor. From the raids to the political intrigue, even the daily life of a slave is funny in Norseman. The scenes are well shot, the plot moves along,  a little predictable at times but when that happens more unusual Norweigen humor is right around the corner and it's a blast to watch from beginning to end! It's available now in its 4th season on Netflix and all of the 1st seasons are still available with the new season just out, only 25 minutes a episode so you can catch up pretty quickly ( which we strongly suggest). We give this a respectable 7.5 from Joe and a 8 from Chris so if you are need in need of a new show that moves quickly and no need to know the backstory and you want some humor and medieval settings thrown in for good measure- this is the show for you my friends! 
March 12, 2020
The Real Larry Hankin
What a blast! We talk to an Hollywood legend who has made his name appearing on just about everything you have ever liked! Seinfeld, Friends, Mr. Belvedere, Home Alone, Escape from Alcatraz, Pretty Woman and even Star Trek VOYAGER! Our conversation spans 7 decades of Hollywood myths, legend, lore and some really cool facts. Not too many people have walked off a take with CLINT EASTWOOD, but Larry did. Ever wondered how many takes and donuts it took to create that iconic scene in Home Alone? We discuss that and many other points of Larry's great and storied career, we hope you have as much fun listening as we did. A true great, a comedian, artist and all around great guy!
March 4, 2020
Frankie and Grace
This week the guys have Jacky Rom on the show. She is a celebrated author, screenplay actress and amazing teacher in the London area! Her podcast is called: The life of a Crime Novelist. You can see her currently on AmazonPrime in: Method of a Murder. You can also catch her latest series of books, The Adult Crime Series with her latest release of Vegas to Villianny.  Jacky has us watch Frankie and Grace. The comedy of 2 families led by Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin, Jon Masterson and Martin Sheen. The 2 families are soon with earth breaking news that gets this new- female oriented "odd couple" together for a lot of Laugh out loud moments. Socially contemporary as well as endearing. These 2 Ladies become "golden years" best friends at a very late stage in life after having their world turned upside down by both of their husbands.  Catch it on Netflix before the new season drops this fall in 2020.
February 26, 2020
The Mandolorian Review
We have Orrie Decker on as a guest, from oppiechopz on Youtube! We discuss everything from the Mandolorian series, whether its cannon from the books, comics, movies or even cartoons. Tune in and see if we nailed it or not.
February 20, 2020
The Marvellous Mrs Maisel
The guys review the new hit show from Amazon Prime- The Marvellous Mrs Maisel! A history lesson with comedy as a centerpiece. Showing the comedic origins of Lenny Bruce ,as well as, you guessed it, Midge Maisel (The Marvellous one herself). From her humble beginnings in Grennich Village to her historic sit-down on the Famous Johnny Carson Couch. A Comedian decades before her time, with punchlines and family drama we watch her historic rise within the comedic ranks of New York and the nation as whole! 
February 14, 2020
Joe & Chris' Top 10 Most Influential Of our Lifetime
Joe & Chris talk about the Most influential movies that recieved Oscar recognition when they were released or when we saw them. We discuss the movies that were 1st of their kind, leaders of genre or the Gold Standard of their time. Back to the Future to The Exorcist to The Way Way Back and Rain Man and many more obviously are discussed. Is your Favorite movie on the list? Tune in and Find out on the 1st of 2 installments. 
January 29, 2020
What's Your F'n Binge reviews DARK from Netflix and Riverdale from the CW Network
This episode is a 2 parter that we recorded over the holidays. 1st part is an interview with Audrianna Simmons about Riverdale. Part 2 is our review of DARK after Joe's interview with Edwin. A "legitimate Mexican". This is Joe's 1st actual interview and since the review was recorded all in 1 shot for both shows we decided to publish it as a all in one episode.  There are a couple of audio issues and we are aware of it as this was recorded before we upgraded some of our tech so be patient we are learning on the fly and trying to stay true to the original concept.  Thanks to everyone who listens we greatly appreciate it !
January 8, 2020
What's your F'n Binge's Top 10 of the 10's
Joe &Chris discuss the best rated and loved series of the past decade.
January 6, 2020
Joe and chris' current picks
Joe and I cover our current binges, getting ready for tge holidays and other shit
December 20, 2019
Dead to Me: Episode #1
We check out tge new Netflix series Dead to Me.
December 10, 2019