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Church Mouse Chronicles

Church Mouse Chronicles

By M & B
Join two little church mice M and B as they discuss life topics and events from their unique little creature point of view. They are two Orthodox Christians from Belgrade Serbia, so they share a Christian perspective. They love to have fun conversations and publish them on Mondays! And eat cookies. And cake. Also cheese. No fish please. Ok, some fish. But no hake!
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Mice Pilgrimages: Dubrava Monastery
In the first episode of the series we've been meaning to make since forever M & B are joined by M's family to visit the beautiful Dubrava Monastery on the slopes of the Zlatibor mountain. We talk about and share our experiences of this hidden jewel of asceticism that was founded in a very miraculous manner.
March 5, 2021
Patriarch Porphyrios - Man for All Seasons
Serbs finally got their patriarch and we comment on multiple facets: what were people hoping for during the elections? Did even the atheists have their preferred candidate? (Yes) How difficult is to be a patriarch? (Very) Will we stray from the subject? (Yes)
March 3, 2021
Bishops, Government and Miscellanea
Today we talk about... well, everything. Bishops, electing the new Serbian patriarch, how the Serbian constitution from the 19th century treated slavery, prayer for the government, the people in power... you know, all the things normal people talk about in their spare time! And now you get to listen to it! Hint: a small treat in the end.
February 15, 2021
Are Orthodox Christians Toxic Online Or Salt To The World?
Well, Twitter's dark pattern design is at it again, for the sole purpose of pitting us against one another. After a minor Twitter scuffle, we share some of our thoughts and opinions: why do Orthodox Christians have a reputation of toxicity online? Does it have to do with the Faith, or with demographics, or is there some maleficent part of Twitter's design that crunches out arguments and senseless fights? Is humor a problem? And finally - how can we do better at witnessing Christ both to one another and to those outside of the Church?
February 5, 2021
The Don’t Let TikTok Kill Children Challenge
Ok, so B triggered the Church of Satan on Twitter, and someone called him an Ecumenist (nothing new nothing novel). But that's not important because we're losing children to TikTok challenges!
January 30, 2021
Freelancers In Serbia, Feel The Pain
Being a freelancer in Serbia is no longer fun. Join us as we venture through the bogs and moors of Serbia's bureaucracy hell. Ever heard the famous hits "The eco tax" or "You need the company seal to accept this letter"? Well we who live in this Ship of Fools have. Finally, another rant episode, we didn't have one for so long.
January 20, 2021
Our Christmas and Scary Story Dice
Well, we've had quite an eventful start of the year, but first, let us focus on what is the most important: How did we spend our Christmas festivities? Do the two of us ever miscommunicate, and how epic can it be? We also tell our own (lame) spooky story based on the story dice, an amazing way to get your kids' (and yours!) imagination crackin'!
January 12, 2021
Council of Saints: Holy Martyr Deacon Habakkuk of Belgrade and Holy Martyr Hegumen Paisios
“There is no better faith than that of Christians, a Serb belongs to Christ, he rejoices at death; The dread judgment of God awaits for Turks as well, So do as you please! Your comeuppance is close at hand God is the witness and His is the justice!” Troparion, 4th tone As true soldiers of Christ, you shone forth with meekness and humility and for Christ you suffered courageously, O Holy Martyrs Paisius and Habakkuk, but your deaths proclaim to all hat it is better to die for Christ and for one’s country than without Christ to gain the whole world. Kontakion, 3rd tone. In this world you lived like angels and by your lives fulfilled the Gospel. You laid down your souls for faith and country, in death you showed yourselves to be stronger than your tormentors, therefore we celebrate your memory, O holy venerable martyrs Paisius and Habakkuk.
December 30, 2020
What Are We Thankful For In 2020?
In today's episode, we share what are we thankful for in 2020. And then the earthquake hits.
December 29, 2020
Time Management & Censing Course
Today, we share our secrets on how we fail our own time management principles. We also share principles that we do not fail at, as well as our controversial censing techniques. Waste an hour with us as we tell you how to organize your time - but also tell us how do you manage your to do lists!
December 22, 2020
Sorthodox Cabinets with Martha
Oh goodness. Oh God. I just stepped in cap. I should clean that. Uh, rambling discussion in theology that ends up with too many cabinet puns. Martha's "Insta" here: @soloandincensed.
December 17, 2020
We Review Our 2020 New Year Resolutions
The time is nigh for us to review our New Years's resolutions. Of course when we made them we didn't know that the year 2020 will be THE year 2020. Thankfully, in hindsight, at least one of us made his resolutions to be very corona-friendly. The other guy managed to check his checkboxes for at least some of his (less important) resolutions. Which one is which? Let's find out!
December 11, 2020
A Journey Through Serbian COVID Hellscape And Back
In today's very serious episode we follow M, his brother and his father to HELL (and back!) - by 'hell' we mean the crumbling health system of a corruption-based, poverty-struck country that's nothing more than a plaything of world powers and pestilential winds. Pardon B's French.
December 1, 2020
Brigid and the Minefield of Pandora's Boxes: Her Journey to Orthodoxy
Brigid is back so we finish where we left off - to answer the question how did she convert to Orthodoxy? What were her struggles? What was the most clickbaity title we could have chosen for this episode in order to optimize clicks, likes and subs? When is your feminism and secularism a mere foil for your jealousy? Thankfully, we have our lovely Brigid to answer all of these questions for us and inspire us to open 5 more hard questions! Stay tuned for our very special guest!
November 23, 2020
Conflicting News On The Serbian Patriarch
A serious episode today. As you might have heard, the Patriarch of Serbia Irinej has passed away due to Covid-19-related complications. You might have also heard that he's still alive and in critical condition. We discuss our own thoughts and feelings over this confusion as regards to health of His Holiness, as well as on the less than stellar approach of the Serbian Church to spreading information. During the episode we mentioned a newly founded humanitarian organization: Kosovsko Pomoravlje ( Sadly they don't seem to have an English version of the website.
November 19, 2020
It's a Monastery Thing - With Brigid (Guest Episode)
How do we approach the lockdown measures from the Church point of view? How to deal with kids as they grow up to find their church under a lock? Just how controversial is veiling in the Church, is it at least cool? Can we get in trouble over it? What are the dark sides of living in a country with a predominant Orthodox population? How does it feel for your husband to get you in touch with a celebrity? We sift through these questions casually and carelessly with lovely Brigid! Texas meets the Balkans, and it's okay!
November 16, 2020
Catchup Episode (On St. Luke, Halloween and Met. Amphilochius)
Wanna see how friends catchup after 2 weeks? :) You're right, "friends" might be taking it too far. But we talked about many things with a smile, join us :)  Hint: Troparion to Met. Amphilochius played at the end of the video was written and sang by a church custodian from Belgrade, Serbia. May The Lord reward him for his heart. Full version in Serbian available here: and in English here:
November 5, 2020
Mice VS Ivan The Teenager
Our new special guest is an altarboy, a judoka, a Russian, an American and a teenager - and an aspiring physicist! What are his altarboy pet peeves? What is in vogue with today's youth? Physics, really? Find out that and more in the next episode of Teen Mice Chronicles!
October 20, 2020
Austin Suggs, Protestant Consultant From Gospel Simplicity
The mice have their own Official Protestant Consultant! His name is Austin and he's awesome, as you'll see within the first 15 minutes of our conversation. Austin runs a great Christian YouTube channel that goes by the name "Gospel Simplicity" where he explores Christianity from the lenses of different Christian faiths. He has just discovered Orthodoxy so let's cut him some slack :P Sub to him tho, he'll be having some prominent Orthos as guests on his channel in the days to come.
October 16, 2020
We Failed To Record An Episode So You Get THIS Instead!
We wanted to record today so badly! But life (and our town manager Mr. Idiot) said NO! So we give you an impromptu, raw account on our failed day today. Enjoy if possible. 😂
October 9, 2020
There Is An Impostor Among Us
Electrical. Sus. Impostor. Not 'Imposter'. Where? Vent. Emergency meeting. Report. Crewmate. Meltdown. Sabotage. Download. Wiring. If these words don't mean anything to you in succession, you're missing a bandwagon to the world's most trendy game of 'Among Us.' There is an impostor amongst the crewmates of a spaceship. Two of those crewmates are mice... or is one of them an Impostor? We share our thoughts and the experiences of the game.
October 3, 2020
Eastern Orthodox Half-Jew Half-Sorcerer
In this one we have a special guest whom we decided to describe with the most click-baity keywords we could think of (hopes up that YT doesn't automatically ban us or something). It would be a major mistake to reduce him to a walking conspiracy theory though, as he is so much more! We do not refrain from asking him politically incorrect questions, and he does not disappoint with his answers.
September 16, 2020
Livestream Numero Uno
We are trying this new 22nd century tech over here and we are ready to engage. People were so cool in comments BTW :)
September 10, 2020
Conspiracy Theories 2, Hot Takes
Okay, you guys really liked our previous episode... or not, we have no idea, we're writing this stuff in bulk, who knows if it even got published?! Yeah, what about 5G frogs? So anyway, for this episode, we have a poisoned treat for you: we share our personal thoughts on the most popular conspiracy theories! What about the best conspiracy theories? We don't know anything about those. They're conspiracies, after all. And theories. 5G frogs will rule the world.
September 8, 2020
Conspiracy Theories
Your two favorite lizards ...err ... mice ... have formed a cabal in order to rule the world .. of YouTube podcasts ... by unleashing 5G frogs that breathe chemtrail upon every vaccinated soul on this flat disk we call Earth. The mice talk about conspiracy "theories" (wink wink) as a way to throw you off their track.
September 3, 2020
We Do Not See The Other Person
Times are changing. Our daily lives are becoming increasingly more self centered. In such a climate, it is all too easy to focus entirely on ourselves and simply lose sight of others. Our mice have that exact issue: we fail to see the person we are conversing with, and in doing so, we need to ask ourselves - is the walrus that is far away less important than what the wild dog in our vicinity!?
August 20, 2020
The Churchnapping of Hagia Sophia
In another entry to the huge book of 'Persecution of Christians' we add the taking of the famed cathedral of Haghia Sophia. Mind you, it was a functional cathedral nearly 600 years ago. Then it became a mosque, then a museum, and now, strange people with foreign customs have deemed it right to snatch this jewel of Christianity before our very eyes. How should we as Christians react to this tragedy? The mice share their thoughts.
August 12, 2020
Mice Talk About Their Childhood 1/2
We left the previous episode at a cliffhanger. What was the TV show based on a game or whatever that starts on "M" that B loved when he was a kid? Well, in this one, M solves the puzzle, and we get to learn even more about B's creepy childhood. Don't worry, M's childhood was normal. The dream from the previous episode was an anomaly really.
July 23, 2020
Mice Talk About Their Childhood 1/2
Our mice share their dreams and memories of their childhood. What were their neighborhoods like? Whose parents nearly divorced over a horror movie? Who suffers more from nostalgia? This is the episode where half of our childhoods are revealed! Also, M had the weirdest dream...
July 22, 2020
Mice & Covid 19: Our Experience and Social Background
Well, the mice have pulled through, thanks to M resourcefulness and no thanks to B's initiative. What does having corona feel like? How many people did we spread it to? Are people in Serbia protesting over new curfew measures or is there something deeper behind all of it? Join us, but don't get too close. A little farther. Farther. A little more. There.
July 15, 2020
Mice On Cancel Culture
What does it take to make B go from a nice church mouse to a rabid rat? Cancelling his favorite YouTuber, of course! M, being an avid Twitter user, is no stranger to the concept as well. We bring out the big guns against the cancel culture.
July 8, 2020
The Mice Perform an Autopsy on Serbian Elections
The elections in Serbia have ended. We have boycotted them, as well as pretty much anyone sensible. The elections themselves have been pretty much what you would expect... except for a couple of things that even the top comedians couldn't really think of! Join us as we perform an autopsy on the festering, bloated corpse of the Serbian elections!
July 3, 2020
Mice Play "Would You Rather?" (More Like "Never Again")
Ok, guys, we know, it's a stupid game. But nobody told us! We just weren't at all impressed with the questions, even though we admit there were some that made us think and - as always - laugh our little mice behinds off. We'll do better next time.
June 24, 2020
Mice Comment on Serbian Parliament Elections 2020
Now this one is gonna be one crazy episode people! The people of Serbia are about to experience another ridiculous round of pre-determined parliament elections. The Lord knows that nothing can be done to get rid of the ruling party and its president (also president of the country), but you know that the mice always find their way to comedy in everything. Join us as we review the pre-elections propaganda church mice style.
June 16, 2020
Mice Answer Questions from "Dear God" by Dax
Somewhere within the endless stream of questions B gets on a regular basis there was a request to check out a song by an artist named Dax, titled "Dear God". It seems to be a bit of controversial piece, questioning faith, religion, mankind and whatnot. In a big way it is a list of questions someone who seeks God might be asking (and hopefully trying to answer). The mice decided to answer all questions, one by one :)
June 11, 2020
M & B: The Inside Story
The mice care for their audience. We've developed a bond of trust that can hardly be shaken. And we care for you guys so much we're doing something special in this episode: we are taking you to a journey to our innermost being. We are really diving in deep! And we're ever so thankful to have you with us.
June 7, 2020
On Ecumenism and Ridiculous Song Lyrics
The mice just can’t let it go. Ecumenism is a thing. Not our thing maybe, but it seems to be important to many Christians. The mice wonder what motivates ecumenists, tell a joke, remeniss about times when B used to work with M and laugh hard at the lyrics of the song Ameno by Era.
May 29, 2020
Forest Q&A
Our mice have finally left their city lair and are enjoying the greenery for the first time in forever (for M) or for the first time since last week (for B). We answer all the world's most googled questions: why is M underwhelmed when he attended a Liturgy? Is B an ecumenist??? We also have a special announcement regarding the direction of this channel and ask for feedback, all the while being showered with caterpillars and ants...
May 21, 2020
Movies and Shows and Oh My
Our mice have too much time on their hands, and that simply won't do! In this very special and final quarantine episode, mice give you their best and worst shows and movies. Deep dive with us as we talk about holy monks, sly pastors, insane movie directors, conjured kings of hell and, worst of all, shady lawyers.
May 16, 2020
Mice Hot Takes - Why Does God Want Us to Worship Him?
Let us be frank - we didn't know what to make of today's episode. But, we had a plan! Turns out B has a backlog of questions from his other YouTube channels he didn't answer yet...   So we picked a question at random, put it back, picked another one at random, put it back, and we repeated the process as much as possible until we got a question we liked! Truly a work of Providence. We also ranted a bit about motivational speakers and YouTubing in general.
April 28, 2020
Christ Is Risen! The 2020 Truly-Indeed Schism
Our mice are celebrating the glorious Resurrection of Our Lord! One of them got a special blessing to attend the Paschal liturgy (spoiler warning: it's not the prettier mouse), but the other one had his eggs die. That is, they got a better dye. It sorta evens itself out. So what does Pascha means for us, and our eggs? Find the Truth in this episode, for He is risen trul- indee- quite.
April 20, 2020
Guest Episode: Ft. John Cox - On Not Having It Our Way, and Pizza
In today's episode, we decided to take a breather from all the corona talk and dump all of our viral worries unto Fr. John Cox, mostly because he was available (as in he had 2h to spare and he couldn't think of an excuse to avoid the show due to the lockdown). Luckily for us, he assuaged our worries by telling us what we needed to hear: that this Pascha and this Holy Week and this Bright Week will be precisely as they should be! And we almost turned this into an episode about pizza...
April 14, 2020
Guest Episode: Fr. Photius Avant - Is Corona Chastisement from God?
Our mice have successfully hunted down their first priest. And what a great guest he turned out to be :)  We spoke with Fr. Photius Avant, the pastor of St. Sava Church in Allen, Texas (Orthodox Church of America), about how us Christians can (and should) use these challenging times to reflect, learn, adapt and follow Christ.
April 8, 2020
We Shall Have A Joyous Pascha!
Our mice are in high spirits and they won't let some run-of-the-mill microbe put them down! They especially won't let it spoil the joy of Pascha for them, or anyone else. There will be 'Christ is risen.' There will be bells of joy ringing. There will be paschal breakfasts, in front of webcams and smartphones if need be - we shall have a Joyous Pascha!
April 4, 2020
Mice Debate If Christians Should Take Communion
Our mice are on the brink of insanity (doing Church Mouse show being one of the symptoms). They must not succumb to writing poetry! Or God forbid B actually singing while M plays the ukulele!?  That is why they are debating on a controversy that's all the rage right now - on whether Christians should take Communion during these trying times.
March 28, 2020
My My My My Corona (Stay Healthy)
It was only a matter of time - our mice were separated by illness, but not in spirit! We share our thoughts on the Serbian response to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, sacrificing video and audio quality for the sake of staying healthy and practicing common sense...
March 18, 2020
The Great Lent Challenge
Our mice (and their fellow Orthodox Christians) are entering Lent, a time of fasting (diet), intense prayer (quantity matters) and pious showmanship (wink wink). Can you pray and fast more than the mice this year? Are you pious enough? If so, we invite you to join our #GreatLentChallenge2020! Non-Christians welcome. Also Copts.
March 4, 2020
Mice Talk About Real Life Miracles
Mice talked about...miracles! More or less successfully, because making fun of Catholics and Copts was just too tempting... Anyways...miracles! Which ones do you prefer? Recurring miracles, one-time miracles, fake miracles? Our mice are partial to those simple miracles, the real life ones. Hey, did you know M was a 1st hand witness of a real miracle? Whoa...
February 26, 2020
Mice Talk About Moles And Toes (Failed Miracles Episode)
Mice really really wanted to talk about miracles. But they got side-stepped by B's mole. Not just any mole, mind you. A mole shaped like...any other mole really. Also M's hurting toe. They can't stop talking these two! Where are the miracles they promised?
February 24, 2020
Mice Reflect On Morality And The Church
Morality...such a "sigh" kind of a topic. But mice are not shy to discuss and reflect on how morality looks like in the Orthodox Church and in Serbia in general. Hint: it doesn't looks that good.
February 24, 2020
Mice Talk About Their Pet Peeves
Pet peeves... Let's face it, everyone's got them! Christian or not, philanthropist or not, things annoy us. Sometimes these are very specific, little things that makes us go mad and run in circles. What about the mice? Petty, petty mice!
February 24, 2020
Mice Wonder If Vampires Are Real?
Our mice have returned from the land of the dead to plague the living from the shadows with lame jokes, fine clothing (mostly) and bloated bodies (again, mostly). But ways to repel these bloodthirsty mice exist! What would these be? Listen and find out! Also...sorry for the audio, someone messed up... Ok, M messed up. Stupid stupid M.
February 24, 2020
Mice Talk About Their New Year's Resolutions
New Years Resolutions... we all love them, we all make them, we all FAIL them. Instantly! Like, the very next day! Why is that now? How should (Orthodox) Christians observe New Year resolutions? What are our own New Year resolutions? Let's dive in! References: Neuroscience Explains Why You Need To Write Down Your Goals on Forbes "The Crucifixion" on IMDB Mary Kondo and all that minimalism
February 24, 2020
Mice React to 16 Observations About Orthodoxy Online
On January 1st, 2020 Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick published his 16 Realistic Observations about Orthodoxy Online article on the Ancient Faith Ministries blog, and it is such an objective and detailed report on the English speaking Internet dwelling Christian Orthodox folk. As our mice have the word "VIDEOS" (all caps rage srsly) in their New Year's resolutions for 2020, they decided to kick start their new project by reacting on a well devised article that pretty much sums up the "Orthodox Internet". References: 16 Realistic Observations about Orthodoxy Online by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick Saint John Chrysostom on Bible Illustrated Differences Between Orthodox and Catholics on Bible Illustrated
February 24, 2020
Ideas That Went To Oblivion
We talked about ideas. Ideas that we had (or someone else had) that never came to life. Are there many? Sure. Are they great? Absolutely not. But they are ours and we're proud of (a couple of) them. Comments:
January 23, 2020
Persecution of the Church in Montenegro
We had our fair share of dark episodes - burning of Notre Dame, serving the Black Mass, but this one is especially dark. We explain the issue with the new so-called "Law on Religious Freedom" that came into force in Montenegro, and how it is aimed specifically at destroying the Serbian Orthodox Church. References: Heavenly Liturgy, a poem by St. Nikolai Velimirović Comments:
January 6, 2020
Serbian Christmas Customs
Christmas is a big thing in Serbia. Except... it does not fall on December 25. Oh no. Not by a long shot. And that is just a small speck in the weirdness that is a typical Serbian Christmas. It is a weirdness that we've all come to love and cherish. Take this trip with your two favorite mice and get lost in the snows! Comments:
January 6, 2020
Pot City, CA, USA
M goes to LA, where he is exposed to two things he probably dislikes the most: weed and traffic jams. Of course, he gets mercilessly mocked by B, who stayed behind, and is not salty about it at all, especially when it comes to bringing it up in random places, such as podcast descriptions.  Links:  The Walkable City, TED Talk by Jeff Speck  Hooters, yeah...  Side Project Comic, a side project comic  by B Comments:
December 24, 2019
Boredom and Black Mass
Our mice are back after a long hiatus! No, we did not have a falling out, but you know those days when you simply can't match with the other people? Well, it was a conga of such days for the two of us! Sadly, it wasn't a conga for a bunch of guys who wanted to serve a black mass in a brewery. Talk about edgy! Edgy in trying to hard to be cool that you turn out ridiculous edgy. Oh, and we talk about Chrysostom some. Welcome back! Comments:
November 28, 2019
Beasts & Bumpkins
Our mice are huge fans of Halloween! Okay, one is, but he is in charge of writing the description for this episode. Okay, he's not even a huge fan, but the other mouse keeps accusing him of it. Anywhoo, what great scary stories our mice have in store for us today? What lives in your basement? How about under your bed? Or, what's even worse... what is that above your bed? Find out and much more in the next episode of... Lurch Vice Popsicles! Links: Jenna & Julien Apology: "The Nightmare" Comments:
October 29, 2019
Deflecto Blameo: IT Trolls and Dark Saints
What does it take to make our Orthodox wizard-mice snap? Is it parking issues? Is it petty drama over things we know nothing about? Or are those energy vampires that breed in your chatroom? The answer is yes. Join us in this spiritual successor to our award-winning Ban Ban Banana episode, and in the end, you just might learn a powerful new spell to help you in your workplace!* *Your mileage may vary. Caveat emptor! Comments:
October 20, 2019
Perchance to Dream of Sleep
Today are mice are awake. They have been awake for quite some time now. Each mouse is sleep deprived for different reasons - whether it's work and kids, or unhealthy amount of content creation, we could all use a good night's rest. A several good nights of rest, actually.  We discuss how we'd like to sleep to sleep more, steps we've undertaken to improve our lives, and more!
October 15, 2019
Dungeons & Depressions
Well, our mice have a lovely ride today. Join us on the rollercoaster of emotion, where we go steep down (depression), then down some more (Serbian society and Serbian YouTubers), then up (discussing Serbian patron saint days and Fr. Peter Gillquist), and we finally plunge to abyss as we talk about Depression Quest, the game behind the Gamergate controversy. Just don't expect us to comment on the controversy, because we don't understand it ourselves. Dungeons & Dragons gets a passing reference in order to justify episode title.  You can check out Fr. Peter Gillquist's amazing book here: You can play Depression Quest here:
October 10, 2019
Work Work Work And No Mosquitoes
Our mice share about their work. It’s mostly boring... But also super fun! Did you know B used to work with M? Or that IT people in Serbia all want to start organic food production? Or how to vanquish mosquitoes in the most dangerous way possible?
September 30, 2019
Birthdays, Books and CVs, But No Politics
B: “Happy birthday M! Let’s talk about work!” M:“Sure, B”. The mice talked about books, birthdays and CVs... Did you know M remembers a birthday present he got from B 10 years ago!? Was it a good one? Nah, but hilarious 🙃 Home of the Lame Selfie Bee: Comments here:
September 25, 2019
Vacation Is Over, Back to YouTube Drama and Twitter Toxicity
With both M & B back from their respective vacations, it's time to move on with the podcast! And where better to start then with some YouTuber drama and a little bit of Twitter love n' hate! Also, B is petty and M is not a fan of conflict. Comments:
September 17, 2019
On The Balkan Mentality Vol. 1
As you already know M & B are from Serbia, which is a part of a geographical area called the Balkans (the Balkan peninsula that is). The time has come for our mice to share what makes their Serbian brains tick - and not just their brains, Balkan brains at large! They put something in our water, we tell ya! So, we share our best and our worst of our famous Balkan mentality! It's a long ride. Comments:
August 21, 2019
Old Games Good Games (Guest Episode)
We have a guest again! His name is awesomeeeee! But it's in Serbian. So we'll have to translate for you. Our guest Ognjen (try reading it if you dare) is passionate about old video games. Our mice are occasional gamers and share some of the passion. Hint: The name "Ognjen" literally translates to "Fiery" as if "surrounded by fire" or "made out of fire" or "burning". Kinda makes sense it people used to name their children like this in the old old days to keep them safe from "bad spirits" and all that... Comments
August 12, 2019
Trip to Paradise or Vacation to Hell
Our mice go to vacation. Obviously things don't go smoothly. That's what you get when you: go to Greece!? visit that town where you were told not to go? go with a friend and stay with his parents??? spend all your money right before your trip back? go with kids??
August 5, 2019
Belgrade of Yore 2/2
Belgrade, Serbia... What a city! Our mice M & B live here since birth but have never even begun to unravel the mysteries of this old and history-rich place. Fortunately, their wonderful guest Vladana is not shy to share :) Comments here: Hint: Our guest's last name translates to "Traveler". Links Vladana's FaceBook page > Vladana Putnik Prica (in Serbian)
July 22, 2019
Belgrade of Yore 1/2
Guest episodes are getting some love! And guest are getting more and more talkative with amazing knowledge and experiences to share! Finally M & B can just sit back, relax and listen to someone else's voice (yeah right...). Our wonderful guest Vladana talked about Belgrade, Serbia from a unique perspective, and she made our mice look at their own city through a different set of eyes. Comments here: Links Vladana's FaceBook page > Vladana Putnik Prica (in Serbian)
July 15, 2019
Friendly Chat With Awesome Initials (Guest Episode)
Our very first guest episode on the podcast! Yey! M & B are joined by a very chatty Korean American...can we even say that??? Ok, a very chatty....person...with AWESOME initials and a great sense of humor. Just the kind we like! Comments here:
July 8, 2019
Ban Ban Banana
Some people like wielding power, and B is no stranger to banning people, whether it's forums or Youtube channels. M opts for a different kind of approach - where does one draw the line at reporting people on Twitter? We also discuss Facebook dying out and people being rude on the Internet. Comments: Attribution Banana / It's literally just a banana Jelloapocalypse's Welcome to Youtube Video Shahak Shapira / Artist Shames Disrespectful Holocaust Memorial Tourists Using Photoshop Outro Music / Minions Banana Song
June 24, 2019
Gotta Have Friends and All That
Having friends is awesome, really. Even when it's just an online relationship. But don't be that boring friend. Also call your friends. But don't idolize them. Also don't have expectations. Have time for them. But not too much time. Comments Attribution Short insert featuring Jenna Marbles / Smosh: The Movie "You've got a friend in me" part of Outro / Toy Story - You've got a friend in me
June 17, 2019
Lie Lie Lie
Lies hurt people, but sometimes they are SUPER FUN! And sometimes we call people who lie and tell tales "barons" and we are pretty sure you do not know why :D Comments Links Here are links to some of the things we mentioned in the podcast: Baron Munchausen, the famous tale teller Leonard Nimoy and his Simpsons reference Lucian of Samosata, the archaic fiction author The Kite Runner, book "Friends": Ross Geller without laugh track = psychopath, video Attribution Intro & Outro / AlexGMusic - Playful Logo @ AudioJungle "Lie lie lie" part of Outro / Serj Tankian - Lie lie lie
June 10, 2019
Overweight People Are Not Fat!
Our church mice lament over the good old days when they were thin and (thought they were) good-looking. No seriously, they were! We also discover that B goes to the gym, not only church and that M did not read the entire Old Testament. Now that's something for B to abuse in the podcasts to come :D  Comments Attribution Intro & Outro / AlexGMusic - Playful Logo @ AudioJungle "I'm fat" part of Outro / Weird Al Yankovic - Fat
June 3, 2019
There's Nothing More Cold Than Charity
In our first episode M talked about a negative experience with giving money to a homeless person, who ended up being a serious drunk. It was terrible! But there are many fun experiences with giving and charity B & M wanted to share, as well as a couple of bad ones. In this episode we talk about those times when people asked something of us, mostly random people, but also our acquaintances and friends. Comments Attribution Death metal background for B / Avenged Sevenfold with death metal drumming The "Amen" from the Outro / Hozier - Take Me To Church (Official Video)
May 27, 2019
On Notre Dame and Other Fires
Mouse B and mouse M in the FIRST EVER episode of the Church Mouse Chronicles podcast discuss the Notre Dame fire and related topics from their perspective... or something like that... It's a mess. But funny. Comments Links Here are links to some of the things we mentioned in the podcast: Notre-Dame de Paris musical Microsoft’s AI chatbot that was corrupted by Twitter Billionaires' pledge to donate millions of USD to rebuild Notre Dame Attribution  Cencorship "tone" / System of a Down - Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition Part of Outro / Notre-Dame de Paris - Les Cloches
May 20, 2019