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The girl out there

The girl out there

By Cindy Ryan
I am a psychic /medium as well as a single mom living a very real life. I have my master level in reiki and use such modalities as emotion code in my practice. I have discovered the more I share about my wild adventure in BECOMING, the more comfortable others are in learning or sharing theirs. I believe there is a healthy balance of Science and Magic which can be interwoven into all of our lives. Listening to the stories here, my hope is we will all see just how unique, amazing, connected and at times messy all of us humans are.
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2022 Energy Forecast

The girl out there

2022 Energy Forecast

The girl out there

Rebirth- Friday Happy Chat
Well I am a month away from my REBIRTH.  I explain what that means in this happy chat and how this can work for others.    I was told to turn up my voice this month and turn up my own unique sound, so I am paying attention to that.    These little happy chats are just little doses of bliss and mess that come rushing in and I am happy to share them with you.  Energy work has taken on such a magnetic level in my life that I just know that this is part of this REBIRTH.  
May 13, 2022
Clean Sober and Proud
This week you will meet Giuseppe Ganci. Giuseppe works tirelessly as the Director of Community Development for Last Door Recovery Society, a non profit charity that provides addiction treatment services for youth, adults and families. Committee Chairperson for Clean Sober and Proud, a series of sober events during Metro Vancouver Pride season. Chairman of the Board of the Recovery Day BC Society, a one-day street festival that features, music, information booths, and over 30,000 attendees. 2022 marks the 10th Anniversary of Recovery Day BC, with an anticipated goal of 70,000 people. Conference Committee Chair for the 5th Anniversary of the Recovery Capital Conference, a national event that brings together recovery leaders, policy makes, and occupational health and healthcare professionals. Giuseppe also co-hosts and produces a weekly live radio show called Talk Recovery Radio on 100.5 fm and streamed live on Facebook. This year marks its 8th Season interviewing guests from across North America to discuss the many paths to recovery and the latest addiction recovery news. You can check out more about Giuseppe at the Last Door Recovery Fast Book Page  #micdrop #addictionrecovery #myrecovery #podcastlife #energy #shareyourstory #trusttheprocess #fridayvibes Clean Sober & Proud   Last Door Recovery   Talk Recovery Radio   Brought to you by Cindy Ryan The Blissful Intuitive:   The Girl Out There Podcast: Follow on Instagram:
May 06, 2022
Run Forrest Run
This month has felt like one full marathon FOR SURE.  I share how in Cindy style, I got lost, but did it while running and ended up running for hours and hours.  This was training I was not prepared for.  In the classic movie Forrest Gump,  Forrest says "It happens" and the person responds "what happens? shit?" and Forrest says casually..."Yup that too..Shit happens". And then off he goes.  He just keeps running until he decides to stop.  I have been thinking about that segment a lot this week.  Shit does happen and so does Bliss.   And that is all I have to say about that. 😁😁😁😁. Lean on in for a beautiful Friday Cup of Bliss with us.  There is a little humour, a little business, I am sure I must cry at some point in this hour and a whole lot of best friend chat!
April 29, 2022
Detachment Technique- help for PTSD and trauma
We have all heard the sirens and seen the First Responders both in real life as well as on screen but to hear the impact of what this SUPER HUMAN work has on the individuals as well as those around them is massive.  Jeff Smith shares so bravely today his story of PTSD and trauma working as a paramedic for close to 20 years.  Jeff openly talks about his years of addiction to alcohol and prescription medications as a coping mechanisms as well as the many types of therapy he tried but could not avoid the dark thoughts, night terrors and in time hopeless outlook.   Jeff speaks about the night when he decided to take his own life to end the suffering pain and the steps that have happened since then. In the last 14 months Jeff has been working with Stephen King; Registered Clinical Counsellor B. Sc. Health and Human Services developing a non profit (which I am now proud to be a part of) supporting First Responders in a 7 step process to recover from PTSD.  You can connect with Jeff Smith at
April 22, 2022
Yes. I am.
Another Friday Happy Chat with me.  I never know where these Friday chats will lead but I do enjoy the process of doing them.  You get to enjoy a few moments with me like a vlog in my life and come along this amazing ride with me as I share what it is like "behind the curtains" as I trust my soul purpose journey.
April 15, 2022
I called this episode REALIZING because that is exactly what I feel we are doing!  We are realizing more and more the parts of ourselves we want to let SHINE, parts we have been hiding and the truths we are ready to honour. I love these conversations with Larry because they are so real and Larry allows me to feel relaxed to ask questions openly and freely.  Today we discuss gender, sexuality, and so much more!  Thank you Larry for making this such a safe place for us to be together to share and learn and to continue to realize we all just want to be SEEN and UNDERSTOOD.  Larry is welcoming all questions and is ready for it! I can not wait for more conversations to come. You can reach out to Larry @larryross1.0
April 08, 2022
Embracing the Sister Wives Concept
This week Dear Diary and The Girl out There discuss a range of topics (what else is new?) but we both reflect on the greatness of having a community of women living together.  A concept I once never understood and even shook my head at.  Well now,  I would love the idea of having a group of solid women and their wonderful husbands join forces to live and work together.  It is amazing how we can change our minds as time goes on and our needs change.  We are not meant to go at this life alone but with others.  Now,  we discuss this with a bit of wit as I don't know if I could completely handle living in the same house with a bunch of other humans- yet I am now understanding more and more how this works!
March 25, 2022
Lead with Love
Today I speak with Kelly Cannon.  Kelly shares about a chapter of life she has just been walking through with her son Nick.  Nick was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last March and their lives have been forever changed.  Kelly shares about how she has been able to remain present for Nick throughout this entire process and how she has been able to find beauty and magic in every day.  I met Kelly and Nick three weeks into this diagnosis and I can attest that this was her outlook the entire time.  This is a podcast that truly speaks for itself and I am excited to share it with all of you.  When I asked Kelly what piece of advise she would give to families who may be just beginning this journey, she said "lead with Love" because Love is the opposite of Fear.  Such a powerful message...tune on in to hear more!  Thank you Kelly for this incredible podcast.
March 18, 2022
Look at Rejection as a Lesson
Today is a "happy chat" with me.  Just a little chat when I let whatever message falls fall.  The biggest message of podcast is to Reframe REJECTION.  We often will not test the waters because we don't want to expand ourselves or to be rejected OR to have to reject another person.  I use the world of dating as example.    Dating has expanded my thinking and my heart in many ways and has allowed me to see rejection as growth for many.  I no longer see it as someone didn't "pick me" or that I am not "choosing them". it is simply that our energy didn't fit but we came together to learn and grow, even for a short period so we can be a better fit for our family, our work and for a future match.  There is simply no rejection.  This is the new reframe!
March 11, 2022
What happens when you do a mentorship with an intuitive
Meet the magical Stephanie Yount!  In the fall of 2020, Stephanie booked a 1:1 intuitive session with me curious about what her soul purpose was.  Little did she know, that asking that deep question and truly wanting the answer was going to mean a life long journey of discovery and a blooming connection with me. Today we discuss how from that first 1:1 session rolled distance reiki sessions, then past life work and then a year of mentorship and Stephanie completing 3 of the 4 levels of reiki training with me.  Stephanie shares how much she has explored and unpacked about herself in this 18 months since her first session.  It would have seemed simple to go to an intuitive and get an "easy" answer but would Stephanie have truly found some of these hidden gems and inner SOUL elements that way?!?  I don't believe so.  I believe that the true work of understanding your intuition is to welcome your shadows and dance with all the pieces that at times feel uncomfortable; for that is when the confidence begins to glow, to allow the intuition to be welcomed in. Thank you Stephanie for taking this huge leap to share with me today.
March 04, 2022
From High Tea to Dollar Store Spa
How do you sum up the month of February for the Girl out There?  Well that title is pretty good!!  There were some very fancy moments that had my heart racing, my passion button for my work on alert and things feeling at a LEVEL 10 and there were also some very Dollar Store Spa moments (tune in and you can get the full depth of that description).  I was going into the month eyes wide open.  The joy of working with an intuitive myself, is that I am prepared for what is to come.  So I set my month up and I knew that there were going to be some big hits my way.  My reminder for myself was to stay in my truth, honour my voice and to also LIVE LIKE PRINCE HARRY a little bit and have some fun.  I was to say yes to things that might feel uncomfortable, even things I would typically always say no to.  Well Dear Diary and I share what we said YES to.   Dear Diary and I were both vulnerable this month in many ways and believe that sharing this is not a sign of weakness but a form of BRAVERY and a form of connection to others.  We are all learning together ! 
February 25, 2022
Honour your VOICE
Tune on in- better late than never- to a little chat with just me!  
February 21, 2022
Time to reframe
After canceling our trip YET AGAIN both Dear Diary and I were feeling a little sorry for ourselves and also feeling badly that we were feeling these emotions.  Both of us very aware that many other people had many other bigger struggles going on; but wanting to also honour our story.  Sometimes we just need a REFRAME, a little pick me up and a new way to look at things as well as some random fun unexpected surprises to keep us going! Tune on in as we surprise Dear Diary with a little pick me up!  You will meet our very dear friend Aretha from @soulfish.wellness who comes on in the podcast to share the news of a surprise for Stephanie.
February 11, 2022
Every mistake is a chance to pivot
Please meet the VIBRANT Alexis Nicole!  Alexis has lived 100 lives at the age of 39 and shares so openly some of her stories on today's podcast with you all.  Alexis has had her fair share of battle wounds and does not look at those scars with sadness but instead sees them as gifts for where she is today.  Listening to her openly share about her years of drug addiction,  her own idea of self, her work to build her relationship with her children and how she is able to now co parent is beyond amazing and then to listen to how the woman can manifest and how she understands it- "simply the best"   Always a pleasure to chat with this wonder!  Thank you Alexis for laughing, talking and CRYING with me.  You can find out more with Alexis at @alexisnicoleofficial
February 04, 2022
Rewind Time
2022 is feeling like the ex boyfriend you take back for the third time hoping it will be different...but it is not!  Today Dear Diary and I share some REAL feelings about where we are at, at this point in pandemic life which is reflected in the clothes we are wearing #2packsweatpants from amazon ordered again.  We turn back time to discuss some of the good ol' days and talk about our first jobs- the moments that truly made us :). Right now we know that life is really heavy, so light conversations can help-  YOU ARE WELCOME.
January 28, 2022
Empowering Moms to put themselves on the priority list
Meet Gillian!   Gillian cares deeply about helping other moms feel better both mentally and physically, by putting themselves back on their own priority list. A busy mom of two, she believes that motherhood does not equal exhaustion, and that is is possible to thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and professionally. Gillian is the founder of Mom Camp, a media and events company that empowers moms to live their best lives. She is also the host of the Mom Camp: Around the Campfire podcast. Gillian has worked in marketing and event management for over 15 years. She is a skilled problem solver and her passion is connecting people with the right solutions that will improve their lives and work.  You can find Gillan @momcamplife and Check her podcast out at Around the Campfire.
January 21, 2022
You gotta go to know
Dear Diary and I have yet another amazing and random Friday coffee chat!  I have been trying to think about a great way to sum this one up, but sometimes you just got to tune on in!  There is a lot of heavy in the world so take a break and enjoy and little bit a of lightness with us!  
January 14, 2022
Way of eating
Cody Maher is back (you can tune into her earlier podcast- "from the scar not the wound") and we dive deep again into topics Cody says she has kept tucked away for years. Here are some words from Cody:  From anorexia and binge eating in my teens and early twenties to having my colon removed at age 33, I am no stranger to food issues and gut struggles. For a long time I was ashamed of my rough past with food and my body, prefering to lead with my various wellness coaching certifications. Those are great, but the drive in me to support others comes from my own experiences. I have walked through the fire and am a self development lifer who is always learning. I am here to walk right beside you towards greater love of your body, health, abundance, and freedom.Links:Insta: @codymaher18 and @agency_wellnessBreaking the diet matrix:  ( also on both insta accounts:)Agency wellness website:
January 07, 2022
2022- "TUTUS" here we come
This is one reflective and emotional podcast for the two us.  As always we discuss the little things in life (which are the big things) and then we dive deep into what we have learned in this year and what we want to take in to 2022.  Which really sounds like "TUTU" to me.   I love you Dear Diary
December 30, 2021
2022 Energy Forecast
Numerologist, Jessica Cerato and I, chat all about the Energy of the year ahead. We discuss ways to best prepare for yourself as well as those around you.  Jessica and I had the amazing experience of creating our first "Dreamshop" this fall:  called "Bewitched, Bewildered Be YOU" and we are  proud to announce we are going to bring it forward again this January as it was such a success.  We share a bit of it today and how it will look this January.  You can head on to my website to sign up for the January 15 registration.  It is such a magical way to understand numerology as well as how your intuition will work for YOU.  Jessica explains how this year is all about alignment and how building a community to support yourself will be extremely paramount for success moving forward.  This is the same "nudge" I have been getting for my business just not through numbers!  It is fascinating how this works!! It is always a pleasure to talk to you Jessica!
December 27, 2021
Boundaries and our Family of Origin
Justine Carino is a licensed mental health counselor, anxiety treatment specialist and host of Thoughts from the Couch Podcast. She helps individuals and families improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, move through feelings of grief, and unravel toxic relationship patterns. Justine has over 10 years of experience treating anxiety utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and Bowenian family systems techniques. She is a graduate of the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology of Yeshiva University and has post graduate training from the Ackerman Institute for the Family, the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and The Family Institute of Westchester where she is currently a clinical fellow. Justine currently maintains a private in White Plains, NY and her highly acclaimed signature online program for perfectionists, The Path to Peace, is launching in 2022 and offers a step-by-step system that is clinically proven to reduce anxiety, set better boundaries and help you create a personal mental health routine. Everything can be found on and you can find her on Instagram @_thoughtsfromthecouch_
December 17, 2021
How Soul Work feels like Magic
Meet Simone Greenwood!  Everyone I am so excited for you to hear Simone today.   Simone walked into my life close to a year ago when I was scrambling to make all the bits and pieces of this business work- including leaping into starting a podcast using only an iphone.  I have always believed in paying it forward in my life in ways that  may not always be seen and or discussed. It can be in hours spent, time given, on and on.  The ripple effect of paying it forward is massive in the lives of many.  Simone saw this and has caught the wave:). Today she shares about her incredible gift to me and how it is allowing Blissfulintuitive to expand like it never could before. We are in a world that often hears the word "abundance" and attaches material items to it, what we share today is the opposite.  I am so grateful that Simone sent the daring email (in her mind) and offered to lift my business and support me in so many ways all FOR FREE.  Yes, this can happen and no I don't believe it is because I am lucky!  I believe it is because there is energy out there that brings things in line for us when we are ready.  Simone and I were both ready to take this adventure on and as we share today;  this is one chapter that is filling our cups of bliss to the max!   Simone Greenwood-  my whole family, my friends and all my clients are forever grateful for you taking a massive leap on a stranger like me.  I will continue to show you that it was worth the jump.  THANK YOU!
December 10, 2021
Christmas Traditions
I fall madly in love with all the signs of Christmas.  The music that starts to play, the lights that glow from house to house and the excitement and magic that is sprinkled around. For a short window of time the children's voices are so loud and we become young again.  For some of us it is brief but I can feel it. I asked for your Christmas traditions too and I couldn't share them all:  but so many poured in!  You shared about puzzle nights, drives to see lights,  Christmas Pyjamas, Advent Calendars, Christmas Caroling to sitting and reading books together.  The magic was in the coming together.  No one shared about a favourite gift or about giving of gifts simply about making memories with those they loved.  This is what always makes me smile.  In these next few weeks remember to focus on what feels GOOD to YOU. 
December 03, 2021
EFT tapping to our true selves
Today you meet Meredith Dawson! As an Early Childhood Educator, mother and human who has faced her share of struggles, Meredith has discovered that there are key tools and techniques that we all need to THRIVE. Each of these is our ability to go back to breath. After 25 years in the education arena, Meredith has TUNED IN and chosen to focus her services with children and teachers. Today we talk about these well being practices and how EFT tapping can be such a beautiful resource. You can find Meredith at and @aspiringthriver
November 26, 2021
Reiki training magic and more
I invited Stephanie to come to Reiki level 1 training with me. This was one mind blowing day for both of us as well as for everyone else who attended. Dear Diary (Stephanie) already had done her training, so explains how this day was different for her. If you are curious about energy healing, reiki or intuition… this will give you a bit of insight.
November 19, 2021
TRANSparent with Larry Ross
Meet Larry Ross! My favourite statement by Larry is: “take up space and nothing has to make sense to anyone else.” Larry is an amazing human I connected with over two years ago on their podcast and two years later they are on mine. “What does pansexual mean?” “Can I ask details about transgender, non binary and more?” With Larry Ross- I can!! Here are the beautiful words Larry wrote: I knew my entire life but was too scared to acknowledge. I felt trapped in a cage built by society and family and didn’t break free until I was 36 years old. Larry was always within but trauma reminded me why it wasn’t safe to speak. When the pain of searching for belonging in every one and thing became too much, I finally looked within myself to liberate & live my truth. My peace is in my daily practice. I continue to learn who I really am as well as what I want, like, admire, respect, etc. I know I’m looking out for my highest self and shining a light where it was darkest for me and may be for someone else. I see you. I hear you. I love you. I’m Larry Ross You can connect with Larry at @larryross1.0
November 12, 2021
Random Friday Facts.
I do believe between depth and stress are the silliest moments filled with random facts, jokes and conversation that will ease all the heaviness. We need these moments. When we break it all apart~ life needs some silly! I put dear diary to the mission of bringing 5 most random life facts to the table for discussion today and we would build our Friday chat around them- ohhhhh did we ever!!!
November 05, 2021
Awakening to Happiness.
Michael Tranmer is an author, professional engineer and TEDx speaker. He is the author of Satori Ananda – awaken to happiness, a memoir about his conscious awakening following the sudden end of his marriage. Michael is a leader in western Canada in the highly specialized field of coastal engineering, where he designs and builds infrastructure along the British Columbia coast. Michael's TEDx talk, re-engineer your life and awaken to happiness, is now available on YouTube. book link: In this week's episode, we discuss "happiness", limiting beliefs and I reflect on the importance of a male perspective.  Thank you Michael for this very real conversation!
October 29, 2021
Embracing silliness at any age
Grab your best friend, put on a costume and get on a FaceTime call. Don’t even react. This is called magic 🪄. Life can get away with us. It is filled with big, heavy decisions and tough turns. Taking moments of silliness, belly laughs, mixed in with a dose of rare depth talk ~ wait for it ~ we get deep… makes the journey that much richer ✨.
October 22, 2021
Overcoming limiting beliefs with hypnotherapy
Meet James Whelan~ a clinical hypnotherapist and mindset coach. James, originally a police officer in England, began his journey with energy with reiki. Today he talks openly about how his life has opened and changed so much since. We talk about how he has embraced love into his life after being a bachelor for many years. This meant conquering many limiting beliefs.. there is always a choice. You can connect with James @equilibrium_wellbeing
October 15, 2021
Have you ever begun to learn more about yourself, about a topic or about someone else and then become uncomfortable with it so you decided to just walk away?  This happens to us all the time.  We don't like discomfort, so remain in a zone.  Stretching ourselves to our full potential means we will meet people who will push us, test us and will provoke inquiry in order for us to go further.  It is up to us to continue the climb.  I have met some amazing humans who inspire me to think in new ways, who have required more of me than I thought was capable (but they didn't), who tested me and at times said things that made me question my own thoughts.  These are good humans to have around!  It has allowed me to now be here!  Today I share a little about the exciting news of my new adventure into becoming and this new Season you will get to hear from some of these great people.
October 10, 2021
Time to date ourselves
We discuss today the true beauty of dating ourselves. How this is important whether in a relationship or “single” as it allows individuals to build confidence, self awareness and understanding of what is important to themselves. I may also discuss a big life decision about getting married as well 😉😉😉.
July 23, 2021
Meditation, mindfulness and more
Meet Hayley Winter! @refuelfit Hayley is from Napier, New Zealand and moved to Canada 20 years ago. She is the founder of Refuel Health & Wellness - One-on-one life coaching, Wellness retreats, Positive mental health workshops and Personal training. Hayley is a single mum to a wonderful 10 year old boy named Ethan. She is a Certified Mediation Teacher, Life Coach Practitioner and Personal Trainer. Hayley is passionate about helping others gain greater inner peace, self confidence, clarity and finding purpose in their life. Tune in Friday to hear her share a beautiful meditation and just glimmer into all her work! Check her out at the following places : Instagram: @refuelfit Facebook: refuelfit Website: Positive mental health video link for school workshops:
July 16, 2021
Beyond our five senses~part 4
Intuitive Feeling! How often have you been told that your emotions are “too big”, that you are “dramatic”, “cry baby”, so sensitive… on and on!? It is time to reframe and see how these feelings are your superpower and how you can truly trust your own intuition.
July 13, 2021
Morning coffee to red lipstick
We cover so many topics in our 6am chat, I don’t even know how put a description to this!! The many thoughts of two best friends before the day begins. We talk about our morning routines, the now famous Vancouver heat wave to what it is feeling like to step into some normalcy again. Tune on in as I am sure our chat sounds similar to some of the chats you might have too!! It is random and silly 🙃
July 09, 2021
Beyond our five senses~part 3
Our inner knowing. This sense is so important. It is the subtle whisper that guides us but we can get muddled with all the screaming of our ego and outside forces. When we begin to train this muscle our intuition strength is vast
July 06, 2021
From lifeless to LifeFULL
Meet the Ms. Amanda Pennino @amanda.pennino I met this vibrant purpled hair rock star of a human when I was guest on her podcast close to one year ago. Since then she and her amazing crew have created a new podcast: Let’s put the Rad in Radical. Which is AMMMAZING! Amanda is a former PE teacher turned transformation coach who is helping women live a vibrant and aligned life. She describes herself as a magic cat lady, plant mom, artist is about to also be a beautiful 💥💥💥💥MOMMA💥💥💥. I have had the great pleasure to work with Amanda since the podcast in group settings as well as in private sessions and I am amazed at her raw honesty, her vigour for life. I wanted others to hear how this shines through in all she does. She does not shy away from her truths or her journey. I feel we could talk for days. Thank you Amanda for this inspiring and fun Friday chat.
July 02, 2021
Beyond our five senses~ part 2
Today I talk about intuitive hearing. How you can trust that voice within and simple ways for you to work that hearing muscle!
June 28, 2021
Beyond our five senses
How we feel is how we know. Once we can slow down and develop our intuitive muscles, we are ready for our workout. But how do we feel? Where are we strongest? Understanding each sense is important and becoming aware of how it can work differently for each of us. Today I talk a bit about SEEING
June 25, 2021
Reiki, energy and beyond
Meet Gina Cook ~ my reiki master! She is a passionate reiki master teacher/ healer, full of wisdom, knowledge, lightness, & empowerment. Her focus is on training the 4 levels of the Usui Reiki System, & she works mostly with women. In this episode we discuss all things energy from how we feel it ourselves, how we live with it to most importantly: how we work with it! You can find Gina at @lovelookinside
June 18, 2021
Dear Diary and I reflect on the need for elements of FUN to be brought back into our lives!! We notice that we are magnets for energy : even to the type of songs we listen too. I talk about bringing some FUN romance back into my life and we both share about how we have been enjoying new elements (flower essences and teaching reiki) but removing the pressure and keeping them light! It is so fascinating to pay attention to us as humans and see the cycles we go through... some ups and downs. FUNTERVENTIONS are sometimes just what is needed to shift the energy and get the sad songs off the track and get you back in the FLOW
June 11, 2021
Emotion and Body Code~ learn to heal yourself
Meet Jocelyn ! Jocelyn Pettitt is an Energy Therapist who enjoys empowering her clients with taking their emotional healing into their own hands. She is certified in the Emotion Code and Body Code, as well as PSYCH-K® . Her sessions have helped hundreds of clients move past their own blockages and limiting beliefs. She is passionate about sharing this world-renowned healing modality with audiences through workshops and public speaking events. She is an instructor at the Banff Wellness Retreat, sharing what she has learned about muscle-testing and communicating with the subconscious mind with audiences yearly. She believes in the innate power we all have to heal ourselves and loves teaching and guiding her clients on their own emotional healing journey. Jocelyn is a published co-author of the international best-selling book 'Heal 2.0- You Have The Power' and her client reach is local and international as she enjoys working with clients from every continent in the world. Her business, Edson Emotion Reset, was recently nominated for the Quality Care Award 2020. Tune in Friday for this informative chat which is passion so close to both Jocelyn and I. Facebook: Instagram: @edsonemotionreset
June 04, 2021
Blooming with flower essences, circle nights to the emotion code.
Dear diary and I share the blooming business! We talk all things (as usual ) from flower essences, to circle nights to Stephanie detailing her experience with my newest training in the emotion code.
May 28, 2021
Full moon ritual with flowers
I have never known much about the full moon~ except it is full 😉, yet this year discovered the joy of creating a monthly ritual for myself in the light of the moon. I share mine with you today. I talk about a special meditation called the ho'oponopono prayer. I will share all the information I have on this prayer with those who request. It has been transformative in my life.
May 25, 2021
Trust your Slow Down.
Meet RAINA! Of @its.just.raina Raina is one powerhouse of a human who has been working in the social media world for just over 8 years. She is a certified life coach who has supported countless men and women with their health, their movement, with changing their lives with consistency being her focus. Yet with huge success often comes storms. Raina has weathered many and in 2020 her body and her mind said enough. She was getting consistent 😉messages to SLOW DOWN but she didn’t know how. She shares about what her life was like leading up to 2020 and how she has begun to trust her inner knowing. Raina has made some massive life shifts but done so in a productive and sustainable way. You can find Raina at: @its.just.raina and
May 21, 2021
From sequins to past life reading
Dear diary and I share about our wild 2hour outdoor patio adventure for Mother’s Day this year (yes we may have been overdressed) and somehow we dive into topics like dating, falling inlove straight into the deep talk of reiki, soulmate connections and past life work ! It is never a dull chat with the two of us. Share with your friends and send me a note @thegirloutthere if you have topics you are interested in!
May 14, 2021
The road back to intuition
We all are energy. We live in a world with many distractions so becoming quiet enough to hear our intuitive voice is hard. The road back to awareness is often not a simple stop- but a slow journey. I share a little about how I came back to it. There is so much pressure now; even to be “awake”, I believe this all takes time, calm and gentle ease.
May 11, 2021
Death Doula~ preparing for the unimaginable with grace
Chalsi Goetz is a Death Doula, Healer and Grief Guide, counselling people in Life and in Death. It is her mission to restore reverence, dignity and grace to the grieving and dying process, and reviving Rituals in Ceremony. Over the years she has studied diligently, sharing her knowledge and gifts, opening pathways to hope and healing by offering 1:1 support to those who are ill, preparing for transition or grieving the loss of a loved one. Guiding her clients to connect with their own power to heal, using a layered approach with techniques learned over the years, listening to the voice of her soul and the ancestors who walk with her. Sharing messages from those who have transitioned, helps clients to begin nurturing and softening their grief. She shares so openly on Friday about this beautiful practice. Thank you Chalsi for sharing here with us! You can connect with her at
May 07, 2021
Real talk of Covid Life
Dear Diary and The girl out there talk about the ups and downs of Covid Life: we share about the real juggle of wearing many hats and the importance of being able to accept where we are in life. Sometimes that will mean not meditating or looking for a sign, it will mean doing ABSOLUTELY nothing!! These Friday chats remind me about the true value in being authentic, real and to be able to laugh at myself and have someone who can laugh right along with me ♥️
April 30, 2021
Midweek downloads💕
Flower Fridays! How flowers have become so magical in my life.
April 30, 2021
Power of perception ~ YES ME vs WHY ME?
The vibrant Tiffany Lester shares one amazing story filled with honesty, laughter, tears and raw truth!! Tiffany talks about the rollercoaster of dating , divorce to the unexpected adventure of falling in love with a woman. This love showed her more than most humans will ever see - as she soon was supporting her partner through the courageous battle with ovarian cancer. Tiffany shares about grief, death and how through such sadness she saw true LIGHT and how she has developed a business and soul passion to now support others in palliative care, requiring pain support and beyond. How she shares this story with such joy, it reminds me to always keep my feet rooted and my perception to the sun ☀️ . You can find her at @mblapopethcary and
April 23, 2021
Reiki and our 7 chakras
We hear about chakras often these days... but what and where are they? Tune in for my midweek download about reiki and the power of our chakras
April 22, 2021
These are a few of our favourite things 💕
As I have begun to unravel the layers of who I am spiritually, the biggest element is looking honestly at all the day to day pieces of me. In order to be authentic I knew I must incorporate this into this podcast. Do you take time to sit in mindful silliness? Thinking about how you love a good pen, the crunch of an apple or a book you read over and over? I believe these moments are just as precious as knowing all the facts in a textbook. They are what fill us with JOY 🌈🌸❤️. Dear Diary shares her favourite “other” podcast and more while I share my favourite (random) movie, book and more!!
April 16, 2021
How to connect to spirit guides
People are so curious about the guides and spirit team around them... I have decided to share some weekly tips and tricks to connect back to your own magic support network ⭐️
April 14, 2021
Behind the purple curtain: what it is like to work with a psychic/medium
Meet Claire and Christine! Two amazing sisters and clients of mine who I met close to two years ago. This week they openly share about their nerves, apprehension and curiosity of working with me and how their lives have been transforming since. Thank you so much Claire and Christine for being vulnerable to dare bravely and speak on this platform so others can hear what this work is like. I am humbled by the words in this podcast and appreciate your trust.
April 09, 2021
Meditation: stretching beyond our limiting beliefs
Breathing and paying attention to our own thoughts and bodies is in important part in stretching ourselves further in this life. How often do our words/thoughts/actions truly align? Slow down and begin to stretch beyond what has limited you.
April 09, 2021
How we accept our current reality and create time to imagine ❤️
This week Jessica of all things numbers (numerology) pops in for a fast segment to answer some questions which dear diary and I still had from last weeks episode~ thank you!! We also explore the “what if’s, I wonder and trusting ourselves.” As well as how to stay solid in our own knowing.
April 02, 2021
Midweek download🌸~ noticing and imagination! Tips from my intuition toolkit
We often are so rushed in our daily lives that we don’t notice the intuitive nudges we get ALL the time! I share a few of the fun ways I play with intuition from my wellness toolkit 😊
March 31, 2021
All things numbers 1111
Meet Jessica Cerato!! @jessica.cerato and Jessica Cerato is a certified numerologist and energy strategist with an inspired vision for the world - to bring the power of numbers mainstream! (SOULSTREAM as I call it). Using intuition as her most powerful business tool, she empowers women to step into their sparkle by realizing their unique numerological energy and the energy around them. By connecting the frequencies that make up the energy equations all around us, we can truly feel more JOY in our every day lives.
March 26, 2021
Best Friends are the new couple
Stephanie and I reflect on the value of all relationships: and the true value of best friends. We share about my rollercoaster love with online dating this decade... and more. Come get to know us even more!!
March 19, 2021
Monday meditation
I will do some easy night time meditations. This is about alignment and chakras.
March 16, 2021
Reach for the stars -by being bravely beautiful unique.
Meet Courtney Burns! She is an Astrologer and the creator behind Bravely Beautiful brand. Through her writing she helps people think in new and “different out of the box” ways. Her message is here to help everyone live a life which is fully them. Where they can be themselves- fully accepted on all sides. We dive right into a conversation which talks about the gentle nudge from spirit to be our full self, to how to use astrology in daily life.. to the ways we are growing our social media brands.
March 12, 2021
Midweek downloads ❤️
I reflect on how I have used journaling and “bucketlists” in my life as well as simple daydreams to create a visual for my current life
March 10, 2021
The diary is opened...a little 😉
Stephanie and I decided to share some of the “human” facts about the two of us right up front. All those random, bizarre and silly things you think about or do; well we are just going to share them! Steph and I have two very different lists which makes for one funny episode and after 20 years I am shocked and happy to still be discovering more and more about her. I am still experimenting with my happy place and microphone- so bare with me as I want to be comfortable well I do these!! My mic sound will be perfect soon. We also have a beautiful reflection on last week’s podcast guest- Cody Maher and how the show impacted both of us in unique ways. Cozy up for Friday magic and smiles.
March 05, 2021
Chat with Cody Maher: as we share from the scar not from the wound - Glennon Doyle.
Cody Maher is a former aerialist who spent her twenties and thirties teaching and performing circus arts. Almost a decade ago, after a chronic illness nearly took her life, ended her circus career and left her down a major organ, she dove into the world of wellness and alternative healing. Cody is certified holistic health coach, reiki practitioner and also works with frequency based technology, breath work, and other modalities. She is always learning, broadening her skill set and has a deep passion for helping others find optimal health and wellbeing.
February 26, 2021
Midweek downloads 💗
Just a little chat about meditation. There are so many ways we can do this throughout our day, the most important element is to feel empowered and in control.
February 25, 2021
“Dear Diary” intimate chat with my best friend Stephanie Devlin
Stephanie and I have known each other close to 20 years. The friendship has blossomed into a true best friend love story over the last decade as we were pregnant together (her with twins) and then the many life adventures: moves, career shifts, watching me date (😳) and then of course the big one: when she discovered her best friend was a psychic! This is just the first of many episodes dear diary will be on... but it is funny
February 19, 2021
Midweek downloads ❤️. Prepare for many “cindyisms” to come
These are just 5 minute “resets” I will drop in from time to time when I get a download or a thought
February 15, 2021
Moving out of the world of competition to a world of high vibes collaboration.
Meet Lucca Hallex - Power Sourcerer I asked Lucca to be my first podcast guest as she was the the person who showed me the bridge between all “worlds”. It felt fitting that she be the first as I build the newest bridge of online expansion- BARE WITH ME. Lucca works with the process of empowerment and remembering who you are - what you came to our little blue planet to passionately experience, share and create. She refers to herself as the 'Waker-upper of the Waker-uppers'. She's a messenger who heals, as opposed to a healer who brings messages. Your unique messages come from the place where you know we are all one and that our differences are what unite and empower us and not what divide or diminish us. Her full bio is found @thegirlouthere. In the words of Lucca: “Honour your Quirkiness” and embrace the things that make you unique! This was one incredible talk.
February 12, 2021
The journey to becoming me
Episode 1 Just a little bit about me before we get on this amazing adventure together!
February 03, 2021
January 31, 2021
January 31, 2021