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By Angela Hobbs aka AHDesign
Welcome, my name is Angela Hobbs. Here you will find stories and information to help color your world! Stories from life, my life specifically, from being an entertainer and traveling to parts of the world, to running management for others, owning businesses of my own, and working and creating a lifestyle online. Tips and Tutorials for Creative Lifestyles
One of the first courses I will offer via podcast and discussion forum is, Start Your Own Consignment Business! Watch for it!
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Chakra Insights Episode 4 - Healing Crystals
Healing Crystals are sometimes referred to as Crystals, and sometimes as Stones. Some Crystals are also Gemstones, but not all of them. An example would be Amethyst: healing crystal and also a gemstone. This episode is about the healing powers of these crystals.
June 10, 2022
Chakra Insights Episode 3 – The Seven Chakras
Here we will describe each one of the Chakras and give an overview of things that may contribute to each Chakra feeling blocked or out of well as some themes and questions to ask yourself related to each chakra.
June 10, 2022
Chakra Insights Episode 2 - Chakra
What is a Chakra? What do they mean? What do they have to do with Healing Crystals? Chakras are a way of breaking down, identifying, and defining how energy flows through our bodies. There are seven main chakras. Each corresponds to what we can think of as “energy centers” that run from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Chakras represent a way of viewing how our physical bodies interact with our spiritual or energy bodies.
June 10, 2022
Chakra Insights Episode 1 - Energy
Although you can’t see or touch energy, you can totally feel it. Here’s one way to think about it: have you ever noticed how you feel around certain people in your life?  There’s energy all around us. It flows through us. It’s in the environment around us: the Earth, the Universe, our bodies. All filled with energy forces. You can’t necessarily see it or touch it, but it is there, all around us, every day and everywhere.
March 09, 2022
About Me and Color My Agenda
I have been a "Clotheshorse" of many colors. Now in my 7th decade of life, I have once again pivoted my adventures into the world of printables, as well as called back some of my old learning and stomping ground, meaning the PLR and Resale industry. Mind you, I am no marketer, at least I don't consider myself one, but I have lived a long life, done tens of dozens of things,  and been 1/3 around the world, but I am and always will be, an artist first! I hope you enjoy my little tidbit.
May 11, 2021
An Intro To Consignment
An intro to tell you what to expect if you would like to start a shop, online or off, selling collectibles, or resale clothing.  Over time I will cover how to start by finding and sorting what you already have, in an attempt to both clear the clutter from your life, as well as finding items in your home that you can stock your blooming business. Further on, we will talk about strategies, on how to get clients to bring you their high dollar outfits to resell, as well as advertising tips, and other places to find stock.  If this sounds interesting, please join me at the forum, for this and many other discussions to help you start a business from home, or online. Although we have a paid membership area, the mass part of our forum, will always be free to learn, teach, and participate in. Grab a free membership here
May 11, 2021
7 Minute Manifestation
I have been wanting to do some sort of section on the Law of Attraction for quite some time. I have started this section at the new forum... This is an audio from Manifestation Guru Croix Sather. 7 Minute Manifestation Method will help shift from "random attraction" to "purposeful attraction" for things like: More Money Dream Job Your Soul Mate Dream House Listen to what Croix Sather has to say!
February 28, 2021
How Important Are Book Covers?
Art is the most inspiring visual we have. It can inspire us to great highs or lows, but one thing is for sure,  the art you choose for your book covers, play a huge part in your sales. Listen to the podcast for more.
November 22, 2020
URICKA! I figured it out! Allons-y
Just a quick test intro after figuring out I could use my phone to record an mp4. Just in case your wondering, it is no easy quick process, but it works.  If you have an older flip phone like I do, and it has a USB capability, and a video recorder,  you can record your video or just voice, and use a 3GPP converter, I used the one at ZAMZAR.COM to convert to Mp4, and then you can do whatever from there. They have tons of converters.  I will shortly begin using this process to upload poscasts, and stories for you, as well as some more educational  resources for you. Stay tuned!
August 16, 2020