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By Christy Lingo
Do more of what you love with who you love...Join professional organizer and mom-of-2 Christy Lingo for weekly chats featuring tips to organize and simplify your home and family paired with a delicious cocktail recipe.
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Organizing in Case of Emergency & Heather's Hibiscus Cooler
What do you do if the power goes out for several days? Where does your family meet up if there is a fire? Is your I.C.E. contact programmed in your phone? So often, we don't consider our emergency plans until after the fact. That is why today, in honor of National Preparedness Month in September, I am chatting with professional organizer Heather K. Powers about how to start organizing your family in case of a natural disaster or serious accident in your community. We'll talk about how to get started, what you might include in your emergency kit, and websites for checklists and resources in your community. AND Heather shares a recipe for one of her favorite cocktails that can be served cold or hot. You can find out more about this episode in the show notes at 
September 17, 2019
Creating a Sleep Routine for Kids & Aperol Spritz
An estimated 50-70 million Americans suffer from sleep-related problems. Are you or a loved one affected? If so, I've got sleep consultants Lori and Sara Strong from Strong Little Sleepers to help. Lori and Sara help families develop custom sleep routines for families from newborns to adults. And today they are sharing their tips for creating a sleep routine for your family. And a recipe for a delicious Aperol Spritz. For links to products mentioned in today's episode or past episodes, visit the show notes at
September 10, 2019
Why Hire a Professional Organizer & Apple Pie Champagne
Why would you hire a professional organizer??? Well, that is what I am going to do a deep dive into for you today. I have not one but seven reasons why anyone, no matter what their level of organizing skill, can benefit from hiring a professional organizer. My goal is that by the end you'll be saying "why wouldn't I hire a professional organizer?" I mean, I would! And I give you a fabulous recipe for a sweet, seasonal, and celebratory Apple Pie Champagne. Want more info or episodes? Check out my show notes at
September 3, 2019
Take Back Your Time & Caipirinhas
We all get 24 hours in a day but it never seems like quite enough, does it? That’s why today’s guest, professional organizer and author Morgan Tyree, wants to help you take back your time with her proven time-management system. Morgan's new book Take Back Your Time debuts today and on top her professional organizing business Morganize with Me and writing books, Morgan is a mom-of-3 who has home schooled, lived abroad, AND teaches fitness classes. Sounds like an expert on time management to me, right? And we sip delicious Caipirinhas inspired by Morgan's three years abroad in Portugal.
August 20, 2019
Back-to-School Organizing Tips & Sparkling Raspberry Ginger Beer
Even the most organized mama can use a few tips to get the family back into the swing of things when it comes to the school year. Today, I'm addressing the biggest concerns raised when it comes to back-to-school from the mamas in my Cocktails and Containers Facebook Group. We'll discuss trying to find a balance while doing all the things, how to schedule your family, why you need a morning routine, and how to keep up with all the papers. For more back-to-school tips, don't miss my previous episodes about meal planning, creating a morning routine, organizing kid's papers, and helping your older children plan for after high school.
August 13, 2019
Organizing for Life after High School & Sangria Fresca
If the thought of college visits, college applications, and moving out stresses you and your kids out, I’ve got you covered. Today I’m chatting with organizing expert AND college freshman mom Laurie Palau all about planning for post high school life. And she even sneaks a few general life lessons for all us parents.  Laurie is a professional organizer and founder of Simply B Organized and the SBO partner program which helps connect communities with professional organizers all over the Us and in Canada and Australia. She is also the host of the popular This Organized Life podcast And author of the book Hot Mess: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized.   If you'd like a copy of my Back-to-School Organizing Checklist, click HERE. If you have a back-to-school organizing questions, leave me at voicemail message at
August 6, 2019
Back-to-School Meal Planning Tips & Whole Fruit Margaritas
School is starting very soon...and so is the need for quick breakfasts, packed lunches, and dinners at the end of long days. But never fear, I've got THE expert here. Meet Sally Kuzemchak. Sally is a registered dietitian, author, and mom. She's the founder of, a “no-judgments zone" all about feeding a family, which features advice on picky eating, simple healthy recipes, and lots of reassurance. She is the author of The 101 Healthiest Foods For Kids and Cooking Light on Dinnertime Survival Guide and serves as a Contributing Editor for Parents magazine and a contributor to WebMD. An award-winning reporter and writer, she has been published in nearly 20 magazines including Prevention, Health, Family Circle, Eating Well, Fitness, and Shape. And she is here with us to chat all about her best meal planning tips as we transition from Summer into the school year. And we have the perfect margarita recipes (featuring whole fruit in honor of our dietitian guest). 
July 30, 2019
50 Best Organizing Tips from Professional Organizers & Champagne
It's my 50th episode of Cocktails and Containers! To celebrate, I've asked 22 of the best and brightest professional organizers I know for their top tips on home organization, time management, creating habits, minimalism and more! And since we're celebrating, I've got a rundown on all the ins and outs of sparkling wine so you'll know for your next celebration.
July 23, 2019
Other People's Clutter and Pimm's Cup
Dealing with other people's clutter can create a lot of stress and tension in relationships...whether it is a spouse, kids, roommate, or some other person you share a space with. But neverfear...there is hope for dealing with OPC. And it all started with a DM from my new friend and this week's podcast guest Natalie Hailey. Natalie is a work from home mom of 2. For the past 2 years their home has been under construction. AND, oh yeah, her mom also moved in with them. Along with a house full of possessions and many of her mother's things. Natalie and I discuss how she can create a plan of action to help her reclaim her space and maintain the relationship with her mom. And we sip a Pimm's Cup in honor of my first UK guest.
July 17, 2019
Why Buy an Instant Pot & Stawberry Daiquiris
Wanna know my #1 secret for keeping my sanity in my kitchen? It's the Instant Pot. No joke! (I don't joke about food.) And today I am sharing why you want one, how it works and what you can make in it to feed your family easier. I am all about helping make your mom life easier and I am not exaggerating that this kitchen appliance has changed the way I feed my family. And I'll get you ready for National Daiquiri Day July 19th with an easy and delicious Strawberry Daiquiri recipe.
July 9, 2019
Alexa Tips for Moms & Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas
Curious about the how the Amazon Alexa can make your mom life easier? Thinking about purchasing one but wonder if you'd only use it to play music or set timers? Well, just in time for Amazon Prime Day, I've collected some of my favorite tips for Alexa as well as some great tips from my Instagram community on how they use theirs. Also, we are sipping Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas that will be perfect for your July 4th celebrations.  For links to the skills and products I mention in the episode, you can visit the show notes at (Note: Links are affiliate links)
July 2, 2019
Summer Capsule Wardrobe & Gimlets
Would you love to look and feel good in every item of clothing you own? Would you love to make getting dressed or putting outfits together a breeze? Well you're in luck because this week I have Color Guru Jeannie Stith-Mawhinney and she has some AMAZING tips for helping you look your best this Summer. And she shares one of her favorite simple cocktails that is perfect for Summer sipping...the Gimlet.
June 25, 2019
Follow Up Friday: A Work-Mom Life Balance that Works
On today's bonus "Follow Up Friday" episode we reconnect with Meg who appeared on the February episode "Balance & the WAHM". Meg is here to talk the changes she's made and how they have affected both her parent life and her work life. And she's made some strides in dealing with her laundry issue.
June 21, 2019
Maintaining an Organized Space & Frosé
Have you ever spent time organizing a space only to have it return to its cluttered state in a matter of weeks or days? Well, you're in luck because this week I have my three tips for maintaining a space that you have organized. And I'll give you a super simple recipe for your new favorite summer drink...the Frosé. Think wine slushie...yum!
June 18, 2019
Summer Meal Planning & Peach Bourbon Arnold Palmers
Everything gets a little slower and a little disorganized in the Summer. This can be especially true of Summer meals...late nights, long pool days and heat that makes you stay out of the kitchen. But today I have meal planning expert Ricki Youngkin from Once a Month Meals. Ricki has all kinds of simple meal ideas for summer to help you save time, money and clean up. And we have a delicious Peach Bourbon Arnold Palmer...perfect for poolside sipping.
June 12, 2019
Planning Great Family Getaways & Sparkling Pineapple Sangria
Want tips for planning a great overnight or weekend getaway with your family? Sometimes schedules and budgets don't allow for big family vacations in the Summer, but my friend Donna has some great tips on planning memorable Summer getaways for just a day or two. From using reciprocal membership benefits to staying at State Park Lodge for a fraction of the cost of a hotel, we have plenty of tips for family fun to kick off Season 3 of Cocktails and Containers. And don't forget the delicious "summer in a glass" cocktail this week...Sparkling Pineapple Sangria!
June 4, 2019
Planning Awesome Summer Activities & Orange Creamsicle Mimosas
Summer break is here and I have got the goods on how to plan a "Not Bummer Summer" for your family. My good friend Donna is amazing at planning activities for her own family as well as helping her mom friends find the best parks, festivals and kid-friendly activities around town. And she's here sharing how to plan and actually enjoy summer activities with your family. And we have a delicious Orange Creamsicle Mimosa recipe. If you'd like a copy of the Life Balance Bucket List I mention in this episode, click HERE.
June 4, 2019
End of School Organizing Tips & Vodka Watermelon Cocktails
Who better to prep us for dealing with end of the school year clutter than The Organized Mama, Jessica Litman. Jessica is a mom-to-2 and professional organizer in the Chicago area. She gives great advice on how to organize all the supplies, papers and outgrown clothes as well as how to create a "unstructured structure" to your summer schedule. And all the while sipping a delicious, summery Vodka Watermelon Cocktail from Joyful Healthy Eats.
May 21, 2019
Organizing Kitchens and Pantries and Spicy El Pepinos
I am guessing most of us, myself included, struggle with keeping our kitchens and pantries organized. That is why I am chatting with professional organizer and kitchen expert Allison Flinn from Reclaim Professional Organizing in Raleigh, North Carolina. Allison tells us how to organize our kitchens and pantries and, most importantly, how to keep it organized. And she shares one of her favorite cocktail recipes...the Spicy El Pepino from Wine Enthusiast.
May 14, 2019
Follow Up Friday: When Life Gets In the Way of Decluttering
Welcome to the first in a series of "Follow Up Friday" bonus episodes where I follow up with past guests to see if they made any changes or progress since we last spoke. Today I follow up with Alicia, a mom-to-4 who craves a more organized home but also struggles making decisions on what stays and what goes. You can hear my full original episode with Alicia by clicking HERE.
May 10, 2019
Organizing Larger Families & Sparkling Raspberry Prosecco Punch
For my very special Mother's Day episode, I am chatting with my mom (mother of 5) and sister (mother of 4) about organizing tips when the little people outnumber the adults in your home. We talk tips for meal planning, dealing with toys and coping with busy family schedules. And we do it while sipping a special Mother's Day pitcher punch...Sparkling Raspberry Prosecco Punch from Honey and Lime
May 7, 2019
Creating Habits & Strawberry Mint Juleps
Motivation and goals are great, but it's creating new habits that helps you maintain. That is why we are discussing how to create new habits and the four stages of habit from James Clear's best selling book "Atomic Habits". And I'll give you a tasty fresh twist on the classic Mint Julep just in time for the Kentucky Derby with a Strawberry Mint Julep from Maker's Mark.
April 30, 2019
Self-Care Tips for Moms & Spring Mocktails
Do you ever feel like you put yourself last when it comes to your needs and wants? Do you ever take time to fill your cup? If you are like me, you struggle to take care of yourself...which is why this week's episode with wellness coach Stacey Crew is so important for you mamas out there. Stacey and I discuss why it is so important to take a little time for ourselves every day (yes, EVERY DAY). And she gives us ways we can care for ourselves that don't take a lot of time or money. Stacey also shares with us not one but two delicious spring mocktails that help feed our insides and tastes great with or without an extra shot.
April 23, 2019
Mom Productivity Tips & Sparkling Cucumber Gin Cocktails
Do you want to make more of your precious mom hours? Or are you trying to figure out why some moms get so much done? Well you are in luck with this week's episode...I've got productivity expert Brittany Dixon of Brittany and Co. Consulting. Not only does Brittany help small business owners develop systems to help their businesses thrive, she's a busy mom with 6 year old she definitely has tips to share to help you make the most of your day. And make sure you visit the show notes to pick up Brittany's freebie and Trello tips to help start making your day more productive right away. Oh, and lest we forget this week's delicious Spring cocktail recipe...the Sparkling Cucumber Gin Cocktail.
April 15, 2019
Clutter-Free Easter Baskets & Spicy Peach Tequila Cocktails
 When decluttering, it is just as important to focus on what is coming in as what is going out. That is why this week we are talking clutter-free Easter Basket ideas. And all the while sipping on a sweet & Spicy Peach Tequila Cocktail from The Restless Chipotle. 
April 8, 2019
Organizing Your Finances & Toblerone Cocktails
How organized are you when it comes to your money? Do you have a system for tracking what comes in and what goes out? Or do you just click and pay and hope the money is there? Today's guest is Kirsty Farrugia of Feels Like Home Professional Organising (with an "s" not a "z"). She is also one of the co-hosts of the popular The Art of Decluttering podcast. Kirsty is a mum to 2, self proclaim recovering messaholic, and former financial planner. Which makes her the perfect expert for today's topic. We'll chat tips to get your finances organized while sipping on one of Kirsty's favorite cocktails...a toblerone martini.
April 1, 2019
Finding Time to Organize & Lavender Lemon Martinis
If you are a busy mom who feels like you just don't have time for your organizing projects, this episode is for you! Join me as I chat with full time working, full time student mom Jessi who wants to make her house a home again but is overwhelmed by the amount of time it would take to get there. And a recipe for a delicious spring cocktail...lavender lemon martinis!
March 25, 2019
Travel Organizing Tips & Raspberry Lime Tequila Cocktails
Whether you have a trip on tap for Spring Break or you're just dreaming of a trip in the future, today's guest Kimbra Naber of ReOrg Project has awesome tips to help you plan, pack and actually enjoy your trip. And we have a delicious Raspberry Lime Tequila cocktail for your spring drinking enjoyment. 
March 18, 2019
Paper Organizing Systems & Blackberry Caipirinhas
 Today I am talking with writer and mom-to-2 Kristen about her paper organizing tactics. Kristen has a basic system in place (yay!) but she is finding that it isn't working as well as she wishes it would. She is ready to tweak her system to make dealing with her papers and getting them organized easier. All this while we sip on a Blackberry Caipirinha made with the Brazilian liquor, cachaça. 
March 11, 2019
3 Tips for Organizing Kids & Hurricanes
I've been getting lots of questions from frustrated mamas about where to even begin when it comes to organizing their kids. And that's why on today's episode, I'm giving you my 3 basic tips to get your started on the path to a more organized family. All while sipping on a Hurricane because it's Fat Tuesday this week!
March 4, 2019
Teens, Organizing Systems & Low-Carb Tequila Sunsplash
If you are a parent of a teen and you feel like you are saying that same things over and over and over again, you are in good company. That is why today I am chatting with mom to teens and fellow professional organizer Melanie Strick about strategies to help her teens follow through on the systems in her home.
February 25, 2019
Balance for the WAHM & Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Join me as I chat with mom to 3 and WAHM Meg Kerns of MOKup Media about the joys and struggles of being a Mompreneur and work from home mom. All while we sip Vietnamese Iced Coffee with Spiced Rum.
February 18, 2019
Organizing, the Four Tendencies & Love Potion No. 9
For Valentine's week, we discuss the book "The Four Tendencies" by Gretchen Rubin how knowing your tendency (and your partners) can help you be more successful in the organizing projects you have around your home. And all while sipping on the decliciously romantic Love Potion No. 9. from Tipsy Bartender.
February 11, 2019
Decluttering, Mom Guilt & Blackberry Kombucha Gin Fizz
Do you struggle with getting rid of your kid's stuff because you might use it one day? Or you paid good money for it? Or you're afraid you'll forget about it? Well you are in good company with my guest today. Join me as I chat decluttering and mom guilt with my friend Alicia while we sip Blackberry Kombucha Gin Fizz.
February 4, 2019
Goal Setting Tips & Homemade Vanilla Vodka
For the final installment of my January goal setting series I talk with Ms. Unclutterit Bridget Stralko all about her tips for setting and achieving goals. I'm telling you guys, she is no nonsense and straight to the point. There's no B.S. with B.S. 🤣And I give you a recipe to make your own delicious vanilla vodka to use in all those vanilla vodka cocktails I've been featuring.
January 28, 2019
Goal Setting Tips & Red Wine Mules
In episode 3 of my goal setting chats for 2019 I am talking with professional organizer Mary Cornetta of Sort and Sweet in Long Island, NY. Mary has been a professional organizer since 2017 and recently took on a major business expansion AND launched an awesome YouTube Channel with Tidy Tuesday Tips to tackle organizing your home little by little. We discuss how she breaks down and goes after what she wants while sipping on Red Wine Mules.
January 21, 2019
Goal Setting Tips & Boozy Bailey's Iced Coffee
I'm back with part 2 of my 4-part series on goal setting to help you in 2019. Today I chat with professional organizer Stefanie Wyres of Bring Peace Home in Dallas, Texas. And even though January 12th is dubbed "Quitter's Day" because is is when many people give up on their resolutions, Stefanie and we won't let you do that. Stefanie is a mom and soon to be empty nester that has been organizing from friends and family since she was a little girl.  Hear her  while we sip on Boozy Bailey's Iced Coffees.
January 14, 2019
Goal Setting Tips & Peppermint Schapps Sipping Chocolate
Join me for episode 1 of my 4 part series this January all about tips for setting and achieving your goals in 2019. Today I chat with two other professional organizers from the Columbus area, Lori Cela of Time 4 Organizing and Kelly Beutler of The Joyful Sort. Lori and Kelly share strategies for planning and tackling goals both big and small as well as how they stay motivated to finish something they have started. And all of this while sipping on delicious Peppermint Schnapps Sipping Chocolate.
January 7, 2019
2018 Wrap Up
Join me for some of my favorite clips from 2018 that can help you make 2019 your most organized year yet. For links to all the episodes in their entirety, you can visit the show notes at
December 31, 2018
Hosting a Cookie Exchange & Hot Buttered Rum
What better way to get your hands on lots of those tasty morsels than hosting a cookie exchange with your friends and family. This week, I have tips to make your exchange run smoothly that I've gathered by hosting my friends for the last 12 years. And all while sipping delicious hot buttered rum.
December 11, 2018
Freezer Cooking & Cranberry Lemon Martinis
Are you looking for a solution that isn't just take out or something from the frozen food aisle...again? Meet Tricia Callahan...founder of Once a Month Meals. Once a Month Meals is an amazing freezer cooking site that not only gives you the recipes but all of the tools from shopping lists to labels to make cooking for your family easier, quicker and even healthier. And we chat all about it while sipping very festive Cranberry Lemon Martinis.
December 4, 2018
Clutter-Free Gifts & Tuaca Hot Cider
Do you ever wish there was a way to give gifts without adding to the clutter in your home or someone else's? Well, you're in luck because today I am chatting with two decluttering experts, Rose Lounsbury and Emily Rooney, about how to present the idea of clutter-free gifts to your family and some options for clutter-free gifts to give. All while sipping on yummy Hot Apple Cider spiked with Tuaca Italian brandy.
November 19, 2018
Photo Organizing Tips & Holiday Wine Pairing
When was the last time you purged your photo collection? Whether it's digital photos or photo prints, photos are high on many of our "I'll get around to it" lists. I am totally guilty of this...which is why I am chatting with photo organizing experts Tamara Wowrosch and Kim Rankin of Pixelwinx. And I give you 5 wine suggestions that will pair with pretty much any sort of holiday fare you serve or eat this season.
November 12, 2018
Organizing a Holiday Gathering & Gewurtztraminer
Does the thought of hosting family and friends at the holidays overwhelm you? Have you always wanted to host a large holiday gathering but aren't sure where to start? Today I have 3 steps for you to take to start to plan any holiday gathering. With a little planning and forethought, you can plan, execute and, dare I say, even enjoy a gathering this coming holiday season. And a wine pairing tip for any of your holiday meal favorites.
November 5, 2018
Organizing Holiday Decorations & Orney Mules
Love it or hate it...the holidays are almost here. And so are all the holiday decorations. The explosion of social media has upped the ante on holiday decor. But today I chat with professional organizer Lisa Trigsted of NeatFreak McKinney about tips for creating a beautifully decorated home for the holidays without blowing your budget. And, most importantly, how to store those lovely decorations after you have taken them down. And all while sipping one of Lisa's favorite beverages, the Ornery Mule.
October 30, 2018
Organizing Kid's Rooms & Palomas
Teaching kids to organize can seem impossible. I totally get it. Today I chat with my friend Jessica who is at her wit's end with her young daughter and all the "stuff" in her room. By then end of the discussion, Jessica has some solid tactics to not only get her daughter's room more organized, but to involve her daughter in the process so the strategies will have a better chance of sticking. And all while we sipping on this week's delicious cocktail, the Paloma.
October 23, 2018
How to Finish a Project & Pumpkin Spice White Russians
Finding the motivation to finish a project can often be harder than starting it in the first place. Join me and my friend Katie as we discuss how she can break the remaining pieces of her office organizing project down into manageable pieces so she can start 2019 off with a fully organized space. And we do this while sipping on Pumpkin Spice White Russians.
October 15, 2018
Organizing for Baby & Boulevardiers
There are lots of things that come with having a baby. Some you may need and find useful, some you may not. And so really helpful things you may not have thought of. My guest today is professional organizer and newborn mom Erin Barbot of Erin Barbot & Company in the DC area and she has some awesome tips on what you should register for and organizing your home for your new addition.
October 8, 2018
Heirlooms & Old Fashioneds
Do you have any "heirlooms" around the house you just don't really want or you don't know what to do with? Or you you know you have some “heirlooms” coming your way? Join Christy as we discuss how to define an actual heirloom, how to have a conversation with parents or family members about what you can keep and how to value the items that remain. And all the while sipping on Apple Cider Old Fashioneds.
October 2, 2018
School Memory Boxes & Elderflower Champagne
Still looking for a solution for all those school papers coming home? Never fear because today Christy chats with professional organizer and creator of the School Memory Box Susie Salinas of Systems by Susie. Susie shares what she used to create her get and one of her favorite signature cocktails...Elderflower Champagne.
September 24, 2018
Setting Kid's Morning Routines & Summer Breeze
Getting out the door in the morning with kids can be the most stressful part of the day. And who wants to start the day like that? Today we chat how to set yourself up for an easier morning and make a Summer Breeze cocktail with bourbon that even non-bourbon drinkers will enjoy.
September 17, 2018
Helping Kids Organize & Bellinis
If you ever feel frustrated saying the same things over and over to your kids about organizing their stuff, check out Christy 5 questions to help you help your kids with organizing to change your tactic and involve your kids in the solution.
September 10, 2018
What Clutter Costs You and Wine Spritzers with Laurie Palau
When you think of cost you usually think dollars and I am talking with special guest, author & professional organizer Laurie Palau, about other ways clutter can cost you...time, health, & relationships. And we make Laurie's go-to summer drink: the Wine Spritzer.
September 3, 2018
Responsible Decluttering and Mojitos
I want to make it as easy as possible for you to declutter so today I have resources to responsibly pare down your possessions as well as a tasty Mojito recipe made with eco-conscious Don Q Rum.
August 26, 2018
Organizing Kid's Papers and Strawberry Basil Margaritas
One of the most frequent questions I get as a professional organizer is what to do with all the papers kids bring home. Today I have tips on how to start organizing those papers and a delicious Strawberry Basil Maragarita recipe courtesy of The Kitchn.
August 26, 2018
Meet Christy and Apple Beermosas
Meet professional organizer & mom Christy Lingo as she tackles family organizing issues while sipping on delicious cocktails.
August 26, 2018
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