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EP21: Industrial IT - Asset Performance Optimization

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CodeCast is a biweekly Zambian podcast that focuses on everything technology. We highlight innovations in AI and Machine Learning as well as the latest in data science. We cover releases from major technology companies and the effect these releases have on the developer and consumer community. We celebrate the role developers play in shaping the future of technology, both from a uniquely Zambian perspective to the repercussions on a global scale.
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EP24: Special Developer Conference Zambia 19' Episode
On this episode, we interview speakers from this years Developer Conference Zambia. DevConZM is an annual platform elected by Agora Code Community and  collective members of the technology community in Zambia. It is  specifically crafted with Software Developers and Tech Enthusiasts in  mind. Its aim is first of all, to raise the quality of the craft,  secondly, to raise awareness of the industry which is still in its  infancy in Zambia. We believe that providing a platform for developers  to level up is key to a progressive approach to building products and  communities. DevConZM brings exposure that will prove useful to  innovation in various industrial sectors leading to direct economic  value addition. Apart from the technical opportunities available, Devcon  will also give developers access to networking and investment  opportunities which is critical to growth. Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show. Also, join our growing community on Slack for in depth conversations regarding community and other topics on the podcast. Hosts/Guests Rahul Sharma- Twitter Dennis Mubamba- Twitter Mwaaba Mugala- Twitter Gilbert Mwale - LinkedIn Ngosa Chungu- Twitter Daniel Phiri- Twitter Elias Phiri- Twitter Mukuma Musenge - Twitter
September 22, 2019
EP23: Security Begins With The Coder
On this episode, We have a special guest, Alinani Simuchimba joins us to discuss Security Best Practices and what this means for Coders. We ask questions on what security mean for coders and why it should start with us. We also discussed the basic steps a coder should take in making sure what they build is secure.  In the news, Facebook Messenger Challenge is currently ongoing so please register for a chance to win cool cash!. Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show. Also, join our growing community on Slack for in depth conversations regarding community and other topics on the podcast. Hosts/Guests Mukuma - Twitter Cynthia - Twitter Alinani - LinkedIn Resources and Links
September 9, 2019
EP22: To Build...Or Not To build?
Show Description Welcome to an all new episode of CodeCast, on this episode we discuss the various ways to go online for business, this episode has been inspired by conversations on whether every business needs a website. We discuss why this shouldn't be a Website vs Facebook vs Twitter conversation, each channel plays its own role in driving branding and sales. We highlight the different avenues available to build a website as well as how much it may cost you from a Zambian perspective. We let you know what the pros and cos are on each of the different methods we discuss. In the news we look at the devices that will support Disney's new streaming service (Disney Plus) launching in November which a glaring omission. Disney+ finally tell us how much its gonna cost us per month. Lastly on the news, Sony buys Insomniac.... Yes, finally 'wifed'... Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show. Also, join our growing community on Slack for in depth conversations regarding community and other topics on the podcast. Hosts Mukuma - Twitter Elias - Twitter Resources and Links Tweet thread that inspired this episode Disney+ Reveal Summary Sony Acquires Insomniac Apply Card Updates Top Ten Web Builders Difference between and Sample Makeup Artist Website using Wix Sample Photography Website using SquareSpace (Password: Test1234) Statistics on Social Media Usage - Zambia | Africa | Global
August 23, 2019
EP21: Industrial IT - Asset Performance Optimization
On this special episode, Mukuma talks to Paul Flanagan, An OSIsoft Architect/Consultant passionate about Integrating real time operational data with business intelligence data to provide "Single Source of Truth" insights.  We chat about the processes of data extraction to activities such as;  Condition Based Monitoring Regulatory Compliance  Insurance Requirements Troubleshooting and Incident Analysis Reporting Emissions Monitoring and Control. We discuss business impact scenarios around simple process monitoring in production environments as well as maintenance and efficiency. Identifying problem repeats and logic is key to increasing continuity scenarios in any batch comparison tasks creating an environment for high level business decisions for the good the organization. Hosts/Guests Paul Flanagan Mukuma Musenge Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show. Join our growing community on Slack for in depth conversations regarding community and other topics on the podcast. 
August 9, 2019
EP20: The State of the Developer Community
It's another milestone episode, Elias and Mukuma discuss the state of the Zambian Tech/Developer community. We also compiled a few thoughts from Community members on what they think community means to them. Special thank you to the following developers and tech enthusiasts for taking time out to send us their opinions on community; Olivier Mani - Twitter Mbuyu Makayi - Twitter Stella Mwanahamuntu - Twitter Pendo Manjele - Twitter Wilfred Mulenga - Twitter James Simfukwe - Twitter Resources Games made at the 2016 Global Game Jam  Games made at the 2019 Global Game Jam  Hosts/Guests Elias Phiri- Twitter Mukuma Musenge- Twitter Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show. Join our growing community on Slack for in depth conversations regarding community and other topics on the podcast. 
July 29, 2019
EP19: Why should your business consider having a Chat-bot?
On this weeks episode, we discuss what it means to have a Chat-bot for a business. We look at the pros and cons of implementing automated assistants and what this implies for the future of customer service.  We highlight the possibilities in opening up technology using Chat-bots and what impact they have for the way any organization whether large or small does business. Are you optimistic about AI and the future? Send us a 1 minute long message telling us what you think... Link below... We are joined by Asikana Network Director, Regina Mtonga and Zazu Software Engineer, Wilfred Mulenga.  Links to Articles and Resources: Chatfuel Messenger Bots Development Platform Chat-bots and Technology DiagFlow: Powered by Google Machine Learning Hosts/Guests Regina Mtonga - LinkedIn | Twitter Wilfred Mulenga - Twitter Cynthia Mulenga - Twitter Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show.    
July 12, 2019
EP19 Teaser: Why should your business consider having a Chat-bot?
On this weeks release we run through the ins and outs about building chat-bots. Why should your business consider building one. Episode out Friday, 12th July 2019.
July 11, 2019
EP18 - The Repercussions of Online Actions.
In the news, we talk about Facebook's announcement of Libra, the Cypto-Currency (If at all it can be described as such) it believes the world needs right now. We highlight what we feel are the public's' biggest things we enjoy and are skeptical about. Also in the news, E3 releases and announcements may convince you to not move to Google Stadia, value for money in this economy is a big factor in making the choice. Plus, Google announces base price for Stadia. On this weeks episode, we are joined by Freddie, he gives us the low down on what the law says about what we can and cannot maybe do online. YouTube recently made headlines because of how easy its algorithm makes it easy for pedophiles to find minors on its platform, we discuss what the law says about platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and any others in terms of liability for the actions of its Users. We discuss whose responsibility it is to punish cyberbullies and whether Zambian law covers the platform or the User. We talk about defamation and ask whether we are making progress with Cyber laws in Zambia and Africa. Links to Articles: Libra E3 Announcements YouTube Algorithm Zambian Law Section 230 of the Decency Act Guest Freddie Tembo - LinkedIn | Twitter Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show.   
June 28, 2019
EP18 - Teaser
Here is what you can expect from our next episode. Release Date: 28th June 2019
June 25, 2019
EP17: Product Management vs Project Management
In the news, we discuss WWDC and all the releases from Apples' much anticipated event, this includes, their $999 stand. We also discuss the Huawei ban and the ripple effect it has had on the industry. Will it be reversed? Will this be a turning point for innovation and the end of an over reliance on Google services? Send us your thoughts... On this episode, we talk about building products and managing this process, Cynthia highlights her career progression and explains the differences between a Product Manager and a Project Manager... We discuss the role of Human Centred Design in developing in any project. Our guest, Joebbrian, gives is insight into how much of a game changer it is in knowing what your potential users consider a great experience before you even build your solution. Finally, Cynthia gives key recommendations on how startups and corporations can make use of Product Management principles to save money and build solutions that please users right off the bat... Recommendations and Links to key tools needed to improve your product development journey: Jira for our sprints and work breakdown structures  Slack For internal updates on  a product development and can be connected to Jira  Basecamp for communication with clients. This can also be connected to Jira via a plug in  Trello Boards Meistertask Special Mention Asana Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show.  
June 14, 2019
EP16: Digital Payments - Under the Hood with BroadPay and Flutterwave
On this episode, the team talks to Shakerrie and Omosalewa from BroadPay and Flutterwave respectively, Shakerrie and O are working to make payments easier in Zambia and across Africa. The news section takes a break today and will be back on the next episode. The panel highlights insights on the fragmented payments landscape, there is a consistent need for partnerships to continuously be created to increase accessibility through global payments infrastructure. Customer experience is key to the success of payments, it is important for developers and businesses to take this into consideration. Special mention to FNB for its innovation in the banking sector. We also talk about the different policy structures in different countries that makes it challenging to aggregate payment methods. We highlight the need to foster strategic partnerships with Mobile Network Operators and Banks to make it easier for the customer to pay for services. Finally, we talk about security on payment platforms as well as FlutterWaves' Rave API including what it takes to on-board clients. Links and Info: Shakerrie Allmond: LinkedIn Omosalewa Adeyami: LinkedIn Flutterwave BroadPay Zambia Rave API Developer Conference Zambia CyberSource Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show. 
May 31, 2019
EP16: Digital Payments - Under the Hood with BroadPay and Flutterwave - TEASER
 A look into our next episode on digital payments and how our guests are changing the way Zambia and Africa do business.. Full Episode out Friday, 31st of May 2019.
May 30, 2019
EP15: Learning to Build Mobile Applications for Android
On this episode, we welcome Android developer and lover of all things Java, Dennis. Cynthia is back from Facebooks' F8 event with an interesting on update on the announcements made at the conference. We take a look at Googles new devices, the Pixel 3A & Pixel 3A XL, their new additions to Google Assistant as well as the biggest announcement for most android developers regarding Kotlin. We discuss the differences between Kotlin and Java as primary languages for building applications for mobile devices. With so many comparisons on the inter-web it's easy to get lost in getting started. We also draw comparisons between Native, Hybrid App development and Progressive Web Apps which have gotten popular for a few years now. However, it remains to be seen if this changes  Starting out as an Android developer requires understanding key concepts around best practices and we delve into some of these best practices to give you the best jump start. This is a special episode for the team, it's been a year since CodeCast began so Happy Anniversary to us. Links and Info: Dennis Mubamba: Twitter React Native for Windows: Github Repo Google IO 19’ Conference  Facebook's F8 19’ Conference Microsoft Build 19’ Conference Phonegap Cordova Kotlin Xamarin Google App Maker Progressive Web App Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show.
May 17, 2019
EP15: Learning to Build Mobile Applications for Android - TEASER
A look into our next episode looking at Android applications with a specific interest in the various ways to build for mobile. Full Episode out Friday, 17th of May 2019. 
May 16, 2019
EP14: Side Quest - Games as a Service
On this Episode, Elias takes over, and as is to be expected, it's all about video games. With guests Epic Credos, Cholwe, Eddie and Daniel Tumelo, we talk about the changing landscape of the video game industry and community. In the news, we talk about Mark Cerny's Wired interview, where he talks publicly about the next generation PlayStation console (unofficially dubbed the PlayStation 5), and we discuss what these revelations mean for the future of PlayStation. In the show's topic, the panel discuss the current state of video games, the Games as a Service model, and how this affects the different sectors of the industry: game development, ESports and community.  We also discuss both Apple and Google's differing approaches to a subscription based model with Apple Arcade and Google Stadia respectively. And finally we discuss the brewing war for the PC games distribution market between Steam and The Epic Games Store, and the effect it may have on PC gaming. Links and Info: Elias's PSN: I_Am_Eli504 Elias's Xbox Live: I Am Eli504 Elias's Steam: i_am_eli360 Cholwe's PSN: Elen_Cho Epic Credos's Steam: EpicCredos Team Gematrix: Facebook | Twitter | Twitch | Instagram Orison Softworks: Facebook | GitHub Repo Project Lumpa: Facebook LudoHub: Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show.
May 3, 2019
EP13: Secure the Bag - Job Interview Stories
On this episode, hosts Cynthia, Elias, Mukuma and Wezi sit down with HR Expert Musonda. We share our stories around interviewing for jobs, "entitlement" both from a recruiter and job seekers perspective. In the news, the team talks about Disney+, which was unveiled in California by Disney CEO Robert Iger. With so many streaming services slowly joining the digital TV market, we ask ourselves if the bubble is about to pop. Also in the news, Google launched the first AI lab in Africa, the Lab is located in Ghana and the goal of It is to provide the necessary tools to build products that can solve Africa’s problems in every field, particularly in health and agriculture. Cynthia highlights why it is located in Ghana especially that it isn't the most geographically central place in Africa as Mukuma highlights in this tweet. Musonda shares the current local and global environment in the world of HR as well the challenges in integrating as a Business Partner in every organization. She shares tips on how to approach interviews and after interview etiquette.  Elias brings up video games again.... Cynthia talks about what could be her most frustrating experiences job hunting as a developer. The team also argue the impact of Social Media on securing the bag, do potential employers need to use your twitter feed as a benchmark before considering you?  Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show.
April 19, 2019
EP12: Bootstrapping Projects on a Budget
On this episode, hosts Elias, Mukuma and Wezi sit down with Mvesesani Co-founder Twaambo. He shares his story tech journey, gives some tips on the entrepreneurial journey and the tools in a developer's arsenal, and the team talks about open source and bootstrapping projects into revenue generating businesses. In the news, the team talks about Google Stadia, which was unveiled at at this year's GDC, how feasible it is as a model, and the effect it may have on the gaming industry. Then, Apple's March event. We look in-depth at Apple Arcade, and how this approach contrasts Google's, Apple Card, and whether Apple are running out of ideas on how to make money.  And finally, MTN let's you top up using WhatsApp (only available in South Africa though), but the team asks, why would you you use this over a dedicated app, or USSD For some other references from this episode, take a look at The Dip by Seth Godin, a  handy article about making it through The Trough of Sorrow by Kyle Wong, and the first season of StartUp by Gimlet. Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show.
April 5, 2019
EP11: Scalability Engineering - "What does it mean to build with Scale in mind"?
On this Episode, hosts, Cynthia, Wezi, Elias & Mukuma welcome Muchu, CEO of Apptorney as we discuss approaches to Scalability in the Tech space. We give insights on Circuits approach to Scalability in the short and long term especially with Apptorney. We talk about the progress on Women in Tech activities in Zambia, electronic voting systems as well Facebook and Google's brief disruption in services on some their platforms. We gave a slight insight into technology stacks that give you the best options when you build with Scalability in mind with Apptorney, Netflix and Microsoft as use cases. We discuss how programming languages have evolved to give us scale in the long term and what to look out for including tips on distributed platforms to help you scale without a lot of overhead especially for 1-2 man teams and/or small businesses. The Swiss e-Voting system bug and bounty hunt program is on in the month of February and March, take your chance to win a piece of $150,000. We discuss suggestions that Block-chains distributed ledger is the answer to the security questions around e-Voting. Project Civil is one such use case using Block-chain to scale the media industry. Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show.
March 22, 2019
EP10: Culture: The good. The bad. The In between.
On this Episode, hosts, Elias & Mukuma welcome Tony as we discuss Culture and Diversity in the Tech space. We give insights to questions around Cultural Diversity vs Culture and Diversity in Zambia and major tech spaces around the globe. We talk about the progress we have made so far as well as what we are doing absolutely nothing about. We take a look at the big gray areas in the work-space and how cultural diversity influences new tech innovations. We talk about Teletype (Kinda called it Telemetry but moving on...) which is a feature in Atom that lets other people see you code real time. This is an awesome feature especially for Pair Programming and collaboration across borders. We highlight which is just one example of platforms that help you find opportunities for remote work. Here is a more comprehensive list of other platforms that offer similar opportunities for devs that like to spice it up a little. 2018’s highly controversial memo by former Google Engineer James Damore which caused outrage by suggesting that women's lesser interest in software engineering is the main reason  that there is an under-representation of women at Google rather than discrimination within the technology sector. This is what has now become known as Googles’ Ideological Echo Chamber. We hint at Universal Basic Pay or Income which points to a guaranteed access to minimum income. Leave us a review on iTunes to let us know what you think about the show.
March 8, 2019
EP9: Internet Governance. Who is in "charge"?
On this episode of CodeCast, Elias and the episode's guest, Ngosa Chungu, talk about Internet Governance and data. Who really owns the space we share our intimate information? How does Facebook make its money? What exactly is Internet Governance? What does an Internet Shutdown mean? How do you navigate the social media landscape? We answer all these questions. Also, Apple is in news (again), and we look at Spotifys' acquisition of Anchor & Gimlet. 
February 22, 2019
EP8: Full Stack Engineering - "Jacks & Masters"
On this episode of CodeCast, Mukuma, Elias and the episode's guest, Mbuyu, talk about the jack of all trades, the full stack software engineers; the specialists, back-end and front-end engineers, and everything in-between. How did they get into their respective crafts? How can you get into the profession? Where do you start? Why should you specialize and how do you know what to specialize in? We answer all these questions. Also, Facebook is in privacy news (again), and we look at Apple's special power play.
February 8, 2019
EP7: The Emerging Landscape of Game Development in Africa
On this episode, we explore the game development landscape, we delve into the development life-cycle and what its like to be a game developer in Zambia. We also take you through our experiences participating in the annual Global Game Jam event celebrating collaboration in game development. Mwaaba Mugala, creator of a horror game called Project Lumpa makes his guest star providing some insight into the world of professional game development. Project Lumpa Global Game Jam Impossible Burger JaxJox Kettlebell Connect CES Highlights Kiro Games (Cameroon) Broforce Star Scooter Other Zambian Games
January 25, 2019
EP6: The Warm Up
Despite Cynthia's' cough, Wezi's flu and Mukuma's ongoing burnout recovery, we had a pretty good review of whats passed and whats to come. Deep Learning Indaba 2018 Developer Conference Zambia 2018 CES 2019
January 11, 2019
EP5: Building Thriving Communities
On this episode, Mukuma welcomes Daniel Phiri. Together they explore the different developer communities around Africa and India. They uncover the challenges and possible solutions to growing thriving communities in our localities.
December 2, 2018
EP3: Cloud Services and Platforms
On this Episode, Elias and Mukuma welcome Mbuyu Makayi as they discuss cloud services and what that has to offer for Zambian Developers
November 16, 2018
EP2: Ecosystem Lock-ins
On this episode, we discuss the different ecosystems in tech and how they affect tech enthusiasts, developers and everyone else.
November 16, 2018
EP1: User Privacy in the era of "Cambridge Analytica"
On this episode, we discuss User Privacy light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. We also dive into how this affects tech enthusiasts, developers and the rest of the echosystems.
November 16, 2018
EP4: Developers && The Impostor Syndrome
On this episode, we discuss the different cases of the impostor syndrome in tech and how they affect tech enthusiasts, developers and everyone else.
November 15, 2018
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