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Code Savvy Presents

Code Savvy Presents

By Code Savvy
We cover topics within the realm of Computer Science and Technology education with the intent of making those worlds as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Code Savvy is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission it is to break down barriers to computer science education for everyone.
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Code Savvy Presents: Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Code Savvy Presents

Code Savvy Presents: Web3
Web3 has become quite a buzzword as of late - but what is it? What isn't it? And why are people so into it? In this interview with Web3 enthusiast, Chelsea Chung, you'll learn a little more about this next iteration of the internet, in all of its multimedia, decentralized glory. 
June 13, 2022
Code Savvy Presents: Technovation[MN] Teams 2022
In this episode of Code Savvy Presents, we hear from three different Technovation[MN] teams about their experience this year during the challenge.  The girls will wrap up their season on May 21st, 2022 with a live pitch event and a huge party in the park to celebrate a job well done!    Find out more information:  #AppDevelopment #ComputerScience #GirlsinTech
May 10, 2022
Code Savvy Presents: Autism Awareness Month
This episode is a bit different - For Autism Awareness Month, we have a very candid and frank discussion with Lindsey "Lux" Stupica, MN Woman in Tech, Animator, Designer, Mermaid, and recently diagnosed with Autism.  Warning for those who are sensitive to discussions about heavy topics like mental health, drug use, and eating disorders, you may want to sit this episode out. 
April 12, 2022
Code Savvy Presents: Technovation[MN] Ambassadors
Code Savvy has been managing the Technovation[MN] Challenge for years - we have now established an alumni "Ambassadors" program that allows experienced girls to give back to a whole new generation of participants!   Happy International Women's Day!   This episode sponsored in part through a partnership with  #IWD2022 #BuildCommunity #GirlsWhoCode
March 08, 2022
Code Savvy Presents: A Discussion on Open Source
We recently sat down with two Women in Tech, Casie Siekman and Jenn Bonine, to discuss their experience working with open-source technology, the open-source community, and the work they’ve been a part of that challenges stereotypes, all in hopes to get more people involved in the open-source movement and technology in general. For more information, please visit our blog at  This podcast is brought to you, in part, through a Code Savvy partnership with Girls Who Code. 
February 04, 2022
Code Savvy Presents: Bias in Artificial Intelligence
A conversation around uncovering bias in AI with: Dan McCreary from Optum Health, Ellena Schoop from State of MN IT, and Eri O'Diah from SIID Technologies - moderated by Andrea Wilson Vazquez, Director of the Code Savvy MN Codes program. You can watch the video of this episode on our YouTube channel: For more information about Code Savvy, visit
January 11, 2022