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CodeLess: A Narrative on Visual Development (NoCode)

CodeLess: A Narrative on Visual Development (NoCode)

By Edmund Amoye
Become a Paid Subscriber: Become a Paid Subscriber: Call it NoCode, No-Code, Visual Development, or CodeLess. The fact is powerful trends in technology are making it easier to design, automate, and optimize your imagination beyond its limits - unlocking creativity, democratizing transformation, and redefining productivity. CodeLess is a narrative podcast, celebrating makers, tools, and heroes in NoCode. Every week, we journey into the currents below the surface with: -Makers building digital solutions, without writing a single line of code; -Founders of NoCode tools; and -Non-technical heroes building the future.
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S1: E13 - "I would pay $50 a month for Twitter" - Bram Kanstein

CodeLess: A Narrative on Visual Development (NoCode)

S2: E1 - "I've stopped trying to teach myself how to code" - Louis Pereira (Read Something Great / Half-Day Build)
On January 9, 2022, the second iteration of Half-Day Build takes place, inviting makers from around the world to build and monetize a product in 12 hours. This episode's guest is Louis Pereira, the founder of Half-Day Build. Louis is a NoCode maker in Goa, building assets on the internet. He is joined on the podcast by Jash Mota, a previous participant in Half-Day Build, who built and monetized this Vibes robot in 12 hours.  Links Creator Link - Your link in bio. On steroids. Read Something Great - Discover articles from the belly of the internet Half-Day Build - Go from idea to revenue in 12 hours Focus 25 - A trigger for 25 minutes of deep work. Threads by Me - A single page for your finest Twitter threads. Complexity Condensed - Complicated stuff explained in 500 simple words. Invisible College - A Learning DAO for Web3-Curious Builders & Creators Hot Takes 1:02 - Intro 02:45 - The story behind the name 3:39 - Origin story. 5:00 - When things changed 6:36 - Projects Louis has built  07:23 - Threads by me 7:58 - Creator Link  8:35 - Read Something Great 10:25 - Focus 25 11:51  - The power behind complex NoCode tools 12:32 - NoCode in India 13:46 - Half-Day Build 21:05 - Jash Mota from Half-Day Build 23:39 - Learnings from Half-Day Build 26:38 - NoCode is not... 28:51 - Summary and Predictions. 33:27 - Recommended Guests 33:54 - Where to find Louis and Jash Music Credits Stephskillie -  
January 08, 2022
S1: E19 - "It's all about Serendipity As A Service" - Whit Anderson (Random Pizza)
This is a two-part episode.  Whit Anderson is the maker of Random Pizza (RP). We are members of a weekly, NoCode meetup out of Atlanta. It's called Zero to One.   Whit is a poetic maker because of his ability to give profound and renewed relevance to things that we take for granted - like getting a pleasant surprise. Random Pizza goes beyond the gimmick - feeding our innate desire to make and share lasting memories and experiences.  Sign up as a member of CodeLess. You will be the first to know about exclusive content and new projects.  Whit's Projects Adhunt Atlanta Startup Things Random Pizza Hot Takes 5:12 - Origin story. 6:38 - Early lessons and projects. 8:35 - Learning by Shipping Clones. 9:22 - Random Pizza. 10:12 - Cheese or Pepperoni? 12:46 - Real users. 14:46 - First User Impressions. 18:38  - Better than ordering your own pizza. 20:22 - User Request: Yearly Subscriptions for Random Pizza. 20:49 - Random Pizza in the time of COVID. 22:56 - SAAS - Serendipity as a Service. 25:02 - Surprise + Desire = Pleasure. 29:47 - Summary and Predictions. Music Credits Stephskillie -   RMarc1313 -   Prod. nocredit -   Bobbyoddsock -
May 24, 2020
S1. E18 - "Your behavior is the interface. " - Chris Dancy and Armel Beaudry
We saved some audio from our jam session for Episode 12. On this tape, we discuss the human behavioral interface as well as coping with information and subscription overload.  Chris Dancy (aka “the Most Connected Man on Earth.") used a NoCode stack, comprising of Airtable, Zapier, and Nextdoor to build the COVID-19 Neighborhood Volunteer and Support System. We also have Armel Beaudry from Trebble.FM. We discuss the impact of COVID-19; Chris' Habit Store for thriving in an environment of information overload; and using technology to become the best versions of ourselves. This jam session was recorded in the last weeks of March, 2020, when New York City was declared as the US outbreak epicenter for COVID-19. Airtable Resources Airtable support for COVID-19 humanitarian groups - Airtable is making Airtable Pro available for free to any non-political humanitarian group that is working on COVID-19 relief efforts. If you run an Airtable supported project/business and have been hit hard by COVID-19, send an email to Project Showcase: Compiled resources/projects using Airtable to make a difference in local communities. Hot Takes 3:11 - Behavior as an interface to rule them all. 6:13 - Voice - a powerful paradigm. 8:07 - Interfaces depend on inputs. 10:38 - Collection, feedback, and leverage of your data. 14:05 - Trebble.FM and information overload. 16:48 - Subscription Saturation 21:39 - 9 - How to reach Chris Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit -
May 09, 2020
S1. E17 - "An interface for people to interact with everything" - Zammo
Voice as an input as well as an interface is considered by many to be the next frontier in human advancement. According to Voicebot, there are nearly 90 million US adults owning smart speakers. This adoption exceeds over a third of consumers with a compounded annual growth rate exceeding 30%, over the past three years. In January 2020, I went to the Project  Voice conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Aside from discovering a lot about voice technology, devices, and conversational AI, I met some brilliant people shaping the future of this amazing interface. One memorable interaction I had, was with Stacey Kyler and Guy Tonye from Zammo is a great example of the rich fruits, born of voice technology and NoCode sensibility. This episode wouldn't have been possible without Bradley Metrock, host of "This Week In Voice", and Executive Producer of the Project Voice series of conferences and experiences. Here is a link to register for the Project Voice 2021. I've also included a brief excerpt from Bradley's interview with  Mark Cuban, who gives some good advice on how to thrive in this nascent industry of voice.  Zammo Demo - 10 mins.  FYI - Guy is from Cameroon (b/w West and Central Africa). His name is French and is pronounced like the Gi you wear in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Hot Takes 7:15 - Stacey Kyler, Operations & Cust Success, Zammo. 8:18 - About Zammo. 9:47 - Intro - Guy Tonye, Software Engineer. 12:06 - Deeper on Zammo's Order of Solutions. 15:57 - Guy on making technology usable, accessible, and inclusive. 21:56 - Stacey on serving diverse customer needs. 29:06 - Guy endorses the NoCode mentality. 31:01 - The foundational tech behind Zammo. 34:38 - Zammo is the easy button for voice interactions. 39:44 - Trying to be the default invocation. 44:14 - Overcoming challenges in voice. 47:26 - Job Description: Conversation Enabler. 48:41 - Future view on using voice to build software. 51:20 - Maker Perspective = Use Case + Tool 54:23 - Will voice pass its own Turing test? 55:49 - For solopreneurs, enterprises, and government agencies. 58:29 - Voice gets better with more users. 1:02:19 Summary and Predictions. Music Credits Stephskillie - Prod. nocredit -
May 02, 2020
S1. E16 - "The only constraint is your imagination" - MemberSpace
This episode features Ward Sandler, CEO of MemberSpace as well as a user, Melissa Stephenson of and  We all should be producing content using gravitational engines that attract the right people into our orbits. Once we do that, we need a system to ensure that the users, who self-select into our orbit can get the best value we have to offer. That's what MemberSpace does for creators, personalities, and organizations with audiences. It's a NoCode tool that , lets you turn any part of your website into a members only section with just a few clicks.  Here is a link to a great demo on MemberSpace. Hot Takes 3:59 - Origin story. 7:08 - MemberSpace is 100% Remote. 8:07 - A MemberSpace Customer Speaks - Melissa Stephenson. 15:30 - Serving your members with digital gems. 24:56 - Integrations and onboarding. 28:01 - Keeping it simple. 31:08 - Customer Wishlist. 32:59 - Competition to MemberSpace. 35:30 - Early days in NoCode. 37:34 - Live customer discovery. 40:48 - Questions not asked. 43:37 - What's in the cards for MemberSpace. 47:35 - Summary and Predictions. Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit - Bobbyoddsock -
April 25, 2020
S1. E15b - " It doesn't have to be... perfect" - #100DaysOfNoCode
This is part 2 of a two part  jam session with five makers taking part in the #100DaysOfNoCode Challenge on Twitter.  Guest include: Max Haining, James Eldersveld, Naya Moss, Doc Williams, and Sharath Kuruganty. If there is one thing you can learn from these makers, it's the lesson that collaborative learning, supported by the requirement of doing, is the smartest hack to learn a new skill. If you're having trouble learning that new skill, you always wanted to add to your resume. Find a group of people focused on practicing that thing every day. or create a stage for other actors and members to play out their best scenes.  You can sign up for the #100DaysOfNoCode challenge by signing up at Hot Takes 4:00 - Dollars and sense - Where to start with tools and ideas. 13:24 - Measure twice, cut once. 18:20 - Request for feedback and future projects. 26:19 - Guest Wishlist for CodeLess. 33:34 - Summary and Predictions. Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit - Bobbyoddsock -
April 21, 2020
S1. E15a - "Don't expect results - experience the process " - #100DaysOfNoCode
This is part 1 of a two part  jam session with five makers taking part in the #100DaysOfNoCode Challenge on Twitter.  Guest include: Max Haining, James Eldersveld, Naya Moss, Doc Williams, and Sharath Kuruganty There is no lack of noteworthy mentions here: Ben Tossell of Makerpad, KP from Cuppa, and Michael Gill, the automation King.  In spite of the devastation that is COVID-19, these makers are turning the worst of the present, into the best of the future, adapting and upskilling themselves for the new normal.  Don't forget to commit to the #100DaysOfNoCode challenge by signing up at  Hot Takes 3:42 - Intro to James Eldersveld 5:03 - Intro to Naya Moss 6:12 - Intro to Sharath Kuruganty 8:22 - Intro to Max Haining 10:10 - Impacts of COVID-19 on #100DaysOfNoCode. 16:33 - I've been using some of these tools for years. 18:33 - Shipping on Product Hunt. 21:20 - NoCode hangouts on the internet. 24:58 - Titles in NoCode. 33:33 - Summary and Predictions. Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit - Bobbyoddsock -
April 18, 2020
S1: E14 - "The developer who can pull those two worlds together. " - Michael Gill
In this episode, we talk with Michael Gill - the Automation King. Gill is a software developer, a SaaS CTO, as well as a NoCode CTO. You may know him form his NoCode Coffee newslestter, but he is also in beta with Cuppa; and is set to release his highly anticipated e-book, Maker Minions on April 11, 2020. .   This interview with Gill is nothing less than a magician revealing the secrets behind the tricks they perform. For magicians, that sacrilegious, but in NoCode, that is highly encouraged. Gill does a great job bringing the best of both worlds, code and NoCode. Straddling the line of all that matters, which is effective product development that eliminates a customer's pain point. He also gives kudos to some other awesome no-code makers who inspired him with their iterative MVP attitude.  Hot Takes 4:18 - Origin Story. 5:48 - NoCode isn't cheating - even for a developer. 9:17 - How to create an automated newsletter. 14:26 - A VC Fund for NoCode Makers!. 16:20 - Maker Minions - An automated e-book. 19:59 - Grab a Cuppa ☕️ with interesting people from Twitter. 21:19 - Why would a software developer build with NoCode. 22:51 - On working with Jens Lennartsson Collaboration is different in NoCode vs. Code. 25:43 - Dark sides of Nocode - Too many tools! 30:12 - How developers can help NoCode. 31:36 - Idea vs execution with MVP experiment canvas. 36:52 - Build in the open / Work out loud. 38:29 - What happens to coders? 43:04 - What you didn't know about Michael Gill. 45:44 - Summary and Predictions. Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit - Bobbyoddsock -
April 10, 2020
S1: E13 - "I would pay $50 a month for Twitter" - Bram Kanstein
You've probably seen Bram Kanstein on Product Hunt or Twitter. CodeLess will get you up to speed on the maker behind the most upvoted project on Product Hunt. Bram recently launched a valuable project to help people dealing in difficult situations like COVID-19, find new ways to generate income from the internet. In this episode, Bram discusses one of his biggest drivers - sharing his knowledge and experience with makers, interested in learning about the mindset, process, and tools necessary to rapidly build and validate startup ideas. He loves the process of learning with others, and building real value through easy tutorials and a clean NoCode aesthetic.  Bram's Most Recent Projects COVID Promises - Get reminded of your intended behavior changes after COVID. Modern Day Jobs - A curated list of 100 modern ways to make money online. My Startup Name - Free + simple framework to name your next project or startup Road To Scale - 300+ curated content items for every stage of your startup. Mailbook - The easiest way to collect addresses. StartupWatching - Curated startup knowledge, inspiration & background stories. Startup Stash - A curated directory of 400 resources & tools for startups Epic Carrd Tutorial - Recreate the famous Buffer MVP website - without code Work with Bram Epic Carrd Tutorial - Build and validate your startup ideas without code. The MVP Experiment Canvas - A structured framework for turning your big idea into an MVP you can test and validate with potential customers. Startup Audit - A structured framework for turning your big idea into an MVP you can test and validate with potential customers. Hot Takes 5:17 - COVID-19 Impact. 7:51 - Bram's origin story. 8:59 - Igniting the fire and launching the most popular project on Product Hunt. 10:13 - The hard, but obvious decision to quit medical school. 13:08 - Blueprint for finding yourself when you're lost. 16:34 - For NoCode Lurkers Only. 21:35 - Discussing the deeper story of Startup Stash 32:11 - Why Bram went to a corporate 9-to-5 after working in startups. 35:00 - Taking a break for family and launching 39:09 - Bram loves twitter so much that. 42:11 - Bram's other notable projects and favorite NoCode stack revealed. 45:23 - Bram's latest_ 47:25 - Profound discovery and living under a rock 53:59 - Summary and Predictions.
April 03, 2020
S1: E12 - COVID-19 Response Template - "A new way of thinking." - Chris Dancy, David Peterson, and Armel Beaudry
In this episode, we dive into how makers are utilizing NoCode to help their neighborhoods respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris Dancy is known to many as “the Most Connected Man on Earth." However, this Houston, Texas maker is using NoCode to bring calm in the midst of chaos. He has used a NoCode stack comprising of Airtable, Zapier, and Nextdoor to build the COVID-19 Neighborhood Volunteer and Support System. Chris has built the tool as a template to help his neighborhood as well as anyone trying to develop a localized response to the pandemic. Right now, you can actually copy and customize this template to suit your specific needs.  We also have David Peterson from Airtable's London office, as well as Armel Beaudry from Trebble.FM. We discuss the impact of COVID-19; Chris' Habit Store for thriving in an environment of information overload; and using technology to become the best versions of ourselves.  This episode was recorded about a week before the US government approved a $2 Trillion Stimulus Package to combat COVID-19. We also have video of this session, which we are to make available on our YouTube channel, so you can watch Chris' demo. Airtable Resources Airtable support for COVID-19 humanitarian groups - Airtable is making Airtable Pro available for free to any non-political humanitarian group that is working on COVID-19 relief efforts.  Project Showcase: Compiled resources/projects using Airtable to make a difference in local communities.  Airtable wants to promote your COVID-19 build. If you run an Airtable supported project/business and have been hit hard by COVID-19, send an email to Hot Takes 3:52 - Chris' Origin story. 5:49 - The COVID-19 Neighborhood Volunteer and Support System. 10:29 - David Peterson from Airtable. 17:52 - Armel Beaudry from Trebble.FM 19:43 - Impacts of COVID-19 - Personal and Professional. 25:08 - Doing the right thing. 31:42 - NoCode Opportunities. 47:15 - The Social Distancing Book Club. 54:58 - Summary and Predictions. Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit -
March 28, 2020
S1: E11 - "I just walked into a SaaS candy store." - Jean-Loup Karst
We  really love this site called and we'd like to share it with you. And honestly, we think it'd be foolish not to include on the CodeLess stage to help you on your NoCode journey. Jean-Loup Karst is the cofounder of He is tenacious and smart, but above all, he's definitely a giver to the CodeLess community. In this episode (27:07), we are giving listeners of CodeLesss free premium membership access to for one year.  Welcome to the ultimate SaaS candy store.  Hot Takes 4:29 - Origin story. 8:38 - Why the name, "JoinSecret"? 15:21 - Iterating is fundamental! 18:40 - Early days. 21:23 - Looking at the numbers 25:22 - Monetizing 27:07 - Exclusive Code for Premium Membershio to 34:12  - Featured Tools on JoinSecret.Com 39:27 - What Jean Loup is after.  44:38 - Summary and Predictions Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit - Bobbyoddsock -
March 21, 2020
S1: E10 - "The tool... is less important than the ideas that you have to share." - Chris Do
Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning creative and teacher who's been running a motion design and brand consultancy for over 23 years. He's on a 1 Billion Mission to teach other creatives how to value themselves and communicate that value to others. He also hosts the Futur podcast,  Chris' story and point of view have huge overlaps for creatives in any field, especially in NoCode, where clients only care about results. He has spent decades codifying what he doesn't know. I hope you gain something from an expert who is confident enough to be vulnerable about what he doesn't know. Don't forget to follow the @NoCodeRumble and the 100DaysOfNoCode challenges. Nocode Rumble is a four-week challenge, where eight makers build products and compete for $8000 US. The #100DaysOfNoCode challenge asks you spend at least 30 mins a day for the next 100 days learning NoCode and tweet your daily progress. Hot Takes 5:08 -  Why Invite Chris to CodeLess? 9:00 - Light Prisms and Personas. 12:45 - The 1 Billion Mission. 15:33 - Origin Story. 18:36 - Being a Newbie/Student. 22:40 - You should copy to learn. 25:56 - Communicating the fidelity of the idea, not the design. 28:02 - Teaching Keeps You Honset.  30:50 - Understanding the result helps you focus on what matters. 35:16 - Using shared language to get you and your client on the same page.  38:56 - Like water and steel.... in negotiation.  44:45 - The Pricing Elephant. 50:28 - Summary and predictions for professional education..  Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit - Bobbyoddsock -
March 13, 2020
S1: E9 - "I hope NoCode is not a thing 10 years from now." - Emmanuel Straschnov (feat. Nate Washington)
"Even if you can code, it doesn't mean that you can't be a part of the no-code movement." - Nate Washington, CTO at Qoins. Today's episode is a doubleheader because we have two guests on the show woven into a blended narrative on NoCode. Whether you're a newbie or a more experience user, there's definitely something to gain from Emmanuel Straschnov (@estraschnov) from Bubble, and Nate Washington (@nwashjr2) from Qoins. We may be separated by distance, but we are connected through the web and the work that we do; and our actions create ripples that can impact more people in the most remarkable ways. In this episode, we're bringing those ripples full circle and giving you a little hint of some further waves happening in NoCode with Codeless Academy . Listen for an "Easter egg" on what CodeLess is planning in Atlanta.  Speaking of waves in NoCode, you should definitely tune in to the @NoCodeRumble. It's the ultimate NoCode challenge where eight makers from around the world build products in just four weeks. $8000 is up for grabs - he biggest prize to date for a NoCode Challenge.  Hot Takes 4:11 - Origin story 8:51 - Quitting was never an option 10:06 - What is Bubble. What factors made it possible and successful. 13:25 - Customer Success Stories 15:12 - Introducing Qoins Cofounder, Nate Washington 20:16 - Nate's new project and native apps 22:18 - Levels and tracks in NoCode 30:00 - Advice for founders building businesses on NoCode 33:11 - Emmanuel interviews Nate 36:12 - Nate on Codeless Academy 49:29 - Predictions Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit - Bobbyoddsock -
March 06, 2020
S1: E8 - "Nobody starts out original" - Kirby Ferguson
Kirby Ferguson is a filmmaker, writer, and speaker. He's widely famous for his viral 2012 docuseries titled "Everything is a Remix". His Ted talk on remixing has garnered over one and a half million views. I've been following Kirby for close to a decade and getting to have this time with him was like meeting another maker that never fails to inspire you. In this jam session, Kirby explains the blueprint for creativity and provides actionable advice and encouragement for us to copy, combine and transform. Hot Takes 6:59 - Origin Story. 9:42 - On "Everything is a Remix". 15:16 - Music Remixers 16:56 - Movie and Technology Remixers 20:48 - The biggest benefactors of remixing.  28:21 - Unintended consequences 34:06 - Identifying opportuinites for remixing.  40:17 - Predictions Links to Tools and resources Kirby's website Website for "Everything is a Remix" - Check out the cool merchandise. Website for "This is Not A Conspiracy" - A seven-part video series about the hidden forces that shape our lives.  Videos Everything is a Remix Remastered (2015 HD). 37 minutes long.  Embrace The Remix (June 2012) - TEDGlobal talk viewed 1.5M times. 10 minutes long.  Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit - Bobbyoddsock -
February 28, 2020
S1: E7 - "Make data science... insanely easy to use." - Nirman Dave
Today's episode involves a topic in which I am very interested: data science. Yes we are talking with Nirman Dave, Co-founder at where they are on a mission to  Make data science effortless.... without writing a single line of code.  Hot Takes 3:00 - Origin Story and Why "Obviously". 7:05 - What is NoCode / Pitching to customers 12:38 - Natural Language Processing (NLP) 5 / Capabilities 25:20  - What made Obviously possible Links to Tools and resources - Data Science. No code. No hassle. No waiting. Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit - Bobbyoddsock -
February 21, 2020
S1: E6 - "You don't need to become an entrepreneur to use NoCode" - Cynthia Bell McGillis
I'm thrilled to connect you with another NoCode hero on this episode. Cynthia McGillis (@cynthiamcgillis) is a co-founder at, an online business merging her passion for stickers. And exclusive streetwear fashion. She's also a corporate warrior at Lambda school, a software development bootcamp. What's really interesting about our conversation is how she puts a spotlight on a segment of NoCode - corporate/B2B NoCode heroes - that I believe will drive massive adoption of the trend.  Hot Takes 2:47 - Stickers and exclusive streetwear.  4:22 - Origin Story. 5:50 - Code vs. NoCode. 9:52 - A higher purpose for software engineers. 11:17 - Cynthia's NoCode stack (, Stripe, Gumroad) 15:20 - Get your idea out / More sticker ideas 16:47 - So easy to order these stickers. check out my Loom video. 17:25 - Interlude on the NoCode echo chamber.  18:45 - Corporate/B2B NoCode as an emerging NoCode segment.  20:58 - NoCode tool recommendations 23:43 -"You don't need to become an entrepreneur to use NoCode tools to make your life better."  25:54 - What's missing in NoCode? 28:55 - Thoughts/predictions on NoCode.  Links to Tools and resources - STICKERS - show your love for NoCode and flex on software engineers. - Cynthia's blog. - Single-page responsive sites for almost anything. Stripe - Payments and subscriptions. Gumroad - Ecommerce for digital products and audience building for creators. - General automation platform. Zapier - Integrations and automations. Airtable - Spreadsheets and databases on steroids. Atomic Habits by James Clear. Slack - Communication platform. Makerpad - A NoCode community.  Stickermule - Custom stickers Music Credits Stephskillie - RMarc1313 - Prod. nocredit - Bobbyoddsock -
February 18, 2020
S1: E5 - "I couldn't go to the NoCode conference" - Ryan Myher
Episode five features a fellow, who recently did something cool for NoCode. Ryan Meyer is out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and host of a NoCode podcast titled, "No Code, No Problem". Basically, Ryan partnered with entre and Microsoft to hold a NoCode summit in New York on January the 22nd of 2020. It was really great because it featured some really interesting companies in the NoCode space, including Adalo (@AdaloHQ), Bubble (@bubble_group), Elliot (@hello_iamelliot), and Bildr (@bildrHQ).  Check out a video recording of the summit here: Hot Takes 3:24 - Why did you have a NoCode Summit? 4:20 - Planning and marketing. 7:05 - Feedback from attendees. 8:00 - Managing FOMO. Music Links 
February 16, 2020
S1: E4 - "NoCode is an ever-expanding boundary" - Joe Brown
Hello and welcome to episode four of CodeLess. Today's episode features a maker who is serious about building community. And helping others get started with no code. Joe Brown is out of Cincinnati and is the founder of the NoCode platform,, as well as, a NoCode agency.  He's a serious maker, dedicated to helping expand the boundaries of no code, turning ripples into waves of progress.  Hot Takes 4:05 - Joe introduces his NoCode projects. 5:51 - Joe's adventure begins. Check out Joe's first e-commerce business - Echtra Outfitters. 7:13 - NuCode v1 is born as a list of NoCode products.  9:40 - Joe's NoCode mentality.  14:30 - Tools and use cases (Zapier, Adalo, Glide, Bubble, Webflow) 20:55 - What NoCode means to Joe.  23:10 - Peeking into the future: NoCode and Voice Apps (Voiceflow, Bluetag, Zammo).  25:33: On NoCode agencies. 29:49 - Discussing transformation, failure, and limitations in NoCode.  33:35 - Joe's NoCode Stacks. Music Links "Dripping, Medium, A.wav" by InspectorJ ( of
February 09, 2020
S1:E3 - "Men do it. So why shouldn't women?" - Lundyn Carter
This episode is special because it's celebrating Lundyn Carter, our first hero on CodeLess. If you don't understand the definition of a NoCode hero, they are non-technical folks who are using NoCode tools to build businesses. They are bold and finding ways to create value, often using NoCode to jumpstart their journeys. Lundyn is the cofounder of Laine London (, a bridal industry startup, providing bespoke wedding dresses, making dreams come true, and helping couples avoid wedding debt.   Laine London has taken a unique approach to NoCode, using digital tech to humanize their business and separate them from the crowd. In this episode, Lauryn provides valuable context for NoCode developers and makers, who want to attain product-market fit with a segment of corporate savvy heroes who stand to supercharge much of the future growth of no code. You can reach out to Lundyn through email (, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Hot Takes 5:46 - Flipping the bridal industry on its head with a "sharing economy" approach. 7:25 - Laine London enhances customer happiness using NoCode..... and some code. 9:28 - NoCode is great for the early stages of a startup.  10:31 - Finding product-market fit puts you ahead of the competition 11:27 - Standing out from the crowd with Voxie Chat. 12:24 - Integration with Calendly to customize in-person service.  13:35 - Providing concierge-level service and shortening the sales cycle with NoCode.  16:10 - Caution: Use NoCode to humanize as well as automate.  17:00 - Website design, authentic branding, and digital merchandizing.  19:09 - Atlanta's diversity makes startups greater. Atlanta Tech Village.  20:20 - Lundy's journey from politics to Corporate America to startups.  23:19 - Finding the one thing you can do really well.  24:42 - "Men do it. So why shouldn't women?" 26:20 - Utilization rates as a KPI in the sharing economy.  26:40 - Beyond the purchase - saving customers money and combating wedding debt. NoCode Tools Voxie Chat Calendly Ring Central Stripe Music Links
January 31, 2020
S1:E2 - "Make the same amount of money with less time" - Drew Thomas
Stumbling into #NoCode is awesome especially when you have folks like Drew Thomas to catch you. The #NoCode community is full of supportive people like him who can help you unlock your creativity. Drew is out of Texas, and has been in technology since he was 19. Today he has successfully transitioned his agency from traditional software/digital development into #NoCode; and he has figured out the best way to ship products that matter. What's really cool about his #NoCode journey is that it's given him more time for the things that matter. You can reach Drew on twitter (@truedrewco).  Hot Takes 1:15 - Drew tries to wake the world up ( 3:09 - Drew's reason why. 4:12 - NoCode projects. We are giving away three free downloads to his paid app, "Yesterdays Weather". Go to 37:48 for how to get it.  12:05 - On problem-solving.  13:41 - Building a NoCode agency.  18:08 - On NoCode categories and the future cost of software.  22:22 - Maker shoutouts.  25: 27 - How NoCode has given him more time for the things that matter.  31:07 - Code vs. NoCode Drew's Projects No Code List (web app, nocode) - A list of tools to build, grow, and run a business without code. Yesterdays Weather (app and web app, nocode) - Today's weather in terms of yesterday's, in a single sentence. Really Simple Store (SaaS, coded) - Embeddable products that trigger events. (new version coming at Joustlist (SaaS, coded) - Job search organization tool. Work and Whistle (consultancy) - An all-nocode consultancy. Music Links
January 16, 2020
S1:E1 - "People don't suck at anything" - KP from Atlanta
KP is a maker out of Atlanta with an awesome story about struggle, identity, motivation,  and the power of vulnerability. He talks about his #NoCode origin story, makers that have inspired him as well as the very personal reasons for building five projects over 13 months. He also opines on the past and future decades of #NoCode. special shoutout to You can reach KP on twitter (@thisiskp_). Listen for his shoutouts to some other makers you should know.  KP's Projects - - - - - - MUSIC Links - -
January 01, 2020
CodeLess Trailer
Edmund explains what happens on CodeLess.
December 31, 2019