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Java Chat - CoffeewithMike

Java Chat - CoffeewithMike

By Michael Kaleikini
Startups, coffee, whiskey, business, health & wellness...they're all relative. Inspiration over coffee a must! Follow me on Social - Twitter @coffeewithmike, IG @coffee.with.mike, facebook: We have a store now! Get your CAFFEINE ON! Grab swag and deals all day! (and a cup of java while you're at it)
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Podcast Interview with Susan De Lorenzo- Overcoming Adversity

Java Chat - CoffeewithMike

Podcast Interview with Susan De Lorenzo- Overcoming Adversity

Java Chat - CoffeewithMike

Episode #106 - Khaled Maziad - Copy & Messaging Alchemy - Who you DON'T want
Khaled Maziad is a marketing consultant who specializes in the Psychology of persuasion and high-ticket sales. He helps coaches transform their uncharged-non-monetary offer into a high-ticket one without having Tony Robbins like Brand. He shares his story on struggling to give away his stuff for free to charging high-ticket offers and helping his clients from all around the world do the same. He is known as the Copy & Messaging Alchemist. He has been featured in FOX as one of 21 Entrepreneurs You Need to Know About in 2021. He has also been featured in ANLP, Fox, CBS & NBC. Khaled is a professional member of ANLP International CIC, a certified Master of NLP, and holds a degree in Civil Engineering. Before becoming a marketing alchemist, Khaled worked with traders and professional fund managers, helping them master their mental edge in trading and life. He also had over 15 years of experience as a Project manager, where he managed multi-million dollar projects on 3 continents. Khaled lives with his wife and two kids in Sydney, Australia. Khaled shares his story of learning about human kind and how he learned to help his clients get to the right messaging to find the right clients not the ones you DON'T want. You can find Khaled Maziad on the links below: Website: Facebook: YouTube: Make sure you subscribe to our channel! #marketing #brandmessaging #tonyrobbins #marketingmayhem #marketingalchemy #Leadgeneration #Successmindset #business101 #businessmindset #Inspirationalvideos #expertinterview #marketingexpert #businessbuilding Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic DiBitetto "Tik'd off Vic" Grab yourself a pound of cawfee and get your day goin!
January 05, 2022
Episode #105 - Huw Edwards - It's time to Finally Escape from Corporate Slavery!
Huw Edwards is the founder of Porthcawl Studios who’s mission is to liberate over-educated, high achievers from corporate slavery. His corporate slavery background includes managing portfolio risk at Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world and an organization with one of the most radical, principle driven cultures in existence.   As of Late Huw has pivoted to helping Highly intelligent committed Career oriented professionals get liberated and some of his stories are just awesome to listen to.    Grab a cup of Joe and come hear what Huw shares on this episode of Java Chat!   Don't forget to subscribe!   You can find Huw Edwards via his company website:   Website:   Facebook:   Twitter:   Instagram:   LinkedIn:   Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic DiBitetto "Tik'd off Vic" Grab yourself a pound of cawfee t'day!    #businesssuccess #businesssuccession #businesssuccesss #businesssuccesstips #tonyrobbins #chetatkins #garyvee #higherpurpose #meditation #gettingbacktocenter #increasinggoodenergy #makingitcount #businessstrategy #successtips #successmindset #motivationalstories #expertinterviews #startupliefstyle #scaleup #bitcoin #Ethereum #cryptocurrency
December 21, 2021
Episode #104 - Anthony Sabatino - Business is Simple, People Are Complicated | CEO ASPF Solutions
Anthony Sabatino, CEO and Founder of ASPF Solutions, LLC. is a business coach & consultant with a holistic approach to growth and scale; focusing on infancy to small and midsize companies with only one thing at the forefront of the strategy... results. Over the last decade he has studied the habits, hacks and knowledge of business growth to a level that is unprecedented to most, but necessary to the successful, and from all of this has developed a system which has helped over 200 businesses scale up their companies revenue. His goal is to work in the trenches with businesses including the owners and directors to create massive growth. Results are something that is always first priority and is exactly why his system works so well. It is designed to accomplish benchmarks desired by the business in an independent fashion, meaning geared toward each specific scenario. Anthony is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and executives alike discover and utilize strategies that will help them efficiently scale while relieving negative pressure. LINKS: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Don’t forget to subscribe and follow our channel! Share this video/podcast with your colleagues and friends! #businesssuccess #successfulbusiness #business_success #successbusiness #successinbusiness #businesstipsforsuccess #businessquotessuccess #businessquotesuccess #successfullbusiness #business2success #successfulwomeninbusiness #successtipsforbusiness #businessmarketingsuccess #businesssuccesstips #smallbusinesssuccess #onlinebusinesssuccess #homebusinesssuccess #yoursuccessisourbusiness Credits – “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic DiBitetto “Tik’d off Vic” Grab yourself a pound of cawfee t’day and get that grind on!
December 14, 2021
Episode #105 - David Sinclair - Volta Wireless - How to make SURE your personal data is Private on your mobile phone
David Sinclair, Founder and CEO of Volta Wireless brings forth a new software that privatizes your mobile device. He has been working with his team to create a software that can allow you the consumer to have privacy in ALL of your mobile connections. (text, talk, data & Payments)    David sits down with @CoffeewithMike to discuss what REALLY goes on with Big tech(You might be surprised to see who that REALLY is) and how YOUR data gets collected by EVERYONE, and gets sold to EVERYONE ELSE! It’s really mind blowing to see how much companies and governments actually collect on us!    David shares his journey through his career in selling into emerging markets and then opening his own company, then returning to the states. His boredom launched him into the tech and telco space and what he found was that many don’t really know that their private information wasn’t really private! So he set off to create a software that would allow you the privacy you demand for your own conversations and even your payments. Two years nd a LOT of investment later, he and his team have come up with just what you need to make sure your data is kept TRULY safe. Enter Volta Wireless.   David gets pretty deep with Mike on this subject of privacy and at the end, David and @CoffeewithMike shares how you can engage Volta to start your privacy for mobile with a special gift code to get your first month for 99 cents.    (use code omg99) when signing up to get that first month cheap!  (and ten dollars off per month on the monthly thereafter) Don’t forget to subscribe and follow on all social media!   You can find David at:    or on LinkedIn:   #dataprivacy #privacyplease #privacyscreen #privacypolicy #privacymatters #privacyiseverything #businesssuccess #successfulbusiness #business_success #successbusiness #successinbusiness #businesstipsforsuccess #businessquotessuccess #businessquotesuccess #successfullbusiness #business2success #Growtogether #davidsinclair #coffeewithmike #Expertineterview #Privacyexpert #newtelcoservice #privatemobileservice   Credits for Audio – “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic DiBitetto “Tik’d off Vic” Grab a pound of Cawfee t’day and get your day goin strong!
December 14, 2021
Episode #103 - Rhachel Hunter - The Healing Journey | Healing Coach | Master Class Series coming in January 2022
Rhachel is a corporate dropout, multiple business owner, and work/life balance coach. After going through multiple businesses she began to realize that she was meant for more than just the grind or a high paying business. She just didn’t feel settled or successful. Sure there was income, but happiness was still just out of reach. Making her way through her entrepreneurial journey she learned that there is more than just a work life balance that has to occur. There needs to be healing and reconciling with the past in order to gain traction in the now, and into the future. Rachel Shares her journey from childhood experiences and her epiphanies along the way to today where she now helps others realize their true stasis and joy in life isn’t always about a successful business but a life that you can thrive in; one that makes sense for each individual and their situation. Rhachel is a single mother of two little girls whom she is an at home learning coach to. Aside from business Rhachel is passionate about sharing her personal journey about self love, finding inner peace, and staying in your power. To see more of Rhachel’s content, follow her on Instagram and facebook Just search out @Rhachel01 on both platforms Her masterclass series begins in January 2022 starting with Journaling. (listen to the podcast to hear more about what classes she’s including. The list is impressive) Don’t forget to subscribe here to Java Chat and leave a comment or review on google play or itunes! #healingcoach #healingandtransformationcoach #energyhealingcoach #selfhealingcoach #healingcoaching #traumahealingcoach #healingcoaches #innerhealingcoach #transformationalhealingcoach #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurship101 #entrepreneurshiplifestyle #entrepreneurshiplife #entrepreneurshipgoals #entrepreneurshipmindset #businesssuccess #successfulbusiness #businesstipsforsuccess #successinbusiness Credits – “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic DiBitetto www/ Grab a pound of Cawfee t'day and get your grind on!
December 13, 2021
Episode #102 - Eric Fogg - Founder ProdPerfect (quality testing platform for tech companies | The entrepreneurial journey | Conspiracy Theories
Eric Fogg is ProdPerfect's cofounder and I lead revenue + people guy. His passion is helping others unleash their potential and empowering them to make decisions based on facts. In late 2017 he co-founded ProdPerfect with a mission to help teams scale their QA by empowering them to use actual live data - instead of educated guesses - when deciding what tests to write and maintain. It’s incredibly rewarding, and they’re growing quickly. Eric Fogg & CoffeewithMke find a natural vibe that has them talking about everything from an entrepreneurial journey to unleashing the power in others, to even a bit of some conspiracy theory… Sit back relax and enjoy the ride as these two get into it over a cup of joe. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on youtube and! You can find Eric via his website, and blogsite below:   You can also find him on social: Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on youtube and! #prodperfect #ericfogg #businesssuccess #startuplifestyle #motiational interviews #makingitcount #expertinterviews #motivationalinterviews #techinnovation #businesssuccess #successfulbusiness #businesstipsforsuccess #successinbusiness #techstartups #Entrepreneurialjourney #HR #humancapital Credits – “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic DiBitetto “Tik’d off Vic” Grab yourself a pound of cawfee today!
December 13, 2021
Episode #101 - Sophie Chiche - How to BeCurrent in your life today! Tips on cutting through the BS
Episode #101 - Sophie Chiche    Sophie Chiche is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and psychologist. Equal parts philosophical and practical, Sophie has a unique ability to cut through the BS that keep people trapped in realities that don’t match their dreams.    Soph’s lifelong dedication to exploring the question of “why?” has taken her all over the world, where she’s presented speeches and connected with movers and shakers like Arianna Huffington, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu with the goal of advancing human consciousness.    Sophie’s helped craft businesses and social ventures of all shapes and sizes, written for several renowned international publications and served as a coach for high-powered entrepreneurs and executives.    Her new venture, BeCurrent is a productivity system that propels brilliant procrastinators into their greatness. Sophie earned Master's Degrees in Business and Journalism in her native city of Paris, France and added one in Psychology soon after she moved to Los Angeles.    Soph sits down with Coffee with Mike to share her story and insights to how you can begin to look inwards and see the real. T ake a moment to listen in and find the nuggets in this one.   Follow Soph on her website and social!   Don’t forget to subscribe to THIS Channel for more killer interviews!   Website:   LinkedIn:   Twitter:   Instagram:   #sophchiche #becurrent #businesssuccess #motivation #Expertinterviews #mentalhealthinterviews #entrepreneursjourney #Challengethenorm  Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic DiBitetto "Tick'd off Vic" Grab your self a pound of cawfee t'day!
December 10, 2021
Episode #100 - Marty Strong - Be NImble Navy Seals Mindset | Expert Interview with a top consultant
SHOW LESSMarty Strong, CEO, Chief Strategy Officer, key note speaker, and author of Be Nimble - How the Navy SEAL Creative Mindset Wins on the Battlefield and in Business (   In 2004, Marty began to build a distinguished track record of successful progressive business leadership supporting U.S. Government agencies and private corporations. From 2016 to the present, he has built, scaled, and led a rising healthcare star, Legacy Care. (Link Below)    He is a decorated combat veteran of the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams and the author of eight adventure novels. He currently holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a graduate degree in Management. He’s also a graduate of Villanova University’s Master Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma program.   Marty sits down with CoffeewithMike to share his story of being in the Navy Seals to his current day DMO. (Daily Method of Operation) He drops some great knowledge on business and how you can utilize Objective Perspective Analysis to see whether or not something is in need of fixing in an organization or system.    The wisdom is great and the laughs are too. (It is after all a coffee chat and we enjoy it)   Don't Forget to Subscribe!   Take a moment to sit down and watch / listen to Marty’s Story.    You can grab any of his books at:  and if you’d like to learn more about him you can visit his personal site:  Also, find him on Social Media:  LinkedIn: #leadership #sixsigmablackbelt #businessdevelopment #entrepreneurship #businessoperations #businessstartups #inspirationalstories #Tonyrobbins #bestleadershiptraining #navysealsmindset #benimble #martystrongauthor  Credits – “Who wants cawfee?” by Vic Dibitettto “Tick’d off Vic” Grab a pound of cawfee t’day!
December 02, 2021
Episode #98 - Yaro Starak - Podcasting, Entrepreneurship and Angel Investing
Yaro Starak was an early adopter of the Internet, starting my first online business as a teenager back in 1998, an e-commerce website selling collectible cards. After graduation from the University of Queensland in 2002 he launched an online editing company, which he later sold in 2007. Yaro jumped on board the blogging and podcasting mediums early, starting in 2004, which led to the launch of an online teaching business. He sold over $2 million dollars of my own digital products using email marketing and blogging as his primary channels. Currently he is an angel investor in 25 companies, co-founder of, where they focus on helping entrepreneurs and busy professionals break free from email, and PurePower, a solar energy company with an array in Lviv, Ukraine. Yaro sits with CoffeewithMike on this podcast to share his insights and experiences in angel investing and to talk about his entrepreneurial journey. These stories are chocked with gold nuggets! Make sure you subscribe and share this one with your colleagues and friends! #Angelinvesting #businesstartups #inboxdone #Yarostarak #Entrepreneurship #emailmarketing #digitalmarketing #podcasting #expertinterviews #scalingbusiness #leadgeneration #inspirationalpodcasts Credits – “Who wants Cawfee?”by Vic DiBitetto “Tick’d off Vic” www.vicdibitetto.netGrab yourself a pound of Cawfee today.
November 30, 2021
Java Chat wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving! - The partners have a chat | New services online and new ventures coming
This is a simple chat with 2 of the partners of Oasis Media group sharing experiences and reflecting on this past year's events, lessons learned, and new ventures on the horizon.    @CoffeewithMike and Dan Kurtz discuss AI tools and services being developed and tested that will be available for companies looking to dominate the web and get better traction for lead generation. Some of them have even surprised Dan! (If you know him, not a lot surprises him)    New strategies and new relationships mean better opportunities for brands, companies, coaches, authors and consultants to build their authority online.   Dan & Mike also talk a bit about the new venture with a new tech & Fashion app coming out at the end of November 2021 called quifkit.  A mixture of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality). Info on the app and what it can do can be found at  Make sure you stop by and grab your copy of the app when it releases. Also, if you're in the tri state area, the launch party happens on December 16th, 2021. Grab tickets and come join us!   There will be more added to the services with platforms that use AI for video, social management, content creation and Media Releases. Stay tuned to find out more.    We want to thank all of our subscribers, watchers and listeners of Java Chat and wish all of you a most wonderful Thanksgiving! #thanksgiving2021 #givingthanksforyou #happythanksgiving #javachat #podcasting #AIleadgen #quikfit #fashiontech #selfgrowth #Hypergrowth #growthhacking  Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic DiBitetto "Tick'd off Vic" Grab a pound of cawfee today and make shua youre startin your day right.
November 25, 2021
Episode #97 - Sarah Holzberg, CEO QuikFit, LLC - Hometown Islander fan creates Tech & Fashion App
Sarah Holzberg, CEO of a new tech and fashion app visits with us today to share her journey from New York to London and almost to Brasil all while learning sports marketing and promotion. Then she shares how after all of that experience she ended up pivoting into a completely different category from sports marketing. As a recruiter she learned a ton around the field of Human Resources. She shares her experiences with mentors that she still maintains relationships with to this day and explains how they influenced her journey and ignited her passions for fashion all over again. Today she is the CEO of a startup called quikfit that is poised to rock the fashion industry using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented reality to create an experience that anyone can use to feel good about how they’re dressing without a lot of the normal hassle of going to the store and having to make time to try it on. The app is set to release on November 30th and they have a launch party that you can attend if in New York on December the 16th, 2021, you’ll want to attend this launch party and see how this app works! You can get tickets via Find Sarah on Instagram : You can find quikfit on these social media outlets: Instagram Facebook: LinkedIn: website: #startupsandcoffee #quikfitapp #sarahholzberg #techandfashion #mentorship #expertinterview #podcasting #newbusinesses #featuredonpodcast #Businesssuccess #tonyrobbins #garyvee #entrepreneurs Credit – “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic DiBitetto “Tick’d off Vic” Grab a pound of cawfee today!
November 23, 2021
Tristan Pelloux - Fintech and startups - How a consultant views the world of blockchain and fintech
Tristan Pelloux is a Management Consultant with international experience within large financial institutions in the UK, France and Jordan. Strong experience in Corporate Development and Business Strategy including strategic planning, growth strategy, M&A, strategic partnerships and innovation. After 5+ years in Corporate Strategy at Virgin Money UK, I launched Strategwhy, an independent management consulting firm providing guidance and advice to business leaders and founders across Europe. Passionate about innovation in financial services, I am also the founder and Editor of Fintech Review, an online media focused on the Fintech industry. Listen as he describes his passion on accounting and fintech. You can find Tristan on his websites and social media: LinkedIn: Websites:  (Company Website)  (Company Website)  (Personal Website) Twitter: fintech_review Subscribe today! Credits: “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic DibBitteto “Tick’d Off Vic” www.vicdibitetto,net Visit today and get yourself a pound of cawfee today #fintech #Entrepreneurship #businessconsulting #garyVee #businesssuccess #investingsuccess #financeandtech
November 20, 2021
Episode 95 - David Hennessey - The Wonder Technique
David Hennessey is a trainer in the W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique; a course he created after going through a few hardships in life. After his mother was diagnosed with and recovered from cancer he decided to take the time to fulfill a dream and travel around the world. Places like the Himalayas, Mount Sinai, the Red Sea and more! So far David has already visited 23 countries and lived in 3 long term. After his time traveling he stay ed in Canada and began his inner journey by searching for the core principles of health and happiness. He looked for fulfillment, simplicity and a unified approach to both. As a result of his training in College with Psychology and Nutrition, he pieced together his program the W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique. This is a wholistic approach to take control of your own life through creating new habits that lead you to health and fulfillment. This technique has helped many transform from stressed, burned out, individuals to new humans that understand their being and create habits that help them increase their life with joy, happiness and health. You can find David on his website at: Also on Social: LinkedIn: #selfhealing #wondertechnique #Personalgrowth #selfimprovement #coaching #healthyself #lifelessons #selfhelppodcasts #podcasting #productivity Credits : “Who wants Cawfee” by Vic DiBitetto “Tick’d off Vic” You can enjoy his comedy on his website AND grab a pound of Cawfee while you’re at it!
November 11, 2021
Java Chat Podcast Store is LIVE!
It's been in the works and now it's here! Java Chat Podcast's very own TEEPUBLIC Store! If you're looking for good swag to wear or use (for coffee...duh) you can purchase tumblers, t-shirts, pillows, COFFEE MUGS...etc etc.  Make sure you stop by and grab your swag today! And don't forget to stop by to hear the latest podcast! Talk soon!  @CoffeewithMike
October 28, 2021
Episode #94 - Mark Herschberg - The Career Toolkit - Every Job Seeker's Blueprint to Finding Work
Mark Herschberg is a highly sought after professional speaker, author and consultant. He's the author of The Career Toolkit, a resource for college students looking to plan their careers smartly. Mark sits down with @CoffeewithMike to share his story. He discusses the interesting facts about Harvard University's Sport program and how he became a world championship ballroom dancer. He also talks with Mike about how colleges are working with Students to help them plan their futures in planning for their careers. The Career Toolkit is a book authored by Mark specifically to help those that maybe don't have the guidance that they feel they need. It's a great starting point for any future job seekers and even current job seekers to use as a bit of a guide in their hunt for new career. You canf ind Mark Herschberg on his website: As well on Social Channels: LinkedIn: Twitter: and The Career Toolkit on twitter as well: Credits: Intro for Java Chat "Who wants Cawfee" by Vic Dibitetto "Tick'd off Vic" Grab yourself a pound of Cawfee today! #markeherschberg #thecareertoolkit #careerplanning #ballroomdancing #Collegeplanning #findingyourcareer #Author #celebrityspeaker #bestsellingbook #careerdevelopment #careerskills
October 28, 2021
Episode #93 - Jeff Schafer - My Journey into Entrepreneurship and Health
Jeff Schafer is a fitness entrepreneur and content creator around the Keto Diet. He shares his story, how he got started in this industry, what drives him to be successful as an entrepreneur while also providing tips for those looking at starting their own health & fitness business! You can follow him on facebook, and Instagram. (links Below) Make sure you check out his website too! Facebook: Instagram: #Ketofit #Ketolife #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurmindset #healthandfitness #ketofitness #jeffschafer #healthybusiness Credits for intro: “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic DiBitetto “Tick’d off Vic” Grab yourself a Pound of Cawfee t’day!
October 27, 2021
Episode #92 - Kristine Ovsepian - Journeys to Heal
Kristine Ovsepian, M.A., C. Ht. is a Quantum Healing specialist, Certified Hypnotherapist & Life coach. She is the author of "Living Through Choice", a certified NLP and EFT Practitioner, Intuitive Healer and Breathwork Facilitator.  Growing up Kristine always felt she was different. At an early age, she heard the call to be of service to humanity. For decades, she tried to avoid the messages coming from the Universe to follow her true path, because she wanted to “fit in” to the norm of what society required of her. In today's podcast, Kristine and Mike dive into the world of energy and healing. Kristine starts off by sharing her personal journey and then they start getting into why society should consider more of the wholistic approach to living; not just healing. The reality is that modern medicine can sometimes be saturated with technology and commercial interests, which can promote more of a focus on the body as a machine rather than a complex system made up of interdependent components. Kristine has taken the holistic approach in order to help her clients to stave off not just physical but emotional and energy issues as well.  Sit back and take a listen to this conversation and if you have questions of course feel free to reach out to her on her website: You can also find her on social: Instagram: @journeystoheal Facebook: LinkedIn: Credit for Audio Intro: "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic DIBitetto "Tick'd off Vic" grab a pound of Cawfee today! #energyhealing #energyhealingclasses #energyhealings #energyhealingwithluisarusso #energyhealingcoach #KristineOvsepian #CoffeewithMike #journeytohealing
October 19, 2021
Episode #91 - Terry Jones - Disruption On, Disruption Off
Terry Jones - Speaker, Author, Innovator, sits down with @CoffeewithMike this week to share his stories of how he started Travelocity, Kayak and how he continues to invest and help start ups create new and innovative solutions online.    Terry's book ON Innovation counters the management book tradition in which empty slogans take the place of actual thought.  Terry gives his readers the benefit of hard-won insights he gained by creating multiple startups and working for some of the best mentors in corporate America.    As a Digital Disruptor, author and venture capitalist with five startups to his name which 2 have gone on to be worth $1 billion as IPOs; Terry has been helping companies get started and advise them as they ready to scale.   You can find him on his website for more information:  You can also find him on social:   Facebook:  Twitter:  LinkedIn:  YouTube: (subscribe)  Credits:   "Who wants Cawfee?" Audio by Vic DiBitetto "Ticked Off Vic" Make sure you hit his website for a pound of Cawfee. httpss://   #terryjones #entrepreneruship #innvoators #moversandshakers #travelocity #kayak #startups #investing #business #Startups
October 12, 2021
Episode #90 - Art Bell - Constant Comedy: How I Started Comedy Central and Lost My Sense of Humor
Get ready for a great story teller in Art Bell and how he started Comedy Central!  This is the man that first pitched the idea of an all comedy channel to HBO, and GOT SHOT DOWN!  Later he pitched it again to a different executive instead of a director, and it went through. Not only that, but people LOVED it!   Art Sits down to share his stories about how it all came to be and explains the different circumstances he had to deal with including not even knowing comedy and being tasked with making a 24/7 comedy channel work! (and we're all sure glad he did)    Art is also an author that wrote a memoir on the whole story line of how Comedy Central came to being.  You can get his book at the link below: (Affiliate link)   You can also find him on his website and get his book there: as well on social media   Facebook:  LinkedIn:  Instagram:  If you have questions post them in the comments below, he will have the link for this podcast!   Credit for intro dialog - "Who wants cawfee?" by Vic DiBitetto "Ticked off Vic"
October 07, 2021
Episode #89 - Marla Goldberrg - My Fucking Long Journey to Loving Myself : A Guide to a Shorter Path
Marla is an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, International Best Selling Author, and Host of Guided Spirit Conversations podcast.  Her mission and purpose in life is to inspire, motivate and educate her clients and all that she connects with through her books and podcast, through the use of her tools and techniques to help them enhance or shift their life circumstances.   Marla sits down with @CoffeewithMike to discuss her journey and her insights to energy healing, how it works, who can benefit, and why it's important to make use of this modality when needed.    Increasing your awareness to what energy healing really is and how it can benefit your life and lifestyle matters.  Marla shares her struggle and how she came to be an energy healer, what it's done for her life and more importantly for others she serves!   She also is a best selling author with her latest being: My F*cking Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path  A definite MUST READ!   You can find her at: on  LinkedIn:  Twitter: @MarlaGoldberrg   Or watch her Youtube channel:  Instagram: @marlagoldberrg  Subscribe to her channel and connect on social!   #energyhealer #Entrepreneur #screampillow #originalscreampillow #businessconsulting #entrepreneurship #Marlgoldberrg #healthyself #coffeewithmike #javachatpodcast #increaseyourlife #feelbetter #bestsellingauthor #MyFuckingLongJourneytoLovingMyselfAGuidetoaShorterPath  #inspirationalinterview #Inspirationalquotes #motivationalvideos Credit - "Who wants Cawfee?" courteousy of Vic DiBitetto "Ticked Off Vic" Visit his site and get a bag of Cawfee today!
October 05, 2021
Happy International Podcast Day from Java Chat Podcast!
Podcasting has revolutionized the way we consume audio, and for that reason, International Podcast Day is a day of celebration. Radio is so twentieth-century! The world moved on from it long ago with podcasting becoming mainstream in recent years to help change this perception around what was once seen as just some '90s relic or dead technology from decades past - but now you're listening on your own time anywhere at any place because who doesn't love podcasts? I don’t know about y'all out there…but I'm loving my Google Hub while taking advantage today by downloading "Business Casual" where Journalist Nora Ali and comedian Scott Rogowsky ask industry leaders the questions you wish you could ask yourself. Episodes drop every Monday and Thursday. Presented by JobsOhio. This is a reality check podcast where you can really get down to business.  Find a podcast that you like, and listen. Sometimes it's big names, sometimes it's new faces never seen before.  #internationalpodcastday #javachatpodcast #podcastingrules RQuET6bBmGuCooyunHeH
September 30, 2021
The Tao of Self Confidence with Sheena Yap Chan
Sheena Yap Chan is a Keynote Speaker, coach and author on building self confidence. She is also the founder and host of the award winning podcast called The Tao of Self Confidence where she interviews Asian women about their inner journey to self confidence.  After going from having low self esteem to being the confident woman that she is today, Sheena uses her experience to help women overcome their self limiting beliefs to live a better life.  Her podcast has gotten over one million downloads to date and has interviewed over 800 women on the topic of confidence. She has interviewed celebrities, 8 figure CEO’s and more. She has been featured on multiple notable publications, including MindValley, Thrive Global, The Manila Times and more. Sheena is also the TOP 100 Filipinos to follow on LinkedIn for inspiration and learning in 2020 by Marketing In Asia.   You can check out more info here: Book a free 20 minute coaching call with Sheena    You can find Mike here:   Instagram:  Twitter: Java Chat Website:  Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell for notifications for the next episode CWHFwjSfaodGHhTxU2V5
July 12, 2021
Take the Risk with Patrick Talley
Patrick L. Talley has a long career driving revenue in the innovator sector of the technology adoption curve. He has spent over 35 years refining and redefining what it takes to successfully accelerate the rate and decrease the risk around revenue attainment. He is currently a Managing Director of a B2B fund, Investor in Early Stage B2B Companies, Advisor to early-Stage Companies and a few days a month he offers up his time as a Fractional VP Sales to companies selling into the Innovator Sector of the Technology Adoption Curve. These are early-stage companies or mature companies selling innovation with new products, into new markets. Patrick is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys long multi-pitch trad climbing and long snowshoe treks to glaciers or just nice saunters up a mountain.   You can find Patrick here:  Website Facebook URL  You can find Mike here:   Instagram: Twitter: Chat Website:  Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell for notifications!
July 09, 2021
Journey to Wellness with Cindy Marshall
Cindy Marshall has an inspiring story of accomplishing so many things in her life while living with a mental disorder called depersonalization disorder.    Through sheer determination, a desire to be a more connected parent and a drive to get out of the endless suffering, she found simple methods that can help anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, OCD, overwhelm, chronic health issues and depersonalization.    She is presently writing a book and work as a health and wellness coach.  She uses the wisdom of Ayurveda, psychology, behavior science and the habits of centenarians to guide others to a life of thrive.  You can find Cindy here: Website link:    You can find Mike here:   Instagram: Twitter: Chat Website: Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell for notifications!
July 09, 2021
Dancing around the Set with Jenny Paul
Jenny Paul is an award winning actress, producer, creator and educator based in New York City with a Magna Cum Laude degree in Theater Arts from Brandeis University and a CORe Credential from Harvard Business School. Her best known credits include Hulu’s The Looming Tower starring Jeff Daniels, Netflix/Marvel’s Jessica Jones, internationally acclaimed web series That Reminds Me..., and the digital interactive series, Adulting with Jane as well as award winning films Idle Worship, Extinct, Dead Layer, and Parent Teacher Conference and series You're the Pest and I Don't Want to Die Alone. In addition to dozens of other award- winning films, theatrical shows, commercials, and tv projects, she is also set to be the host of SparkNotes’s upcoming AP Literature Test Prep Series. Jenny is the founder and CEO of Intent Entertainment and PennyPants Productions, as well as a producer and co-founder of 5lvin Productions.   You can find Jenny here:  Website LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL Instagram   You can find Mike here:   Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:   Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell for notifications!
July 09, 2021
Perfectly Normal-an Immigrant’s Story of Making it in America With Michelle Kuei
Michelle Kuei is a certified transition life coach who helps negative self talkers to discover inner strength and beauty by overcoming fear for judgments.  Michelle’s speaking career began in 2018, soon after she founded her own coaching company. She is the author of the new memoir, Perfectly Normal-an immigrant’s story of making it in America.  She is a board member of the United Nations Association of the USA and a Clinical Pharmacist at USC’s Keck Medical Center.  Michelle was born in Taiwan and grew up in New York, but today she lives in Los Angeles with a short-haired brown tabby cat named Buster. If you’re looking for her, odds are good you’ll find her at the gym.     You can find Michelle here: Website link: URL YouTube URL  You can find Mike here:   Instagram: Twitter: Chat Website:  Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell for notifications!
July 09, 2021
The Extraordinary Unordinary You - Simone Knego
Though Simone Knego has had a varied career, she began her professional life as a Certified Public Accountant in 1995 working in Tyler, Texas. Simone holds both a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Accounting from the University of Florida. After she moved to Sarasota, Florida in 2000, Simone went back to school to become a teacher. Raising six kids, she was already managing her own classroom— she decided why not get paid for work that aligned with her own daily life? She worked as an Elementary and Exceptional Student Education teacher for three years, where she strove to create a safe and productive learning environment for all students. The job opened her eyes even further to the role schools can play in providing children with stability, especially those who may not experience the comfort of constancy at home.  Jewish Federations focus on making the world a better place for all people, and through her volunteer work, she witnessed the difference that Jewish Federations can make locally and across the globe. Wanting to play a role in this important work, she became a board member of the Sarasota-Manatee Jewish Federation where she was the 2016 Doris Loevner Memorial Young Leadership Award winner and sits at their board. Simone also served as the 2018-2019 Co-Chair of the Jewish Federations of North America’s National Young Leadership Cabinet.Simone’s work with the Jewish Federation helped her realize that she had the ability to inspire others to dedicate time and resources to projects, both personal and charitable, that can make a difference in people’s lives. Simone has shared this message with numerous audiences and, in doing so, has discovered her passion for public speaking. Simone’s work with the Jewish Federation helped her realize that she had the ability to inspire others to dedicate time and resources to projects, both personal and charitable, that can make a difference in people’s lives. Simone has shared this message with numerous audiences and, in doing so, has discovered her passion for public speaking. You can find Simone here: Website: URL  You can find Mike here:   Instagram: Twitter: Chat Website:  Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell for notifications!
July 09, 2021
The Million Dollar Body with Nate Palmer
Nate Palmer is highly passionate about helping humans perform at a higher level. He also happens to be a dad, husband, and the #1 bestselling author of Passport Fitness and The Million Dollar Body Method. Nate helps business owners and entrepreneurs improve their physique, finances, and family time using fitness and nutrition as force multipliers. Find out how to get fit by first maximizing your energy quickly and easily. On today’s episode, Mike and Nate talk about his book “The Million Dollar Body Method.” They also discuss personal fitness and his goals for the future of speaking and helping entrepreneurs. Nate also talks about the importance of balance when it comes to fitness. Today, Nate continues to promote his book “The Million Dollar Body” and his podcast  “The Million Dollar Body Podcast.” He has a facebook group where they go live once a week and talk to fitness experts as well. You can find Nate here: Website Website #2 LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL YouTube URL Instagram Instagram You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:
March 02, 2021
Hillel Zafir- Focus on Business
Hillel Zafir is an accomplished executive with a strong record of driving strategies, initiatives, and processes that generate dynamic gains in financial performance and operational efficiencies. Also, an expert in leveraging business planning and information technology to reduce costs and improve productivity. He’s also a recognized leader in business automation including automated warehouse operations, financials, customer relations management, and material resource planning. Astute problem solver possessing the vision and leadership to maintain businesses at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Today, Hillel is involved in many startups by helping them find traction in this crazy business world. He also continues to promote his business, incentX, an easy to use sales management solution that helps you to design incentive plans. Hillel Zafir’s links   ProSMB You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:
February 16, 2021
Timothy Yen- Choose Better
Timothy Yen is a Clinical Psychologist, Consultant and best selling author and teaches people how to choose better. His book "Choose Better: The Optimal Decision-Making Framework,” helps people start 2021 off with a clear mindset in order to make good decisions. On today’s episode, Timothy and Mike discuss Timothy’s book in depth and we learn who his audience is which is two very different sides. On one hand, the book is for indecisive people, and on the other, it's also for those who make wrong decisions. They talk about mindset and mental health in our daily lives as well. Today, Timothy continues to help people through counseling and therapy online and through private practice. He also is promoting his book which is now out on Amazon. Also, he is starting a consulting firm as well! You can find Timothy here: You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:
February 09, 2021
Lisa David Olson - Laughter is the Best Medicine
Lisa David Olson knows how to tell a joke. Emerging triumphantly from a traumatic childhood, she’s always looked to humor for relief in difficult times. So much so that she eventually made a profession out of it – she spent two years in a comedy troupe and now speaks and writes about humor and creativity. She recently released a comedy album on iTunes entitled “Phun on the Phone”. On this episode, Mike and Lisa share lots of laughs as they chat about the healing and connecting powers of humor, how it enables us to live in the present, break the ice, and push past our inner demons. Lisa has published a memoir, Laughs on Wry, and a creative journal that draws on her improv expertise, What Ifs & Why Nots. She also runs the Facebook comedy group Counter-Clockwise. Find her on these platforms as well: Website LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Instagram Instagram My podcast:
February 05, 2021
Padma Gordon- Loving Yourself
Padma Gordon is a Spiritual Counselor, Mindfulness Teacher, Movement & Embodiment Instructor, and Author of Being Together: Practical Wisdom for Loving Yourself & Your Partner, who teaches about life, love and relationship through the lens of awakening. She assists people to turn towards their direct experience so that they can create movement where they are stuck, come home to themselves and thrive. On today’s episode, Padma and Mike talk self love. How to learn to love yourself and be in the moment. Padma explains how many free skills we have at our disposal every single day to help us be more present. For example- breathing! They discuss gratitude and practicing authenticity. Today, Padma Gordon continues to promote her book Being Together and is soon coming out with the Audible version of the book that we will promote on our end once it comes out! Along with the audio book, she is working on a companion workbook that goes along with it that focuses on how to practice presence. You can find Padma Gordon here: Website: Website #2: LinkedIn URL: Facebook URL: YouTube URL: Instagram: Instagram You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:
February 02, 2021
Pete Bombaci - The Human Connection
Pete Bombaci is a fierce champion of human connection, and he joins us here on Java Chat today to share with us the proven benefits of human connection and face-to-face social interaction. Pete introduces to us to the GenWell Project, his very own grassroots campaign, with which he hopes to grow and spread the message of the importance of human connection. Pete reminds us how vital human interaction is to our emotional and physical well-being, and gives us some tips for navigating the isolation and loneliness of a global pandemic. Pete is a compassionate marketing and business leader who also has significant experience in the non-profit sector. Before starting the GenWell Project, Pete helped raise more than $100 million for Movember Canada. Pete is currently working on expanding the GenWell Project, and he and his team continue to engage in corporate and community speaking events. Find out more about Pete and the GenWell Project at these sites: Website LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL YouTube URL Instagram Instagram
January 29, 2021
Mastering the Mind: David Richards
David Richards, a former marine turned yoga instructor and author, helps people every day learn how to master the mind. After his service, he dedicated his life to becoming a life strategist and helping people find greater fulfillment in their lives. On Today’s Java Chat, David and Mike discuss David’s past in the Marines and how he got interested in yoga and bettering himself. David shares stories of his past from early childhood, to college, and how he started writing his now third book. Today, David remains practicing as a life coach and conducts training through public speaking and workshops. He continues to promote his second, The Lighthouse Keeper while writing his third book that is bound to be a #1 best seller. You can find David here: Website Website #2 LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL http://davidrichardsauthor Instagram Instagram You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:
January 19, 2021
Robert Foster: Recognizing Your Potential
Robert Foster has always been in a leadership role ever since he was captain of his sports team in Elementary school. He took that passion of leading people and turned it into a career of coaching and helping people break through their mental barriers.   In today’s episode, Robert and Mike talk about how Robert’s upbringing shaped him into the person he is today. They go through Roberts journey of different leadership roles and turning his small personal trainer business into something that inspires people every day.   Today, Robert continues to inspire people through coaching and giving speeches that can help people realize their true potential. He hosts his own podcast #IgnoreTheNever and promotes his fitness program “RBF Fitness.”   You can find Robert Here:  Website  Website #2  Website #3  LinkedIn URL  Facebook URL  Twitter URL  YouTube URL  Instagram Instagram    You can find Mike here:    Instagram:    Twitter:    Java Chat Website:
January 19, 2021
Randy Gage - Radical Rebirth
On this episode of Java Chat, we are joined by successful entrepreneur, prolific writer, and professional speaker Randy Gage. Randy details how a stint in jail at 15 years old led him on a journey of self-evaluation, during which he learned how to replace his “victim” mindset with a “victor” mindset. Drawing upon content from his book Radical Rebirth, Randy dives deep into the ways our minds have been subconsciously programmed by memes, or what he calls “mind-viruses”, from a very young age. He discusses how these core foundational beliefs we pick up early in life can affect everything in our future, from religious philosophies to health and wellness to our outlook on marriage and relationships. Randy’s book teaches us how to recognize these mind-viruses and learn to reprogram ourselves in order to better achieve prosperity. Randy enjoys speaking on prosperity and has delivered many prosperity services in churches. He plans to launch a weekly prosperity service via zoom, for which the info and links may be found in his newsletter on his website. Follow Randy on the following sites: Website LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL YouTube URL Instagram Instagram
January 15, 2021
Jacqueline Wales - Developing Fearless Leaders
Java Chat welcomes Jacqueline Wales, a leadership coach with over thirty-five years of experience. Jacqueline’s work focuses on developing fearless leaders, helping people to overcome stumbling blocks that prevent them from realizing their full potential, in the workplace and beyond. Her coaching draws on her vast array of life experiences – from growing up around alcoholism and drug addiction, to traveling the world, having children, working as a professional singer and musician, writing novels, and even mastering karate and Taekwondo in her forties. On this episode, Jacqueline and Mike discuss the power of being fearless. Jacqueline describes her trademark Fearless Factor and offers some everyday tips and tricks for harnessing courage and conquering fear. Currently in the Bay Area, Jacqueline works as a facilitator, consultant, and coach for groups and individuals seeking to transform their professional and personal lives. Jacqueline’s passion is to witness her clients grow while putting fearlessness in action. She is the author of three books and can be found on the following sites: Website: Linkedin: Facebook URL:
January 12, 2021
Podcast Interview with Susan De Lorenzo- Overcoming Adversity
Susan De Lorenzo is a survivor of invasive breast cancer that precluded to her marriage falling apart. She is an expert on adversity. Everyday, she strives to help women overcome tough situations through experience and self knowledge. On today’s podcast, Susan and Mike talk about their experiences of overcoming adversities. From illness, to losing jobs, to failed relationships. They talk through what they did to learn from it instead of falling into a deep hole. Today, Susan De Lorenzo is about to release a book called Pulling the Gems from Adversity where she shares how to find the small lessons in each tragedy that you experience. She shares her hopes of someday having a podcast as well. You can find Susan here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:
January 05, 2021
Happy New Year!
2020 was one for the books. Today, Mike goes through Java Chat's highlights throughout the year. Some guests we hope to have on in the new year, and some we hope to come back.    And we want to hear from you! Leave in the comments below what you want from Java Chat. Who you want on, what you like to hear, and what questions you want answered.    You can find Mike here:  Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:
January 04, 2021
Christian Straka- Training the Mind
Christian Straka has a unique approach to mindset training through his experience with it in sports. He’s been practicing mindset for many years through being a Unified Mindfulness coach. He’s a coach for pro athletes and gas coached multiple top 10 players throughout their careers as well as being a Global Mindset Coach for Adidas Runners. In today’s episode, Christian and Mike deep dive into mindfulness. Christian tells the stories of his past of being a tennis player and then being able to turn that into something he loves even more- being a coach. He shares stories of coaching professional athletes with a focus on mindset and mental health. Today, Christian has a book in the works and continues to coach his clients. He wakes up every day and loves what he does. His work doesn’t feel like work, and that’s what we are all trying to reach in life. Christian also has a mindfullness training program called MindSize as well as an app coming out later next year. You can find him here: Website: Website #2: LinkedIn URL: Facebook URL: Twitter URL: Instagram: Instagram You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:
December 26, 2020
Joy Dushey - Just Breathe
Transformative coach Joy Dushey talks us through her framework for holistic healing, The Joyful Approach. Joy experienced a spiritual transformation after suffering much grief and illness in her earlier life that culminated in an ischemic stroke. Realizing she had been living an unfulfilling life, Joy ventured down new spiritual pathways to find healing and rebirth. On this episode, Joy discusses her spiritual experiences as a runner, introduces us to some of her own mentors in the realm of holistic health – from Paul Chek to Anne Davin—and gives a rundown of her specialty - alchemical breathwork - a method of harmonizing the mind, body, and soul. Joy enjoys working with clients of all backgrounds and levels of experience with breathwork. Joy currently works as a transformative coach and spiritual and holistic guide in New York City. She works with clients one-on-one and regularly facilitates collective healing Sanghas, both live and occasionally virtual. Joy also hosts her own spirituality and wellness podcast, The Methodology, which can be found on Apple and Spotify. Find out more about Joy on these platforms: Website: Facebook URL: Instagram: Instagram You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:
December 22, 2020
Podcast Interview with Katherine Jansen-Byrkit
Katherine Jansen-Byrkit has her masters in Public Health and spent over a decade in Public Health managing violence prevention and teen health programs. Over time, she endured a process of reflection, curiosity, and trust as she came into her new career as a Licensed Professional Counselor and has now been doing private practice for 17 years. Katherine joins us on Java Chat today for the second time. Her and Mike were able to discuss topics they weren’t able to cover on the previous podcast. Katherine explains different perspectives of mindset and understanding between people through advice she’s learned throughout her life. Today, Katherine is an author of the book River to Ocean: Living in the Flow of Wakefulness. This book takes you through the journey of finding your way to an awakened self. In River to Ocean, Katherin explores nine aspects of wakefulness and offers insights as well as personal stories from her field. Katherine also continues her private practice as well as offering holistic psychotherapy, retreats and workshops. You can find Katherine here: Website: Website #2: Website #3: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: You can find Mike here: Instagram: Twitter: Java Chat Website:
December 15, 2020
Sean Rosensteel - The School of Intentional Living
Best-selling author Sean Rosensteel joins us on Java Chat to let us know how important intentional living is. As the author of the Amazon bestseller The School of Intentional Living and the founder of The Intentional Living Academy, Sean has made it his mission to help others lead an authentic life. In this episode, Sean shares his own personal story of when he became bankrupt at the age of 28. This experience opened his eyes and helped him realize that true fulfillment comes when you break free from the conventional path. After he did just that, he has committed his work to helping others find that realization. Currently, Sean’s book The School of Intentional Living is still available on Amazon. Sean also holds virtual workshops and online courses aimed to help people develop their own purpose-driven life. You can find Sean Rosensteel on these sites and social platforms: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram:
December 11, 2020
Ann Bernard- A First Time for Everything
Ann Bernard's world revolves around action-driven self-development through first times and new experiences. She’s been on this crazy journey of seeking things she’s never done before. Her life has changed through these experiences and enjoying her first times. In this episode, Ann and Mike discuss the importance of spontaneity and first times. Ann shares her breathtaking stories all around the world experiencing new things. She inspires us all through her stories and mindset of making this one life we have, count. Today, Ann has created her new app, 365FirstsChallenge. You can use this to make lists of things you’ve never done before. It can help us all discover all that life has to offer and change your mindset. Ann also has the 356 Podcast as well as running the Next Level Firsts Coaching to assist people in maximizing what they gain from their journey of new experiences. She’s also an author of the “How to Become a (First Time) Storyteller” Here's where you can find her:   Podcast: How to tell a story:  First Challenge:
December 08, 2020
Daniel Massimino - Failure Leads To Success
Daniel Massimino joins us on Java Chat to let us in on his past failures as a businessman. Daniel started his first business when he was only 15 years old where he repaired and sold cell phones. What began as a side hustle, quickly took center stage as the operation scaled to earn millions of dollars in revenue. However, his lack of experience eventually led to the company’s downfall and forced him to reevaluate how he approaches business. In this episode, we evaluate what it truly takes to run your own business. From Daniel’s experiences, he teaches us the important lessons he learned along the way and the changes that he has made to ensure the success of his current venture, The Credit Connection, which is a credit repair agency. Daniel’s business The Credit Connection offers a full suite of credit solutions that help people struggling with financial entanglements. They work with the best software solutions, top tier relationships with the nation’s largest lenders and an experienced staff. You can find Daniel Massimino on these sites and social platforms: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
December 04, 2020
Norman Plotkin - Fixing The Story With Hypnotherapy
Norman Plotkin, Marine-turned-lobbyist-turned-hypnotherapist, joins us on Java Chat to discuss the benefits of hypnotherapy and the power of rewriting your own story. Norman spent 25 years working as a policy consultant and medical association lobbyist before a cancer diagnosis upended his life. For Norman, cancer was an awakening – a call to reexamine his perspective, mindset, and lifestyle. He delves into his story of finding healing through meditative practices and spiritual actualization under the guidance of the likes of Wayne Dyer, Carolyn Myss, and Eckhart Tolle. After realizing the power of these practices to change lives for the better, Norman became a certified hypnotherapist and dedicated himself to helping others rewrite their own stories. Mike and Norman discuss the Hollywood-induced misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy, the types of hypnotic modalities present in our every-day lives, and the changing spiritual climate of the modern era. Norman currently practices hypnotherapy in Sacramento (and welcomes new clients!), runs virtual group meditation sessions on Saturdays, and has published two books, Take Charge of Your Cancer and Master Mind Master Life, with a third in the works. Find out more about Norman at the following links: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube URL: Instagram:
December 01, 2020
David Meltzer - The Power of Gratitude
David Meltzer joins us on Java Chat to inspire us with his adverse upbringing and self-discovery. In the process, he teaches us the five daily practices and four values that changed his life for the better. In this episode, we dig deep into what exactly David’s five daily practices and four values are. David stresses that the success and wealth which he has today is all thanks to remembering his five daily practices and four values. To him, the most important value of all is gratitude because it also offers perspective, forgiveness, empathy and peace. David is a three-time international best-selling author, a Top 100 Business Coach, the executive producer of Entrepreneur’s Elevator Pitch and the host of the podcast, The Playbook. Also, David has been acknowledged by Variety Magazine as their Sports Humanitarian of the year and awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Needless to say, David is the real deal. You can find David Meltzer on these sites and social platforms: Email: Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Text Community: (949) 298-2905 The Playbook podcast on Spotify: You can also email David directly to register for training (or get his book):
November 27, 2020
Katherine Jansen-Byrkit - Awakening Your Life
Katherine Jansen-Byrkit joins us on Java Chat to explore the topic of mental health. Early in her career, Katherine worked in the realm of Public Health where she helped manage violence prevention and teen health programs for over a decade. But eventually, she decided to shift gears and found herself pursuing a career as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her private practice not only holistic psychotherapy but also retreats and workshops, as well. In this episode, we explore people’s relationship with themselves. Many often go about their days wondering, “Am I good enough?” However, Katherine believes that mentality is dangerous. When you’re constantly questioning your worth, your actions become a reflection of that insecurity. People need to learn how to be in touch with themselves so that they can appropriately navigate life. Last year, Katherine published her first book “River to Ocean: Living in the Flow of Wakefulness.” Here, she explains how to find one’s “awakened self” through reflecting on old beliefs, anxiety, preoccupation with death and complicated relationships. You can find Katherine Jansen-Byrkit on these sites and social platforms: Website: Website #2: Website #3: LinkedIn URL: Facebook URL:
November 19, 2020
Damon Burton- A Lesson in Leadership
Damon Burton Joins us once again on Java Chat. Damon and Mike are good friends and they spend this episode catching up and reminiscing on old stories. Damon Burton is the owner of SEO National, he writes for Forbes, and even hosts his own podcast. On today’s episode, it really utilizes the format of Java Chat. Two friends having coffee. Damon and Mike share old stories of business and they both share their experiences with Gen Z and finding employees to hire. Today, Damon continues to manage his companies with his loyal team. He sticks with his clients and is persistent in loyalty to them as well. You can find him on his socials: Website: Website #2: Website #3: LinkedIn URL: Facebook URL: Twitter URL: Instagram: Instagram
November 16, 2020
Paul Moore - The Perfect Investment
Paul Moore joins us on Java Chat to delve into the topic of investing, specifically real estate investment. Paul is a veteran in the department of real estate investment. Not only does Paul have experience in house flipping, but he has also played a role in the development of a Hyatt hotel and a multifamily project. Today, Paul walks us through his idea of the perfect investment and informs us of some harmful misconceptions when it comes to investing. Paul emphasizes that investing isn’t a way to make quick cash. As he puts it, true investing is more like “watching paint dry or watching grass grow.” To learn more from Paul, check out his book “The Perfect Investment: Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing.” Here, he delves even deeper into the secrets and benefits of investing, specifically in the realm of multifamily housing. You can find Paul Moore on these sites and social platforms: Wellings Capital: How To Lose Money: His Book: LinkedIn:
November 13, 2020
Ari Gunzburg - The Five Keys To Greatness
Ari Guzburg joins us on Java Chat to walk us through his journey of discovering his concept of the five keys to greatness. Ari expands on those ideas in The Little Book of Greatness, a story that details ways people can unlock their destiny, achieve their dreams and live their best life possible. In this episode, we explore definitions of greatness through Ari’s personal experiences and how traumatic memories from his childhood shaped who he is today. Today, Ari is dedicated to helping others unlock their potential and guiding others along in their own personal growth. He does this not only through his writing, but also through public speeches, one-on-one coaching and his podcast, Way To Greatness. You can find Ari Gunzburg on these sites and social platforms: Website: Website #2: Website #3: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram:
November 06, 2020
November 4, 2020
November 04, 2020
Nelson Tressler- The Art of Goal Setting
Nelson Tresslers early life was filled with trauma, struggle, and court trials. But although his childhood was something that many of us couldn’t fathom going through, he was able to turn his life around in a positive way. He set goals, kept a positive mindset, and stayed accountable to his actions. Through his journey he was able to get married and raise 3 children. He runs over 10 businesses, many of them helping children and pets. Additionally, he has written a book and helped develop an app for goal fulfillment. Today, Nelson is awaiting the release of his new book on November 12th, 2020. His new app “I Got Smarter” just got a new update finalized. He will continue to set goals and help others do the same all while inspiring people from rough backgrounds that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You can find Nelson here: Website: LinkedIn URL: Facebook URL: Twitter URL: YouTube URL: Instagram: Instagram
November 02, 2020
Joe Apfelbaum - CEO of Ajax Union
Joe Apfelbaum joins us on Java Chat to talk about the essentials of a successful business. Joe is the CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency in Brooklyn. He is a business strategist, marketing expert and certified Google trainer. Today, Joe tells us how he started Ajax Union and how he got it on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America. Joe’s #1 tip is to know your fears, know your weaknesses, and address them head on. Successful businesses need strategy and visibility, but also a leader who knows what they’re doing. Some books of Joe’s include: “High Energy Secrets” and “Average Joe to CEO.” Currently, he’s writing a new book called “High Energy Purpose,” which will center around how to be 100% “in” on your life. Ajax Union: Evyrgreen: Personal Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
October 30, 2020
Neddko Nedkov - The Architect of Podcast Advertising
Today on Java Chat, Neddko Nedkov joins us to talk about all things podcasts. From Bulgaria, Neddko only recently got into the world of podcasts. As like many people, COVID-19 left many people searching for alternate forms of entertainment. This is how Neddko started his journey. Neddko founded This is an easy to use platform to help podcasts find advertisers for their shows. He has found a niche that although may be small, is something completely new and also extremely needed in the community. Registration is free and from the advertiser’s side, as Neddko himself says, they can list people for $50 to $50,000; they have the technology to do it. Today, Neddko wants Podvertizer to be his life triumph. He wants it to grow and expand and help the podcasting community like he knows it can. He’s tried many different career and learning paths but he thinks he’s found a good one here. You can find Neddko here: Website: Linkedin:
October 27, 2020
Diana Geoffrion - Using Media to generate leads
Diana Geoffrion joins us on Java Chat to talk about the role that media should play in both a personal sense and a business sense. Originally from Wisconsin, she moved to Las Vegas nearly 20 years ago. Today, Diana works in business development marketing in the world of finance. In this episode, we delve into how social media should be a tool that shows who you truly are as a person or a brand. Your profile should be personal and convey what you truly are about. As Diana puts it, “perfection is such an illusion, and people are craving realness on these platforms more than ever.” Currently, Diana works at Cardinal Financial Company where she is a business development manager. Here, she helps realtors and lenders grow their business by sharing knowledge in social media, leadership and contract execution. You can find Diana Geoffrion on these sites and social platforms: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Authors mentioned: , , ,
October 23, 2020
Java Chat Welcomes Tom Simmons- Men's Health and Vulnerabilty
Tom Simmons joins us on Java Chat today to talk about his inspiring journey. He’s had anxiety his whole life and at the age of 20 got diagnosed with cancer. This took a major blow to his confidence and brought his life down to rock bottom. Although he’s made many major changes in his life, he still works on his mental health each day in an attempt to be free of his burdens. On today's episode Mike and Tom discuss mental health in depth. They share their similar breathing and meditation techniques as well. They also dive into the stress men are put through in today’s world. From the lack of vulnerability men are allowed to express and where that stems from at a young age. Today, Tom is a mental health advocate for men all across the world. He raises awareness about men’s stress and shares his own experiences and techniques he’s found to combat them. He soon hopes to start a podcast and write a book in the future about his journey. Here’s where you can find Tom: Website LinkedIn URL Facebook URL YouTube URL
October 20, 2020
Java Chat Podcast Welcomes Denise Zavitson - The Seven Affirmations for Living
Denise Zavitson joins us on Java Chat to talk about life and how to truly live. After the tragic loss of three family members, Denise found herself in a rough state of mind. In her journey out of this difficult position, Denise went on a personal pilgrimage that led to the creation of her Seven Affirmations. Today, Denise is a life coach, the author of The Mindful Gardener and the house of the online course “Awaken to Joy.” In this episode, we go into detail about how to deal with loss and live life fully. Grief is a very human response to losing a loved one. However, there comes a point where you can’t let it control you. To live a joy-filled life, Denise emphasizes that you need to truly wake up every day. You cannot just go through the motions. You have to be present in day-to-day life. With Denise’s Seven Affirmations, she has been able to move past destructive habits and towards a place of purpose. Soon, Denise plans to release her online course “Awaken to Joy” and a 3-day video series called “How To Be More Mindful, Live Inspired and Find Your True Purpose.” To register, check out her website! You can find Denise Zavitson on these sites and social platforms: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:
October 16, 2020
Java Chat Welcomes Douglas Smythe- Shaving Specialist
Douglas Smythe joins us on Java Chat today to talk about his shaving journey.  After college he moved to central America and after creating a popular bug repellant solution, his focus and passion turned to shaving and male grooming. He started with watching his dad shave as a child and turned it into his business, Phoenix Shaving. In this episode, Douglas and Mike talk about the entire shaving routine- from the blades, to aftershaves, and even how to get a good lather. Douglas talks about how he started getting interested in shaving and how his products and designs are different from the rest. Today, Douglas is still continuing his shaving business and things are running smoothly. He also has a podcast where they talk about the history of shaving and shaving techniques in an entertaining way. He also expresses his excitement about the annual Big Shave West conference he holds every year. You can find Douglas here: Website: Website: store: Twitter: Douglas_Smythe Instagram: phoenix_shaving
October 13, 2020
Java Chat Podcast Welcomes Andrew Chesnutt - Instructional Design and E-Learning
Andrew Chesnutt joins us on Java Chat to share his expertise as a self-employed educational engineer. For the last 15 years, Andrew has worked towards creating E-Learning, training courses and more. Initially, he started out as a customer service representative for a major mortgage lender, and he was soon promoted to the training department. Because of his experiences as a tutor and Professor’s Assistant in college, he came to realize his passion for teaching and training others. In this episode, we delve into what inspired Andrew to take this career path and what the significance of instructional design is, especially in the realm of real estate and finance. Although we live in an age where people can learn anything through the internet, Andrew stresses that free courses do not equal quality courses. Andrew spends most of his time as a course engineer at his company, Nickel City Learning Solutions. There, they focus on providing clients with brain-based training that incorporates customized tools and techniques. They offer E-Learning, consulting, on-site and virtual training, and more. You can find Andrew Chestnutt on these sites and social platforms: Nickel City Learning: Email:   Facebook: LinkedIn:
October 09, 2020
Java Chat Welcomes Kenny Polcari- Experiencing the Trading Room Floor
Kenny Polcari joins us on Java Chat today to talk about his interesting experience with the New York Stock Exchange. He has over 30 years of experience in wealth management and expertise. He shares his profound story of moving to New York on a whim, with no guarantees, and finding that it was a decision that changed his life. He also walks us through his perspective on 9-11 and other disasters and crises during his time working. Additionally, he shares the slow down of his career on wall street through the increase of automation of his previous career. However, Kenny shares how he is nowhere near done with his journey. His new projects include starting a podcast that combines his expertise in finance with his passion and love for food. Here is where you can find Kenny: Website: Website #2: LinkedIn: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: Instagram
October 06, 2020
Java Chat Podcast Welcomes Trent V. Bray - Founder of Hustle Energy
Trent V. Bray joins us on Java Chat to talk about his journey through entrepreneurship and how that led him to his latest venture, Hustle Energy. Trent is the definition of what an entrepreneur is. At the age of 6, Trent got his first taste of business, buying and selling baseball cards to kids in his neighborhood. Then, at the age of 14, Trent went on to run his own web design company after learning to reverse engineer websites by himself. Since then, he has jumped through multiple industries like automotive, video production, real estate and more. In this episode, we delve into how Trent’s desire to make an impact on the world helped to create his latest project, Hustle Energy. After spending long days and nights working on his businesses, Trent realized that many entrepreneurs, like himself, needed a pick-me up to keep them focused. This led to Hustle Energy, which is a powder-based energy drink that gives people a smooth boost of energy without the crash that comes with caffeine. In addition to Hustle Energy, Trent also hosts a podcast called “Hustle The Day” where he interviews newer entrepreneurs and those planning to leave their 9-5 job. They talk about everything from side hustles and business development to personal betterment and entrepreneurial journeys. You can find Trent V. Bray on these sites and social platforms: Hustle Energy: Blog: LinkedIn: Instagram:
October 02, 2020
Podcast Interview with Nicholas Hinrichsen- MBA's, Investing, Startups, and Motivation
Starting the Startup  Today's guest is Nicholas Hinrichsen, my Stanford MBA friend who started a Venture Capital backed automotive company in 2013 and sold the business to Carvana in 2017. To do so, Nicholas went through the startup accelerator YCombinator in 2014 and raised $10M of Venture Capital by 2015.    A New Business Journey  After his successful exit, Nicholas wanted to do more good for the world and started his next venture, Clutch to save Americans thousands of dollars in car payments. The technology platform allows you to refinance your auto loan in seconds and from the comfort of your home.   More about Nicholas:  Linkdin: Clutch:
September 30, 2020
Java Chat Podcast Welcomes Shannel Winslow - Master of Performance Management
Shannel Winslow joins us on Java Chat to talk about the importance of creating a functional corporate environment. Shannel is an Industrial & Organizational Psychology Practitioner who specializes in talent development, performance management, leadership coaching and organizational design. She founded Within Your Grasp Consulting, LLC, a women-owned capital consulting firm that provides businesses with innovative strategies to improve employee performance. In this episode, we discuss why companies need to focus on satisfying employees as much as they focus on increasing revenue. In many corporate structures, employees view their work environment as a battleground where they fight each other for new positions, increased pay, recognition and more. To solve that issue, Shannel stresses that companies need to regularly check in with their employees to ensure employees' needs are being fulfilled. When employees enjoy coming to work, overall productivity increases and liability decreases. Shannel's company, Within Your Grasp Consulting, offers small to mid-sized businesses with a variety of services from strategic consulting for strategy and goal organization to leadership coaching for strength and skill development. Also, Shannel runs a personal growth blog called "Inspire 2 Happy" where she writes about growth through the lens of career, wellness and family. You can find Shannel Winslow on these sites and social platforms: Within Your Grasp Consulting: Blog: Twitter: LinkedIn:
September 25, 2020
Java Chat welcomes David Ciccarelli- Behind the Scenes of Voice Acting
David Ciccarelli joined us on Java Chat today to talk about his journey in making his platform for voice actors to express their talents and have an easy way to make a living doing what they love. David and Mike cover many different topics from why he created the website, to tips and tricks, and their own personal experience in the recording world. David is frequently published in outlets like the Globe Mail, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal to share his website and advice. He has a background in audio engineering and decided, with the help of his wife, to take out a small loan to start up a business. They started from a “web design for dummies” that has grown into what is today. As of now David continues to be a huge resource for both established and aspiring voice actors as well as anyone who needs something as small as a podcast intro to as big as a voice for their company. You can find David on these social platforms: Website: Linkedin: Twitter:
September 24, 2020
Java Chat Podcast Welcomes Dominick Domingo - The Creative Process of a Disney Feature Animation Veteran
Dominick Domingo joins us on Java Chat to discuss the power of storytelling. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design, Dominick went on to work at Disney Feature Animation as an artist for 11 years. He helped create some of Disney’s most iconic animated films like the Lion King, Pocahontas, the Hunchback of Notre Dame and more! On top of his Disney experience, Dominick has also illustrated books for major publishers, written several narrative books, created award-winning short films and founded the Entertainment track at Art Center where he taught for 20 years. In this episode, we describe what a creative process is and what it looks like. In Dominick's eyes, a creative process is present everywhere—not just in stories but also in life. From one's own imagination to the science behind biology, creativity lives and breathes in many forms. Similarly, a creative process looks different for everyone. Whether yours starts by taking a walk through town or by remembering an emotional memory, Dominick finds that creativity simply happens when it happens. Currently, Dominick has a fictional book series released that he describes as a classic hero's journey. Check out the links below to grab yourself a copy of The Nameless Prince and its sequel The Royal Trinity. Dominick also has a blog where you find more of his personal thoughts and updates. You can find Dominick these sites and social platforms: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: Dominick’s Blog: The Nameless Prince:
September 15, 2020
Java Chat Presents - Dr. Lindsey Elmore on the Pharmacist Turned Entrepreneur
Dr. Lindsey Elmore joins us on Java Chat to discuss a little bit of everything—from her background in pharmacy to her journey as an entrepreneur. As a child, Dr. Elmore knew she wanted to work in healthcare, and eventually, her path led her towards pharmacy. However, despite everything she learned in school, her life changed when she discovered eastern medicine and the science behind essential oils. Since then, Dr. Elmore has committed her work towards keeping people healthy instead of just waiting until they're sick. Besides being a pharmacist and natural wellness expert, Dr. Elmore is also a vegan cook, yogi, podcast host and a business strategy coach. In this episode, we not only discuss corruption within Big Pharma, but we also dissect what it truly means to be an entrepreneur. Regardless of what industry you are in or what niche you serve, ethical business is about providing solutions to people's problems. In the case of pharmacy, the problem is illness and the solution is an appropriate dosage of medicine. However, Dr. Elmore recognizes that Big Pharma completely disregards ethics, opting to take advantage of vulnerable people and their wallets. Despite everything we covered in the episode, there is so much more to Dr. Lindsey Elmore that we didn't get a chance to explore. To delve deeper into her discoveries on essential oils, be sure to read her book Essentials: 75 Answers to Common Questions about Essential Oils and Supplements. Additionally, Dr. Elmore is the creator of the Clean Slate Cleanse, a gluten-free and vegan food course, and she is the founder of Brand Strategies Lab, a business strategy company for entrepreneurs and companies. To top it off, Dr. Elmore also hosts The Lindsey Elmore Show, a podcast that combines her niches into the overarching idea of health. For more information, you can find Dr. Lindsey Elmore on these sites and social platforms: Website: Website #2: LinkedIn URL: Facebook URL: YouTube URL: Instagram: Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Tick' off Vic" Grab a pound of Cawfee t'day and get your day movin right.
September 08, 2020
Java Chat Podcast Welcomes - Ziad Abdelnour - Balls, Brains & Heart -
Ziad Abdelnour joins us on Java Chat to not only empower listeners with the story of his success, but to also challenge the way they approach both life and business. Despite his roots in Lebanon, Ziad decided to immigrate to the U.S. so that he could build his own fortune. Today, he wears many hats in business, but most notably he is the Founder, President and CEO of Blackhawk Partners, Inc., a private office in the business physical commodity trading and private equity investing. In this episode, we answer how to face-off in the war of business. With so many different players in the game, Ziad stresses that the only way to win this battle is to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and take success by force. Going against the grain is at the heart of Ziad's beliefs. He emphasizes that all you need to build wealth is the balls to stand up for yourself, the brains to make the right moves, the goals to stay  motivated and the heart to remain a human throughout it all. To learn more about Ziad's teachings, he has two books currently released, Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics and Start-Up Saboteurs: How Incompetence, Ego, and Small Thinking Prevent True Wealth Creation.  In Economic Warfare, Ziad explains how to make money in both good and bad times, and in Start-Up Saboteurs, Ziad warns of the ways you can ruin your own success. You can find Ziad Abdelnour on these sites and social platforms: Website: Website #2: Z Shark Course: Start-up Saboteurs (book): Economic Warfare (book): Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Credits - "Who Wants Cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Tick'd off Vic" Grab a pound of cawfee today and get your day moving in the right direction!
September 03, 2020
Java Chat Podcast Welcomes - David Morelli -
David Morelli, the Cofounder and CEO of Owl Hub, joined us at Java Chat today to speak about his business, his successes, and how he helped others achieve theirs.  David is a professor of leadership, communication strategy and entrepreneurship and executive MBA program at the university of Denver's Daniel college of business. He’s become an expert in many areas including neuroscience, crisis management, and peak performance leadership styles. In this episode, we discuss how David and his wife started the company, how they’re continuing to grow, and the things he’s learned along the way. We also dive into mindset and your perspective on the world. The mind processes 400 billion bits a minute and we all need help sometimes getting those bits to form cohesive thoughts and that’s what Owl Hub aims to do. Through Owl Hub, they host events like Peak Performance where they will help people who need assistance in getting their mindset right in a time like now. Many don’t know what to do next and how to think in a situation like a worldwide pandemic. Entrepreneurs as well as everyday people can get free training in order to live a happier and more productive life. Everyday through Owl Hub, people are learning how to better themselves through coaching, seminars, and much more. You can find David Morelli on these sites and social platforms: Owl Hub website: Peak Performance website: Owl Cast Podcast: Linkedin: Facebook: Credits - "Who wants cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Tick'd off Vic" Grab a pound of cawfee and get your day started right. 
September 01, 2020
Java Chat presents - Nick Velasquez - Learn, Improve, Master
Nick Velasquez joins us on Java Chat to talk about how he became a passionate learner and a devoted student of mastery. As the author of the popular blog, he writes about the science of learning, peak performance, creativity and mastering skills. His work has been featured on platforms like TIME, Thought Catalog and Thrive Global. In this episode, we explore the different phases of learning and how adjusting your frame of mind can help you excel in your desired skills. When it comes to learning something new, many people quit right after they start because it begins to seem overwhelming. Nick walks us through the importance of taking the process step-by-step so that you can follow through with your goals. Nick now has a book released called Learn, Improve, Mastery where he delves into even more detail about how you can develop any skill and excel at it. His book is currently the Amazon's #1 Best Seller in Developmental Psychology, so make sure to check out the link below to grab yourself a copy! You can find Nick Velasquez on these sites and social platforms: His book: Blog: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Tick'd off Vic" Grab a pound of cawfee t'day and get your day movin right. 
August 25, 2020
Java Chat presents Joree Rose - Practicing Mindfulness & Meditation
Joree Rose Joree Rose joins us on Java Chat to talk about her experiences with discovering mindfulness and meditation. Although she started her private practice as a marriage and family therapist four years ago, her journey to becoming a mindfulness and meditation teacher began roughly 20 years ago. In this episode, we dive into her personal struggles with being present in the moment and making life decisions consciously. Oftentimes, people get lost in the idea of what they think their life is supposed to look like without taking into consideration what they truly want for themselves. Joree shares these challenges through her experiences as a mother, as a wife and as a person. Recently, Joree has released a new remote service for families struggling to manage stress and anxiety at home amid the current pandemic. Members of this year-long service will be given tools that help parents cope with their anxieties so that they can create a peaceful and productive home throughout the upcoming school year. When you become accustomed to a normal routine, accepting change is difficult, but Joree wants you to know it isn’t impossible. You can find Joree Rose on these sites and social platforms: Website Website #2 Website #3 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter YouTube Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Ticked off Vic" Grab a pound of Cawfee t'day and get your caffeination on!
August 18, 2020
Java Chat - Jay La Guardia - Power, Passion, and Profit
Dr. Jay La Guardia Dr. Jay LaGuardia joins us on this episode of Java Chat and share his expertise on living the power, passion, profit lifestyle. He shares from his 30 years of experience from getting his Chiropractic  business started to scaling it, to creating a platform where he can help other entrepreneurs increase their effectiveness not just in their business, but in life!   Jay is a coach that shares his unique business on the Power, Passion, Profit website which you can see in the comments. His approach to success is practical and logical.    We get into where Jay came from, the challenges he faced and the successes he's created since then. He shares a few of the tip and secrets to his success and how he helps others to succeed. If you're looking for solid advice on what works and what matters in a complete life, this is the podcast to watch or listen to.   You can listen tot he audio version on or go to to see the latest episodes.   Jay is easily found via his website:  or via his social platforms:  LinkedIn URL  Facebook URL  Twitter URL  YouTube URL  Instagram  Intro Credits - "Who Wants Cawfee?" By Vic Dibitetto "Ticked off Vic" Go grab a pound of cawfee at and get your cafwee on t'day!
August 13, 2020
Java Chat - Cameron Tousi - Startups and law
Cameron Tousi - The truth about advisory boards, and how to be sure you're covered.  For over 20 years, Cameron Tousi has been a key contributor to the innovation economy, helping literally thousands of multinational corporations, startups, venture firms, investors and individual entrepreneurs as one of America’s leading business technology and intellectual property lawyers and litigators.  As an attorney, his many accolades include the highest peer review rankings with the foremost legal publications, such as The American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel magazine and Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Preeminent Rating. As a leading litigator and licensing counsel, he has represented clients with combined amounts in controversy exceeding $1.1 billion with numerous multimillion-dollar awards for his clients.   As an entrepreneur, Cameron has had success as well. He founded the firm IP Law Leaders in 2012, co-founded a multimillion-dollar startup in 2004 and has served and still serves on the advisory boards of numerous venture-funded startups.  As a public speaker, he passionately shares stories about entrepreneurship of both success and failure.  As an author, his articles frequently appear in Bloomberg Law, Entrepreneur magazine, IPWatchdog and scholarly law journals. He’s often quoted by international journalists for The Guardian, Reuters and other publications about pressing technology and legal issues. In short, he is a well respected businessman in his field.   Cameron is releasing a new podcast about innovation, entrepreneurs and startups. Bringing his unique sense of pragmatism, belief in true democratic meritocracy and passion for achievement. He seeks to help everyone achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. That said, he holds nothing back about the real journey, warts and all, peaks with valleys -- it’s minus sycophancy to money and fame, and starry-eyed pollyanna. He addresses biases about age, education, ethnicity and other challenges you’re facing, and how to overcome them.     Success leaves clues – Cameron intends to make sure you all find them..  You can find Cameron Tousi on these sites and social platforms:   Website   Website #2   LinkedIn URL   Facebook URL   Twitter URL   YouTube URL   Intro Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic DiBitetto "Ticked off Vic" Grab a pound of Cawfee and make you day bettah!
August 11, 2020
Java Chat - The Immunity Code - Joel Green shares insights to REAL nutrition
Joel Green - The Immunity Code No this isn't some "secret code" It's a code that is simple to crack once you understand it. Nutrition has always been elusive to us. We've all heard of the latest greatest trend, fad, diet etc. All of them have worked in one way or another. That said, there isn't a "one size fits all" that works for everyone. That's because we're all unique in our own way.  One thing though that has shown itself well is that if our digestive systems aren't working right, we end up getting sick with some kind of disease. Health becomes elusive and all of the side effects of bad health begin to show up.    From weight gain to more serious illnesses like diabetes and cancer, having an unbalanced system can only make it harder to live a fulfilling healthy life.    Joel Green, author and system designer for VEEP Nutrition comes and shares expertise on what the issues may be that are affecting your health from the very basic to digging into gut health and how it affects YOUR daily life.    You can find Joel Green via his websites:   or on his social:   LinkedIn URL   Facebook URL   Instagram   Credits: Intro to Java Chat - "Who Wants Cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Ticked off Vic" Grab a pound of Cawfee today! Grab a cup of Java and hang out with us!
August 04, 2020
Java Chat - Mollie McGlocklin - Sleep is a Skill 7-24-2020
Mollie McGlocklin joins Java Chat for a talk about Sleep We invited Mollie McGlocklin to share some insights into sleep and how it can really affect ANYONE's health physically, mentally, and emotionally.    Molly is the creator of "Sleep is a Skill" a company that optimizes how people sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, an behavioral change. The company was born from "scratching her own itch" after a lifetime of poor sleep habits culminate into a mega-challenging bout of insomnia for months without end.     We dig into some of the different research of how sleep affects humans and how we need to be more cognizant of our sleep patterns and habits if we wish to live a fuller more fulfilling life.    Mollie's fascination with chronology, and it's practical applications. to restore a state of homeostasis to humans has led her to working with many people that suffer from Sleep disorders an now continues to  help others increase their sleep habits to much healthier levels.    You can find her at the links below:   Podcast: Website: https://www,  LinkedIn: facebook:  Intro credit - "Who wants Cawfee" by Vic Dibitetto "Ticked Off Vic" Grab a pound of Cawfee today!   Java Chat  is a production of Oasis Media Group, LLC | Copyright 2019 | All rights reserved
July 30, 2020
I AM ENOUGH! Squelching the inner saboteur - Interview with Author and podcaster Coz Green
I AM ENOUGH - Author Coz Green joins Java Chat for an in depth run on squelching your inner saboteurs This week we bring on Author / Entertainer / Certified Professional Co - Active Coach / Broadcast an Inspirational Speaker.   We dig into the mental health issue of "I AM ENOUGH!" Squelching the inner saboteurs." This is a huge one for many of whether entrepreneur, owner, investor, professional. Anyone that experiences stress has ten "inner Saboteurs" that can get in the way of you living your purpose, and they usually do.    Coz helps us take a practical look at what this is we deal with on the daily and how to begin to see it for what it is and addressing it in a manner that allows you an I to live a much more healthy life mentally.   This is one that has a lot of "hints" and blatant "here you go" moments in our conversation. Sit back relax and listen intently to what Coz shares. It's important to all of us. (psst...especially you)   Finding Coz Green online is easy. Copy an paste the links below:  Podcast :  Be on the lookout for his book coming soon!  "I AM ENOUGH - Squelching the Inner Saboteurs"   Billy Mandarino - “The Nowist.”   Frank King - The Mental Heatlh Comedian Credits for intro to Java Chat - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Ticked Off Vic" Grab a pound of Cawffee t'day!   Voice over by Nicole Carino (Find her on Fiverr, she's awesome to work with)
July 28, 2020
Interview with Pat Peri of Osiris Organics - a discussion on cbd and finding your serving size
Java Chat Welcomes Osiris Organics Introducing a new sponsor for Java Chat. Osiris organics. They have a line of health and wellness products that help anyone live a better and healthier life.  Pat Peri, one of the founding members comes and shares the story of Osiris and it's beginnings as well as his own personal story of how he started to bring this new product line to life.    We talk about figuring out what your serving size is when it comes to using cbd, some of the upcoming products that are based on Native American recipes and why it's important to know what's in your products and how much you should actually be paying for it.    We will have Pat and another guest who is one of their consultants join us when some new products come out. until then stop by and see what they have available now. I use the gummies and the hand balm.  Simply amazing products! (copy and paste url to visit Osiris Organics)    Credit for intro - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Ticked Off Vic" Stop by and grab a pound of Cawfee. You won't regret it!
July 21, 2020
Java Chat - Rachelle Calina, CPA - Get Your Business Finances Straight
Java Chat welcomes Rachelle Calina, CPA as we chat over coffee about startups, what to consider for your business when it comes to finances, cashflow and the ability to forecast honestly. (Let's be real, we all love to look through rose colored glasses some times and can get punch drunk off a good month)  Rachelle's story begins a few years back when she experienced the pains of starting a new business. from having an unfocused business that was overspending and having her working 80+ hours a week, to finding the wrong clietns to work with. She ran the gambit of pitfalls that many of us have run into ass entrepreneurs. Once she refocused and shifted to a model where she got to choose who she wanted to work with and get really intentional with her goals, she saw a serious improvement in quality of clients, to reducing work hours to about 35 hours a week! Her story is engaging and is practically what most of us have experienced, the difference is, she refocused quickly and now runs a successful Accounting practice. She owns the company not the other way around.  We go lightly into the Payroll Protection Program(PPP) and what you should know as a business before going after assistance programs  She drop a bunch of great stories as well that illustrate what CPAs can ddo to help and where you as a business owner should already be prepared before approaching a CPA to help you with your business' finances. (I learned a lot in this short time with Rachelle) Lots of gold in this one. You can find Rachelle at: or She is also on Social Media. Feel free to follow here there.  Credits - "Who wants Cawfee" by Vic Dibitetto "Ticked off Vic" grab a pound of Cawfee at You won't regret it! Tell him Java Chat sent ya.
July 12, 2020
Interview with Courtney B of Zippy Content
Welcome back to Java Chat! I've been after this one for a while. We are graced with Courtney B of Zippy content to discuss what it means to get booked on a podcast as a guest, what you need to consider when you're looking to create a podcast tour, what your brand needs to look like and a host of other fun rabbit holes we run down together.  Courtney helps her clients create the right personas, find the right aligned podcasts to go after, and helps them actually book the podcast. She's been at it for 5 years now and she just keeps getting better. Zippy Content helps Authors, Coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and business experts get on relevant podcasts so they can get their message and expertise out to the general public where their customers and client are.  This is one for the books. (Oh, you can bet we're having Courtney back, she's awesome to talk with) (Company page) (personal page) Credit for opening audio: "Who wants Cawfee?" By Vic Dibitetto "Ticked off Vic" Grab a pound of Cawfee from Vic's site and make sure you have your cup of cawfee daily.
June 30, 2020
Conversations with a Behavioral scientist - Kurt Nelson of Lantern visits over a cup of Joe
Kurt Nelson Lead scientist for behavioral health at The Lantern Group sits down for a cup of Joe to talk about entrepreneurial and professional motivation and overcoming hurdles from a behavioral perspective.   We dig in to a few deep subjects and get real on what is needed in both the workplace and personal lives when it comes to behavioral health and how to stay up and moving in the midst of any condition we as humans face.    This is one for the books and were sure to have Kurt back again soon to dig deeper.   Find Kurt on LinkedIn: @whatMotivates on twitter and   Opening credit - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Ticked Off Vic" Stop by his site and grab a bag of Cawfee! Everyone needs Cawfee! #behavioralscience #behavioralstudies #lanterngroup #JavaChat #podcastinterviews #Expertinterviews #leadgen #betterwork #motivation #inspiration #omgmarketing
June 22, 2020
Interview with Damon Burton of SEO National
This interview brings to light how someone "stumbled" onto a win over a huge network and then turned into a successful business venture.  Damon Burton joins us to discuss things SEO and how he beat a Billion Dollar Media company by outranking them or their own show! (I know of only one other person to do this an I've interviewed him as well) You'll want to hear this podcast as he drops nuggest on what works and what you should be aware of.  Damon has a book you can grab free at: You can also find him on LinkedIn and Facebook where he shares and bares all that is SEO for you to learn and use! #SEO #DigitalMarketing #marketingstrategy #businessstartup #leageneration #Leadnurture #findnewclients Credit - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Ticked Off Vic" Grab a poundd of Cawfee on his website and make sure you watch his vieos on Instagram or IGTV. 
June 17, 2020
Interview with Jason Berkowitz talks Search Engine Optimization on Java Chat
Had a great interview with Jason Berkowitz of  We get into SEO and why it's essential in ANY business marketing plan.  If you're using paid advertising and NOT incorporating this into your plans because you just want sales, you're living the short term dream. Your site will eventually fail and your bran fade away.   Listen in and get all the nuggets you can!  you can find Jason at : and you can find him on LinkedIn as well    If you're looking into getting greater returns on your paid advertising, using copy and images is no longer enough. Stop by to learn more about how Identity Resolution can increase your qualified lead generation. Credit - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic Dibitetto "Ticked Off Vic" Stop by his website and grab a pound of Cawfee
June 10, 2020
Interview with Dave Char of Illuminate on Leadership, burnout and how to manage it all
This week was a sit down with a brilliant mind when it comes to empathy, insight, and leadership.    David holds his bachelor's in human resource management from Colorado State University and his master's in industrial / organizational psychology from the University of Maryland – College Park.  He is a current doctoral candidate in business psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where he is studying the interaction between meaningful work and burnout.  David is NOT your typical academic - as a scientist / practitioner translator, David makes leadership theory & business psychology accessible, implementable, and fun through the use of humor, stories, and 'real-world' examples.    Daivd is a speaker, consultant and trainer who speaks on the subjects of:   - Combating burnout  - The Science of Employee selection  - Working with Purpose   We touch on all of these and get deep into it so there's a lot to hear. (including a cameo by his human loving pooch)   If you want to find David you can fin him on LinekdIn and on his website.   Have the coffee hot an keep an ear on this one. Stay Up, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, and LIVE! Credit - "Who want Cawfee?" Intro audo by Vic "Ticked off Vic" Dibitetto - comedian. Grab some Cawfee, You won't regret it! #leadership #businessmindset #burnout #Betterworkplace #CoffeewithMike #DavidChar #illuminate 
June 09, 2020
Interview with Founder, Shaun Clark of (Entrepreneurship)
On this interview I get to chat with one of the founder of a platform we've chosen to move to simply because it is a true "all in one" platform to run our business on. It's called GoHighLevel and they have an agency software that allows almost anyone that decides to become an agency, CAN.    What I didn't know was just how amazing Shaun is as a businessman, Entrepreneur and Human. His insights to business and his commitment to serving others has him constantly thinking of how he can improve what he already has.  This has caused a great surge in how many clients and their customers he already has hosted on his platform.  In only 2 years he has well passed what's needed to remain a player in the marketplace as a SaaS platform.  His human side is wonderfully practical making this not just a business chat, but a good time of getting to know another good person.  Thank you to Shaun Clark of GoHighLevel for joining us and gracing our podcast and channel with your wisdom and insights! to learn more about how you can become an agency today! Credit - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic DiBitetto - Comedian Grab a pound of Cawfee and enjoy your morning with Vic!
April 29, 2020
CashFlow Podcast Shares insights on how to start a successful podcast
Hey Coffee lovers! I get to sit down with Ben Krueger who is a veteran of creating and scaling great podcasts for experts in many different fields!  Ben breaks down the psychology behind starting a podcast the correct way and gives up a couple of needed principles when it comes to starting a successful podcast. This is one you don't want to pass up listening to! He goes through planning, content, what niche to consider, what you should be thinking about and who you will serve etc etc! This one is LOADED with gold nuggets. There are 9 principles to consider when starting a podcast and the first four that he shares are Insanely important! If you want to find Ben you can do so at and learn more about how YOU can start a podcast and rocket past guys like me that didn't quite do it right.  As always, I love you all for listening and make sure you share the podcast with friends and colleagues. You never know who may need this info! Credit for Intro "Who wants cawffee?" by Vic DiBitetto Comedian grab a bag of Cawfee and brew some today!
April 21, 2020
Interview with the CEO of Catapult Capital
Bringing one of my besties into the fold of Java Chat to share our story of friendship and business.  Diana is an experienced capital fund raiser and business consultant that shares her experience.  Currently in Serbia and under lock down, Diana shows how we as business leaders are needing to lead in this time.   We get to share our perspectives and show the world how we can do more even while under such stringent restrictions.  We also discuss how we need to change from #SocialDistancing to #physicalDistancing so that we don't stop talking and sharing life. We are humans and need to stick together. Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" - Vic "Ticked off Vic" DiBetteto (Get a bag of Cawfee!) #businessmindset #marketing #Capitalraising #finance 
April 06, 2020
Interview with Doctor Kyrin Dunston on the effects, symptoms, and preventative measures on COVID-19
I get to sit down with Doctor Kyrin Dunston who works in functional medicine. She shares perspective from a doctor that was in alapathic medicine and moved into functional medicine.  Her experience spans over 2 decades in medicine on both sides of the spectrum and now treats the root cause of illness rather than symptoms. We go through what COVID-19 actually is, how it can transfer and how we can protect ourselves from this virus that we've never experienced. She also shares how our mental health is necessary and how we can make sure to take care of ourselves and those we love as well as our neighbors.  We discuss how physical distancing is needed versus Social Distancing. Dr. Dunston will have a free report on her website that you can download as a reference to protect against COVID-19 and in general just about any viral infections.  You can go to her website:  #physicaldistancing not #SocialDistancing Subscribe and share!
April 06, 2020
Interview with Jessica Prunk Co-Founder of
Java Chat welcomes Jessica Prunk co-Founder of  Jessica Shares her journey of inspiration to implementation of a new business idea that will serve the dating vertical. Helping Men become the best Home Chefs they can for their love interests. Jessica's experience in the culinary arts lends to this new business idea that will revolutionize how men can entertain their dates while at home! Her journey spans the multiple stages of inspiration to concern to anxiety and then back to inspiration and to implementing systems and getting ready to create the buzz.  If you're interested in learning more about stop by the website and make sure you follow their Instagram account at or search #theimpressor online.  Be on the lookout for the essentials kits gentlemen as they will be the beginning of a B E A UTIFUL Meal for your next date!  Credits - "Who wants cawfee?" Audio by Vic Dibettetto Grab a bag of Cawfee!
April 03, 2020
Interview with a Leadership Trainer
In this Java Chat, Tony Jalan hangs out over a cup of coffee to discuss how his business is still moving through this uncertain time that the world is dealing with.  His insights to leadership principles and sharing some stories keep this conversation moving is a great direction. Take a listen and if you want to follow him you can find him on  LinkedIn under Tony Jalan Make sure you subscribe and share Credit - "who wants cawfee" Vic Dibetetto Comedian -
April 01, 2020
Interview with A good friend about How Seattle is working through the COVID-19 Pandemic
Josh Hite, at risk youth counselor in Seattle Washington hangs out with me over a cup of Java.  This is a bit more informal as Josh and I are good friends and we chat a lot about what's going on in the world.  Josh shares insight to what's going through the minds of his fellow Seattle citizens and how things are where they're at with regards to lock down, quarantines and dealing with Mental Health issues as this continues to unfold.  The tone takes a turn when Josh starts discussing how resourceful people are getting finding ways to generate income for themselves as the cost of living in Seattle isn't low and there is a need. That said the mood isn't one of despair, it's one of resolve. People are still coming together to get things one and increase life and living.  Josh is also a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master and does live streams on twitch for DND sessions, Elder Scrolls, and Overwatch gaming. Make sure you follow and watch his live streams. they are fun and kewl! Just look for Josh_da_Hooman and follow! If you're interested in seeing more of OMG Marketing find us at
April 01, 2020
Interview with Mark Willis CFP How to thrive in this uncertain market
Mark Willis CFP is a man on a mission to help you think differently money, your economy and your future.  Mark is a Certified Financial Planner, a two-time #1 best selling author and the owner of Lake Growth Financial Services; a financial firm in Chicago, Illinois.  Mark and I sit down and talk turkey about finance, markets and how you should be thinking when it come to your retirement and the fact that the markets right now are presenting a unique opportunity to reinvent your future.  Our conversation reaches into strategies that anyone can use to increase their net worth right now, and also to share perspectives on how people should be thinking during this time of crisis. Where's there's a crisis there's usually an opportunity for growth.  If you want to find Mark online, you can find him at: He is also on facebook, linkedin and Twitter. You can find his social on his site.  Listen to his podcast as well! I'm sure you'll find a ton of insight on how you can improve your financial status.  Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" Vic Dibettetto -
March 30, 2020
Interview Richard Krawczyk - What are the realities available right now?
The Mr. Blueprint joins us again on Java Chat to talk about the economy and how COVID has affected it. Interestingly enough the news that Richard had to share wasn't one of despair but of hope and opportunity! We dig into the thought process of what to look for, what investments are smart, what things you should be doing to increase your brand online, and what this #greatreset means for you and I.  This is probably one of the best interviews I've had to date. The insight that Richard Offers is invaluable and can help you get the right mindset and right direction to increasing your financial future; personally, professionally, and in business. Don't miss this one! Credits - "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic DiBetetto (Get some of his's amazing) #business #branding #finance #investing. 
March 29, 2020
Interview with a Makeup Artist
Today was a joy to interview Elena Cuk who is an accomplished teacher and makeup artist. We discuss the challenges of living in a country that is under lock down. How to cope with the isolation and what to consider when you're out and about. We discuss the good the not so good and the differences between what's going on here in the US versus eastern Europe. Her experience and straight forward talk make for a truly interesting conversation over a cup of Joe.  Elena goes through her creative process and how she gets to creating great looks! Sometimes a creative is a creative, just because. This is one of those that the creative process is just a part of her being! Take a listen to this podcast and make sure you share it! If you want to follow her do so on Instagram: @elenacuk Credits for Intro: "Who wants Cawfee?" Vic Dibetteto - #PhysicalDistancing #businesslifestyle #makeup #COVID19
March 29, 2020
Machine Learning Part III - Rise of the machines?
Dealing with powerful Suppliers that literally hold your profit by telling you when you can advertise, how, where. Etc.  Do you understand how to compete in the online space using AI? If not, you'll want to take a listen here and understand who your competitors really are. It's not always your "seen" competitors.  If you want to learn more about how to combat these forces, stop by our website at https://www.inmarketsalesfunnel,com or for a quick video introduction and a chance to book a call #business101 #omnichannelmarketing #datadrivenmarketing #CMO #CDO #analytics
March 21, 2020
Machine Learning Part II - Identity Resolution (How to get cheaper leads using AI)
Identity Resolution is fast becoming a hot topic for Marketers simply because the amount help the technology gives to increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is both surprising and exciting! This part describes what it is, how it works and why it is important to a marketer's paid campaign strategy. It's no longer enough to use proper audience and proper attribution when you can now advertise to an individual where they are at in the buyer's journey. Why would you want to guess where they are when the machines can see and help your company do better in your paid campaigns?  It becomes a no brainer when you're in multi or omni channel marketing strategies that need to be able to see everything going on with a prospect that is looking for your kind of product or service. Listen in on this Part II of the six part series and keep watch for the next section as we pull back the curtain on who's taking your profits without you even having a say so.  Credits Vic Di Bitetto - "Who wants Cawfee?" Audio clip. Visit his website and give him a listen. This comic is GOLD!
February 18, 2020
How to get better Sales Leads; cheaper with Machine Learning Part I
This is a six part Series that will show you the overview of what Machine Learning is, how it works to YOUR advantage in your paid campaigns, and why it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you use this in some shape or form to save you on your Investment in marketing.  Whether online or off, you NEED to understand where Market tech is headed and this mini course will show you enough about what this is and how it reduces the cost of acquisition, and increases conversions for your business.  If you want to see the video series, you can see it online on YouTube, facebook, or LinkedIn. This is for those that want to learn by listening to the audio. I do my best to describe this with words so you can grasp the magnitude of opportunity that your company or business has using this technology.  You can also visit our website for a better direct description of our services using this technology.  Credit for Audio on intro to Java Chat - Vic DiBetetto "Who wants Cawfee?" Grab a bag of Cawfee! (No affiliate commissions received for purchases, I just love the guy and support his comedy) 
February 11, 2020
Where are we headed with Data? (a quick run down of what's coming)
So we've been revamping some parts of our business in order to serve our clients better with Data. I highlight Daniel Newman with regads to his articles on data in He makes some really good points and I hope to have him jump on one day to chat about where the whole data thing seems to be marching.  If you're a business and not using your data to be offensive, you're falling behind. Investigate your ROAS and CTR and make sure they're relevant to your revenue goals. Not everything is about branding. A lot of it has to do with delivering the right message at the right time. This was part art, part science in the days of old. Now, you can almost precisely predict where to deliver the right message for your audience. Don't miss that opportunity.  Credits:  Daniel Newman (Principal Analyst and Founding Partner at Futurum Research) - "Will CDO's replace CMO's?" Intro audio - "Who wants cawfee?" by Vic DiBetetto Check this guy out, HE'S HILARIOUS!
January 30, 2020
Martech Stack overview
We're just getting started! This is an introduction to what a martech stack is, what should be considered when designing one for your company and some of the associated roles you may need to execute a successful Omni Channel strategy.  Feel free to check out this blog post to see more of what I'm discussing on this brief audio. Intro segment credit: Tony "Ticked off Vic" Dibitetto "Who wants Cawfee?" Audio find him in Instagram and Youtube!
October 28, 2019
Java Chat talks Martech Intro
Martech or Marlet Technology is affecting how brands and companies put out their marketing message via an Omni channel strategy. I'll be discussing and interviewing experts in this field and will be posting multiple short blogs to describe where its headed and how it works.
October 18, 2019
Happy International Podcast Day! 2019
Thisnisnthenday we podcasters look tonally ofnyou our listeners and say... THANK YOU! YOU ALL ROCK! Then we aska. Simple question...Why not you? This is where you can voice what you want and build authority, followers or friends that identify with your message! is a great place to start. Give it a try! What have you got to lose?
September 30, 2019
Interview with Sean Douglas Serial Entrepreneur - This is how you build a business for long term success
Sean Douglas is an active duty United States Air Force Drill Sargeant that has built multiple 6 figure businesses. Throough each one he's learned a ton about business and life and how balance matters along with forward action. Consistency, persistence and the will do move. All qualities that he not only talks about but executes on the daily.  As a mentor he shapes the future USAF recruits for our military with discipline and mentorship. In business, he's an unstoppable freight train. (the one that is a mile and a half long with four engines up front and 2 in the back moving at 70mph...savvy?)  In this interview he gives advice that you can act on TODAY. (I got a few GREAT suggestions from him before, during AND after the show. The guy is just a go giver.  If you want to know more about him you can check him out at this link: This by far is one of the best interviews I've had yet. I can't wait to bring him back on for another go! Credit for intro to Java Chat - Audio "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic "Ticked off Vic" Dibitetto He has his own coffee line now! Go follow his channel on Instagram. 
September 13, 2019
INTERVIEW: Natalia Wiechowski of "Think Natalia" Is on Java Chat today
Natalia WIechowski is what's known as a "coachsultant" that helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to realize their business success by getting them set up to present their brand properly, and executing the right strategy to get their brand known.  Her Journey starts in Germany and reaches all the way to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and gained success and momentum. Today she hosts live casts on Linkedin, facebook, and Instagram to share what strategies are most viable when it comes to presenting your brand online.  Listen in as Natalia shares her story, a couple of stories of her clients, and her work. Some of it is playful when it comes to talking about her journey from europe to Dubai and of course subjects in and around business. Then there's the serious philosophical side. This amazing human has a colorful personality that I enjoyed interviewing and talking with. In short this was a great interview. This interview took a couple of pivots and opened the door to some rabbit holes we'll probably run down on another interview in the near future, so stay tuned.  Until then, sit back relax and enjoy "Thinkin Natalia" #interviews #branding #business #marketing #philosophy #psychology #thedoctorisin #CanIgetacupofcoffeeplease #coffeewithmike #javachat Credit for "Who wants Cawfee" by Vic "Ticked Off Vic" DiBitetto (Comedian, content creator) Find him on Instagram, the man is hilarious. 
September 05, 2019 a relationship app that will save a ton of relationships from failure
What is it like to feel alone in a relationship? Pretty bad no doubt.  So how do you bring it up with your significant other? Argue? Yell? Fight? Cold shoulder? None of these ever really solve issues in a relationship and hiding from working through issues only makes it worse.  So enters now the brain child of Jennifer Lehr. Supported by her husband Mike Bosworth, they have created a blog with a TON of info on it. (I've been digging in, and it's like the book you can't put down) and an app that couples can use to increase their knowledge of how relationships SHOULD work, and exercises along with support to get couple through and to their next level of safety and security with each other.  As Entrepreneurs, executives, white collar or blue collar, it's never easy going through the stresses of the day and then having to leave it at the door when you get home, or if you work from home, keeping it separated from the family. Understanding how relationships work is the beginning to becoming more and more present to your relationship with your loved one. Imagine being able to be present even if your day was shot, and then knowing that you being there for your spouse or significant other gets them through their hardship. They of course would have the same knowledge and cold support you in kind. Or knowing that even when you come to a hard spot that you can work through it, not have to walk on egg shells. This is what this app offers to couples that need that help. Even if you don't think you need it, the blog alone is already a GREAT resource for actionable relationship advice. There are a couple of books mentioned in the podcast and here are the titles: Solution Selling by Mike Bosworth - Parenting from the Inside Out by Daniel Siegel, Mary Hartzell - The Magic Cake: The Seven Ingredients of a Relationship-Ready Person - If you wish to get to the blog and take the relationship uiz and get an immediate score and analysis, go to:  and get your results today!
August 21, 2019
The Data Evolution Era
Today is August 13th. 2019 and I'm slightly ranting about how old skool marketers are still using old school data and lead generation techniques is hurting their clients or their own business.  The idea that you can now use data that includes Behavioral data, changes the WHOLE landscape of what data is and how it will play into marketing for paid traffic. Think about what you as a business can do with a cost of acquisition that is 20% less. What can you do with that now? The capital you have available, you can work back into your operation, and start working for more profit in your business.   Intro Clip by Comedian and YouTube content creator Vic "Ticked Off Vic" Dibitetto from his video "Who Wants Cawfee?" stop by his youtube channel for hilarious content!
August 13, 2019
CoffeewithMike is shifting gears - Here's what's coming
So there is a need to be more consistent and I'm after it.  Couple of reasons for this. I'm shifting my agency to Data marketing instead of full service. I've partnered with another company that will handle the full service aspects of marketing.  Also, I want to get more guests on the podcast and bring you more content so you can understand more of what you're in need of doing for your business. That means experts, coaches, consultants, maybe a celebrity or two here and there. Let's just say I'm getting ready with a pretty good sized list. Also, I'm going to be teaming up with someone on another podcast later to discuss social media and what is happening in that realm. More on that later.  All in all, there are good things coming to the coffeewithmike brand and bringing you more valuable content for business development and the world of startups.  Intro Clip by Comedian and YouTube content creator Vic "Ticked Off Vic" Dibitetto from his video "Who Wants Cawfee?" stop by his youtube channel for hilarious content! 
August 01, 2019
Java Chat welcomes Seth Greene of Marketing Domination
Seth Greene joins today to share his story, (which left my face hurting from laughter) and discuss marketing and what it means to project the right message to get the right clients. It's a light touch that we will be digging into further as we do more interviews with Seth.  If you're looking for his link, you can find him at: on facebook, look for Seth Greene, and on twitter as @MktDominationUS and you can hear his podcast at: And how you can become an expert here:
May 27, 2019
Desire, Faith, patience and persistence will win every time. Question you have it?
It's been bugging me how the youth of today want things to happen so quickly. They have no interest in building. They want to be paid their worth. Yet they call themselves entrepreneurs. Nope, intrepreneurs maybe, but not entrepreneurs. I learned over the last 10 years that being an entrepreneur sucks when it come to building. Many times you're broke. There was a time I was homeless. I'm not stinking rich now, but I'm working towards a successful marketing agency. That takes time, prospecting and a LOT of patience, faith, persistence and consistent action. Dont be fooled into thinking this is a glory journey. It's usually stacked with casualties along the way. Will you be the one that survives because you had faith that something would come? And not necessarily in your time? Stop wanting it all today, work for it today. Be consistent and have some faith. It will come together.
May 10, 2019
Interview with Kevin Geary. Founder of
Kevin Geary and I go through the journey of creating a successful lifestyle business that allows budding entrepreneurs & experienced business people alike. Talking about how they can have a business by design that will allow them  to enjoy more of their time. Some of the mindset that goes into setting up a legacy asset, the challenges, and the straight up advice that he offers is straight line and no BS. I enjoyed this one. I think you will too. He also has a youtube channel:  Digital Ambition and a podcast: The Digital Ambition Podcast
April 25, 2019
Updates on the journey of CoffeewithMike
Hey all, been missing dropping audios here due to project work and wanting to stay on point for clients and of course self. I share a bit of what's been happening and where things are headed. Thanknyou all again for hanging out and checking in. Drop a voice mail I wanna know what you're up to.
April 18, 2019
I got SZERD'D on this podcast! Interview: Justin Szerletich
What happens when you get a Vet on the podcast that has accelerated his passion into 4 businesses? A deep conversation on authenticity? A journey into the world of entrepreneurship that has gotten him the freedom he wanted so he could be with his family AND serve others in business. A balance that many are still struggling to figure out. If you want to see the video, go to: If you wish to find Justin Szerletich online and see what he does to serve the business community go to: @szerds on FB @szerdshop on IG and Twitter Find Szerletich Design Solutions on LinkedIn 
April 17, 2019
Getting past the limited mindset and getting to the real "Why" with Dan Zitofsky.
Dan Zitofsky has quite the story. A Navy Veteran and a retired police officer who never depended on the pay in his service or in his job to make sure income was there for himself or his family. His journey spans over 2 decades in real estate investing and private lending.  Dan now help businesses as a coach and mentor to run their businesses according to their why rather than just for profits.  His journey is unique in that he was already learning at an early age what it meant to create passive income, and then later in life learning that it's not about the income; it's about the experiences.  Dan has a free gift that you can grab at this link that will give you an insight to how to begin in real estate investing. Grab your copy today!  By the way, the book you can find here:
April 11, 2019
INTERVIEW - Ajay Sharma eCom entrepreneur turned Agency owner crushes it with omnipresence marketing
So I met this young man through my network on facebook and didn't really know much about what he did. Then I found out he's one of the reasons for another friend's success in being EVERYWHERE online. It's what he does, and he does it very well. Not only that but after our first pre-interview call, I came away with an appreciation that he "gets it" when it comes to what the real strategy is and all of the comprehensive factors that go into it;; not just the quick hacks that many are trying to teach online.  In this interview we talked for a good hour on where he started, what he's learned on his journey and how he's now leveraging influencer marketing and the practice of omnipresence to get his clients noticed and get them business! This one is another gold loaded interview, take a listen!
March 27, 2019
👑 Interview with the Queen of Visibility - Juliette Stapleton 👑
💯✅  This is one of those interviews with someone that I simply "click" with.  ✅💯 💥 Juliette Stapleton has such an amazing story to share and insights as to how she came to be the "Queen of Visibility."   🔥🔥Some of the content you'll hear about overcoming hardships that present themselves at inopportune times. How her challenges forged her into a warrior queen that learned fast how to not only make herself more visible online, but how to help business owners.   In her relatively short time as an entrepreneur, she has graduated numerous times to her next level proving her desire, intent, persistence and consistency got her to where she is today. 🔥🔥 She currently resides in Ireland and will be relocating to Estonia soon enough.   You can find her online at and on facebook at   Make sure you stop by and watch her lives and interviews too! 
March 25, 2019
Interview: Mark Harris, CEO of Business Advisors 360
Mark Harris graces us with his wisdom on Focus and Life Purpose. That "Chief Aim" that we are supposed to write down and shoot for as humans. His insights are based a lot off the book, "Think and Grow Rich," and another book he mentions that summed up a lot of why what is in Think and Grow Rich works. Take a listen, there's a ton of Gold in this one!  Mark Harris has served many thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and CEOs throughout the nation and abroad, as an advisor, mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, inventor, and thought leader. However, he considers himself first, and foremost, a dedicated follower of The Creator, a loving husband, and a blessed father of his 13 children! Mark's describes his core expertise as being a "Relationship Capitalist". Mark and his team can help catapult anyone in their personal, professional, and business life, to successfully leverage world-class partners. Harris’ accomplishments include: - Founding Board Member of IAOTA, the International Association of Trade Associations. - At IAOTA, Mark's heading up a project to bring the expertise of world-class business leaders, authors speakers, and thought leaders to industries throughout the world. - CEO & Chairman of IREIA, the International Real Estate Investors Association ~ Produces some of the most successful private mastermind groups in the world, including hosting the De La Creme Mastermind ~ Producer of the Joint Venture Summit, the Premier Event for Strategic Partnering. ~ Has counseled tens of thousands of small business owners on building successful businesses ~ Has received many national and international awards in business, marketing & technology, and has been awarded patents in over 25 countries. ~ And, he likes to add… “but my best achievement of all... is being happily married for 28 years, and having all 13 of my children love to spend time with me!" Mark Harris, as an accomplished keynote speaker has shared the main stage with Steven R. Covey, Michael Gerber, Jay Abraham, Robert Allen, Marshall Thurber, and many others... Mark is also heavily involved with a number of non-profit mission projects.  
March 06, 2019
Happy Valentine's Day!\u2764\uD83D\uDC98\uD83D\uDC96
Just a quick blurb of love and support goes a long way! #wedothework. #coffeewithmike #javachat
February 14, 2019
REI Entrepreneur Daniil Kleyman get's down on the reality of Investing and entrepreneurship
Today's interview I sit down with Daniil Kleyman REI Entrepreneur. Daniil shares his story, his tips on business, specializing, focus, mindset, and how to create the right relationships that can help you profit a business. This one is full of nuggets for anyone in business. Take a listen and share this one out!
February 01, 2019
Event Marketing 101
I can't help it! Y'all are not doing it right! If you're in Real Estate (any aspect of it) and you are trying to do live are missing it. I go through the concept of what it takes from pre- to during to post event promotion and the effects it can have if done correctly! 💯💰✅ Take a listen. 🎙️🔊 If you know anyone in the industry that's struggling with how to do this, share this with em. They probably could use the info. 🙂
December 17, 2018
Java Chat - Interview with a controversial content creator
Nathan Fraser is a content creator that believes in hearing all sides of any story before making a call on anything. Our chat today describes how he got to where he's at today the failures and now successes that he enjoys running. His moind is a brilliant one that likes to "Stir the pot." We may have to have him back for more fun on Java Chat. Listen in for the golden nuggets on content creation.
December 03, 2018
Quick update on startups and whiskey
Looking for brand ambassadors for the whiskey company. K ow anyone? Lots of awesome updates. Expansion in distribution. New opportunities in public space placement for smart pods. Activity that is actually productive. Chime in! Wanna hear what you're up to!
November 29, 2018
Motivational moment
Too much life? Too much weight in life? Too much angst over things? Going through a rough run? Listen here, YOU choose what you feel. Listen and I'll explain more...follow this podcast for more of these.
November 06, 2018
Reflections on my birthday
Just some thoughts on life as it happens, and how to take it as it comes.
October 29, 2018
Hustle & Focus vs Moderation and Temperance
I think many get so overly focused on getting it done they miss out on certain things. This Java chat goes through why it's necessary to keep focus, and at the same time keep presence of mind.
October 23, 2018
Java Chat - Interview with a Financial Jedi
Ryan Rukosky is a good friend that understands business. Not just from a startup standpoint, but from an overall planning for financial success standpoint. 📈💵 He drops some great knowledge gold in this about startups and planning! You'll want to hear this one. 😎 You can find him on facebook: Tell him @coffee.with.mike sent ya!
October 07, 2018
Interview - Danielle Dee (Scaling your business)
Danielle Dee is a young vibrant intelligent Entrepreneur that got her start in business at the age of 12 and has just kept getting better as time has gone on! Come hear how she started, where she's at now and how YOU can scale your business using strategies she puts into play. music by Funky Groove. Follow me on Social Media Facebook: @4moreclients IG: Coffee.with.mike Twitter: @coffeewithmike Snapchat: mikanui
October 02, 2018
Java Chat - Interview with Eddie Martin | Mindset
Java Chat with Eddie Martin of Junto, and EMFM Podcast. talking about Mindset, Entrepreneurship, and why he hates the word Entrepreneur. Share this out to your network.
September 30, 2018
How is your emotional intelligence
If you wish to get straight into the eq part fast forward to about the 3 minute mark. If you care to hear about the motivational Monday stuff just start at the beginning. Interviews up coming: Eddie Martin, Ryan Rukoski, Danielle Dee. Come listen and grab a cup of javaaaaaah!!
September 24, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - episode 46 launch funnels
Ok, so I get a squirrel run in this one. That said, the focus is on launch funnels, what they can be used for and some of the psychology behind them. Take a listen. If you have questions on any of it, call in and ask. I'll be happy to address in another episode.
September 20, 2018
Why You Need a Better Funnel - Marketing Psychology
A shorter version of the ten things to remember when you're creating content for your funnel. These are all over the internet right now in many various forms both pure and combined hybrid versions. What will work for you? You'll have to dig in to find out! Share this with your friends that are building or thinking of building funnels
September 17, 2018
Conversation with Devon Elias-Martinez (Content Creation)
Had the excellent opportunity to talk with Devon Elias-Martinez about what it takes to create content and what you should consider when getting your business out there. What does the future hold when it comes to platforms and content focus. Devon gives a lot of great perspective in a short amount of time. Please note there will be spots where we were cut off due to some glitch with Anchor limiting us to 6 minutes at a time. Enjoy! (Google Devon Elias-Martinez to follow him on social platforms everywhere)
September 13, 2018
Remembering and celebrating
Remembering those lost. Celebrating my sons birthday today.
September 11, 2018
Accountability, leadership, and productivity
What happens when you're divided on projects you're passionate about. What becomes the degree of effectiveness, the passion level, and the desire to push forward. What have you done this week? Accountability Friday! Call in and lay it down!
September 07, 2018
Iowa Legendary Rye update
Whiskey 🥃 / oh yeah, lots goin on. Heres an update.
September 06, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - photos, videos, or Live?
So which should you be using for your business? One? Two? How about all three? Only you will know as you go through and either learn it or do it. I break down each one, why they're important, the importance of our doing it and how it can really enhance your efforts to increase whatever business you're in. Want clients? Customers? Engagement? Might wanna take a listen.
September 04, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - last two stages
Thank you Tribo Coffee for the boost to today's anchor cast. The last two stages of a funnel are evaluation and conversion. Come hear how this can work and evaluate your funnel. Forward to about the 2:30 mark to get with the meat of the funnel
August 31, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - funnel basics 101
Heres where we get into the basics of funnel marketing. We discuss the first three levels of any funnel; awareness, interest and consideration. We talk about Jimmy "the rock man" and how he intends to get new customers by creating awareness, interest and getting potential customers to start thinking about using him to design their next rock garden.
August 28, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - consistently building your list
There are some things to consider when building your list And.ypu need to be consistent on it.
August 25, 2018
Java chat - Why you need a better funnel Part VI
Facebook traffic - what it can mean. How to learn it, make the investment to learn the basics and then go crush it! @coffeewithmike
August 21, 2018
Java Chat - Why you need a better funnel
Content, content. Content! Why aren't you creating real, raw content? You never know who will want to follow you when you share who you are. A bit about Iowa Legendary Rye and how it's the real deal when it comes to Rye Whiskey. Get people to know you, like you, trust you.
August 20, 2018
Late night with Mike
Follow on to the entrepreneurs jpurney. Where are you at with your part of the journey? Some thoughts on what to watch for as you go for it!
August 19, 2018
Late night with Mike
A little more on the journey of the entrepreneur. What it takes. Do you really wanna so this?
August 19, 2018
The entrepreneurs journey
Qhat it's like watching someone go from corporate grunt to entrepreneur and the challenges they face. The growth potential. A little about my history, and a positive encouragement.
August 17, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - part Iv
Talkin bout funnels, landing pages, services with communities that help you figure it out. Why don't alone? Get ready to work...
August 17, 2018
Why you need a better funnel
What platform should I use for my funnel?
August 15, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - Part II
Are you tasting other social platforms? You probably should unless you got a ton of market budget. Opinions on being on multiple platforms and whether its worth it or not.
August 14, 2018
Why you need a better funnel
Just quick thoughts on why your marketing funnel may not be performing as qell as it could.
August 14, 2018
Heading home
Short run for home bound
April 12, 2018
April 9. 2018 place of genius
Ever wonder why it's hard to go to work? Might wanna hear this..
April 09, 2018
Absenteeism...did you know?
So I've been absent due to project work...also, came across a branding opportunity for a legendary whiskey....listen in for more.
April 05, 2018