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By Mikey K
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Java Chat talks Martech Intro
Martech or Marlet Technology is affecting how brands and companies put out their marketing message via an Omni channel strategy. I'll be discussing and interviewing experts in this field and will be posting multiple short blogs to describe where its headed and how it works.
October 18, 2019
Happy International Podcast Day! 2019
Thisnisnthenday we podcasters look tonally ofnyou our listeners and say... THANK YOU! YOU ALL ROCK! Then we aska. Simple question...Why not you? This is where you can voice what you want and build authority, followers or friends that identify with your message! is a great place to start. Give it a try! What have you got to lose?
September 30, 2019
Interview with Sean Douglas Serial Entrepreneur - This is how you build a business for long term success
Sean Douglas is an active duty United States Air Force Drill Sargeant that has built multiple 6 figure businesses. Throough each one he's learned a ton about business and life and how balance matters along with forward action. Consistency, persistence and the will do move. All qualities that he not only talks about but executes on the daily.  As a mentor he shapes the future USAF recruits for our military with discipline and mentorship. In business, he's an unstoppable freight train. (the one that is a mile and a half long with four engines up front and 2 in the back moving at 70mph...savvy?)  In this interview he gives advice that you can act on TODAY. (I got a few GREAT suggestions from him before, during AND after the show. The guy is just a go giver.  If you want to know more about him you can check him out at this link: This by far is one of the best interviews I've had yet. I can't wait to bring him back on for another go! Credit for intro to Java Chat - Audio "Who wants Cawfee?" by Vic "Ticked off Vic" Dibitetto He has his own coffee line now! Go follow his channel on Instagram. 
September 13, 2019
INTERVIEW: Natalia Wiechowski of "Think Natalia" Is on Java Chat today
Natalia WIechowski is what's known as a "coachsultant" that helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to realize their business success by getting them set up to present their brand properly, and executing the right strategy to get their brand known.  Her Journey starts in Germany and reaches all the way to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and gained success and momentum. Today she hosts live casts on Linkedin, facebook, and Instagram to share what strategies are most viable when it comes to presenting your brand online.  Listen in as Natalia shares her story, a couple of stories of her clients, and her work. Some of it is playful when it comes to talking about her journey from europe to Dubai and of course subjects in and around business. Then there's the serious philosophical side. This amazing human has a colorful personality that I enjoyed interviewing and talking with. In short this was a great interview. This interview took a couple of pivots and opened the door to some rabbit holes we'll probably run down on another interview in the near future, so stay tuned.  Until then, sit back relax and enjoy "Thinkin Natalia" #interviews #branding #business #marketing #philosophy #psychology #thedoctorisin #CanIgetacupofcoffeeplease #coffeewithmike #javachat Credit for "Who wants Cawfee" by Vic "Ticked Off Vic" DiBitetto (Comedian, content creator) Find him on Instagram, the man is hilarious. 
September 5, 2019 a relationship app that will save a ton of relationships from failure
What is it like to feel alone in a relationship? Pretty bad no doubt.  So how do you bring it up with your significant other? Argue? Yell? Fight? Cold shoulder? None of these ever really solve issues in a relationship and hiding from working through issues only makes it worse.  So enters now the brain child of Jennifer Lehr. Supported by her husband Mike Bosworth, they have created a blog with a TON of info on it. (I've been digging in, and it's like the book you can't put down) and an app that couples can use to increase their knowledge of how relationships SHOULD work, and exercises along with support to get couple through and to their next level of safety and security with each other.  As Entrepreneurs, executives, white collar or blue collar, it's never easy going through the stresses of the day and then having to leave it at the door when you get home, or if you work from home, keeping it separated from the family. Understanding how relationships work is the beginning to becoming more and more present to your relationship with your loved one. Imagine being able to be present even if your day was shot, and then knowing that you being there for your spouse or significant other gets them through their hardship. They of course would have the same knowledge and cold support you in kind. Or knowing that even when you come to a hard spot that you can work through it, not have to walk on egg shells. This is what this app offers to couples that need that help. Even if you don't think you need it, the blog alone is already a GREAT resource for actionable relationship advice. There are a couple of books mentioned in the podcast and here are the titles: Solution Selling by Mike Bosworth - Parenting from the Inside Out by Daniel Siegel, Mary Hartzell - The Magic Cake: The Seven Ingredients of a Relationship-Ready Person - If you wish to get to the blog and take the relationship uiz and get an immediate score and analysis, go to:  and get your results today!
August 21, 2019
The Data Evolution Era
Today is August 13th. 2019 and I'm slightly ranting about how old skool marketers are still using old school data and lead generation techniques is hurting their clients or their own business.  The idea that you can now use data that includes Behavioral data, changes the WHOLE landscape of what data is and how it will play into marketing for paid traffic. Think about what you as a business can do with a cost of acquisition that is 20% less. What can you do with that now? The capital you have available, you can work back into your operation, and start working for more profit in your business.   Intro Clip by Comedian and YouTube content creator Vic "Ticked Off Vic" Dibitetto from his video "Who Wants Cawfee?" stop by his youtube channel for hilarious content!
August 13, 2019
CoffeewithMike is shifting gears - Here's what's coming
So there is a need to be more consistent and I'm after it.  Couple of reasons for this. I'm shifting my agency to Data marketing instead of full service. I've partnered with another company that will handle the full service aspects of marketing.  Also, I want to get more guests on the podcast and bring you more content so you can understand more of what you're in need of doing for your business. That means experts, coaches, consultants, maybe a celebrity or two here and there. Let's just say I'm getting ready with a pretty good sized list. Also, I'm going to be teaming up with someone on another podcast later to discuss social media and what is happening in that realm. More on that later.  All in all, there are good things coming to the coffeewithmike brand and bringing you more valuable content for business development and the world of startups.  Intro Clip by Comedian and YouTube content creator Vic "Ticked Off Vic" Dibitetto from his video "Who Wants Cawfee?" stop by his youtube channel for hilarious content! 
August 1, 2019
Java Chat welcomes Seth Greene of Marketing Domination
Seth Greene joins today to share his story, (which left my face hurting from laughter) and discuss marketing and what it means to project the right message to get the right clients. It's a light touch that we will be digging into further as we do more interviews with Seth.  If you're looking for his link, you can find him at: on facebook, look for Seth Greene, and on twitter as @MktDominationUS and you can hear his podcast at: And how you can become an expert here:
May 27, 2019
REdIscover Event coming in October
Sharing a bit of what coming in the next podcasts talking about a business bootcamp that will give business owners actionable information where they can grow or scale their business. Keep an eye open on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so you can see what's going on.
May 21, 2019
Desire, Faith, patience and persistence will win every time. Question you have it?
It's been bugging me how the youth of today want things to happen so quickly. They have no interest in building. They want to be paid their worth. Yet they call themselves entrepreneurs. Nope, intrepreneurs maybe, but not entrepreneurs. I learned over the last 10 years that being an entrepreneur sucks when it come to building. Many times you're broke. There was a time I was homeless. I'm not stinking rich now, but I'm working towards a successful marketing agency. That takes time, prospecting and a LOT of patience, faith, persistence and consistent action. Dont be fooled into thinking this is a glory journey. It's usually stacked with casualties along the way. Will you be the one that survives because you had faith that something would come? And not necessarily in your time? Stop wanting it all today, work for it today. Be consistent and have some faith. It will come together.
May 10, 2019
Interview with Kevin Geary. Founder of
Kevin Geary and I go through the journey of creating a successful lifestyle business that allows budding entrepreneurs & experienced business people alike. Talking about how they can have a business by design that will allow them  to enjoy more of their time. Some of the mindset that goes into setting up a legacy asset, the challenges, and the straight up advice that he offers is straight line and no BS. I enjoyed this one. I think you will too. He also has a youtube channel:  Digital Ambition and a podcast: The Digital Ambition Podcast
April 25, 2019
Updates on the journey of CoffeewithMike
Hey all, been missing dropping audios here due to project work and wanting to stay on point for clients and of course self. I share a bit of what's been happening and where things are headed. Thanknyou all again for hanging out and checking in. Drop a voice mail I wanna know what you're up to.
April 18, 2019
I got SZERD'D on this podcast! Interview: Justin Szerletich
What happens when you get a Vet on the podcast that has accelerated his passion into 4 businesses? A deep conversation on authenticity? A journey into the world of entrepreneurship that has gotten him the freedom he wanted so he could be with his family AND serve others in business. A balance that many are still struggling to figure out. If you want to see the video, go to: If you wish to find Justin Szerletich online and see what he does to serve the business community go to: @szerds on FB @szerdshop on IG and Twitter Find Szerletich Design Solutions on LinkedIn 
April 17, 2019
Getting past the limited mindset and getting to the real "Why" with Dan Zitofsky.
Dan Zitofsky has quite the story. A Navy Veteran and a retired police officer who never depended on the pay in his service or in his job to make sure income was there for himself or his family. His journey spans over 2 decades in real estate investing and private lending.  Dan now help businesses as a coach and mentor to run their businesses according to their why rather than just for profits.  His journey is unique in that he was already learning at an early age what it meant to create passive income, and then later in life learning that it's not about the income; it's about the experiences.  Dan has a free gift that you can grab at this link that will give you an insight to how to begin in real estate investing. Grab your copy today!  By the way, the book you can find here:
April 11, 2019
INTERVIEW - Ajay Sharma eCom entrepreneur turned Agency owner crushes it with omnipresence marketing
So I met this young man through my network on facebook and didn't really know much about what he did. Then I found out he's one of the reasons for another friend's success in being EVERYWHERE online. It's what he does, and he does it very well. Not only that but after our first pre-interview call, I came away with an appreciation that he "gets it" when it comes to what the real strategy is and all of the comprehensive factors that go into it;; not just the quick hacks that many are trying to teach online.  In this interview we talked for a good hour on where he started, what he's learned on his journey and how he's now leveraging influencer marketing and the practice of omnipresence to get his clients noticed and get them business! This one is another gold loaded interview, take a listen!
March 27, 2019
👑 Interview with the Queen of Visibility - Juliette Stapleton 👑
💯✅  This is one of those interviews with someone that I simply "click" with.  ✅💯 💥 Juliette Stapleton has such an amazing story to share and insights as to how she came to be the "Queen of Visibility."   🔥🔥Some of the content you'll hear about overcoming hardships that present themselves at inopportune times. How her challenges forged her into a warrior queen that learned fast how to not only make herself more visible online, but how to help business owners.   In her relatively short time as an entrepreneur, she has graduated numerous times to her next level proving her desire, intent, persistence and consistency got her to where she is today. 🔥🔥 She currently resides in Ireland and will be relocating to Estonia soon enough.   You can find her online at and on facebook at   Make sure you stop by and watch her lives and interviews too! 
March 25, 2019
Interview: Mark Harris, CEO of Business Advisors 360
Mark Harris graces us with his wisdom on Focus and Life Purpose. That "Chief Aim" that we are supposed to write down and shoot for as humans. His insights are based a lot off the book, "Think and Grow Rich," and another book he mentions that summed up a lot of why what is in Think and Grow Rich works. Take a listen, there's a ton of Gold in this one!  Mark Harris has served many thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and CEOs throughout the nation and abroad, as an advisor, mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, inventor, and thought leader. However, he considers himself first, and foremost, a dedicated follower of The Creator, a loving husband, and a blessed father of his 13 children! Mark's describes his core expertise as being a "Relationship Capitalist". Mark and his team can help catapult anyone in their personal, professional, and business life, to successfully leverage world-class partners. Harris’ accomplishments include: - Founding Board Member of IAOTA, the International Association of Trade Associations. - At IAOTA, Mark's heading up a project to bring the expertise of world-class business leaders, authors speakers, and thought leaders to industries throughout the world. - CEO & Chairman of IREIA, the International Real Estate Investors Association ~ Produces some of the most successful private mastermind groups in the world, including hosting the De La Creme Mastermind ~ Producer of the Joint Venture Summit, the Premier Event for Strategic Partnering. ~ Has counseled tens of thousands of small business owners on building successful businesses ~ Has received many national and international awards in business, marketing & technology, and has been awarded patents in over 25 countries. ~ And, he likes to add… “but my best achievement of all... is being happily married for 28 years, and having all 13 of my children love to spend time with me!" Mark Harris, as an accomplished keynote speaker has shared the main stage with Steven R. Covey, Michael Gerber, Jay Abraham, Robert Allen, Marshall Thurber, and many others... Mark is also heavily involved with a number of non-profit mission projects.  
March 6, 2019
Happy Valentine's Day!❤💘💖
Just a quick blurb of love and support goes a long way! #wedothework. #coffeewithmike #javachat
February 14, 2019
REI Entrepreneur Daniil Kleyman get's down on the reality of Investing and entrepreneurship
Today's interview I sit down with Daniil Kleyman REI Entrepreneur. Daniil shares his story, his tips on business, specializing, focus, mindset, and how to create the right relationships that can help you profit a business. This one is full of nuggets for anyone in business. Take a listen and share this one out!
February 1, 2019
Event Marketing 101
I can't help it! Y'all are not doing it right! If you're in Real Estate (any aspect of it) and you are trying to do live are missing it. I go through the concept of what it takes from pre- to during to post event promotion and the effects it can have if done correctly! 💯💰✅ Take a listen. 🎙️🔊 If you know anyone in the industry that's struggling with how to do this, share this with em. They probably could use the info. 🙂
December 17, 2018
Java Chat - Interview with a controversial content creator
Nathan Fraser is a content creator that believes in hearing all sides of any story before making a call on anything. Our chat today describes how he got to where he's at today the failures and now successes that he enjoys running. His moind is a brilliant one that likes to "Stir the pot." We may have to have him back for more fun on Java Chat. Listen in for the golden nuggets on content creation.
December 3, 2018
Quick update on startups and whiskey
Looking for brand ambassadors for the whiskey company. K ow anyone? Lots of awesome updates. Expansion in distribution. New opportunities in public space placement for smart pods. Activity that is actually productive. Chime in! Wanna hear what you're up to!
November 29, 2018
Motivational moment
Too much life? Too much weight in life? Too much angst over things? Going through a rough run? Listen here, YOU choose what you feel. Listen and I'll explain more...follow this podcast for more of these.
November 6, 2018
Reflections on my birthday
Just some thoughts on life as it happens, and how to take it as it comes.
October 29, 2018
Hustle & Focus vs Moderation and Temperance
I think many get so overly focused on getting it done they miss out on certain things. This Java chat goes through why it's necessary to keep focus, and at the same time keep presence of mind.
October 23, 2018
Java Chat - Interview with a Financial Jedi
Ryan Rukosky is a good friend that understands business. Not just from a startup standpoint, but from an overall planning for financial success standpoint. 📈💵 He drops some great knowledge gold in this about startups and planning! You'll want to hear this one. 😎 You can find him on facebook: Tell him @coffee.with.mike sent ya!
October 7, 2018
Interview - Danielle Dee (Scaling your business)
Danielle Dee is a young vibrant intelligent Entrepreneur that got her start in business at the age of 12 and has just kept getting better as time has gone on! Come hear how she started, where she's at now and how YOU can scale your business using strategies she puts into play. music by Funky Groove. Follow me on Social Media Facebook: @4moreclients IG: Coffee.with.mike Twitter: @coffeewithmike Snapchat: mikanui
October 2, 2018
Java Chat - Interview with Eddie Martin | Mindset
Java Chat with Eddie Martin of Junto, and EMFM Podcast. talking about Mindset, Entrepreneurship, and why he hates the word Entrepreneur. Share this out to your network.
September 30, 2018
How is your emotional intelligence
If you wish to get straight into the eq part fast forward to about the 3 minute mark. If you care to hear about the motivational Monday stuff just start at the beginning. Interviews up coming: Eddie Martin, Ryan Rukoski, Danielle Dee. Come listen and grab a cup of javaaaaaah!!
September 24, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - episode 46 launch funnels
Ok, so I get a squirrel run in this one. That said, the focus is on launch funnels, what they can be used for and some of the psychology behind them. Take a listen. If you have questions on any of it, call in and ask. I'll be happy to address in another episode.
September 20, 2018
Why You Need a Better Funnel - Marketing Psychology
A shorter version of the ten things to remember when you're creating content for your funnel. These are all over the internet right now in many various forms both pure and combined hybrid versions. What will work for you? You'll have to dig in to find out! Share this with your friends that are building or thinking of building funnels
September 17, 2018
Conversation with Devon Elias-Martinez (Content Creation)
Had the excellent opportunity to talk with Devon Elias-Martinez about what it takes to create content and what you should consider when getting your business out there. What does the future hold when it comes to platforms and content focus. Devon gives a lot of great perspective in a short amount of time. Please note there will be spots where we were cut off due to some glitch with Anchor limiting us to 6 minutes at a time. Enjoy! (Google Devon Elias-Martinez to follow him on social platforms everywhere)
September 13, 2018
Remembering and celebrating
Remembering those lost. Celebrating my sons birthday today.
September 11, 2018
Accountability, leadership, and productivity
What happens when you're divided on projects you're passionate about. What becomes the degree of effectiveness, the passion level, and the desire to push forward. What have you done this week? Accountability Friday! Call in and lay it down!
September 7, 2018
Iowa Legendary Rye update
Whiskey 🥃 / oh yeah, lots goin on. Heres an update.
September 6, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - photos, videos, or Live?
So which should you be using for your business? One? Two? How about all three? Only you will know as you go through and either learn it or do it. I break down each one, why they're important, the importance of our doing it and how it can really enhance your efforts to increase whatever business you're in. Want clients? Customers? Engagement? Might wanna take a listen.
September 4, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - last two stages
Thank you Tribo Coffee for the boost to today's anchor cast. The last two stages of a funnel are evaluation and conversion. Come hear how this can work and evaluate your funnel. Forward to about the 2:30 mark to get with the meat of the funnel
August 31, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - funnel basics 101
Heres where we get into the basics of funnel marketing. We discuss the first three levels of any funnel; awareness, interest and consideration. We talk about Jimmy "the rock man" and how he intends to get new customers by creating awareness, interest and getting potential customers to start thinking about using him to design their next rock garden.
August 28, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - consistently building your list
There are some things to consider when building your list And.ypu need to be consistent on it.
August 25, 2018
Java chat - Why you need a better funnel Part VI
Facebook traffic - what it can mean. How to learn it, make the investment to learn the basics and then go crush it! @coffeewithmike
August 21, 2018
Java Chat - Why you need a better funnel
Content, content. Content! Why aren't you creating real, raw content? You never know who will want to follow you when you share who you are. A bit about Iowa Legendary Rye and how it's the real deal when it comes to Rye Whiskey. Get people to know you, like you, trust you.
August 20, 2018
Late night with Mike
Follow on to the entrepreneurs jpurney. Where are you at with your part of the journey? Some thoughts on what to watch for as you go for it!
August 19, 2018
Late night with Mike
A little more on the journey of the entrepreneur. What it takes. Do you really wanna so this?
August 19, 2018
The entrepreneurs journey
Qhat it's like watching someone go from corporate grunt to entrepreneur and the challenges they face. The growth potential. A little about my history, and a positive encouragement.
August 17, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - part Iv
Talkin bout funnels, landing pages, services with communities that help you figure it out. Why don't alone? Get ready to work...
August 17, 2018
Why you need a better funnel
What platform should I use for my funnel?
August 15, 2018
Why you need a better funnel - Part II
Are you tasting other social platforms? You probably should unless you got a ton of market budget. Opinions on being on multiple platforms and whether its worth it or not.
August 14, 2018
Why you need a better funnel
Just quick thoughts on why your marketing funnel may not be performing as qell as it could.
August 14, 2018
Heading home
Short run for home bound
April 12, 2018
April 9. 2018 place of genius
Ever wonder why it's hard to go to work? Might wanna hear this..
April 9, 2018
Absenteeism...did you know?
So I've been absent due to project work...also, came across a branding opportunity for a legendary whiskey....listen in for more.
April 5, 2018
Out of anything in the universe I could have become
I became human, with a set of gifts talents personality traits...what do I'd o with them? Serve...but serve who
March 21, 2018
Don't use the main street, everybody is on it
Why are you trying to compete in a red ocean? And then telling me it's where to play? Ahem, no. I play in blue oceans only.
March 20, 2018
Computer reboot sucks
Dang this is taking too long. Start up stress and fun.
March 14, 2018
Daylight savings
March 12, 2018
March 7, 2018
March 7, 2018
Wednesday March 7, 2018
Who am I again? Wth do I jabber about here?
March 7, 2018
Keep an eye on your steps
Everyone gets sidelined when they concentrate too much on the future. Keeping an eye level allows to watch your steps while you move toward your goal.
March 6, 2018
What value do you bring to your client
Interview with Jesse Miller The CEO Coach Part III
February 28, 2018
Who do you want to work with
Interview on the core with Jesse Miller The CEO Coach
February 28, 2018
Know who you are
Interview on the fly with Jesse Miller The CEO Coach
February 28, 2018
Monday's craziness
February 26, 2018
Feb 1, 2018
Loving content,, ands what im up to.
February 1, 2018
JAN 22, 2018
Stop over thinking it!
January 22, 2018
Nov 20, 2017
💰 $1000 contest and I'm going for It! 💰 ☕Show ya java dome support!☕
November 20, 2017
Nov 15, 2017 Judgement Vs Disc
Judgement vs Discernment🤔 What is your perspective saying?🤜 Is business, business?
November 16, 2017
Nov. 1, 2017
Facebook marketing experts are awesome! 5 seconds can change your world!
November 1, 2017
October 12th. 2017
😎☕☕☕Consistency and persistence matter! 💯💯
October 12, 2017
It's A Millennial Problem...💩
I dont buy laziness as an excuse for anything. I used to use it, and catch myself when I'm about to...but it's simply bullshit laziness.
October 12, 2017
September 13, 2017
What happened to committment? Did you think it was going to just...happen? Curious? Or serious?
September 13, 2017
Music For Your Ears
Half way into it i decided to sing a bit. I hope you enjoy it.
September 7, 2017
Aug 29, 2017
Release.the bull$#/?!!!
August 30, 2017
August 17th, 2017
I Want Rice! And other business stuff...leadership issues...😐
August 18, 2017
Interview Frank Sell
Interview Frank Sell on being an entrepreneur and getting out of your own way.
August 14, 2017
Interview With David Bayer
Mindset chatter is exactly that...David knows how to actually help change it. Check it!
August 12, 2017
August 8th, 2017
Good morning! Focus and hustle with a side of ice cream...🍦😎
August 8, 2017
Being Authentic Matters
being authentic? are You? how do you remain so?
August 6, 2017
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