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By Kirsty Allison
Cold Lips is the print-first magazine, with events internationally, founded by writer Kirsty Allison (she performs as Vagrant Lovers), and edits the arts on DJMag. "I've got drawers full of archive - and wanted to share them," she says about this series of conversations with all manner of iconoclasts. TIME OUT: "Proving bookish folk are the coolest folk…the literary fashion zine" Dr John Cooper Clarke: "artistic & fabulous" Le Cool: "the scruffy literary mag"
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Danielle De Picciotto x Kirsty Allison


Danielle De Picciotto x Kirsty Allison
Recorded February 2020, at Studio 65 in Wedding, Berlin, when Cold Lips released Martyn Goodacre's Whos Fuckin Planet book to accompany his exhibition as Das Gift Released in anticipation of Danielle De Picciotto's GESAMTKUNSTWERK show at Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin.  12 September > 03 October where Kirsty Allison will be artist/writer in residence with Gil De Ray Please do support these efforts by subscribing to
September 3, 2020
Mehmet Sander with Kirsty Allison
Kirsty Allison took part in Mehmet Sander's life changing workshop at the Chisenhale Dance Space.  His world-class 'action architecture' defies EVERYTHING in contemporary dance.  Punk, hardcore, radical, revolutionary.
August 7, 2020
Dave Randall with Kirsty Allison
This interview was recorded in St Giles churchyard in Camberwell, London, 3 July 2020. Dave Randall is the author of Sound System – The Political Power of Music  (Pluto Press 2017) and guitarist, producer and composer.  His own critically acclaimed albums released under the name Slovo feature international collaborations with artists including Iceland's Emiliana Torrini, West Africa's Maezah and US jazz legend Max Roach.  He has contributed to Grammy Award winning albums by Dido and has toured the world performing with UK dance act Faithless, for more click here. Notably, as part of the 1 Giant Leap project, Dave appeared alongside Baaba Maal, Michael Stipe, the Mahotella Queens, Neneh Cherry and others. Recently he has toured with Sinead O'Connor, and teamed up with Big Dada artist Mike Ladd, clarinet player Carol Robinson and drummer Dirk Rothbrust to create the Paris based improvising quartet 'Sleeping In Vilna'.  He's currently performing live with Roland Gift (Fine Young Cannibals). He has also produced music for the feature length documentaries 'Rebuilding Hope' (set in the US and Sudan), 'Witness Bahrain' and 'There Is A Field' (set in the USA and Palestine). He has also composed music for the contemporary dance/juggling company 'Feeding The Fish', the acclaimed Palestinian dance company Al Zaytouna and the Robert Swinston dance company.  ​ He lives in Brixton, South London. Dave is in conversation with Cold Lips' editor, Kirsty Allison. The podcast is edited by Sebastian Bowden.
July 11, 2020
Martyn Goodacre with Kirsty Allison, Cold Lips
Photographer, Martyn Goodacre is perhaps best known for his iconic shots of Kurt Cobain.  But in his first book publication,  WHOS FUCKIN PLANET, limited to 100 editions, with a belly band lino cut by Kirsty Allison (available on, he tells the story of free land before the Criminal Justice Act (1994), and how music led to him squatting the Fire Station on the Old Kent Road, which hosted early gigs for Psychic TV, Jesus & Mary Chain and many more.   In this meeting in Berlin's Neukölln, following the opening of his exhibition curated by Stephanie Hamer, he and Cold Lips' editor, the writer and performer, Kirsty Allison, catch up on a few more LIFE details.
May 5, 2020
Mark Reeder with Kirsty Allison
Berlin legend, Mark Reeder - moved from working class Manchester in the late 70s, to rep Factory Records, and put on illegal punk gigs in East Berlin, which led to him being recruited as a GDR producer, after being grassed by Stasi friends.   In the seminal film, B-Movie - he explores the 80s in Berlin, but here he speaks candidly to Kirsty Allison about  his McLaren-type Svengali effect on subculture, shaping the sound of New Order, trance in the 90s, and how he's currently impacting China with his new act, Stolen. Edited by Sebastian Bowden
April 22, 2020
Dr John Cooper Clarke with Kirsty Allison
Recorded on the rooftop of The Union Club in London's Soho,  accompanied by martinis, before a Polaroid session, which adorned the second edition of Cold Lips,  prior to headlining the legendary launch party at Hoxton's Courtyard Theatre in 2016, the mighty Dr John Cooper Clarke raps with Cold Lips' founder and editor, Kirsty Allison Artwork by Luke McLean Edited by Sebastian Bowden
April 20, 2020
TRICKY with Cold Lips' editor Kirsty Allison
TRICKY IS THE OLD SCHOOL OVERLORD OF BRITISH HIP-HOP - his new book Hell Is Around The Corner is out now - and it is splendid. It's rare to meet iconoclasts on the level of Tricky - born Adrian Thaws - mother dying of suicide/epilepsy at 4 - and it’s an honour to learn and be infected by people like this. I’m a huge fan, and I remember first meeting him for DJMag in a flat, opposite Sketch, he answered the door in a white dressing gown, and I was in a bluesman palace - with as much dope as a Howard Marks'  green room.  The other time I interviewed him was for the BBC, he took me on a golf buggy all around the back of a festival before flaming up a dressing room, and doing a hypnotising performance on the level of Iggy Pop.  You can read the feature I wrote on BUT GET ON THE BOOK. HERE IS HIS COMMS CENTRE:
October 30, 2019