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CPRW Podcast

CPRW Podcast

By Colin Clark
The CPRW team missed seeing each other so started a podcast to have an excuse to hang out again. Expect nerdy punk rock chat from the team behind Colin's Punk Rock World and many of our friends.
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CPRW Podcast Episode 27
In this episode Colin and Lara catch up for a chat. They hit record without much of a plan in mind and ended up talking about Till The Fest, Manchester Punk Festival, vinyl, new year resolutions and ladies of the night. Golazo:
January 21, 2022
CPRW Podcast Episode 26: Derrick Johnston of Make-That-A-Take Records and Uniforms
In this episode of the CPRW Podcast Colin sits down for a chat with a personel hero of his, Derrick Johnston. Derrick is the driving force behind Dundee DIY collective Make-That-A-Take Records as well as a member of one of Colin's favourite bands - Uniforms. Derrick tells us what's been happening with Make-That-A-Take, the upcoming Book Yer Ane Fest XIV, the end of Uniforms and plenty more. Derrick is one of the most articulate and interesting people I know and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to interview him. Derrick doesn't do many interviews and this is the only one he'll do this year so it's technically an exclusive. Check out:
November 19, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 25: Favourite Cover Songs
We're back with episode 25 of the CPRW Podcast. In this edition Colin is back once again by Richard and they're joined by new CPRW members Rich and Ilse to discuss punk rock cover songs. We briefly discuss what we think makes a good cover song, suggest our favourites and talk about songs we would like to see covered. Here's a playlist of the songs we talked about:
November 09, 2021
CPRW Podcast: Episode 24 Album Club #4
We're back with the fourth episode in our album club series. This time Dan#2, Lara and myself are joined by Mark Bell to discuss some of our favourite albums from 2017. Mark Bell is the guitarist in Mug and also works as a full time illustrator and has provided art work for many bands, gigs and festivals over the years. The Bombpops: Homeless Gospel Choir: Kid You Not: Propagandhi: Mug: Mark Bell Illustration:
October 22, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 23 Fantasy Festival with Pod Punk Podcast
In this episode of the CPRW Podcast Colin chats to Jordan from the PodPunk Podcast. We chat about Jordan's previous life in punk, his inspiration for starting the podcast and some of his highlights so far. He also talks us through his Fantasy Festival and chat about Manchester Punk Festival along with some other gigs. Jordan's Fantasy Festival PodPunk Links Spotify: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
September 17, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 22 Album Club #3
Here's our third episode of Album Club. Our series where Colin, Dan #2, Lara and a special guest discuss albums from a particular year. In this episode we are joined by Keven Cameron of Nelson Savage, Paper Rifles and Anti-Manifesto to discuss Nerf Herder, NOFX, Capdown and Less Than Jake albums which were released in 2020.
July 20, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 21
In this episode Colin chats to Dan and Jess Saunders, aka Vegan Punks. Vegan Punks are a husband and wife team who love creating and sharing vegan recipes, taking inspiration from different cuisine from all over the world. We talk about their origins in veganism and punk, their DIY attitude, convincing people to go vegan, favourite recipes and loads of over vegan related stuff. We also play Fantasy Festivals and the pair put together two of the most fun sounding line ups so far. Check out the playlists below. Eco-Punk-Fun Fest: Rad Monday:
June 05, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 20 Album Club#2
Here is part two of our newest series Album Club. For this episode Colin, Dan and Lara are joined by a good friends and very special guest - Tone from London regret punks Burnt Tapes. During the episode we discuss our favourite albums from 2015 featuring Direct Hit, Fidlar, Timeshares and Will Tun & The Wasters. Burnt Tapes Direct Hit! Fidlar Timeshares Will Tun & The Wasters
May 21, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 19 INiiT Records Special
In this special episode of the CPRW Podcast Colin is joined by the INiiT Records roster to play Fantasy Festivals. He was joined by label boss and Our Lives In Cinema singer Mark Bartlett, Ell from BaldHead & The Dreads, Jade from Ode To Sleep and Zyggy of High Visions. Playlists: WTFest: Ell-quinox: Luck Fest: Bartlettopalloza: INiiT Records: BaldHead & The Dreads: High Visions: Ode To Sleep:
May 06, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 18 Album Club #1
We're debuting a new series in episode 18 of the CPRW Podcast. Colin, Lara and Dan#2 will each pick an album or EP for the others to listen to. We then get together to record the podcast and discuss each others choices. At the end of the episode we then vote on which our favourite is with the winner of the episode getting to choose which year we pick an album from next time. In this episode we discuss Parched by Thirsty Guys (Bad Time Records), Melee by Dogleg (Triple Crown Records) and Entropic by Hit The Switch (Bird Attack Records). It's also very important that we point out that music isn't a competition. We're not saying that a particular album is the best, we're saying it's our favourite based on our own particular tastes. Thirsty Guys Dogleg Hit The Switch
April 22, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 17
In episode 17 of the CPRW Podcast Colin takes a suggestion from one of his lovely listeners and presents an episode about promoting DIY gigs. He is joined by Makky Hall of Crowley's Bar in Hastings, Maša Novak who runs Mope Promotions at The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh and Jordan Harris of Alright Mate Promotions and the New Cross Inn in South London. We discuss getting into promoting, positives and negatives, dealing with poorly attended gigs, venues, networking, how promoting has changed, putting line up's together and much more. Maša's dog Ace also makes a special appearance.
April 15, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 16
Colin is forever banging on about how good the punk scene in Europe is. In this episode of the CPRW Podcast Colin is joined by Joelle of Lockjaw Records, Max of Captain Asshole and Leo of Forever Unclean, Fabled Mind, Kill The Rooster and Rebuke to play a game of Fantasy Festivals. Only this time there's a twist as the main focus is picking bands from mainland Europe to shine a light on the amazing amount of talented punk bands on the continent.  Leo's Shit Fest: Max's All My Friends Are Assholes: Joelle's Fantasy Fest: Colin's Renewed Joy Festival: Lockjaw Records: Captain Asshole Forever Unclean
April 01, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 15
In Episode 15 of the CPRW Podcast, Colin and Lara are joined by Paul Smith (Be Sharp Promotions, All Corners Artist Booking) and Mike Smith (Be Sharp Promotions, Triple Sundae) to discuss what they think is the best last song ever. Along with suggesting nominees for the best last song they discuss what they think makes a great last song. Colin also surprises the others with a fun quiz which didn't go down very well at all and he also exclusively announced the next CPRW Records release. Here's a playlist of what we think are the best last songs ever: Be Sharp Promotions: All Corners Artist Booking: Triple Sundae:
March 25, 2021
CPRW Podcast Bonus Episode with All Corners Artist Booking
Here's a special bonus episode I recorded with Paul Smith (Be Sharp Promotions) and Eddie Griffiths (Upsurge) of the New Cross Inn in South London to discuss their brand new venture All Corners Artist Booking.
March 16, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 14
Robyn takes over as host in this week’s episode for a special International Women’s Day edition of the podcast. She’s joined by podcast regular Lara, as well as special guests Sarah of Shout Louder and folk punk artist Katie MF. They reflect upon their personal experiences as womxn in punk, both positive and negative, with discussion points that range from nudity at shows, online culture, challenges faced by female artists, and the difficult balance between appearing friendly or flirty. They also talk about some of their favourite bands featuring female and non-binary members and mentionsome current womxn-led projects they admire. International Women's Day Playlist Robyn's Instagram: Lara's Instagram:
March 08, 2021
CPRW Podcast: Episode 13
In this episode Colin is joined by Jak from Just Say Nay, Callum from  Toodles & the Hectic Pity and Beth from Flinch, 10am, Slowlight and  Grave Matthews to discuss their fantasy festival line ups following our  strict(ish) rules. Beth Fest: Pity Party: The Cat's Pyjamas: Just Say Nay Facebook: Bandcamp: Instagram: Toodles & the Hectic Pity Facebook: Bandcamp: Instagram: Flinch Facebook: Bandcamp: Instagram: 10am Facebook: Bandcamp: Instagram: Slowlight Facebook: Bandcamp: Instagram: Grave Matthews Bandcamp: Instagram:
February 27, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 12
Colin is joined by Lara, Omar and Richard to discuss all the things that  punks argue about on the Internet. We cover a lot of topics ranging  from what punk means, politics in punk, diversity, safer gigs, punk  uniform, paying for music, guest lists, crowd surfing, selling out, meet  and greets, crowd funding and why ska is the best. Super nerdy music chat goodness. Lara has her own YouTube channel Let's Talk Tunes: Lara's Instagram: Omar sings and plays guitar in Racehorse: Richard's Instagram:
February 13, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 11
Colin is joined by CPRW regulars Robyn and Brett as well as special  guests Katie MF and Craig "C-Rage" Darran to play Fantasy Festivals. Here are some playlists for the festivals: Brett's Rocky Lego Punk Rock Fest: Craig's Don't Get Stressed Fest: Katie's M-Fest: Robyn's Come Feel Good Fest: Check out Katie MF at the following places. Facebook: Bandcamp: Spotify: Twitter: Instagram:
February 05, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 10
It's episode ten of the CPRW podcast. In this episode Colin is joined by  Lara, Matt of Ear Nutrition and Pook of Redeemon/Pookout Records to  discuss why we think people are reisistant to checking out new bands and  only listen to bands from their youth. We mention these bands: Captain Asshole: Hot Stove Jimmy: Bad Operation: Houseghost: Drag Me Down: Elm Tree Circle: The Red Staines: Ghosts Of Westbeach: Check out: Ear Nutrition: Pookout Records: Redeemon: Lara's Instagram: Let's Talk Tunes:
January 30, 2021
CPRW Podcast: Episode 9
In this episode of the CPRW Podcast Colin and Dan#2 are joined by their good friend Makky Hall who works as a promoter at Crowley's Bar in Hastings as well as a writer for Rock Freaks, Fistful Of Metal and Down For Life. Colin, Dan#2 and Makky have a great time discussing all things venues. They talk about the venues that first got them into DIY music, the differences between big and small venues, their current favourite venues as some favourites that have sadly closed down. If you're keen for a chat that's way to nerdy then this is for you!
January 23, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 8
In the latest episode of the CPRW Podcast Omar sits down with Ben Webber  from Deux Trois and formerly of Carvings and We Are Adam West.
January 14, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 7
In this Episode of the CPRW Podcast Colin is joined by Sarah from Shout  Louder and Paul from Be Sharp to discuss Do It Together Fest, Sarah's  new book titled Papercuts Two and we play a game of Fantasy Festivals.  Enjoy. Pre-order Papercuts #2 here: Shout Louder: Be Sharp Promotions: Colin's Punk Rock World: CPRW Records:
January 04, 2021
CPRW Podcast Episode 6
In episode six of the CPRW Podcast Colin is joined by Lara, Robyn and  Brett to discuss playlists and favourite Christmas songs. Colin also  learns what Merry Christmas is in Welsh and Africaans. We had fun!
December 19, 2020
CPRW Podcast Episode 5
In episode five Colin is joined by Richard, Dan#2 and Lara to discuss our fantasy festivals. We set ourselves some strict rules to ensure that our festivals are inclusive as something we all felt really strongly about. We've also created playlists to give you a feel of what each of our days will be like. These can be found below. (Obviously don't check these out if you want to avoid spoilers). Dan#2 also reveals some exclusive Tape It Shut news and Colin talks about what CPRW Records are doing for the last Bandcamp Friday of 2020. Dan's Super Fun Fest Of Fun: Forge A Path Fest: Getting Croaky Fest: Y Ffest: Check out Colin's Punk Rock World: Check out CPRW Records: Dan#2 plays in Tape it Shut: Lara releases YouTube Videos: Lara has an Instagram page: Lara listens to stuff: Richard is wrong about what the best Bouncing Souls album is. (This will be a nice surprise if he ever sees this).
December 01, 2020
CPRW Podcast Episode 4
In this episode of the CPRW Podcast Colin is joined by Chris and Lara, two vinyl enthusiasts on Instagram and his old friend Matt from Ear Nutrition to discuss vinyl records. We cover such topics as why we started collecting records, discuss our thoughts on variants, our favourite records shops and loads more. If you enjoy record collecting then this is a must listen for you! Ear Nutrition Lara Chris Colin's Punk Rock World CPRW Records
November 24, 2020
CPRW Podcast Episode 3
For Episode three of the CPRW podcast Colin is joined by Paul and Mike from Be Sharp Promotions. The brothers are two of Colin's best friends from the world of punk rock so it was amazing to have a catch up. Colin finds out how much they know about the gigs and bands they put on with a couple of quizzes and we discuss what we think is the greatest track one on a punk album ever. This is one of those chats we have with our mates between bands at a gig and it was absolutely lovely to have. We did encounter a couple of technical difficulties due to Zoom timing us out twice (I think we styled it out very well) and Mike having some Internet difficulties towards the end. This blips add to the charm of the entire episode. We've made a Spotify playlist containing the track ones we mentionned as well as a lot more:
November 13, 2020
CPRW Podcast Episode 2
In this episode of the CPRW Podcast Colin is joined by the international members of the team, Marcus from Texas and Robyn and Brett from Johannesburg. We discuss our recent release To The Front, Joe Biden, our listening habits during lockdown, vegan chocolate, cats, our favourite gigs ever, we discuss the scenes in Texas and Johannesburg, what we think about filming at gigs and we all recommend an album for you to check out. 
November 10, 2020
CPRW Podcast Episode 1
Welcome to the very first CPRW Podcast brought to you by the wonderful people who do the UK based punk rock blog Colin's Punk Rock World and CPRW Records. In this episode Colin is joined by Dan#2, Omar and Richard to discuss our listening habits during lockdown, the last gigs we went to, band names, what it's like being in a band during lockdown, albums we're looking forward to and we reveal one of the bands appearing on the next CPRW Records release To The Front. Colin also fires Dan#2, tune in to find out why!
October 29, 2020