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Girls We Know The Podcast

Girls We Know The Podcast

By collectiveshades
Girls We Know the Podcast - Bringing you conversations from Women of Color professionals. Founded by Litsey Aguilar and Angie Pearson wanting to bring groups of women together and provide a space for talented women and provocative thinkers to be heard, to connect, and create.

Our Mission is not only to celebrate WOC and their creativity but also encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone through conversation - Together we can start a community of empowerment and provide the tools needed to inspire the future generations of young women.
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We're back and we're better!

Girls We Know The Podcast

We're back and we're better!
We're back and we're better (Que Bryson Tiller lyrics). Last year will go down as one of the most memorable years of all of our lives. Between the pandemic, mental health, and a ton of other things, Litsey an Angie get real candid about how the pandemic affected them personally but also as partners along with the possibility of giving it all up!
May 03, 2021
Our voices matter
This will probably be one of the most important elections we've seen in our lifetime due to the carelessness of our current president Trump but the past of the past haunting his running mate Biden so this leave many questioning our futures. Litsey and Angie we're joining by @helloamani and sister duo @heysisworld as we discuss our fears,concerns, and current emotions regarding this election This is not typically a topic women are asked about so we felt it deemed necessary to bring bring a few women together to have an open conversation to feel out how one another and lowkey have a therapy session, because WHY NOT?
October 29, 2020
The Melting Pot Ft $6.99 LB
This week we’re back for another really dope episode in partnership with @jaekicho and @jojoparque of @699perpound. As we all know New York is the melting pot when it comes to being the home to so many different cultures and ethnicities, however its no secret that there are racial tension between different communities in specific the black and brown community and the asian community.   There were so many layers to this conversation and Angie, Litsey, Joann, and Jaeki were able to break down their personal experiences to shed light on the things we grew up hearing, things we’ve seen, things our parents told us, and moving forward things that we can be better about.     This conversation couldn’t have come at a better time as we also discussed xenophobia, and how at the end of the day we’re all dealing with something whether similar or indifferent; we as people need to come together for the better. I guarantee you’ll learn something listening to this conversation as have we, because at the end of the day we’re all one big melting pot.     Also shoutout to our “token male" Jaeki being the first POC guy on our podcast!      A special thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @Canalstreetmarket Please rate, comment, and subscribe
March 24, 2020
2020?! What's Good Wit Chu'?
Whewww chile! 2020 has been a long year and it's only the middle of February! We've had so many unfortunate circumstances happen within the past 2 months that have brought out so many different conversations, especially in regards to race. The passing of  legend Kobe Bryant along with 8 others including his daughter, Gayle Kings interview with Lisa Leslie along with all the backlash, Joaquin phoenix's speech at the BAFTA's award in regards to inclusivity at award shows, the Coronova virus (conspiracy theories anyone?), and we of course lighten the conversation with talking about different shows on Netflix to binge watch along with a few other topics as we catch up with one another. A special thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @Canalstreetmarket Please rate, comment, and subscribe
February 18, 2020
A little erotica? Anyone?
Erotica anyone? We sat down with Brielle Skye Benton @briellewrites founder of @opialiterary which is a newsletter that publishes short erotic stories every week from different writers FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN. Of course the boys can indulged as well!   we also discussed her journey over the years becoming a writer, how living in different countries has influenced her goals, things she's learned, what her brand could possibly expand to in the future and more! Tune in     A special thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @Canalstreetmarket Please rate, comment, and subscribe
January 28, 2020
Moving in the spirit
First episode of 2020! We sit down with @alyssaneilson , social media marketing and strategy expert. It's been quite the journey for Alyssa from moving back from L.A, and her experience as a young professional since she started her own consulting business. Developing a community at C3 NYC, and what it's like growing her relationship with God.  And since we all die for Alyssa's sneaker collection, we end things with a little chat on Virgil Abloh.    A special thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @Canalstreetmarket Please rate, comment, and subscribe
January 07, 2020
2019, Are you done or ARE YOU FINISHED?
What a year 2019 has been. From start to finish there has been so much going on in the world that needed to be addressed. So who better then to have your two favorite girls end the year having fun gossiping and ke-keing on some recent events. From Unbothered Omarian vs Fizzle pop and Apryl Jones, Kanye Sunday Service, the movie Cats, our thoughts on Queen and slim, and more tune in!       Special Thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket   Please rate, comment, and subscribe.
December 31, 2019
Barney's We Love You Forever
Barney's - We love you forever! On this episode we get to sit down with @gabcadet and @srirain. We talk about both of their professional experience at the legendary Barney's NY and how they were able to deal with the closing. The power of having a strong community of co-workers, turning a negative into a positive, and who's is the next Barney's?    We end things with a game of this or that - tacos over pizza? Drake over Idris Elba? Sit back, tune in, and enjoy!    Special Thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket   Please rate, comment, and subscribe.
December 10, 2019
Jack of all trades
We had the opportunity to sit down with Nicole Ndzibah, fashion & retail educator with over 20 years of experience. This was such a refreshing conversation as we got to talk about paying it forward, sharing the knowledge she gained with the younger generations. Also working at Tommy Hilfiger and let's just say you’ll want to tune in because Don't Believe The Hype. Nicole also was able to share some insight on her experience working on the Zendaya x Tommy collab and what that meant to her.     Follow us on instagram @collectiveshades   Special Thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket   Please rate, comment, and subscribe
November 26, 2019
And we're back like we never left!
Your favorite dynamic duo are back from their 4 month hiatus, to bring you season 2! Today, we talk about the importance of pumping your breaks to refocus yourself personally and your brand, what we've been up to, and so many other interesting topics going on in the world that we addressed   Follow us on instagram @collectiveshades Special Thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket Please rate, comment, and subscribe
November 12, 2019
An Ode To Nail Artistry
Your girls are having their first ever event! “An ode to nail artistry”. The ladies discuss the process of coming up with the event, the people involved and so much more Shout out to our official panelist are nail technician Jontee Samuels | @beautybypebbles_ , Leanne Woodley |, and nail enthusiasts Sasha Fyffe | @__ohheysash.   Partners :@milkandhoneyproducts , @londontownusa, @nafstuff, @humnutrition, @drinkbodyarmor,  @madremezcal,  @glamsquad, @shoplvx   Follow us on instagram @collectiveshades Special Thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket Please rate, comment, and subscribe
August 14, 2019
Drink some tea, you'll be okay!
Angie and Litsey sat down with @alejandrooo to have a fun open conversation about life, the LBGTQ+ community and personal experiences. Alex get very candid about the ideologies of the queer community that people have when it comes to their stories and coming out. We spoke on Alex not having the typical story as she is someone who to this day doesn't typically care about explaining the things that people don't understand; and being raised by amazing women who helped shaped who she is. Alex also discussed a funny story about "fake" dating a boy, and sooo much more!   Follow us on instagram @collectiveshades Special Thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket Please rate, comment, and subscribe
June 27, 2019
Keeping Up With Litsey And Angie
What a month! Recently work and life amongst other projects have been taken a lot of our time. So in this episode we sit down and catch up with what we’ve been up to, recent trips, seasonal sadness, and making time for friends. We also chat a bit about Ava DuVernay’s ‘When They See Us’ and the emotions and rage that it  made us feel. Followed by giving you the inside scoop on our upcoming event –– Surprise! You don’t want top miss this, so sit back relax, and enjoy. Follow us on instagram @collectiveshades Special Thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket Please rate, comment, and subscribe
June 11, 2019
Tacos Tequila Tampons with Regina Adewunmi
Today's episode Litsey sits down with community organizer Regina Adewunmi @nativefolk, of @tacostequilatampons. A platform dedicated to chatting about periods, sex, womb health, birth, and much more. Regina takes us through her journey on why she started T3 and what she hopes women get out of it. We also dive into some misconceptions about periods, like period sex (would you or wouldn't you?) and alternative methods of dealing with your period. I also share about a scary moment I had while on my period. So sit back and enjoy! Follow us on instagram @collectiveshades Special Thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket Please rate, comment, and subscribe
May 27, 2019
Happy Mothers Day with Christina Santi
In Honor of Mother’s Day we sat down with Christina @rawrsavvy to talk about how becoming a mother has changed her perspective on things, helped her grow as well as balance between work and motherhood. We also touched on her love for literature and her top 5 books she would pass down to her son! Follow us on Instagram: @Collectiveshades Special thanks to: @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket
May 12, 2019
For the Culture....
Its just ya girls today, and of course we touch on the untimely passing of the late Nipsey hussle, the legacy he's left behind and how it has inspired many communities worldwide. They touch on the importance of supporting our own black and brown own businesses especially in a day and age where many communities are being gentrified. Lastly we had to talk about QUEEN BEY! How not only has she grown as an artist and person, but how she has being a voice for the people for the culture!   Follow us on instagram @Collectiveshades   Special thanks to @listeningpartypresent &@canalstreetmarket
May 07, 2019
420 with Maya Shaw
Maya Shaw, founder of @shop_shaw, a curated smoke shop website where you can get all your smoking needs. Maya discusses the importance of knowing your product and where it comes from. We also touch on the healing power of CBD and how mainstream it has become but making sure you’re paying homage to the people actually doing the work and organizations trying to end the war on drugs. We also talk about some of our first time smoking sessions. Get ready for some laughs!    Follow us on Instagram: @collectiveshades Special thanks to @listeningpartypresent & @canalstreetmarket
April 20, 2019
Always do what you love with Jizelle Staana
This week on episode 10, we sit down @msjizelle Executive Director and Brand Partnerships Manager of  @envsnfest. Jizelle takes us through her journey of changing careers, from banking to going back to school to pursue fashion, meeting @sharifasays, the importance of accessibility within the youth, and all things women empowerment.    #ShoutOutToTheGrandmas    Follow us on Instagram: @Collectiveshades    Special thanks to: @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket
April 09, 2019
It's Tea Time!
This week on episode 9, we're catching up with our girl @yourfavoritecup and talking about how she was able to draft up a business plan on the fly, that she used to market herself when she created her own consulting brand “Just Tea” . We also talk about her big move from NY to London, finding solitude and learning more about herself with her now living in another country, and so much more!   Follow us on Instagram: @collectiveshades    Special Thanks to: @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket
March 26, 2019
Women make the world round!
This week on episode 8, "it’s just the two of us" (Will Smith voice). Women’s history month is upon us and what better way to bring in the month than talking about Solange’s a new album, some of our favorite women today and spicing it up with our thoughts on Jordyn woods vs the Kardashians.     Follow us on Instagram: @collectiveshades    Special Thanks to: @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket
March 13, 2019
Limits Of Fashion’s Inclusivity with Kaye Li Taylor
This week we’re wrapping up the busiest month in fashion with model/activist, @kayelitaylor. We talk about how Kaye Li kicked off her modeling career, brings her perspective and experience as a black model in the fashion industry and the activism work she does with @modelsllianceny + @modelactivist. Follow us on Instagram:@collectiveshades Special Thanks to:@listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket
February 26, 2019
The Power Of Believing In Yourself with Debbie Lorenzo
We sit with Debbie Lorenzo, hat designer of @frances.grey. We talk all things like being an entrepreneur, taking that leap of faith to start her own brand, knowing when its time to leave that job you hate, trusting your gut, and so much more.   Follow us on instagram: @collectiveshades Special thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket
February 12, 2019
These Men Are Really Trying Us!
This week on episode 5, Litsey and Angie welcome you to the first episode the year. We talk about all things on “Surviving R. Kelly”, Peter Thomas of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and his comments of dark skin women, the difference between having a preference and being racist, and finish it off with some period talk! Follow Co//ective Shades on instagram: @collectiveshades Special thanks to @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket
January 17, 2019
Becoming your own brand with Valentina Padilla
Today we sit down with Valentina Padilla @sunflowervalentine, a former guest to the Collective Shades blog. We discuss Valentina’s solo trip to Hawaii, how she started stepping outside her comfort zone and pitching herself as a brand. Sneaker culture and the lack of representation of women, her up coming projects and much more. Hope y’all enjoy! #ShoutOutToTheTwins   Follow us on instagram: @collectiveshades A special thanks to: @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket
December 20, 2018
Sustainability and Streetwear with Khiana Lowe
Today's episode we sit down with Khiana Lowe @khilowegram, 1/2 of @incorpherated. We discuss the importance of authenticity and sustainability within the sneaker culture, her Straight to Feet event, which is a panel discussion with leading women in streetwear, and workshops teaching young minds about the business of streetwear and sneakers.    Follow us on instagram: @collectiveshades A special thanks to: @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket
December 04, 2018
Taking time to breathe with Leeza Joneé
Today we sit down with Leeza Joneé, founder and curator of @the.breatingspace. Leeza walks us through on how she started The Breathing Space, a community of an open ended conversation amongst friends and strangers (who become friends). We touch on mental health, dealing with social media comparisons, and the differences between collaboration and competition.  Follow us on instagram: @collectiveshades A Special Thanks to: @listeningpartypresents + @canalstreetmarket
November 25, 2018
Collective Shades Presents : Girls We Know
Introduction to the ladies of collective shades , Litsey Aguilar and Angie Pearson
November 25, 2018