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Community Health Commute

Community Health Commute

By Washington Association for Community Health
Washington state’s health centers are constantly striving to strengthen their operations and capacity to deliver the best care to all who need it. Join us each month for a commute-friendly conversation with a variety of experts delivering best practices, guidance, and insights to support your healthcare mission.

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COVID-19: Data Insights

Community Health Commute

COVID-19: Data Insights

Community Health Commute

COVID-19 Vaccine: A Health Center’s Approach
The COVID-19 vaccine is here. Barb Middleton, MSN, RN, Chief Operations Officer from NEW Health, a Washington State community health center, shares her organization’s experience leading up to, and after the release of the vaccine. Barb shares key planning strategies and challenges that have helped or hindered their efforts, and celebrates the silver linings.
February 9, 2021
COVID-19: Vaccine Rollout and Early Challenges in Washington State
The COVID-19 vaccine is here, but each State’s approach to continuous planning and allocation differs. Where is Washington in terms of planning and support and how are arising challenges being mitigated? Guests, SheAnne Allen and Jennifer Coiteux from the Washington State Department of Health, discuss what’s happening. Got a question or comment? Leave us a voice message at
December 22, 2020
COVID-19: Data Insights
In its inaugural episode, the Association's host and Data Analyst will discuss the state of the State and beyond of COVID-19, data implications and what healthcare systems can do to respond to emerging information through the pandemic.  Check out 1point3acres, mentioned by our episode guest.
November 18, 2020