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The AusComX Show Podcast

The AusComX Show Podcast

By Shane Syddall
Welcome to The AusComX Show, a weekly podcast and livestream that talks about Australian indie comics, Australian comic creators and their upcoming projects. Every week, join Shane and Morgan (originally Jerome) as we feature one or more Australian Indie Comic book creators and chat with them, ask questions, and learn more about their projects and Kickstarter campaigns if they have one. Our goal is to help support Australian indie comics however we can, and help you broaden your horizon when it comes to all things indie comics.
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Presenting Brad Daniels and Mark Abnett - AusComX Show ep. 7
The AusComX Show is back this time and it's bigger than ever. Now, Shane and Jerome will have two guests over for an up to two-hour show. It's double the time and double the guests too!  For our 7th episode, we'll have the ever-funny Brad Daniels on the show, talking about his weird and wacky world of Tales Too Stupid To Tell.   On the second half of the show, we'll have a Kiwi Cousin, New Zealand-born creator Mark Abnett, talking about his wonderful creations, including This Land.  We'll talk shop with the guys and learn more about their works. As always, questions galore for your favourite indie comic creators are coming!  Find out more about Brad and Mark here:   Watch the AusComX Show every Wednesday, 7PM AEST! You can catch us on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, and more.  You can also find our podcast at:  
June 10, 2021
Nicole Kane Returns But Not Strikes Back - AusComX Show Ep. 6
AusComX Show Episode 6 is about to get sexy as we get the return of N.S. Kane of Fox and Hound. This time, we'll talk about many of her other works, which includes beautiful stories like Hell Courtesan, The Circle, and Clockwork. Join Shane and Jerome in a full hour of cool stories and q&a with N.S. Kane this May 26, Wednesday 8PM AEST. Expect tons of fun, cool stories about superb female characters, and the works. You can find us on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and even on Spotify. See you!
May 26, 2021
Get Morgan Quaid into your lives - AusComX ep. 5
The AusComx Show is about to get spooky as the master of the supernatural Morgan Quaid is coming for episode 5! Morgan is here to show off his brand new Kickstarter for Enmity, a post-apocalyptic story with the daughter of the Devil fighting for survival. For those in the Australian indie comic book circles, Morgan Quiad is not a new name. His creations combine sci-fi and horror to create weird elements that you would love. Some of his creations include Shadow's Daughter, City of Ruin, Idle Thuggery, and more. Find more about Morgan here: Watch the AusComX Show every week, Wednesdays 8PM AEST/7:30PM ACST and learn more about your favourite Australian indie creators here. You can find us on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live, and Twitter, so you can't miss us. Tune in Wednesday nights 8pm AEST!
May 19, 2021
Super Ready Battle Armor from Halftone, are you ready? - AusComX Ep. 4
Super Ready Battle Armour #4 is on the horizon! Wednesday night on the AusComX Show, we got Bradley Adan, here to tell us about his new Kickstarter, Super RBA #4: Lady of the Light. What's in store for us? Let's find out. Synopsis: Super Ready Battle Armor issue 4 Lady of the Light, continues the anime inspired comic, in a 24 page inclusion. Following Eclair while she tries to find answers to her brothers disappearance and potential murder we get a glimpse at her past and even B.a’s true name. We check in on Infector and see how he is dealing with using his powers and the torment of the past creeps up. Find out more about the kickstarter for Super RBA right here: If you like what you see, hit like, get subscribed and ring the bell! Find out more about Bradley at -->>
May 12, 2021
ComX Studio PRESENTS issue 1's crew - AusComX Ep. 3
Let's get ready to RUUUUUUMBLE!! We're officially announcing ComX Studio PRESENTS, the bi-monthly Anthology series and to celebrate we're going to hang out with the 4 peeps that made it all possible!!    Let the chaos ensue .... - Isaac George of Bronwyn fame Find out more about Isaac at - E.D. Kearsley of Radical fame Find out more about Ed at - Peter Wilson of Crimson and Rascal fame Find out more about Peter at - Rob "Spedsy" Lisle of Devil's Toilet fame Find out more about Rob at
May 05, 2021