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By CON453
This podcast is a part of the CON-453 course offered at Arizona State University. The podcast will be a discussion about several topics related to the use of BIM and emerging technologies in the construction industry as the semester progresses
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FA21 - Ep.24 - Communication for Alignment & Success
Chase and Steve share some thoughts on the value of being able to effectively communicate problems and solutions 
November 15, 2021
FA21 - Ep.23 - Facility Operations
Steve and Chase discuss affordances for technology for facility operations
November 12, 2021
FA21 - Ep.22 - The future of BIM & Technology
Kieren shares her research to probe thought into the future of BIM and Technology 
November 09, 2021
FA21 - Ep.21 - Meet Mark Mergenschroer (Autodesk)
Mark Mergenschroer from Autodesk joins the ConTECHxt team to talk about BIM for Commissioning.
November 05, 2021
FA21 - Ep.20 - Digital Fabrication
Steve and Chase clarify common confusions between prefabrication and digital fabrication and also emphasize the importance of a PxP to enable successful digital fabrication
November 01, 2021
FA21 - Ep.19 - Prefabrication
Steve and Chase discuss the affordances of prefabrication and technologies to enable prefabrication 
October 29, 2021
FA21 - Ep.18 - Technologies for site management
Steve and Chase discuss technologies for supporting site management
October 25, 2021
FA21 - Ep.17 - Technologies for Preconstruction
Steve and Chase discuss some technologies that can be leveraged for an advantage in preconstruction
October 22, 2021
FA21 - Ep.16 - PxP Improvement Activity
Chase and Steve discuss the affordances of peer review in improving the BIM PxP
October 18, 2021
FA21 - Ep.15 - Technology for Design phase with Abby Hoover (RSP Architects)
Abby Hoover joints the CON453 team to share her experience and insights on using technology for design
October 15, 2021
FA21 - Ep.14 - Technology for proposals
The CON453 team discusses technological tools for proposals
October 11, 2021
FA21 - Ep.13 - BIM Project negotiations
Steve and Chase discuss strategies and examples for BIM negotiations among stakeholders.
October 04, 2021
FA21 - Ep.12 - PxP expert lecture w/Josh Horenstein (Mortenson)
Chase and Steve continue discussion on PxP development in preparation for an expert lecture from Josh Horenstein
October 01, 2021
FA21 - Ep.11 - PxP: Information Exchange
Steve and Chase continue the discussion on steps in developing the BIM project execution plan
September 27, 2021
FA21 - Ep.10 - Technology for Safety Hazard Recognition
Steve, Chase and Karan discuss potential for technology to support hazard recognition on the construction site
September 24, 2021
Independent Technology Project
Steve and Karan go over the goals, motivations and expectations of the Independent technology project.
September 22, 2021
FA21 - Ep.9 - PxP: Process Mapping
Step 2 of developing the BIM PxP 
September 20, 2021
FA21 - Ep.8 - PxP: Defining value propositions for BIM
Discussion on the first step of defining goals in development of the PxP
September 17, 2021
FA21 - Ep.7 - PxP Development Part 1
Part 1 on PxP development
September 13, 2021
FA21 - Ep.6 - 3D Coordination
Chase and Steve discuss the why who and what of 3D coordination
September 10, 2021
FA21 - Ep.5 - Meet Eric Cylwik (Sundt Construction)
A conversation with Eric Cylwik from Sundt Construction company.
September 06, 2021
FA21 - Ep.4 - Project Delivery Methods
Steve and Chase discuss project delivery methods in preparation for an upcoming lecture
August 30, 2021
FA21 - Ep.3 - BIM Philosophy
Steve and Chase discuss the philosophy of BIM starting with the consideration of the Master builder of the ancient times.
August 27, 2021
FA21 - Ep.2 - Communication, critical thinking and project life cycle
Steve talks about the importance of communication, the need for critical thinking and introduces the topic of project life cycle. 
August 23, 2021
FA21 - Ep1 - Welcome to CON 453
The CON 453 team members introduce themselves and give an overview of the course and course policies
August 19, 2021