Living Wakeful

Discovering Your (Im)Personal Yoga!

An episode of Living Wakeful

By Conscious Vastness
Bringing conscious awareness to every moment πŸ’œβœŒπŸ½
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Clarity Clip: Integrating With Your Environment! 🌲🌲
What is your balance between doing and being? βš–πŸ€” Control and letting go? Allowance and selectivity? This will determine the level of integration or "Oneness" you feel with your environment. Come on a short hike with me and we'll chat it all out.
July 11, 2019
Discovering Your (Im)Personal Yoga!
Hello all!πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’šβœŒπŸ½Today's communication is broadcast to you directly from the loveliest recording studio money could never buy! Outdoors πŸƒπŸ‚πŸŒ΅πŸŒΏ Today I can't wait to share with you the depth and joy of transforming through your own Inner Work, make some society/human consciousness predictionsΒ πŸ€” 😯 and generally just gobble up your attention with loosely related anecdotes... πŸ™„ Enjoy! Β Much Love. 😁✌🏽
July 10, 2019
Presence: Outgrowing The Endless Journey To Enlightenment
Hello all! πŸ™πŸ½β˜―οΈ Today's episode covers that nagging last little piece of the puzzle which keeps our big awakening forever at bay. The truth is with you here and now.
July 7, 2019
Nonduality: How Long Are You Willing To Suffer?
Hello everyone! Here we cover the three main components of ego, my guru/dog, the awakening of Ramana Maharshi, and the personal magnetism of an awakened soul, enjoy! πŸ™πŸ½β˜―οΈ
July 5, 2019
Fear of Success? Beware Your Energetic Blockages!
What I notice most in my experience isnt people afraid to fail at what they want. It's people afraid to succeed. In this episode we'll cover blockages in relationships, career and spirituality
July 4, 2019
A Meeting Of Consciousness
When we meet our neighbor heart first, rather than thoughts first, we see an entirely different perspective. This is the beginning of compassion. More on male female energies, personal experience and self love!
July 4, 2019
Clarity Clip: Nonduality and Money!
We discuss this fallacy of "Spiritual Materialism" and discuss how spiritual abundance amplifies rather than reduces material wealth, enjoy!
July 4, 2019
Clarity Clip: Look THROUGH ego to find joy at THIS moment.
Beautiful fucking thunderstorm accompanies me on a clarity clip.
July 2, 2019
Nonduality: Using Your Inner Discernment
A roadie episode, drive around the neighborhood with me as we discuss male/female polarity, presence power and more.
July 2, 2019
Inner Aboundance: The Gateway to Self Worth ☯️
This episode is about the sense of scarcity so very many of us face in daily lives, and how self awareness can help us outgrow it!
June 30, 2019
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