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Conversations in Tourism

Conversations in Tourism

By Conversations in Tourism
Conversations in tourism is a fresh new, disruptive podcast that puts thought-leaders, industry professionals, academics, and futurists on the spot to explore the diversity of issues that are impacting and informing the evolution of travel and tourism.

Conversations in tourism is about taking new perspectives and engaging in deep dives into what the future of the world’s largest industry can and should look like.
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Conversations in Tourism

A Conversation in Tourism Development and Digital Marketing with Danny Cohanpour
In this episode Lauren chats with Trove Tourism CEO and Founder Danny Cohanpour about turning destination's real treasures into amazing tourism products and experiences. Focusing on digital innovation in analysis, USP development and marketing Danny provides amazing insights into contemporary destination development using the Trove Tourism Approach.  Visit their website: Trove Tourism Development Advisors Follow them on social media: @trovetourism
April 11, 2022
Reflections on Tourism Futures with Lauren and Daniella
The season 1 finale is rounded up in a conversation with your co-hosts Lauren Ugur and Daniella Sachs.  It has been a wonderful season with phenomenal insights from amazing professionals - thank you to everyone who contributed!
January 10, 2022
Roundtable Conversation with Green Destinations and The Good Travel Guide
Season 1 wraps up with our first-ever co-hosted roundtable conversation with Louise de Hemmer from Green Destinations and Celina Sczyslo from The Good Travel Guide.  We chat about innovation in sustainable tourism, the role of destinations and sustainable tourism certifications, as well as the ways in which travellers themselves are being made aware and supported in making "better" travel choices.  Check out their websites:  Green Destinations website:   Good Travel Guide: and feel free to connect on social media: · Good Travel Guide Instagram: · Good Travel Guide LinkedIn: · Celina’s LinkedIn: · Louise’s LinkedIn:
December 28, 2021
The Future of Innovation in Tourism with Håvard Utheim
In this episode, serial tourism and travel entrepreneur Håvard Utheim joins us to talk about innovation and the future of tourism and travel. Håvard has extensive experience with travel startups, including and  You can also read more of what he has to say here, or connect with him on LinkedIn. 
December 13, 2021
Innovation and Futures of the MICE Industry with Matthias Schultze - German Convention Bureau
In this episode, we discuss the potential futures and meaning of innovation in the MICE industry with Matthias Schultze, Managing Director of the German Convention Bureau.  As the world's second-largest MICE market in the world, the GCB works to push the boundaries of innovation with stakeholders across industries:  They also lead the way with cutting-edge applied research on the future of meetings and events:  And understand the power of community learning as part of the innovations process. Check out their new open innovation platform "Response Room" -
November 29, 2021
A Conversation on Human Rights in Tourism with Katharina Stechl
In this episode, we are joined by Katharina Stechl from the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism. We discuss the fundamental risks and responsibility of all tourism stakeholders to respect the value of people to the tourism industry and the resources and tools available to reduce human rights infringements across the tourism value chain.   Check out the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism website here: And access all of their previous case studies, tools and further information via their freely accessible resource centre: 
November 15, 2021
A conversation on tomorrow's tourist with Lavonne Wittmann
In this episode co-host Daniella Sachs and Tourism and Travel expert, Lavonne Wittmann explore what the tourists of tomorrow will want, need and desire.  Lavonne is passionate about the Travel and Tourism industry and has been involved in retail travel for the past 38 years.  She has owned/managed her own agency for 21 years and has applied her vast experience and knowledge in all sectors of the industry locally and Internationally. She served on the board of ASATA (Association of South African Travel Agents) for region One and was one of the Founder members of ITAC (Independent Travel Agents Consortium) in South Africa which later formed part of the South African Travel Centre Consortium, owned by South African Airways. Internationally, Lavonne has held the position of Skal Internationals World President from 2018-2019 and received the award for TOP WOMEN IN TRAVEL AND TOURISM : Outstanding Mentor in Travel and Tourism from WTTI ( Women in Travel and Tourism) in Orlando in February 2020. She also received the Karl Twiggs Award from Skal International South Africa for outstanding contribution to the Travel and Tourism Industry locally and internationally in 2019 and was named as the Skal International Ambassador of the Year award in 2014 in Mexico City For more, check out Lavonne's social media site: Linkedin: Instagram: @lavonnewittmann
November 01, 2021
A Conversation on "Good" Tourism with David Gillbanks
In this episode, we explore the concept of "Good Tourism" with David Gillbanks, publisher of the "Good Tourism" Blog and the "GT" Travel Blog.  Both these sites provide amazing resources and insights into valuable topics for travel and tourism industry professionals and for those travellers looking to be more conscientious in their travel behaviour. Links: The "Good Tourism" Blog: The "GT" Travel Blog:
October 18, 2021
Jim Butcher on Growth and Degrowth in Tourism
Is degrowth the sustainable answer tourism is looking for? Is growth-led tourism all bad? These are the questions that Jim Butcher, researcher and lecturer at Cantebury Christ Church University discusses with us in this episode of Conversations in Tourism.  Jim writes extensively on issues of growth in tourism and is a rare champion of the economic and  cultural benefits of mass tourism, and is critical of the claims made for the ‘ethical’ niche alternatives. In particular, Jim has argued for growth in tourism, both to enable more people to partake of the delights of leisure travel, and also to spur post Covid-19 recovery. Follow Jim's inputs: or via twitter: @JimButcher2
October 04, 2021
Tourism Futures - Digital Transformation and the need to democratise technology with Thomas Mueller - Rainmaker Travel
In this episode Rainmaker Travel CEO Thomas Mueller talks to us about the status quo of digital transformation in tourism and travel and highlights the barriers to relaising digital transformation at scale.  Thomas also draws on his extensive experience in the tourism and hospitality sector to explain the need to democratise technology within the tourism industry so that smalle businesses can take back control over communication, customer engagement and importantly, enable direct booking mechanisms so that more tourism spend remains within local economies. Essentially, ensuring direct bookings, maintaining tourism spend locally and empowering local business owners across the supply chain provides the foundation for more sustainable economic tourism practices.  Connect with Rainmaker Travel:
September 20, 2021
Women and the Future of Tourism with Nisha Abu Bakar
Tourism Management expert Nisha Abu Bakar, Co-Founder of World Women Tourism: and SheIn Tourism: joins us for this episode of Conversations in Tourism to discuss the future of women in tourism and travel.
September 06, 2021
Thomas Power on Sustainable Tourism and the Future
Pura Aventura CEO Thomas Power gives us his insights and opinions on the kind of mindset that is needed to create tourism futures that are more just, more sustainable and importantly, offer better experiences.  Check out Pura Aventura and their positive travel offers:
August 23, 2021
Tourism Futures with Ian Yeoman
Ian Yeoman, Tourism Futurist and Sunderland AFC fan joins us for a conversation on what it means to examine tourism futures and the power of the intersection between imagination and reality in planning for the futures of tourism.  Check out Ian's website "Tomorrow Tourist" - 
August 09, 2021
Getting started...Imagination, creativity and design in tourism
Conversations in Tourism has been in the pipeline for a while but we finally made it! In this episode to kick off Season 1, Lauren and Daniella talk about how Conversations in Tourism came about and what they believe is needed to foster the potential of the tourism sector moving forward. Key words? Imagination, creativity, innovation, collaboration and design! Powered by Know your Tourist
August 02, 2021
Conversations in Tourism Trailer
Conversations in tourism is a fresh new, disruptive podcast that puts thought-leaders, industry professionals, academics, and futurists on the spot to explore the diversity of issues that are impacting and informing the evolution of travel and tourism. Conversations in tourism is about taking new perspectives and engaging in deep dives into what the future of the world’s largest industry can and should look like. 
July 28, 2021