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Coping with Creativity

Coping with Creativity

By Jesse Lawson
A podcast for creators about coping with the unrelenting need to create, our mental health, self-imposed obstacles, actually succeeding, and everything in-between. Coping with Creativity is all about the inner workings of our mind and how we can adapt to and even overcome the mental (and sometimes physical) barriers that prevent creative flow.
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Planning, Failing, and Quitting

Coping with Creativity

Alcohol and Drugs and Creativity
In our sixth episode, we take a deep dive into the role drugs and alcohol have in a creator's life, navigating how stereotypes affect new and experienced creators, give strength to the pressures we endure, and ultimately rely on biases toward ourselves and others that perpetuate a system that bounces back and forth between hope and disappointment.
June 1, 2018
Planning, Failing, and Quitting
I talk about the importance of making a plan to tackle your projects to better prepare for failure (because it's going to happen), and go over some ways to tell it's time to scrap a project entirely. We also read three-pages from a fan-submitted script called CALL CENTER.
April 30, 2018
Managing Distractions
We talk about two kinds of distractions, idea-based and personal ones--and how sometimes we encourage these distractions because we're worried about what might happen when we're done. We also read three-pages from a fan submitted script called BECOMES THE PREY.
April 25, 2018
How To Deal With Criticism
We talk about ways to identify and handle criticism--and how sometimes, criticism isn't about you or your work, it's about the other person. We also do a three-page read of a fan-submitted script called DANGER CLOSE.
April 15, 2018
Can Our Work Be Worthless?
We get a little philosophical and talk about the "worth" of our work, and how trying to measure the value of our work ourselves is impossible. We also do a three-page read from a fan-submitted script called PROFIT IN PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.
April 9, 2018
Hating What You Just Wrote
We talk about why it's okay to hate what you are writing (in the beginning), and how writing is much more like sculpting than it is anything else. We also do a three-page read of a fan-submitted script called FIEND.
April 6, 2018