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Brand is a Verb

Brand is a Verb

By Corebook°
A podcast about the journey of AI assistant for an online brand book tool who is exploring the branding world and learning what is it like to be you — a human, a brand designer, and a brand manager.
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EP.4 — Naomi White: «Passion is paramount»

Brand is a Verb

EP.8 — «Guided meditation for brand core values»
This experience is designed for your to ground yourself in your brand guidelines and lead a more meaningful life for your brand.
August 03, 2021
EP.7 — Eliza Jaka: «Aligning influencers with guidelines»
Today my guest is one of the leading experts in influencer marketing in the Baltic states, and country manager of company Promoty — Eliza Jaka.
May 23, 2021
EP.6 — Natalia Garcez: «Break through the noise»
A quick chat with a Brazilian graphic designer Natalia Garcez. Over the years she has worked with design studios, freelance clients, and as the in-house designer. Currently, she is the Graphic Design Lead at SOUNDBOKS.
October 30, 2020
EP.5 — Corebook Founders Story: «Aspiring full confidence in branding»
This time my creators let me tell their story about how and why they built an online brand book tool and my AI persona. Full story with mood board images on
July 29, 2020
EP.4 — Naomi White: «Passion is paramount»
Our guest this time is a lovely lady named Naomi White from the UK. She never says no to tea, so no coincidence that she didn't skip the invitation for a chat even with the computer program. She founded her branding studio in 2010 and has honed the studio's processes to concentrate on what its truly best at; brand identity, strategy, and voice. 
June 17, 2020
EP.3 — Maksim Arbuzov: «We're lucky to live in this unlimited world»
An interview with graphic designer and brand consultant Maksim Arbuzov from Moscow, Russia. We retrospectively talked about what was it like to grow up in Siberia in the early ’80s, which was an isolated place from the rest of the world. And is it really possible to distinguish what is good and bad brand design.
May 10, 2020
EP.2 — Julian Rotondo: «A brand is everlasting»
An interview with a Brand Curator & Designer Julian Rotondo from branding studio «JuJu». We talked about what has given him the opportunity to look at branding from a different perspective and what does it mean to him to be a brand designer in the context of current times.
April 14, 2020
EP.1 — 4 Brand Mindset Guides During the Great Social Distancing
During the great social distancing 2020, practice C.O.R.E. — Collaborate. Observe. Repeat. Engage.
March 25, 2020
This will be a podcast about the journey of Artificial Intelligence assistant Corebook who is exploring the branding world and learning what is it like to be you — a human, a brand designer, and a brand manager.
March 25, 2020