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Corporate Thought

Corporate Thought

By Marc Marling
Corporate Thought, a podcast where we discuss some of the stickier sides of building a business, mentorship, leadership and the life of an entrepreneur through the stories of the people who have been there. Join us every Wednesday for a new conversation with a different business or thought leader.
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Conversation 33: A flowing conversation about cash with Howard Polansky
Conversation 33 with Howard Polansky I made a pitch for O.H. Ingram Whiskey - Hank Ingram, thinking you need to be the official whiskey of Corporate Thought! I referenced the episode of this podcast with Joan Samson With regard to meditation, I am referring to Dan Harris.  His meltdown.  The book I was talking about is 10% Happier. Howard talked about the app Think Up. Howard mentioned Dan Sullivan and his business Strategic Coach Howard told us to check out the hidden page on his website for a video tracking his system. Howard told us to read books in a particular order: 1. Get a Grip by Gino Wickman 2. Build a Business, Not a Job by David Finkel 3. Traction by Gino Wickman Howard mentioned one of his favorite podcasts, The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes Howard can be reached at
October 21, 2020
Conversation 32: A conversation around the internet of things, business divorces and corporate culture with Jacob Glenn
Jacob Glenn Jacob started his career with Hyland Software.  Jacob had a difficult business divorce and told us how he dealt with it. This article may have been helpful to Jacob at the start of his businesses. Jacob speaks proudly of his team and brought the interesting point of asking potential employees about the hobbies and projects they have on the side. He explained that many of them work on side projects together. He believes it is important for them to use the valleys between customer projects to work on some of these side projects as part of the corporate culture and he will fund some aspects of these projects. Jacob’s software company works on IOT (internet of things) projects. We spoke about IOT integration and he described a “smart faucet” for a customer and how it entered the mainstream being made fun of on the Daily Show. For more on IOT: Jacob and I had a long conversation on corporate culture and finding the right fit with employees and exiting those from the organization that just don’t fit before the situation becomes toxic. Jacob talked about books that inspired him along the way and how books that might have been important at one point in his career lost value as his career was built. His list of books included: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosoki Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss Before the Exit by Dan Andrews The Family Board Meeting by Jim Shields Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus Jacob’s company is M Genio . He can be found on Linkedin @jacobglenn or email him -
October 14, 2020
Conversation 31: A Developing Conversation about Building and Leading Teams with Brant Cooper
Brant dropped a list of books on me and I have been very busy reading! These include: The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton Goliath by Mathew Stoller Team of Teams by Stanley McCrystal and Dare to Lead by Brene Brown Brant is the bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur Brant started the advisory company Moves the Needle. I introduced Brant to the Cautionary Tales podcast with Tim Harford Brant also wrote The Entrepreneurs Guide to Client Development which is coming out with an updated version for its 10th anniversary.  Learn more at Brant is on all sodial media as @Brantcooper and you can email him at  He told us he answers all email and he is looking for interesting stories of business development to tie into his next book!
October 7, 2020
Conversation 30: A Conversation on Overcoming Obstacles with Adrianne Phillips
Adrianne used the expression “Building the airplane mid flight “ which reminded me of the similar metaphor “building the bicycle while riding it”. So I found this. Adrianne told us about her “do not do list”. I had never heard about those before but clearly its a thing. I mentioned Team of Teams to Adrianne. I’ve mentioned the book before but here is an article on the takeaways from the book. Adrianne is a very visual person - She uses Trello and Airtable - she described as a spreadsheet on crack.  Adrianne is a big learner and reader and uses LinkedIn Learning and a lot. Adrianne can be reached at and on LinkedIn @adrinnephilips. You can email her at
September 30, 2020
Conversation 29: Marc and Marc (Marling and Summe) count minutes together
Marc Summe is an amazing entrepreneur and CEO of Minute7, a cloud based time and expense tracking tool. Why do lawyers use 6 minute increments? I found this interesting article about the move away from billable hours for lawyers, Marc is watching Ozark which I caught up on after the episode was recorded.  He just re-watched Back to The Future and reported it is still good after all these years. I mentioned The Breakfast Club, Ferris Buller’s Day Off, The Goonies and Gremlins as also standing the test of time but not Crocodile Dundee. I mentioned John Krasinski’s Some Good News and Curb Your Enthusiasm as funny lighthearted things to watch when life needs something funny. Marc also mentioned The Last Dance the multipart documentary about the Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Marc mentioned Atlassian the owners of Trello which is one of my go-to tools that I use everyday and Stella Fayman, apparently now Garber.  Her twitter handle is @startupstella Marc can be found by emailing him at  He is @marcsumme on Linkedin or check out
September 23, 2020
Conversation 28: An educational conversation with the highly agile Jessica Katz
There were some connection issues that affected the quality of the recording but in typical Corporate Thought fashion, the episode is presented here with all the flaws so please bear with it as you learn about the impressive Jessica Katz Jessica coaches businesses in Agile. She also talks about the subset Scrum. Here is an overview. Jessica spoke about Gravity Payments and their CEO Dan Price and his decision to make a minimum salary of $70,000. Here is the full story. I asked Jessica about the book Team of Teams which she knew well. It caused her to mention a company called Buurtzorgout of the Netherlands which is disrupting the nursing care industry by creating a teaming approach. I told Jessica about Atomic Habits by James Clear which we featured on our social media posts recently. For learning more about Agile and Scrum Jessica recommended Scrum Essentials by Ken Rubin. I think she meant Essential Scrum by the same author. Jessica is currently reading (actually listening) to Paths of Alir by Melissa McPhail and next she is reading So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson Jessica recommends that people really start with understanding their why and to state the culture of their company right at the beginning. Jessica can be found at 
September 16, 2020
A Conversation about Building A Family Business with the Effusive Ritesh Patel
Ritesh and his brother Jigar are clearly both serial entrepreneurs. Ritesh told the story of Justin Kan and the start up of Twitch I taught Ritesh about Oblique Strategies, the card set developed by Brian Eno Ritesh caught up on a show called Humans and he is currently watching Into the Night with his brother and dad. Ritesh and Jigar can be found at
September 9, 2020
A personal conversation with the multi-talented Michele Marrone
This was a deep and very personal conversation with Michele starting in high school and going through her career at Donna Karan and then her own fashion consulting business to raising her autistic son.  Michele does an amazing job of showing how she manages all of the things she deals with and somehow finds the time to do it all. April 19 is the birthday of many including James Franco, Tim Curry and Ashley Judd and anniversary to many events including the American Revolution ("The shot heard around the world was on April 19) and the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City. Michele spoke about the SLP who really helped her understand what it was going to take to  – Speech and Language Pathologist Michele also mentioned how she has a Marriage and Family Therapist, an MFT and how important that is in her life. For more information on our A-HA! Dinners and other Corporate Thought gatherings, please check out Michele can be found at and on Instagram and Pinterest @michonwear.
September 2, 2020
A Computational Conversation with the Brilliant Noah Healy
Noah is a self-described Recreational Mathematician Our conversation started off discussing the restaurants and features of living in Charlottesville, Virginia. These restaurants included: Ace Biscuit & BBQ, Wayside Chicken and Moose’s By The Creek Noah mentioned The Putnam Competition which he explained is essentially The Smartest Person on the Planet Exam Noah is disrupting the Commodities Markets. Here is a primer on commodities trading (until Noah disrupts it). I jumped on my limited knowledge of commodities markets by citing the movie Trading Places. Thankfully, Noah likes that movie and legitimizes the accuracy of how markets were described in that classic comedy. Noah describes some games in explaining Game Theory.  Battle of the Sexes and The Stag Hunt I made a poor reference to War Games and Tic-Tac-Toe. Another great 80’s movie. Noah can be reached at www.coordisc.comwhere you can learn more information about his project.
August 26, 2020
A Conversation with the Fantastically Positive Melanie Finnegan
Melanie is a leading expert in Tax Lien Investments.  You can learn more about tax lien investing from her great white paper.  You can download it. Melanie talks about fear and how it can hold you back.  She talks about zero confidence and about grinding it out for purposes of putting a roof over her and her son’s head and food on the table. Melanie talks about her mentor Ken who helped her start her company and the need to have a mentor…a “Ken” in their life. I told Melanie about Yuval Harari, the author of Sapiens and Homo Deus.  These are both amazing books. Melanie loves How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I am re-reading it. A code of ethics and a moral compass is very important to Melanie and she has a zero tolerance policy at her company. Melanie likes to listen and is inspired by the stories told on the podcast, Startup Hustle and she also listens to Startup Grind. Melanie taught me about the “Saucemoto” which brings silly happiness to people Melanie can be found at:  @TaxLienWealthSolutions on Facebook and Instagram or at www.taxlienwealthsolutions.comand
August 19, 2020
A Conversation about Pursuing Your Passion with the Entrepreneurial Mario Porreca.
This was a fantastic conversation and I love how Mario navigated his life into finding and pursuing his passion. Mario’s reference to three movies that influenced him: 1.  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 2.  The Wizard of Oz 3.  Dumbo I stumped Mario with an old school Food Network show staring Bobby Flay and Jack McDavid – Grillin’ and Chillin’. Mario would come home from school and watch Great Chefs of America and Great Chefs of the World.  Here are all the episodes. Mario is impressed with Jose Andres and his Instagram show. Mario pivoted to weight loss coaching and was encountered with the question “What do I eat?” So, he wrote a book…The Good, The Bad, The Cookbook Mario can be pen/paper or organizes ideas on the computer using the program Workflowy. I write long form articles using Scrivener. Okay – here it is, Kraft Spaghetti. I proclaimed Mario a real life Pete Schweddy. Mario talked about his original 10 minute podcast concept and the GIO method – Gratitude, Intentionality and Outcome.  He has an article on his blog describing the method. Mario can be found at: and most everywhere else. Mario is grateful for his relationship with G-d, his family and for the opportunity to pursue what he loves.
August 12, 2020
A Conversation on Leading Teams with the Fantastic Marsha Wilson
Marsha’s early jobs included being a California Raisin.  I couldn’t resist this. Marsha drops a lot of books and articles worthy of our attention: Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford Booster Rockets in the Workforce – article by Phillip Shoemaker Marsha’s recommendations – never use password123! or anything similar.  She references 2 Factor Authentication – Here is more if you are lost on this.  Also password managers. Trusted Advisor by David Maister is the first book that new team members at ScaleSec are asked to read ScaleSec uses as their HR portal I told Marsha about the Savannah Bananas and their owner, Jesse Cole. Marsha told me about a small book that I was compelled to read right away - The Difference by Subir Chowdhury Marsha’s last book recommendation is How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber Marsha is on LinkedIn or you can email her at
August 5, 2020
Summer of COVID Episode 3 - A conversation about school, social media and the power of influencers
Marc is joined by his daughters Annalee and Emerson to discuss what school might look like int eh fall as well as social media platforms and the power of influencers on Generation Z.
July 30, 2020
A Conversation on Leadership with the Inspired Don W. Long
Don is a successful author of two books – Sell or Don’t Eat and The Blueprint of God Don was instrumental in the creation of the EPIC In Business Conference Don is an avid reader and believes that leaders should be lifelong learners and readers.  He mentioned many books as recommendations including: Start with Why by Simon Sinek The Infinite Game also by Simon Sinek The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell As a Man Thinketh by James Allen The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown Daring Greatly also by Brene Brown Awakening the Giant Within by Tony Robbins Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill The Go-Getter – by Peter Kyne.  If you tell us more about you, we will share a copy with you for free. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz Don spoke of Tony Robbins’ course Unleash the Power Within.  I took this course following the recommendation from Don of being so instrumental in his life. Don also mentioned The Authentic Women Series, published by his daughter Ashton but now renamed Awakening Membership. Don’s website is  He has a free coaching programs available on his site.  Also check out lifebitesforlife.comfor a free 30 day program of 5 minute talks from Don.
July 29, 2020
Summer of COVID Episode 4 - A Conversation with Annalee about food, vegetarians, and how Generation Z learns life skills
This is the final episode of the special summer series of conversations between Marc and his daughter Annalee.
July 22, 2020
Summer of COVID Episode 2 - A Conversation about Communication, Tik Tok and Cancel Culture from the Perspective of Generation Z
Today, Annalee Marling and Alexandra Kerr, hosts of The Ketchup Sesh join me to discuss social media, the future of Tik Tok, how Gen Z communicates and the effects of the Cancel Culture on history.
July 8, 2020
Summer of COVID Episode 1 - A Conversation about COVID-19 and Racism from the Perspective of Generation Z
Marc is joined by a very special guest, his daughter Annalee Marling.  They discuss the effects of the Corona Virus Pandemic on the lives of teenagers as well as her thoughts on race relations in the United States.
July 1, 2020
Introduction to Summer
Starting July 1, please join us with special guest Annalee behind the microphone discussing life from the viewpoint of a teenager.  We will return at the end of July with new conversations with entrepreneurs and business leaders but we believe hearing from Generation Z is important and provides a more varied and enriched collection of voices as we develop businesses to meet the needs of many.
June 24, 2020
A Conversation about Not Being a Doctor with Joan Samson
Joan mentioned that her lack of management skills when she and her husband first started out in business.  She uttered the phrase “Adapt or die”.  I found this book on leadership with the same title and plan on reading it. Joan used to own the Starling Diner in Belmont Heights, California and it appears the menu has not changed much.  One of my favorite breakfast spots in the country. In describing the menu items, Joan spoke of Sacred Cows on the menu.  She wasn’t suggesting a lack of beef on the menu.  Rather, the idiom “Sacred Cow” - a firmly held belief that is rarely questioned and is largely exempt from criticism or opposition.  Here is an interesting take on questioning everything and not getting caught up with Sacred Cows. Here are several sites for how to do water marbling including Step by Step Instructions and this site about Suminagashiand this explanation of Turkish Ebru. Joan is learning to play the ukulele via YouTube, including lessons on Harvest Moon and Hallelujah.  Here are covers of Harvest Moon and Hallelujah Joan can be found on Instagram at @gomarbley or check them out at
June 17, 2020
A Social Media Conversation with the Positive Nicole Campbell
Incidentally, the bells you hear in the background are from The Tide, light rail train that runs past my new office!  Please let me know if it is distracting. Nicole and I started discussing what is social media and ways to utilize it including her use of LinkedIn. We plugged Zack Miller and his book, Anomaly.  He was on my podcast – check out his episode. Context and tone in texting is an issue and we lamented those who don’t pick up the telephone to talk. Nicole let us know she is good at pushups.  Here is how to do them with proper form. Here is Nicole’s video on Full Service vs. Triple Net leases. Nicole and I had a great discussion about regions (specifically Norfolk/Virginia Beach) lacking identity and its factor in social media and the newest attempts to create branding. I love using Evernote and since recording this episode I am using the product as a regular part of my system. I recommended Atomic Habits by James Clear to Nicole. Nicole was excited to talk about Public Policy and how it fits into her world of commercial real estate and she is completing her Master’s Degree in that. Jacob is a documentary about Jacob Appel and is available on Amazon Prime. Nicole listens to How I Built This with Guy Raz. And mentioned a recent episode about Dippin Dots.  She also listens to Freakonomics Radio. She is NicoleCampbell1 on LinkedIn You can email her at
June 10, 2020
An Extraordinary Conversation with Maya Holihan
Maya and I had a great conversation almost initially about the books sitting on her nightstand, all of which I will be reading too: Becoming by Michele Obama Scaling Up by Verne Harnish Rise and Grind by Daymond John The Holy Bible Maya mentioned a Facebook Group she started for small business owners, Leading through Crisis.  It is described as a private group for small business owners and entrepreneurs to gain the tools, support, community and inspiration to effectively lead in times of uncertainty. Maya commented that “Sometimes our darkest moments inspire brightest ideas”  I found numerous variations on this quote and also this article. I loved Maya’s idea about recording herself to perfect her pitch.  Others have been using this concept to improve themselves as well. Maya told me all about 1 million cups and indeed it is nationwide. Maya told me about trying to crowdfund using Also, I guessed wrong about April/May as this episode is finally being released in June! We had a great conversation about sharing ideas rather than keeping them to yourself.  I found this article from Richard Branson espousing similar ideas.  On this topic, I love how Maya stated it is about “Community over competition” and I subsequently learned that this is a trending hashtag, which is likely a very good sign for the future. In another sign that you can find anything on the internet, here is the Lipstick scene from the Breakfast Club. I mentioned Dan Harris and his ideas that meditation can be performed in small increments.  For more about his ideas, see here. Maya can be found at: @mayaholihan at Facebook and Instagram Maya also hosts a podcast, Happily Altered After available here and likely everywhere else you get podcasts.
June 3, 2020
A Fantastic Conversation with Dan Emmerman about Chasing Your Dreams
We discussed not working for the weekends and the question of work/life balance along with the question of pursuing a paycheck (job) vs. passion.  See this TED talk too. We talked about pricing models and 6 minute increments (Time & materials) vs. widget pricing (unit basis).  Here is a detailed dive into pricing. Dan used the opportunity of money he inherited from his Grandfather as the cushion allowing him to “jump” which he calls stupid financially but really isn’t. Dan plays the lottery which he thinks is financially stupid but he does it anyway.  Check out this podcast. Dan talks about the loss of structure in setting up his own business so is building back structure by renting studio space.  He also books appointments early in the day to force structure to his life. Here are other ideas. Dan is always in learning mode.  He believes that is one of the nice factors of the photography industry in sharing knowledge.  He mentioned the following organizations: Professional Photographers of America Texas Professional Photographers Association Dan discussed the difference between specializing and meeting the needs of the many by offering a more full spectrum of photography services.  He has favorites but needs to offer all to earn a living.  Here is an interesting discussion. Dan would love to be a documentarian. See this guide to documentary photography. I believe Dan is a natural storyteller.  There are numerous resources on improving your storytelling skills.  Here is one. Dan can be found at and @dbephoto on Instagram
May 27, 2020
A conversation about Leadership with Dr. Almarie Donaldson
Please excuse some of the background sounds evident in this episode. Almarie mentioned liking Live with Kelly & Ryan.  I don’t watch daytime television so I have nothing to add here. Definition of Normal according to Merriam-Webster Almarie mentioned 50 Shades of Grey Almarie was excited to discussed Competing Values Framework.  Here is a primer. Almarie is currently reading Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture: Based on the Competing Values Framework Definition of Recalcitrant according to Merriam-Webster Peter Drucker was indeed the father of business management I spoke of reading The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad in high school. Almarie mentioned the business book, Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson Almarie mentioned the concept of Hitler as a Great Leader albeit with a horrible agenda.  This is a section of the US Holocaust Museum website on rise of Hitler as a leader. We discussed the concept of Values Based Leadership. Almarie can be found at @almariedonaldson on Facebook or email or @dralmarie on Instagram
May 20, 2020
A conversation about planning with Richard Chaing
Richard discussed the importance of having three plans: Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Financial Plan. Read this for the basics of a plan. We discussed the idea of having concrete goals in uncomfortable settings and the benefits of a  micro goal. Don’t ask people what they do.  I have referenced this article in the past but it bear repeating.  27 questions to ask instead of What do You Do? The Art of War is the one book that Richard believes everyone needs to read.  This website contains side-by-side translation and commentary, cross references, and PDF and text downloads of the full book. Richard spoke of charting a course and mapping out getting from point A to point B.  This made me think about mind mapping, a tool which I employ regularly.  There are lots of technological solutions around mind mapping or you can use paper and pens or markers.  Here is a basic overview. Richard is a big believer in writing down his plans and goals.  There are lots of articles about the benefits of doing so.  Here is one. I recommended Atomic Habits by James Clear to Richard. Expensive notebooks and pens – Richard was trying too hard to be neat so he goes with cheap notebooks. Expensive tools dissuade him.  Here is an interesting list of the “best notebooks”.  Note the wide range in prices. Richard talked about his non-profit foundation for young entrepreneurs ages 7-17. Richard can be found at or email him at
May 13, 2020
A Conversation with Serial Entrepreneur Dana Todd about Being Present
In the introduction, I introduced Dana Todd as formerly The Queen of SEO.  I found this old interview with Dana about Search Engine Optimization. Dana talked about people missing live experiences because they are too busy with the technology.  She specifically referenced the idea of recording a live concert and watching through the tiny screen rather than absorbing it in real time.  Recording and watching live concerts on their iPhone as recording is annoying and likely illegal. Dana is building an online marketplace in bespoke women’s clothing.  I mentioned that there are a lot of entrepreneurs entering the “online marketplace” space.  Apparently, there is significant growth in online marketplaces.  Dana spoke about the practice of Subud.  I knew nothing of it and started down a rabbit hole on it.  Start here if you are interested It is Moldova and it is in Eastern Europe.  I experienced major problems saying it correctly during the conversation. I mentioned Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness Dan is reading (or rather listening to) The Transparency Sale by Todd Caponi Dana mentioned “Ask Me Anything” livestreams that Business of Fashion is running in different time zones and the sharing of information by business leaders. Dana loves to connect with people and is happy to connect on fashion and literally anything else.  She can be found at Social Handles: @balodana on instagram @balodanafashion on Facebook and Twitter @danatodd on Twitter
May 6, 2020
Marc and Zack Miller Catch Up - A Great Conversation on 2 Podcasts (Corporate Thought and Zack Miller Says)
Lots of links in this episode: Including Gary Vaynerchuk including his old Youtube show Wine Library TV. The " iron man" book,  Finding My Voice by Mike Reilly. It turns out that the phrase “Welcome to the Thunderdome” from Mad Max has been uttered in numerous films and TV shows including Waiting,  and Superbad. The Poster of Old Yankee Stadium made of words that hangs in my office. Correction – My parents launched Vanmarc Shipping in 1974 not 1973.  Zack mentioned Scrivener which I use too -  Great for organizing longer form content. We spoke about companies legacy systems hampering technology innovation and adoption .  This is a great article about it. Merriam-Webster definition of Infotainment Zack lamented the handling of the Ryan Lochte scandal in Brazil by journalists. Here is a rundown on the story from USA Today We were talking about binge or marathon watching tv and how many subscribers Netflix had.  Not surprisingly, Netflix added 16 million new subscribers in the first quarter of 2020 for a total of 182 million subscribers. Zack mentioned two shows he binged - Breaking Bad  and its spin off Better Call Saul. Zack mentioned Ramit Sethi’s book, I Will Teach You to Be Rich and the idea of learning at least one nugget from every book you read. Squirrel, we then went off into a tangent about nootropics including a Shout Out to Four Sigmatic as well as Michael Pollan and his books Omnivore’s Dilemma, and How to Change Your Mind.  See the episode with Sheryl Ryan for more. Zack mentioned  The Game Changers and its effect on him as well as athletes who follow a vegan diet, Rich Roll, the ultra-marathoner came up and we discussed the Tennessee Titans who have numerous vegans among them as Derrick Morgan’s wife is a vegan chef. Zack challenged me to post about the proper form for cycling.  The trainer I referenced is Walt Gonzalez of Peake Endurance in Chesapeake, VA.. My favorite novels: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and The Stand by Stephen King and my favorite show was The Sopranos  The ESPN 30 For 30 about Allen Iverson in which he did not appear. Zack’s favorite books: North by Scott Jurek, Living with a SEAL by Jesse Itzler, Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins and My Fight Your Fight by Ronda Rousey. We also mentioned the Barkley Marathons and the documentary about the unsupported bike race across America (the Trans-Am). Zack’s favorite tv shows are Lost and the US Version of the Office. Zack can be found everywhere at zackmillersays and leaves us with the hack to use the same handle under everything.
April 29, 2020
A Conversation with Sheryl Ryan with structure but no rules!
Please excuse the echo – we recorded this in a public room with some ambient noise and bare walls. Sheryl talked about the difference between structure and rules.  I found this great blog post about it.  The amazing book The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan entered our conversation several times.  One of my favorites!   We lamented the growth of clickbait.  I found this interesting article questioning whether all clickbait is bad.   Sheryl uses Tailwind to plan her Pinterest and Ingram posts.  I told Sheryl about my love of the podcast Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard Experts and Monica Padman.  Sheryl described herself as a solopreneur and talked of some of the difficulty in using others especially with her content.  Here is an interesting article about entrepreneurs versus solopreneurs.  Sheryl mentioned how she uses templates in Canva in designing her content. Canva is a very robust product.  We struggled to come up with the term Safety Data Sheets (SDS or MSDS) which describe the toxicity of chemicals and other materials.  Apparently Oreos are NOT vegan.  Sheryl spoke about one ingredient swaps as a simple way to make environmentally sensitive changes in your life.  Truly a great resource for this is her own Sheryl loves the book Cradle to Cradle by Bill McDonough   I mentioned Michael Pollan’s recent book How to Change Your Mind and that led to a brief discussion about mushrooms – both hallucinogenic and adaptogens varieties.  Sheryl also spoke of her interest in enneagrams.  I recently took an enneagram test myself.  Here is a site for a free test and explanation.   Sheryl mentioned that one of her favorite business books is Winning the Story Wars by Jonah Sachs We also discussed, In Defense of Food also by Michael Pollan with the mantra “Eat Food, Not too Much, Mostly Plants”  Sheryl can be found at She can also be found @Greenopedia on Facebook and Pinterest and  @SherylRyan on Instagram
April 22, 2020
An influential conversation with David Almacy
David mentioned Millard Fillmore – the 13th President of the United States (1850-1853) and the last President not to be affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican parties.  We discussed the Iranian hostage situation which began in November 1979 and lasted not for 100 days but rather for 444 days.    That same link confirms that indeed, it was the start of the show Nightline (its original title was The Iran Crisis--America Held Hostage) whch was started to compete with the Tonight Show. The connection with tying a yellow ribbon Is through Penne Laingen, wife of one of the hostages, Bruce Laingen who told a reporter we could teach the Iranians that you can protest on the streets without being harmed and suggested they tie a yellow ribbon to nearby trees. From that interview, the ribbon slowly spread across the country and Ms. Laingen was asked to tie a yellow ribbon to the national Christmas tree.  I told Dave about Armchair Expert, with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman.  Dave mentioned the commercials featuring Dax and his wife Kristen Bell and that  one of his favorite movies is the Mike Judge classic, Idiocracy.  Dave spoke of the history of digital Communications in the White House and the launch of  I found this article about it featuring Dave being interviewed.  He also spoke of the basic level of communications available on Air Force one on September 11, 2001.  I found this excellent piece on Politico  We discussed the Nixon- Kennedy Debates in 1960 and Dave recounted a story of meeting someone with firsthand knowledge.  Here is more of that story.  Dave gave a Shout out to Widener University which is his alma mater (Mine too).   We discussed the influencer economy at length.  Here is a great podcast episode with greater detail.   Dave spoke of YouTube as the second largest search engine in the world. Read this article for more.   I mentioned the backpack review guy on YouTube.  His name is Chase Reeves.  If you don’t know what packing squares or cubes are…you need to.   I was able to find the movie that Dave mentioned regarding women serving in the military.  It is called Served Like a Girl and I look forward to watching it.   Dave and I debated homeruns vs. strikeouts.  After the podcast, Dave texted this to me: “  You can link to this for Babe Ruth reference. His name appears an awful lot on this list. Aaron, on the other hand, had fewest SOs. That’s why Babe Ruth stuck in my head. Many HRs & SOs comparatively.” Dave quoted Wayne Gretsky – “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” See this article for more about taking your shots.   We spoke with reverence of the rolodex.  Here is the history of the venerable office tool.   Dave’s company is Capital Gig and you can find them at You can email him at and he uses the @almacy as his handle for the socials.
April 15, 2020
A Deep Crisis Conversation with the Amazing Laura Schooler
I spoke incorrectly referencing the USNS MERCY.  That hospital ship was enroute to Los Angeles.  The hospital ship berthing in New York was the USNS COMFORT.  Here is more information about the history of the USNS COMFORT. Laura mentioned turning off the water when brushing teeth.  I found this statistic about turning off the faucet: two gallons of water flow from a faucet each minute. Something as simple as turning off the water while brushing your teeth can save up to three or four gallons of water per person per day. That’s more than 1,000 gallons of water per year or enough for almost 100 four-minute showers.  We had a brief confused conversation about numerous authors.  Iwas referencing Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History and it’s episodes  on higher education.  I found this article. What followed was a list of other authors and books while I tried to explain Gladwell to Laura.  These included Tim Ferris, author of The 4 Hour Work Week and then Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why which I incorrectly cited as The Power of Why and graduate of Northern Valley Regional High School like Laura and myself  Finally Laura and I agreed she was referencing Eckhart Tolle, the author of Power of Now.  Laura was surprised that the Bowery Ballroom was listing events rescheduled from May 18 forward.  As the COVID-19 pandemic is a evolving situation, here is a link to the Bowery Ballroom website and calendar of events.  Laura used the story of DJ D-Nice and his evolving free virtual dance floor parties “Club Quarantine” as an example of the power of online communities and how people need relief from the stress of the pandemic.  Here is a great summary of the story.   I gave a shout out to Virginia Beach Recording Arts, where the Corporate Thought podcasts are edited.  I also mentioned the newly redesigned Corporate Thought Website. Laura spoke reverently of Howard Bragman.  This is his company. Early in her career, Laura worked for Former US Senator and NY Knick, Bill Bradley.   Laura well stated “Age is only a number and that number doesn’t matter”.  I found an article demonstrating just that. I spoke of his long term desire to achieve Inbox Zero nirvana.  Here is an article on how to achieve it.   Laura used to host a sports podcast called Bullpen Betty.   We discussed the idea of a shortened season for major league baseball or possibly a cancelled season.  There was a great article released today on the statistical advantages of a shortened season.   Laura spoke of her friend, sportscaster, Roger Clark.  Here was a short interview I found with him. Laura’s Contact Details: Website: Email: Alter Ego Website: Twitter @laura43schooler Bands Laura Represents: Beyond Shadows  Dan Nastasi and Kings Never Die
April 9, 2020
A bonus conversation with brother & sister Chad Cherry and Lauren McGee on building relationships
Please excuse some of the audio quality issues.  During the time of the pandemic, some of the niceties of recording studios are sacrificed for getting the information out timely. Chad and Lauren are reading Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and It’s All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson.  They essentially formed their own book club, as described by Lauren. – I found this great article about the growth of book clubs during the COVID-19 crisis.  Perhaps you will start your own book club. Lauren and Chad spoke of some of the lessons they considered in discussing books together, including the use of the word “fair”.  I found this interesting article regarding defining “fair”. Lauren speaks about trust and honesty as a foundational element of building relationships.  I found these interesting conversation starters on the topic. Chad is reading 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell and related the messages therein to developing trust as a leader.   Chad referenced Good to Great by Jim Collins and Level 5 Leadership.  According to Collins’s website, Level 5 leaders display a powerful mixture of personal humility and indomitable will. They're incredibly ambitious, but their ambition is first and foremost for the cause, for the organization and its purpose, not themselves. While Level 5 leaders can come in many personality packages, they are often self-effacing, quiet, reserved, and even shy. Every good-to-great transition in our research began with a Level 5 leader who motivated the enterprise more with inspired standards than inspiring personality.  For more see Collins’s website.   Lauren explained she is currently reading books by self help author Brene Brown.  You can find Brene here. Lauren is also reading a daily devotional A Year of Positive Thinking. Chad mentioned that Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why is starting a virtual book club about his book.  It is being hosted on YouTube.  Here is the link.  Finally, I gave a shoutout to Northern Valley Regional High School, in Demarest New Jersey (Home of the Norsemen) where Simon and I both went to high school.  Other notable alumni will be making appearances on this podcast this year so stay tuned for those.
April 1, 2020
A quick check in and special announcement
A new podcast is coming this week - 31 Minutes with Kisha, Jim, Marc and Marcus plus an update on the Corporate Thought podcast with new episodes coming soon
March 19, 2020
A quick update - yes, the podcast is still alive!
Just a quick update that we are working on lots of great stuff at Corporate Thought and we will have new conversations, new events and lots of other things to tell you about soon!
February 28, 2020
Go Hard - A deep conversation with Ruth Laskowski
Ruth is a realtor with Keller Williams Real Estate.   Once a musician, always a musician. Here is another example of musicians not working in music.   Ruth mentioned that Saying yes to one thing is saying no to another.   Ruth speaks extensively about being a survivor of domestic abuse and violence. Ruth said that every day she had to find something to hold onto. I found this article about finding things to hold onto. Ruth wrote a mantra on a yellow legal pad with a Sharpie Marker: GO HARD Go Hard when you are happy, when you are sad, when times are good, when times are bad.  Just Go Hard when you can’t get up or when you are up. You just Go Hard every day all the time do not stop. I mentioned Angela Duckworth and her book Grit to Ruth. Can you reinvent yourself? Apparently Yes! Article from Psychology Today  Entrepreneur Magazine 10 Ways to Reinvent Yourself when You’re Stuck in Life  Bold – Program from Gary Keller  and a video  The Obstacle is the Way, by Ryan Holiday  The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller  The One Thing by Gary Keller  Gratitude List – Ruth makes a list every day of five things you are grateful for.  Google Gratitude List and you will be highly motivated. Apparently Oprah makes gratitude lists too…  Ruth spoke highly of her doctor, Dr. Jill Narden  EDMR Therapy really helped Ruth significantly.   The Choice by Dr. Edith Eva Eger   Glass Castles by Jeannette Walls The Glass Castle Movie Trailer  Ruth writes an inspirational quote on her mirror with an expo marker every day or writes something that starts with “Today I choose ___________” and then chooses something. Examples of this.
December 11, 2019
The A-HA! Disruptive Innovation Dinner - 8 conversations 1 episode! - October 2019
The dinner occurred at Virginia Beach Recording Arts which was formerly Thomas Crown Studios owned by Timbaland  It was part of the Corporate Thought A-HA! Dinner Series. The evening was generally about disruptive innovation, the term coined by Clayton Christensen and was attended by 8 thought leaders.    Collin spoke of mobile clean room labs or production facilities able to bring the facility to the product rather than the product to the facility.  John spoke of his people as being on the front line and expecting much of them in a service based business but rewarding them as well.  This led to a mention of Jesse Cole and the story of the Savannah Bananas. Harsh was “paralyzed” without his cellphone.  One of the features of the A-HA! Dinners is that cellphones are banned and we confiscate them during the event.  I found this article about cellphones at restaurants. Harsh mentioned Alvin Toffler books.  I admit I knew nothing about Alvin Toffler except his name referenced in the song Levon by Elton John. Now I have reading to do!  He also made the general statement that men want technology and smart houses.  I found this interesting article about closing the gender gap as it comes to smart home technology. Aaron talked about relevancy and how companies need to shift to keep up with changing times.  He told us a saying his grandfather used that if you aren’t growing, you are dying.  I found this is credited to William S. Burroughs with the quote, “When you stop growing you start dying.”  Charles talked about the disruption by the cannabis and hemp industries.   Ruth talked about growing up and playing music from an early age and the educational benefits of playing music.  Ruth also attended the CSEHY Summer School of Music . Kent talked about the barging industry. Healso talked about small companies competing with large players and the ability to make quick decisions results in being disruptive in a traditional industry.   Richard, who is a social media / food Influencer has an Instagram page devoted to amazing Virginia food. While you are on the gram, please make sure to check out my page here.
December 5, 2019
Marc got busy and the episode was delayed!
A quick note about the episode dropping tomorrow!
December 4, 2019
A quick note about growing up
Just a short hello and question about growing up. It hit me as I was driving past the home I grew up in.
November 12, 2019
Thanking families
We fail to recognize the impact of an entrepreneurial life upon our families, who often don’t sign up for the same lifestyle. We need to thank them often for all the do and for putting up with us.
October 4, 2019
Another dinner with strangers
Tonight the A-HA! Dinner is gathering a group of strangers for a conversation about adversity in life and in business. We are dining under the stars at a winery in Northern Virginia.
October 3, 2019
A Conversation with Chris Ruddick - September 2019
Show Notes Chris is the owner of a company called Prime 3 Software  Chris describes himself as a Reluctant Entrepreneur.  I found this article about the phenomenon.  I also found this book, The Reluctant Entrepreneur: Turning Dreams into Profits Chris mentioned his prior employers labeling people as resources and found the idea abhorrent.  I found this interesting article about when people are referred to as resources and what to do about it: We discuss quality, budget and schedule – three legged stool.  Chris is referring to the The Project Management Triangle is also known as the Triple Constraint, Iron Triangle and Project Triangle.  See here: It is true! Chesapeake, Virginia is the third most boring city in America.  The shipping industry is very old as we discuss.   There is a quick aside that “What do you do?” is a terrible first question. For more read this: Chris mentions that he is reading  E-Myth Mastery:The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company.  Chris talks about his friend Garrett and his company Green Umbrella Software.   We talk about taking the leap to starting your own business.  I found this interesting article about it:  I also think of Pamela Slim’s book Escape from Cubicle Nation on this topic, as well as numerous content from the prolific Gary Vaynerchuk including: Chris is married to author Jessica Ruddick, a successful novelist.  The idea of teaching children about entrepreneurship is fascinating.  Makes me think about expanding the A-HA Dinner Series (the dinner series of Corporate Thought Events) into a teen program…more to come on this in the future. In the meanwhile, I found this: We discussed the question of morning vs. evening workouts.  Chris seems to do both.  As Chris points out, Google disbanded its Google Labs project.   MVP – Minimum Viable Product.   The Phoenix Project– a favorite book of Chris that he gifts to people,  Next on his reading list is Atomic Habits.   Chris listens to Joe Rogan’s podcast and to Naval Ravikant who has Chris thinking about his personal hourly rate among other things
September 25, 2019
The Starfish Story
I read a short parable last night that I was previously unaware of and thought I would share it!
September 24, 2019
The first A-HA Dinner
The first of the A-HA Dinners was held in New York and was a smash success.
September 23, 2019
The A-HA! Dinner Series gets underway
Today is the first in a series of dinners with strangers centered around specific topics. Listen to learn more about what Corporate Thought is doing!
September 19, 2019
Corporate Thought and Vanmarc Shipping Limited are moving offices today!
Today we move into a collaboration space in Norfolk called PerCOlator
September 2, 2019
Corporate Thought Needs New Offices
Just a quick note talking about the speed bump of the day - the need to move offices in the next 2 weeks!!!
August 19, 2019
Corporate Thought Events goes live
Today we are excited to announce that Corporate Thought Events is now live on the interwebs at Please check us out!
August 19, 2019
The Birth of Corporate Thought Events
Corporate Thought Events was born out of our mutual belief that gathering together, as well as having dynamic engagement and interaction is important.  We recognized that attending another conference, luncheon or banquet with overcooked salmon drenched in a sauce we can’t describe, prepackaged garlic mashed potatoes and a dessert that’s been sitting on the table past its prime is no longer where business professionals, entrepreneurs, and the like thrive.  Corporate Thought Events is about those rare moments where we meet someone or someones who can make  a major impact on our business and/or personal lives.  We believe a greater experience exists beyond the mediocre speakers using the opportunity to deliver an unwanted sales pitch, and “networking events” (a term we despise) with its inherent superficial exchange of business cards and drinking binges. So, we set out to do something about it.
August 14, 2019
Day 60: 10 ideas for topics for 10 ideas a day
Today we review statements that should be banished and in the penultimate day of this brain exercise - 10 topics for 10 ideas a day so you can keep going on your own!
May 31, 2019
Day 59: 10 statements that you would banish from usage.
Today we review Marc's ideas for 10 non fiction books we wish existed and consider common phases or statements that should be eliminated.
May 30, 2019
A conversation with Dave Ventker and Marissa Henderson - May 2019
Show Notes Dave and Marissa Dave mentions that a former partner likened law partnerships like the relationship of Italian City-States. An overview of Italian City-States can be found here: We discussed guiding conversation in cocktail parties and some of the difficulties in doing so.  I found this interesting guide from Forbes: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie: Ship Arrests – One of the common procedures in maritime or Admiralty law is the arrest of a ship which sounds really cool (remember, I used to be a maritime lawyer) Yin and Yang – An understanding of Yin and Yang can be found here: Books by Rachel Hollis: Girl Wash Your Face: Girl Stop Apologizing: Rachel Hollis – Creator of a Multimillion dollar media company:
May 30, 2019
Day 58: 10 non fiction books you wish existed so you could read them.
Today we review Marc's ideas for mantras to live by and ask for non fiction books you wish existed.
May 28, 2019
Day 57: 10 mantras or sayings to live by
Today we review the 10 ideas for improving the sales of roasted chicken in a restaurant and ask for 10 mantra to live by
May 28, 2019
A conversation about the future with Jack and Jim Arnold
Show Notes A conversation with Jack and Jim Arnold Analog vs. Digital Planners – I was surprised that Jack still uses a paper calendar/planner but he explained using both paper (analog) and cellphone (digital) planners.  I found this great blogpost about using both. Familial Pressure – This is an interesting article on family pressure on career choices. Feeding the Soul - Here are some ways: Work-Life Balance – We spent a lot of the conversation discussing work-life balance. Nashville – Country Music Hall of Fame. Malcolm Gladwell – Revisionist History.
May 22, 2019
Day 56: 10 ideas for improving the sale of roasted chicken in a restaurant
Today we look at the best things about LinkedIn and consider ideas for improving sales of roasted chicken in a restaurant.
May 22, 2019
Day 55: 10 positive things about LinkedIn
Today we review ways to make sure your employees love working in your organization and as for positive things about the social media site LinkedIn.
May 21, 2019
Day 54: 10 ways to ensure employees love working in your organization
Today we review 10 ways to improve your neighborhood and ask for your ideas on how to ensure employees love working in your organization.
May 19, 2019
Day 53:! 10 Ways to improve your neighborhood
Today we review Marc's ideas for improving daily efficiency and consider ideas to improve your neighborhood
May 17, 2019
Day 52: 10 ideas to improve daily efficiency in your life
Today we review Marc's ideas for improving theme parks and consider ways to improve efficiency in your daily life.
May 16, 2019
A great conversation with Will Russell
Show Notes Conversation with Will Russell It was a great wide ranging conversation that left me looking forward to having Will back on the show. Will mentioned the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) in passing.  It is likely familiar to our listeners but just in case, here is more information: Marc’s daily brainstorming exercise 10 Ideas A Day comes from James Altucher.  Read about it here: Ideas for ice breakers rather than “what do you do?” Will was passionate about a couple of things and started by asking Why referencing Start with Why by Simon Sinek He also turned us on to Values Based Leadership and referenced  Luck Stone - https://www.luckstone.comand their non-profit: InnerWill Marc’ made mention as always to Monica Padman (Armchair Expert) Will reads a lot of James Patterson Marc referenced difficult authors that make him work his brain when he reads them.  These include: Don DeLillo, Thomas Pynchon https://thomaspynchon.comand Umberto Eco Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Marc loved reading Sapiens by Yuval Hari At the end of the conversation, Will mentioned Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Oh and as for the video game based on Flow
May 15, 2019
Day 51: 10 ideas for improving theme parks
Today we review Marc's ideas for turning animated shows into live action movies and ask the question of 10 Ways to improve amusement parks!
May 15, 2019
Day 50: 10 animated tv shows or movies that you would like to see live action movies made of
Today we get political with 10 ideas on how to encourage younger voters to vote and then get less serious thinking about cartoons we want to see live action movies made of.
May 14, 2019
Day 49: 10 ideas to encourage young voters to vote in elections
Today we review ideas for new podcasts and ask people how to encourage the youth to vote!
May 12, 2019
Day 48: 10 podcasts you would want to hear and who would host them
Today we review Marc’s ideas for alternative ways to cook food and consider 10 Podcasts you would want to hear and who would host them
May 10, 2019
Day 47: 10 alternative ways to cook food
Today we review Day 46 ideas to build your personal brand and consider alternative means of cooking
May 9, 2019
Day 46: 10 Ways to build your personal brand without spending money specific to brand building
Today we discuss Marc's ideas for improving convenience stores and consider ways to build your personal brand.
May 8, 2019
Day 45: 10 ways to improve convenience stores
Lookout Wawa! Today we review ideas for clearing out your email inbox and think of ways to improve the convenience store!
May 7, 2019
Day 44: 10 ideas to reduce email inbox clutter
Today we discuss Marc’s ideas for improving Major League if only the league and the owners would listen! Then we announce the question of the day - 10 ideas to reduce email inbox clutter.
May 4, 2019
Day 43: 10 ideas to improve major league baseball
Today we review ideas for improving a conference and consider ideas for improving Major League Baseball.
May 3, 2019
Day 42: 10 ideas for improving a conference
Cheese cheese cheese. Marc’s 10 ideas for cheese apps and we contemplate ideas for improving business conferences
May 3, 2019
Day 41: 10 ideas for apps devoted to cheese
Today we review Marc’s ideas for apps to aid the elderly and ask for cheese apps...yep , apps for the cheese aficionado!!!
May 1, 2019
Day 40: 10 ideas for smartphone apps to help the elderly
Today we quickly review Marc’s 10 ways to use a $5m windfall and contemplate apps to help the elderly
April 29, 2019
Day 39: 10 things you would do if presented with a $5 million windfall
Today from the Delta Sky Club in Atlanta Terminal T Marc talks about his 10 opening lines when meeting a potential business partner and ask what 10 things you would do if you received a $5m windfall.
April 27, 2019
Day 38: 10 ideas of opening lines when meeting a potential business partner
Today we review 10 ideas of how to support local small business and consider how to open a conversation with a potential business partner
April 26, 2019
Day 37: 10 Ways to Support Local Small Business
Today we reviewed how Marc slows down and ask for 10 ideas on how to support local small business.
April 25, 2019
A Conversation with Camille Crofton Cherry - April 2019
Show notes Camille Crofton Cherry This was a great conversation over a nice bottle of wine.  The conversation starts out a little stiff frankly which is funny since Camille and I have known one another for quite some time.  However, after the first break, it really opens up around the 30 minute mark and we have a great discussion about women in the workplace, especially in a male dominated industry like the maritime industry. Amazon links are affiliate based and we appreciate your support by using same. Camille is a third generation family member at Crofton Industries When looking up subaqueous cabling (3:45) which rolls off Camille’s tongue like she have been saying it her whole life (she has), I found this really interesting article.  Camille mentioned a lot of books she likes including: The Coaching Habit by Michael-Bungay-Stanier (20:00) Radical Candor by Kim Scott (59:13) And for light beach reading she recommended: Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman  1:04:52 The Alice Network by Kate Quinn 1:05 We discussed The Complement Sandwich which Camille also referred to as a Shit Sandwich and which I was unfamiliar with. 52:50  I found this interesting article about it here. I struggled to find a citation to the concept that if someone is arguing with you they respect you  which we discussed at 58:25.  However I did find that the quote “Everyone you meet is an expert in something you are not” or at least a variant thereof (1:12:30) is attributed to Bill Nye of “Science Guy” fame. For those of you who did not understand the reference to Monica Padman of Armchair Expert fame and fortune (1:15:00) You can learn about her here: Camille apparently performed the Star Spangled Banner in front of numerous crowds including at the Norfolk Tides minor league baseball team. She also performed at the a minor league soccer team that was the Virginia Beach Mariners, who shut down in 2007. and at the Richmond Vultures Roller Hockey, which was a major league roller hockey team (who knew) that played until 1998. Oh and as a final note, I tried and tried to find a video of Camille on The Next Big Star, the Ed McMahon talent show (1:18:00) but I just couldn’t.  However, I did find this article so we know she is legit:
April 24, 2019
Day 36: 10 Ways to slow down when you are going too fast in your brain
We had fun reviewing the 10 words that best describe how we want life to be over the next 90 days and ask for your ideas on how to slow down when your brain is going way too fast.
April 24, 2019
Day 35: 10 words that describe the next 90 days of your life
Today we review Marc's ideas for new television dramas and ask for you to brainstorm 10 words to describe your next 90 days. Think about what you want your life to look like and come up with 10 words to describe that.
April 23, 2019
Day 34: 10 ideas for new drama TV shows - the name and what it is about.
Today we review ideas for expanding a landscaping business and consider 10 new television dramas
April 19, 2019
Day 33: 10 ideas for improving landscaping businesses
Today as always we review Marc’s ideas from yesterday and ask the question about how to improve landscaping business
April 19, 2019
Day 32: 10 ideas for improving startup weekends.
Today we go over Marc’s ideas for solving traffic and ask for 10 ideas to improve startup weekends!
April 17, 2019
Marc's Adventures in San Antonio
Show Notes Marc’s Adventures in San Antonio This is a three part episode covering my first ever trip to San Antonio, Texas.  I really enjoyed the trip and my varied experiences there. Part 1 A trip to Paris Hatters  It was great meeting Alexandra Sledge and her dad Abe Cortez.  In the end, I wound up with a Stetson Open Road model hat as a gift from Marcus Arky who joined me in the conversation with Alex and Abe.  My hat My main reason for a trip to San Antonio was to present at the World Petrochemical Conference. Part 2 – Presentation on using Mississippi River for shipping containers on barge World Petrochemical Conference hosted by IHS Markit IDEAL X – World’s First Container Ship: Cost of building railroad track One of the best parts of the trip was visiting the old Pearl Brewery which has been transformed into a mixed use project of restaurants, shops, a hotel and housing.  We had a great meal at Cured and had a wide ranging conversation about the role of the Chief Hospitality Officer and how to build relationships with your customers. Part 3 – A conversation with Marcus Arky of Metro Group Maritime and Jim Arnold of Red Sky Advisors over lunch at Cured in the Pearl District Metro Group Maritime Red Sky Advisors Cured Pearl Brewery District Noma and Rene Redzepi
April 17, 2019
Day 31: 10 ideas for solving traffic
Today we reviewed Marc’s crazy flooring ideas and ask for ideas to solve traffic!
April 16, 2019
Day 30: 10 creative ideas for flooring
Today we talk through the things Marc wants to accomplish this year and ask for ten creative and alternative ideas for flooring
April 15, 2019
Day 29: 10 things you want to accomplish or change in life before the end of the year.
Marc tells his list of 10 things to overcome boredom in a hotel room and we contemplate 10 things to accomplish or change in life before the end of the year.
April 14, 2019
Day 28: 10 ideas of things to do when you are bored in a hotel room
This is a very quick 10 ideas a day coming from the Delta SkyLounge in JFK airport today reviewing 10 ideas for branding a new business and asking today's question, 10 ideas of things to do when you are bored in a hotel room!
April 12, 2019
Day 27: 10 ideas for branding a new business
Today we are excited about releasing the conversation with Kisha Moore and reviewing the 10 ideas for earning a quick $1000. Also we consider 10 ideas for branding a new business.
April 10, 2019
A Conversation with Kisha Moore - April 2019
Show Notes for Conversation with Kisha Moore.  These are also on the website at The Sweet Life is her YouTube show – soon to be published.  We will update the notes when it is available.  In the meanwhile, check her out at Terri McHugh (7:50) Terri is a Instagram influencer.  Check her out at Gary Vaynerchuk (9:40) How do you use time.  This is a standard mantra of Gary’s but here is an excellent example of it: Cortez – burning all the ships (12:00)  I was unaware of this story until Kisha told me.  Read more about it here: Definition of Failure (39:45) Merriam-Webster Definition: Go Find the Helpers Movie (48:45) I couldn’t find such a movie but I believe Kisha may have been referring to the documentary about Fred Rogers as that quote about looking for the helpers is attributed to him.  The documentary is actually Won’t You Be My Neighbor.  See here for more: Source of Life Gold (55:00) – the liquid supplement that Kisha takes suggested by her personal trainer and husband Turmeric (57:45) – this is the other supplement that Kisha takes (this one in pill form) She recommends taking it with several whole peppercorns rather than buying it with pepper already in the capsule as she thinks buying a premium for the pepper is silly! Books recommended by Kisha: Girl Go Wash Your Face by Thomas Nelson (59:25) Finish - Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff (59:40) Never Split the Difference – Negotiating as if your life depended on it by Chris Voss  (1:00:10) The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (1:00:00) Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow (1:01:45) Medium (1:02:15) Medium is a unique platform for publishing (and reading great content from interesting writers.  I have published on their site.
April 10, 2019
Day 26: 10 ideas earning a quick $1000 on the side
Today we review Marc's ideas for podcast topics and consider how to earn a quick $1000.
April 10, 2019
Day 25: 10 ideas for new podcast topics
Today we talk all about great customer service and ask what 10 topics for new podcasts would you create!
April 8, 2019
Day 24: 10 Ways to reward employees who display great customer service
Today we talk movies...mainly from the 1980s and Marc tells a story about great customer service.
April 4, 2019
Day 23: 10 movies you have watched 3 or more times
After reviewing reasons to be a vegetarian, we ask for your list of 10 movies you have watched 3 or more times!
April 4, 2019
Day 22: 10 reasons to be a vegetarian
Today we look at off the wall ideas for following up with people you meet at cocktail parties and consider reasons to be a vegetarian
April 4, 2019
Day 21: 10 ideas to make follow up contact with people you meet at cocktail parties
Today we review Marc's crazy ideas for new breakfast cereal and ask for interesting ideas to follow up with people you meet at cocktail parties.
April 2, 2019
Day 20: 10 new ideas for breakfast cereals
Today we review the disruptive ideas for comedians and comedy clubs and ask for new ideas for breakfast cereals
March 29, 2019
Day 19: 10 disruptive ideas for comedians and comedy clubs
In this episode we review responses to the 10 living people we would write to and ask for 10 disruptive ideas for comedians and comedy clubs
March 29, 2019
Day 18: 10 living people you would write to and the general theme of that letter.
Today we review our answers to 10 ideas for new businesses for under a $100 investment and ask the question of what 10 living people we would write a letter to and what we would write about.
March 29, 2019
Day 17: 10 new businesses you can start this week for under $100
Today we review the 10 ideas for getting creative ideas flowing and then ask the question of 10 businesses you could start this week for under $100.
March 28, 2019
Day 16: 10 ideas for getting creative ideas flowing
Ever feel in the zone? - today we ask about 10 ideas to get that going. Also we review Marc's answers for airport improvements.
March 28, 2019
Day 15: 10 improvements for your local airport commission to make to your airport
Today we review Marc's ideas for new rock bands and ask for how to improve airports
March 28, 2019
Day 14: 10 names for rock bands
Today we reviewed Marc's ideas for improving the supermarket experience and asked everyone to get their rock on and name 10 new rock bands
March 22, 2019
Day 13: 10 ideas to improve the supermarket experience
Today we review Marc's ideas for new breakfast sandwiches and ask about ideas to improve supermarkets
March 22, 2019
Day 12: 10 ideas for new breakfast sandwiches
Today we review answers to yesterday's question and reveal the new question, 10 ideas for new breakfast sandwiches!
March 20, 2019
Day 11 - 10 thoughtful ideas for letting someone know you are thinking about them
Today we review Marc's names for colors such as Grimace and Sriracha! Also we ask the question - 10 thoughtful ideas to let someone know you are thinking about them.
March 18, 2019
Day 10: 10 ideas for new names for colors
Today we reviewed Marc's 10 ideas for fiction books and asked the question of 10 ideas for new colors!
March 16, 2019
Day 9: 10 ideas for fiction book titles of books you would write
Today we review the 10 ice cream flavor we came up with including cheddar cheese and bacon as well as pear walnut and many more. Also we asked the question 10 ideas for fiction book titles you would author.
March 15, 2019
Day 8: 10 New Ice cream flavors
Today we review my answers to 10 deceased people I would want to interview and what I would ask them and we ask the question, what 10 new flavors of ice cream that you never heard of before.
March 14, 2019
Day 7: 10 Ideas for Interviewing deceased people and what you would ask them
Today we review the answers to yesterday's question about self help books and ask the question - if you could go back in time, what 10 now deceased people would you want to meet and interview and what is one question you would ask them.
March 13, 2019
Day 6: 10 ideas for self help books you would like to read
Today we review Day 5 on luggage innovations and ask the question about 10 self help books you would like to read
March 11, 2019
Day 5: 10 ideas for luggage innovations
Today we review yesterday's ways to improve flying coach class and announce today's question about luggage innovations
March 9, 2019
Day 4: 10 ideas for improving the domestic coach airline experience
Today we review my 10 ideas for improving health and wellness while on a business trip and ask the question of 10 ideas for improving domestic coach air travel.
March 8, 2019
Day 3: 10 ideas for improving wellness on business travel
10 ideas a day continues with the question of wellness during business travel. Please share your ideas on
March 7, 2019
Day 2: 10 ideas for improving the hotel check in experience
This is Day 2 of 10 Ideas a Day, the brain active exercise to make sure your brain sweats during the day.
March 6, 2019
Day 1: 10 ideas for improving trade conferences
Today's topic stems from my currently attending the Trans-Pacific Maritime Trade Conference in Long Beach, California.
March 4, 2019
Introducing the Corporate Thought podcast.
This is a brief introduction to the Corporate Thought podcast including our conversations with thought leaders and our brief daily 10 Ideas a Day.
March 4, 2019