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Course to Cash Flow

Course to Cash Flow

By Course to Cash Flow
Are you a coach, service provider or personality brand who wants to learn how to create and launch profitable online courses?

Cashing in on courses sounds cute and all. But the truth is, there is a lot more to it than most are willing to tell you.

The Course to Cash Flow podcast dives into the strategies and secrets behind using courses to create life-friendly and profitable businesses online.

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EP#008: How to Increase Your Course Completion Rates by Managing Expectations

Course to Cash Flow

EP#009: Smart Marketing Tips for Building a Buying Audience for Your Course with Elizabeth Ruth
Many new course creators create courses only to realize they have no audience to buy it.  This happens because there is no consistent or strategic marketing in place. And so the question becomes…How can I build an audience of buyers for my course when I don’t have any marketing in place at all? In this episode we speak with Elizabeth Ruth of ER Marketing Services to unpack simple mindset shifts and strategies to empower you to begin building an audience of buyers for your course.  To learn more and connect with Elizabeth visit:  Want to kickstart your course creation journey? Join the 5-Day Slay Your Course Challenge at
February 10, 2022
EP#008: How to Increase Your Course Completion Rates by Managing Expectations
Getting people to buy your course is half the battle. The next do you get them to finish? Your course completion rates are important for  continued sales success. In this episode, we explore the role "managing expectations" play and how to incorporate them in the flow of your course to inspire your students to finish strong.  Want to kickstart your course creation journey? Join the 5-Day Slay Your Course Challenge at
February 03, 2022
EP#007: How to Use the Power of SEO and Pinterest to Get Your Lead Generation on Autopilot
The path to cash flow is paved with good intentions and excitement. But One of the most mission critical parts to creating a successful course is having people ready to purchase them. Lead generation is an important part of making that happen and lucky for us, We have Organic Lead Generation Strategist for Online Coaches Linda Barutha here to talk with us about How to use the power of SEO and Pinterest to get your lead generation on autopilot Resources:
November 04, 2021
EP#006: Finding the TIME to Create Your Course
Is time your greatest adversary when it comes to getting your course done and out into the world? Let's discuss how to get time on your side. In this episode: Why "time" is the #1 challenge for aspiring course creators 5 key questions to ask and answer to conquer the time challenges that curse most well intentioned course creators Want to kickstart your course creation journey?  Join the 5-Day Slay Your Course Challenge at
November 02, 2021
EP#005: 3 Ways YOUR Business Can Benefit From Passive Income
In this episode, you'll learn 3 ways your business can benefit from passive income.
October 21, 2021
EP#004: Template Talk: The Secrets to Using Done-for-You-Course Templates (The Right Way)
Have you ever bought a course template and still found yourself at a loss for how to use it to create your course? There's a reason for that and my special Guest, Sara Flowers is joining us to spill the tea.  Sara Flowers uses her diverse experience and professional expertise to help high achievers achieve optimal health in business and beyond. She is the founder of - A site that features easy to use and effective course creation templates that actually help you get your course DONE and out into the world. Tune in as Sara shares: What to look for when buying course template packs online Why most course templates fall flat in helping you crank out your course materials and curriculum Where to look for high-quality course templates Her best hacks for using her high-quality course creation templates in Canva And More
October 14, 2021
EP#003: Are You Ready to Pre-Sell Your Course? 3 Hurdles to Watch Out for...
Ready to pre-sell your course so you can start making money and helping people? Pre-selling your course is an essential strategy to master. But, if it was easy EVERYBODY would do it.  A big part of finishing your course creation journey strong is managing your expectations so you can invest your time and money wisely and avoid the disappoint that often comes when you are sold on something being easy only to realize easy is subjective. In this episode, we explore the hidden hurdles that often get lost in the shiny sales pages and emotionally charged webinar content offered by course creation experts. 
October 12, 2021
EP#002: How Long Does It Take to Create a Course?
When you first decide to to create your course, the clarity of your decision and the potential for passive profits fuel your passion and excitement. A common question at this stage is, "how long is this going to take?"  In this episode, we will unpack this question to ensure unreasonable expectations don't diminish your enthusiasm. 
October 05, 2021
EP#001: Do You Need a Long Sales Page to Sell Your Course?
Successful course marketers LOVE long sales pages because of how well they turn visitors into sales. But if you are new to course creation the thought of creating a long sales page can be a huge turn off.  In this episode, we will explored if you need a long sales page to sell your course and if there are other options that can work just as well.
September 30, 2021
Welcome to Course to Cash Flow
In this launch episode, Kenya shares what the "Course to Cash Flow" Podcast is all about, why she created it and what you can expect as a listener.
September 22, 2021