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Crawling Mondays by Aleyda - SEO News, Tips and Interviews

Crawling Mondays by Aleyda - SEO News, Tips and Interviews

By Aleyda Solis
Crawling Mondays is the YouTube and Podcast from Aleyda Solis, International SEO Consultant and Founder of Orainti, where she shares SEO reviews, interviews and news covering the different activities of the SEO process.

Aleyda Solis is an International SEO Consultant and founder of Orainti -a highly specialized, boutique SEO consultancy-, blogger, speaker, author, awarded as the European Search Personality of the Year in 2018. She's the wrapper of #SEOFOMO (a weekly free SEO Newsletter to keep updated with the latest in the industry) and (a free roadmap to learn SEO).
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SEO Testing: How to Run Successful SEO Tests
Learn how to run successful SEO Tests with Emily Potter and Nick Swan! In this episode of Crawling Mondays we go through:    1:41 Top Types of SEO Tests  6:26 Top Mistakes when Running SEO Tests  8:54 Building Blocks of Successful SEO Tests  12:17 Surprising Results from SEO Tests  18:39 Last SEO Testing Tip   This edition of Crawling Mondays has been sponsored by ContentKing: Real-time SEO Auditing & Monitoring Platform, Check them out:  #seo #SEOTests #SEOTesting
April 23, 2022
Optimizing Categories Pages in E-Commerce SEO Processes
Lean how to optimize Categories and Facets pages in E-Commerce websites when doing SEO in this conversation with the fantastic Lidia Infante and Tory Gray, covering:  1:59 Why Optimizing Categories Pages is so Critical in E-commerce  6:16 Main mistakes when optimizing Categories Pages  12:39 The Steps to Optimize Categories Pages  16:35 How to Optimize Categories Pages Content  21:54 A last Tip when Optimizing Categories Pages   This edition of Crawling Mondays has been sponsored by ContentKing: Real-time SEO Auditing & Monitoring Platform, Check them out:  #CategoriesOptimization #EcommerceSEO #SEO
March 06, 2022
Content Strategy for SEO: What Is It, Top Errors and Tips for Success
Learn about Content Strategy for SEO! In this edition of Crawling Mondays we go through the topic with the experienced content specialists Shelley Walsh and Himani Kankaria, covering:    01:41 What is Content Strategy   05:46 The Main Content Strategies Mistakes  09:01 The Building Blocks of a Successful Content Strategy   15:21 Favorite Content Tools    This edition of Crawling Mondays has been sponsored by ContentKing: Real-time SEO Auditing & Monitoring Platform, Check them out:  #ContentStrategy #ContentOptimization #SEO
February 04, 2022
Content Hubs: How to Create and Optimize your Topic Clusters
Learn what are content hubs and topic clusters, how to use and optimize them in your SEO Process in this edition of Crawling Mondays with Andy Chadwick and Chima Mmeje, going through:   00:47 What is a Content Hub  06:46 What are the most common Content Hubs Mistakes?   15:32 What are the building blocks of Successful Content Hubs   20:28 What are your favorite content tools?   25:19 A last Content Hub Tip   This edition of Crawling Mondays has been sponsored by ContentKing: Real-time SEO Auditing & Monitoring Platform, Check them out:  #ContentHubs #TopicClusters #SEO
January 13, 2022
Wordpress SEO: How to Optimize your Wordpress Site for Organic Search
In this edition of Crawling Mondays we go through the most important aspects to optimize Wordpress based sites for search with Jono Alderson and Jon Henshaw:   1:03 The most common Wordpress Optimization Mistakes   9:23 The building blocks of an optimized Wordpress site  14:35 The top plugins, themes, features you use   20:24 A last Wordpress Optimization Tip    #seoforwordpress #wordpress #wordpressseo
December 13, 2021
Accessibility for SEOs: How to take Accessibility into consideration as an SEO
In this edition of Crawling Mondays we cover accessibility for SEOs with Ashley Berman Hale and Billie Geena, going through the most important aspects:    1:46 Why accessibility should be important for SEOs  5:57 The most common accessibility issues   7:42 The steps to identify accessibility problems   11:20 A top to check tool or resource to use   13:07 A last Accessibility Optimization    -- This edition of Crawling Mondays has been sponsored by ContentKing: Real-time SEO Auditing & Monitoring Platform, Check them out:   #accessibility #seo #accessibilityguide
December 05, 2021
Internal Linking Optimization: How to Optimize your Internal Links for SEO
In this edition of Crawling Mondays you'll learn why and how to optimize internal links to help you achieve your SEO goals with Natalie Arney and Geoff Kennedy. This episode of Crawling Mondays has been sponsored by ContentKing, Real Time SEO Auditing and monitoring Platform.   This Internal Links edition of Crawling Mondays covers the following topics:    2:17 SEO scenarios in which internal link optimization helped to achieve results  9:47 Low Hanging Fruit Scenarios to Optimize Internal Links  15:43 Main steps to optimize internal links  20:49 Tools you use to optimize Internal Links  24:41 A last tip to optimize Internal Links  If you like this episode remember to share it with your SEO colleagues and friends! #SEO #InternalLinks #TechnicalSEO
November 07, 2021
Affiliate SEO: How to Develop and Optimize Affiliate Websites
Learn how to develop and optimize Affiliate Websites in this edition of Crawling Mondays with Sue Dawson and Adam Riemer; sponsored by ContentKing, real time SEO auditing and monitoring system: This Affiliate SEO Crawling Mondays edition covers:    1:18 What are the most common mistakes for SEOs when starting with affiliate sites  07:27 Must take steps when starting with a new affiliate site  12:58 How to identify new affiliate opportunities  15:00 Which affiliates sites are doing successful, clever stuff  19:27 A last affiliate marketing advice     #affiliateseo #affiliatemarketing #seo
October 07, 2021
SEO Reporting: How to Develop Effective & Impactful SEO Reports
Learn to develop effective SEO reports to communicate your SEO processes results! In this episode of Crawling Mondays I've invited Dana DiTomaso and Gus Pelogia to cover the must do's and dont's on SEO reporting:    1:02 Top Misconceptions and Issues when doing SEO reports  7:35 What to Not Do When Developing SEO Reports   12:53 What steps to take when developing SEO Reports  19:24 What Tools do you Use to Develop SEO Reports?   22:34 A last SEO Reporting Tip    #SEO #SEOReports #SEOReporting
September 12, 2021
How to Increase your Link Building Campaigns Outreach Emails Open Rates & Success
Learn how to craft and send outreach emails that are actually opened and allows you to achieve link building success with the amazing Bibi The Link Builder and Surena Chande! In this episode, we cover:    1:06 What are the main challenges and what to expect from the process?  6:29 What are the top errors?  12:54 What are the must to get your emails opened?  20:24 What tools do you use for outreach?   22:10 What tweaks tend to change campaign performance?   24:10 A last outreach tip of something not yet covered   #LinkBuilding #EmailOutreach #OutreachCampaigns
August 18, 2021
SEO For Paginations: How to Optimize your Paginated URLs for Search
Learn how to optimize your paginations for search in this episode about SEO for Paginations, with the amazing SEO specialists Orit Mutznik and Patrick Stox, covering:    1:38 Top SEO Scenarios Showing the Importance of Paginations  3:38 Top SEO for Paginations Errors You've seen   9:47 Guidelines to Follow when Optimizing Paginations  17:18 What do you do to troubleshoot Paginations and identify opportunities  21:40 A last SEO Tip for Optimizing Paginations    #SEOforPaginations #PaginationsOptimization #TechSEO
July 26, 2021
How to Become a Successful Independent or Freelance SEO Consultant
How to become a successful independent or freelance SEO Consultant? In this episode of Crawling Mondays I interview Silvia Martin and Brodie Clark who have become freelance SEOs in the last couple of years and we go through the main aspects:  01:26 When is the right time to become an independent SEO?  06:26 What are the Pros and Cons of being an independent SEO?  17:00 Top Steps to become a Successful independent SEO?   22:50 Resources you've found useful in your independent SEO journey  28:30 A last tip when becoming an Independent SEO Consultant   #freelanceseo #independentseo #seoconsultant
July 01, 2021
How to Succeed as an In-House Enterprise Level SEO
What does it take to succeed as an in-house Enterprise SEO? How different it is from working at an agency or small company? I'll go through the main aspects to take into consideration with Laura Lippay (SEO Director at Comcast) and Martin MacDonald (Founder at MOG Media):    01:20 What characteristics differentiate doing SEO at a big company?   06:04 What are the Pros and Cons of being an Enterprise SEO?  15:39 Do's and Dont's to Excel as an Enterprise SEO  22:58 How do you work with SEO Tools at an Enterprise Level?   #EnterpriseSEO #InHouseSEO #SEO
June 07, 2021
From SEO to CEO: How to become a successful SEO or Digital Marketing Agency Founder and CEO
How to grow from being an SEO to a CEO of your own agency? In this episode of Crawling Mondays I interview Lisa Paasche and Bastian Grimm who share how they started a SEOs and established successful SEO and digital marketing agencies:  01:22 How did you make the switch to become an entrepreneur  07:20 Did you have any business background?   08:31 What would be the one thing that you would change?   18:31 What are your tips to be a successful CEO?   26:02 How do you hire specialists to whom you can delegate to?  30:26 How do you scale in a sustainable way?    #SEO #SEOEntrepreneur #SEOAgency
May 20, 2021
Project Management for Freelance SEO Consultants
How to effectively manage SEO processes when you're a freelance or independent SEO consultant? In this edition of Crawling Mondays I go through the main aspects with Nick Wilsdon and Jo Turnbull:    01:38​ How different and important is project management as a freelance consultant?  06:23​ How to allocate time and resources for Projects?   12:18​ What are the top Do's and Dont's when managing SEO processes?   23:53​ What are the most useful SEO Project Management Tools you use?   28:20​ A last Project Management Tip   #SEO​ #SEOProjectManagement​ #SEOManagement
May 06, 2021
SEO Automation: What Can Be Automated in SEO? Status, Trends, Scenarios & Tools!
What can be automated in SEO? In this edition I go through the SEO automation status, evolution, trends and tools with Ruth Everett and Andrea Volpini:    00:43​ A tribute to Hamlet Batista  05:45​ What are the opportunities of SEO Automation in 2021?   10:54​ What are the best and worst scenarios to automate?   13:43​ What can be automated within the SEO process?   23:46​ What are the steps to start automating SEO tasks?  31:18​ A Last SEO Automation Tip   #SEOautomation​ #AutomateSEO​ #SEO
April 20, 2021
Content Ideation in Content Marketing & Link Building Campaigns
How can you consistently create catchy, attractive, useful content that everybody will want to link? Shannon McGuirk from Aira and Mark Johnstone from Content Hubble tell us how:    01:22​ Where does content ideation sits within the content marketing process?  05:42​ What are the building blocks of the content ideation process?  17:30​ How do you align ideas with the business purpose?   23:28​ Which are the most common errors?   29:37​ What are the best content pieces you've recently seen and why?  #ContentIdeation​ #ContentCreativity​ #ContentMarketing
March 22, 2021
SEO Project Management for Agencies: How to Successfully Manage an SEO Process as an Agency
How to effectively manage SEO process as an agency? In this episode I go through the core aspects to keep into consideration with Miracle Inameti-Archibong from Erudite and Mark Williams-Cook from Candour:    01:38 How do you manage SEO Processes as Agencies with Clients?   05:45 How to integrate account management roles that handle the project with clients?   09:10 What are the top do's and dont's when managing SEO processes?   20:00 What tools do you use to manage SEO processes?   28:00 A last SEO Project Management Tip   #seo #seoprojectmanagement #seomanagement
March 01, 2021
Strategical Content Optimization in an SEO Process
How to optimize your content from a strategic stand point within an SEO process? I cover it in this edition of Crawling Mondays with John Henry Scherck from Growth Plays and Suganthan Mohanadasan from Snippet Digital:    01:05 What are the most common content mistakes in an SEO process  12:48 Which are the building blocks for successful search optimized content  20:00 Aligning content optimization with demand generation  22:38 What are your favorite content optimization tools?   29:20 A heads-up on over-relying on content optimization tools metrics  34:50 A last content optimization tip   #ContentOptimization #ContentStrategy #SEO
February 09, 2021
How to do Local SEO Today: Top Do's and Dont's, Tools, and Guide to Grow
In this Local SEO Edition of Crawling Mondays I invite Local SEO specialists Greg Gifford ( and Carrie Hill ( to go through the main aspects of doing a successful Local SEO process nowadays:    1:06 Most important areas to optimize in Local SEO   04:30 Top Recommendations to get Positive Reviews  07:48 Favorite Local SEO Tools  11:44 Most Common Issues of Local SEO Clients  15:24 Top Link Building Mistakes of Local Businesses and How to do it well  20:14 How do you measure your Local SEO efforts   25:00 What's the status of Spam in Local Search   30:25 Last Top Local SEO Tips   #LocalSEO #SEOguide #SEOforSmallBusiness
January 11, 2021
How to Set A Winning SEO Strategy: Concepts, Steps, Do's & Dont's and Mistakes to Avoid
In this edition of Crawling Mondays we cover the main aspects and issues when setting a winning SEO Strategy with Kevin Indig (Previous VP of SEO at G2 and now SEO director at Shopify) and James Brockbank, MD at Digitaloft, with whom we go through the following topics:    1:20 Common mistakes when setting an SEO strategy   06:56 Steps to set a winning SEO strategy   16:05 Best and Worst SEO Strategies you've seen   31:27 A last tip for SEO struggling to set an SEO strategy   #seostrategy #seoguide #seo
December 16, 2020
Keyword Research for SEO in 2020: Guide, Steps, Tips, Tools, Mistakes and more!
How to develop an effective keyword research? Nick Eubanks and Judith Lewis join me in this Crawling Mondays edition to cover:    1:10 The most common mistakes in a keyword research process  9:32 Main steps for a successful keyword research   14:36 Keyword research tools to use and dealing with data inconsistencies  26:36 Overlooked keyword research tips
November 23, 2020
YouTube SEO: Video Optimization Tips & Advice for YouTube
How to optimize your videos for Youtube? Learn about YouTube SEO in this episode with Brian Dean (@Backlinko) and Itamar Blauer (@itamarblauer) covering:   00:47 What are the main areas/factors to optimize to rank better in YouTube?  04:51 What's the importance of search as a traffic drive in YouTube  09:00 How to optimize your videos retention and engagement?   13:53 Which are your favorite video optimization tools?   16:42 Video content vs. production quality   19:57 SEO Tools that you can leverage for YouTube  21:40 A last, usually overlooked Video SEO Tip     #YouTubeSEO #VideoSEO #SEOGuide
November 10, 2020
SEO for News Publications or Media Websites
How to do SEO for news websites? I asked John Shehata from Condé Naste and Barry Adams from Polemic Digital who have years of experience doing SEO for news publications!   01:19 What's different when you do SEO for a news Website?   09:29 Will publications move on from AMP once it's not a requirement?   15:33 What's the workflow to crawl, index and monitor results fast for news sites?   25:58 How you optimize for Google Discover   33:53 A last news SEO tip   #SEOforNews #newsseo #seoguide
October 26, 2020
Link Building & Outreach in an SEO Process: Common Mistakes & Tips for Success
Learn how to avoid the most common link building and outreach success! In this Crawling Mondays episode I interview experienced link builders, Carrie Rose (from Rise at Seven) and Gisele Navarro (from Neomam Studios) covering:    02:10 What does a link building process look like in 2020?   08:03 What are the top misunderstanding that you see in Link Building?   15:02 What are the most common errors that break link building processes?   22:45 What are the key for success of an outreach process?  34:22 A last link building tip    #linkbuilding #seo #backlinks
October 05, 2020
Edge SEO: Implementing Technical SEO Changes via CDN - How does it work and when to use it
This special edition of Crawling Mondays covers Edge SEO ( Implementing Technical SEO Changes via CDN), what it is, how it works, when to use it and more with Hamlet Batista (RankSense) and Dan Taylor (SALT):    0:44 How did you started with Edge SEO & What are its main advantages 07:19 Which are the best scenarios for Edge SEO & How do you Tackle Disadvantages  12:15 Which are not good scenarios for Edge SEO?   16:15 A last recommendation about Edge SEO?   #EdgeSEO #TechnicalSEO #SEO
September 17, 2020
Confidence & Resilience for Search Marketers
How can search marketers avoid suffering from confidence and resilience issues? In this special edition I interview Kirsty Hulse and Hannah Butcher who are coaches and have been or are SEOs too to cover:    01:05 Do Search Marketers suffer from more confidence and resilience issues?   04:39 Which are those issues you see SEOs suffer the most from and tips to avoid them?   14:54 Advice to SEOs who would like to start speaking but are afraid to do it so?   24:18 A last confidence tip for search marketers?    #coaching #confidence #resilience
August 31, 2020
SEO & Web Speed - How to Optimize Your Web Performance
How to optimize your website speed? In this episode with Jamie Alberico and Dave Smart we go through the main Web Speed & SEO areas:    00:45 What the most common Web Speed Issues?  04:30 What are your top recommendations to improve Web speed?   07:50 What are good Web speed metrics to have as a reference?   12:00 What to expect from Core Web Vitals?   13:45 What tools do you use when doing Web Speed Analysis?   17:21 A last Web Speed tip to the audience?   Remember, like the video if you enjoyed it, and subscribe to the channel :)    #WebSpeed #SEO #WebPerformance
August 18, 2020
How to Develop Successful SEO Audits: Avoiding Top Issues & Challenges
Learn how to make your SEO audits successful in this edition of Crawling Mondays with Stephen Kenwright (Founder and Director at Rise at Seven) and Chris Green (Head of Marketing Innovation at Footprint Digital), in which we cover:    01:22 Which are the main challenges and Issues with SEO Audits?  05:55 How have you tackled the most important SEO challenges?  11:38 What are the keys to get your SEO audits implemented?  18:25 How do you see the automation of SEO audits?   22:46 Last Tips to make SEO audits successful?    If you liked the video, remember to like it and subscribe to the channel 🙌   #SEOaudits #SEOrecommendations #SEO
August 09, 2020
SEO for Web Migrations - Most Common Issues and Top Tips & Tools to Fix Them
What are the main SEO challenges when doing Web Migrations? In this episode I invite Arsen Rabinovich from Top Hat SEO and Bartosz Góralewicz from Onely to go through them:    00:41 Which are the most common SEO issues happening during Web migrations?   03:51 What are the top configurations you prioritize to validate?   08:21 What are the craziest Web migrations you've worked at?   12:07 What are the top tools you use for Web migrations?   16:25 What tools you find useful but usually overlooked? #WebMigrations #SEOforWebMigrations #SEOTips
July 26, 2020
Structured Data and Entity Search Optimization
How to use structured data to optimize your Website connected search entities and maximize its search visibility? Learn in this interview with Izzi Smith from Ryte and Jason Barnard from Kalicube and The Brand SERP Guy.   00:27 Why Structured Data & Entity Search Optimization is so important?   03:37 What are the fundamental steps for entity optimization?   09:00 What are the structured data or entity search tools that you love?  15:00 What's your last structured data or entity search tip?    #structureddata #entitysearch #seotips
July 13, 2020
Agency vs. In-House SEO: Differences, Advantages, and tips to succeed in each case
Learn about the main differences, advantages and disadvantages of agency vs. in-house SEO, with Areej AbuAli, SEO Manager at Zoopla and Gerry White, SEO Director at Rise at Seven:    1:42 - What are the main differences when doing SEO at agencies vs. in-house at companies?  3:07 - What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an SEO at an agency and in-house?  7:06 - Have you enjoyed more your in-houses or agencies side SEO positions experiences?  9:38 - In which scenario would you advice to hire an agency and in which an in-house SEO?  16:25 - What would you advice to your agency self now that you're in-house and viceversa?  19:18 - Last Tips to succeed as an In-House & Agency SEO   #inhouseseo #agencyseo #seoguide
June 21, 2020
SEO for SaaS (Software as a Service) Companies
How to do SEO for SaaS (Software as a Service) Websites? Learn in this interview with Matthew Howells-Barby from Hubspot and Jackie Chu from Uber:    0:40 What are the differences that can be found when doing an SEO process for Saas (Software as a Service) Companies?  3:21 What are the tactics that you’ve found to be particularly useful in SaaS SEO processes, especially with content?  10:18 What are the top actions you prioritize in your SaaS SEO process?  13:12 What are the non-traditional search efforts that pay off in SaaS?   #SEOforSAAS #SAASSEO #SEOtips
June 09, 2020
E-Commerce SEO: Top Tips for Success, Common Mistakes, Best & Worst Web Platforms, and more!
How to do SEO for an E-Commerce Website? Learn in today's episode:    0:36 What are the biggest differences of an E-commerce SEO process vs. the one of other types of sites?   4:38 What's the No. 1 mistake in Ecommerce SEO processes?   10:17 What are the initial most important steps that you'll take when doing an Ecommerce SEO audit?   16:12 What's the best and worst e-commerce platform that you've had to work with?   20:51 What's something usually overlooked in e-commerce SEO that you would like to share?    Learn with two amazing special guests Kristina Azarenko, Ecommerce SEO Consultant & Founder at Marketing Syrup and Luke Carthy, E-Commerce SEO Consultant.     #ecommerceseo #ecommerce #seotips
May 19, 2020
What's Google's #EAT and How to Optimize Your E-A-T in SEO
Learn the fundamentals about Google's E-A-T: Expertise Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness, what it is, how it works and how to optimize it, featuring SEO guests Marie Haynes (Marie Haynes Consulting) and Lily Ray (Path Interactive):   1:38 - What is Google's EAT and why should you care about EAT?  4:30 - Why is E-A-T a controversial topic?  8:12 - What specific actions we can do to improve our EAT?  15:25 - Which are the most common EAT issues?  18:45 - Are there any specific tools that you use to help when assessing EAT?  23:10 - What EAT topic you would like to double down on to finish, as is particularly important?  If you have any questions or doubts, leave them in the comments!   #GoogleEAT #EAToptimization #SEOtips
May 15, 2020
Most Common International SEO Issues & How to Fix Them
Learn about the most common International SEO Issues & How to Fix them in this conversation with Nitin Machanda, Global Head of SEO at Omio, David Iwanow Global Search & Traffic Manager at Danone, Gianluca Fiorelli, International SEO Consultant:     01:10 What's the top 1 mistake that you see happening in International SEO?  04:32 Which are the top technical related issues that you find in international SEO processes?  12:26 How to select the best international Web structure for your site?  19:29 What's the most cost-effective localization process?   #internationalseo #hreflang #globalseo
April 26, 2020
Coronavirus and SEO: Its Impact in traffic and business, and the actions to Take as an SEO Specialist
Learn about the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the organic search traffic across many industries and countries, what you can do as an SEO specialist, and the good and bad we've seen in company reactions, in this conversation with Nitin Machanda, Global Head of SEO at Omio, David Iwanow Global Search & Traffic Manager at Danone, Gianluca Fiorelli, International SEO Consultant:    1:40 What's the impact of Coronavirus for SEO  9:29 What are the positive and negative actions that companies have taken  22:31 What can we expect in the future & last tips for SEO businesses   If you like this video, remember to subscribe to the Crawling Mondays channel now!    #seoupdates #seocovid19 #coronavirusseo
April 09, 2020