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Audio versions of video material released by CRE8R DAO.
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Beanstalk A&T University (Agricultural & Technical)


CRE8RDAO AMA w/ Nour Haridy from Inverse Finance
CRE8RDAO's Fugu interviewed Nour Haridy — the founder of Inverse Finance — about the project and its upcoming release of INV+. The Interview took place on Jan 31, 2022
February 01, 2022
@Genomesio - NFTs and Healthcare, monetizing your DNA
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November 16, 2021
Beanstalk A&T University (Agricultural & Technical)
Beanstalk A&T University (Agricultural & Technical) 
November 03, 2021
October 29, 2021
Beanstalk AMA 07-10-21
Website: Roadmap:
October 07, 2021
Fantom Oasis - The First Launchpad on Fantom
Ceazor interviews Sam Fisher, a member Of The Fantom Oasis team. Fantom Oasis is the first launchpad on the Fantom blockchain.
October 04, 2021
Infinity Skies - Create Castles in the Sky + Collect NFTs
CRE8RDAO's own Gabriel Haines interviews Sander Dijkens, the CTO of Infinity Skies. Infinity Skies is a blockchain-based game where users can build, socialize, trade and adventure to create the most prestigious castle in the sky, all while collecting rare NFTs!   Infinity Skies Website:  Infinity Skies Discord:
September 14, 2021
Interview w/ JackS from Overlay Protocol
CRE8RDAO's Ceazor interviews JackS from Overlay, a protocol for trading DeFi data streams. Overlay Twitter:  Overlay Website:
August 19, 2021
Proof of Beauty (POB) - Capturing Ethereum's History
CRE8RDAOs very own Gabriel Haines sits down with David Sun, the founder of Proof of Beauty (POB), a digital experience studio exploring experimental token, social and generative art experiences.   Projects:  $LONDON - A community borne out of a social experiment around EIP-1559, gas bidding wars, and the London hardfork and honored by generative art in the form of 8888 $LONDON Gifts.   $HASH - Archiving Ethereum's units of history (transactions) with generative art. 1 ETH TXN = 1 $HASH NFT. Each artwork influenced by tx metadata   Proof of Beauty Studios Website: Proof of Beauty Studios Website: Proof of Beauty Twitter: Proof of Beauty Discord: Proof Of Beauty's $HASH on OpenSea: Proof of Beauty Blog:
August 19, 2021
Degen'$ Farm - NFT Farming For Degens
CRE8RDAO's Ceazor and Dheeraj met with Degen'$ Farm CEO ChiChi to discuss this new and unique platform that is sure to unleash your inner ape. Degen’$ Farm is a collectible NFT game based on Ethereum blockchain. The entire collection of creatures, lands and tools is built using the ERC721 standard. The goal of the game is to farm unique creatures and collect them. Each creature will not only delight its owner, but also accumulate network fees as long as one hodls it! Degen’$ Farm Website:  Degen’$ Farm Twitter: Degen’$ Farm Discord: Degen’$ Farm Docs:  Degen’$ Farm on OpenSea:
August 19, 2021
Interview w/ Drops DAO - Loans for NFT & DeFi assets
CRE8RDAO's very own Gabriel Haines sat down with Drops DAO co-founder Darius Kozlovskis for an in-depth interview about the project. Drops DAO is a platform where users can get more leverage out of their assets (both NFTs and DeFi) for loans and yield farming.   Drops Website:  Drops Telegram:  Drops Discord:
August 16, 2021
CRE8R Weekly Meeting #6
Penguins VS POB
August 13, 2021
YEL.FINANCE AMA @mr_Pool_Day & Gabriel Haines
August 08, 2021
CRE8R DAO x BasketDAO AMA - July 15, 2021
CRE8R DAO x BasketDAO AMA - July 15, 2021 featuring 0xLingonberry and 0xTundra.
July 28, 2021
Interview With Compli.Fi Co-Founder Dmitri
Dimitri is the Co-Founder of Compli.Fi, a derivatives platform based on a novel AMM.
July 28, 2021