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Creative Conversations

Creative Conversations

By Creative Ventures
Conversations with the investment team at Creative Ventures. Musings about the way the world is changing, opportunities in startups, thoughts on investment process and decision-making.
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Opportunities in Logistics and Warehousing with Kunal Malhotra

Creative Conversations

Robotics in Food Services (Interview with Clayton Wood, CEO of Picnic)
Picnic is a Creative Ventures portfolio company applying robotics to food services. It just closed a major funding round and has seen significant traction with some of the most recognizable brands in food services. In this podcast, James Wang, GP at Creative Ventures, interviews Clayton Wood, CEO of Picnic, on the space. Why do restaurants need automation? Are robotics taking away all of our jobs? And what's next for the space?
May 06, 2021
Opportunities in Medical Diagnostics
Why is the health care system so poorly set up to handle chronic disease? What interesting technologies are on the horizon—specifically in medical diagnostics—that might be able to change this and be promising venture investments? James Wang, General Partner at Creative Ventures, is joined by Chidi Nwankpa, MD, Summer Associate at Creative Ventures, formerly a practicing physician in Texas, and MBA at the Chicago Booth School of Business. During this summer, Chidi's project analyzed opportunities and challenges in the medical diagnostics space, and she shares some of her findings here.
November 26, 2019
Systematic Investment in Venture Capital
What is systematic investment in venture capital? Why does Creative Ventures keep talking about it? And what does it actually add to a venture investor? James Wang, General Partner at Creative Ventures, talks through these questions and more. PzwXBbFEJom2SWWWhyw7
November 25, 2019
Opportunities in Logistics and Warehousing with Kunal Malhotra
Kunal Malhotra is a rising junior at UC Berkeley and was one of Creative Ventures' Summer Associates and whose project involved looking into the logistics and warehousing space. Joining Kunal, James Wang (General Partner) discusses the internship and together they dig into the vast, complicated space of dark warehouses, pick-and-place robots, delivery robots—and the how demands from e-commerce and urbanization are changing the face of our world and creating disruptive investment opportunities.
August 21, 2019