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Creative Connectors

Creative Connectors

By Vicky Keeler
A podcast that shines a light on the makers and creators that inspire community, creativity and connection through festivals.

We take a look at the unique ways individuals show up in this world and commit to inspiring others through their involvement with festivals, whether that's through music, art, workshops, dance and more. We'll also be discussing the role these immersive events play in culture and society today.

No topic is off limits and expect new guests each episode.

Sit back and enjoy the chat.
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EP 28 - Suseri (Techno & Progressive DJ)

Creative Connectors

Ep 11, S2 Callan Morgan (Artist & Pelican Studios Founder)
Callan Morgan is a large-scale artist and founder of Pelican Studios which brings together artists, designers and technical experts to co-create innovative projects that blend art and technology to benefit the community and environment. In this Creative Connectors episode, Callan shares his journey from circus performance and graffiti art to Burning Man and the pivotal people and moments that helped shape his future in large-scale sculpture art. We discuss the importance of resilience, how creativity at its core is problem solving and the benefits of having the fundamentals in place when it comes to making art your livelihood. Hear about Make Mob and its unique model to help creatives collaborate to get big art off the ground, UKI - the mutant vehicle bee and Mirror - the futuristic solar-powered flower that Callan is planning to have showcased around the world.  If you're interested in to art, collaboration and innovation sit back and enjoy the chat. Sit back and enjoy the chat. Connect with Asher: Website: Instagram: @callan_morgan
September 14, 2022
Ep 10, S2 - Asher Gunzburg (Alchemy Decor)
Asher Gunzburg is the Director and owner of Alchemy Decor which creates shade sale structures at music events both large and intimate across Australia. In this Creative Connectors episode, Asher provides true insight into the hard graft it takes to make the beautiful sails that protect patrons from the harsh elements. He offers advice for those looking to navigate both creative and festival industries whilst expanding on his personal journey of going all in on festival decor and something he felt passionate about.  We discuss the importance of networking, volunteering, and planning for the future, plus get to hear about some of the projects Asher has been fostering around his main festival gigs.  If you're interested in sacred geometry, grafting, sewing, design and hearing about what it takes to go after a dream with no previous experience, this is an episode for you! Sit back and enjoy the chat. Sit back and enjoy the chat. Connect with Asher: Website: Instagram: @alchemy_decor
August 10, 2022
Ep 9, S2 - Kenny Lemire (Lucid Space Design Director)
Kenny Lemire is one of the Directors of Lucid Space Design who create bamboo structures and art for festivals across Australia. In this Creative Connectors episode, Kenny shares with us how his studies in architecture resulted in him and his business partner Will developing sustainable large-scale structures. Kenny provides great insight into their creative process, the impact Burning Man had on him, sustainable design practices, the materials they use and how they have evolved over time.  We chat about the community created by multi-day festivals, key pieces of advice for those wanting to gain experience within the festival-build field and the benefits and beauty of growing a family and taking kids to festivals. If you're interested in sustainability, bamboo, building and design this is an episode for you! Site back and enjoy the chat.  Sit back and enjoy the chat. Lucid Space Design website: Lucid Space Design Crew Group: Integratedbiotecture website Integratedbiotecture Facebook Mudtec website Mudtec Facebook
July 27, 2022
Ep 8, S2 - Chris Lath (Purple Audio Owner)
Chris Lath is a sound engineer and Owner/Director of Purple Audio who create premium sound experiences at some of Australia's biggest festivals. In this episode, Chris takes us on his journey from collecting vinyl to becoming a mature-age student and getting his first audio work experience at live music gigs through his uni lecturers. We get into the nitty-gritty of what makes a great sound set-up, the type of projects Chris gets excited by, along with the key lessons, advice he received and how to get the best out of your audio team. Tune in to hear behind-the-scenes insights on what's involved in executing sound experiences at large-scale music festivals, Function One and a whole lot more audio chat. sit back and enjoy the chat.
July 14, 2022
Ep 7, S2 - Interstellar Groove Festival Panel Discussion
This Creative Connectors episode was recorded live at Interstellar Groove Festival in Victoria Australia, April 23rd. The panel includes Kasey Taylor (DJ and Vapour Records Label owner), Karina Foster (Flow Artist and Performer), Brent Mirams (Thankyou City) and Sass Pritchard (DJ and previous music marketeer). In this panel discussion we delve into how they entered the industry, what challenges and lessons they've learnt along the way, the pro's and cons of social media and impact COVID had on their careers and mindset. Much gratitude goes out to the Interstellar Groove crew who enabled this live podcast and brought together such a talented and chatty panel of legends. Please sit back and enjoy the group chat - I hope to bring many more of these to you from festivals in the future.
May 05, 2022
Ep 6, S2 Jacob McMillan (Sprout and Rootbound Festival Director)
Jacob McMillan is one of the Directors of Sprout and Rootbound Festival in Australia. In this episode we're talking all things green and eco given that's at the core of Sprout and Rootbound which are two festivals which have combined to have an even greater positive impact on the planet. We discuss the influences that spurred Jacob to go all in on his dreams and create a festival with enviro practices at the heart. How topics including consent, politics and environmental issues can and should be brought front and centre within the festival environment. Where the name festival name sprouted from and Jacob's academic moves into research that explore festivals as a platform for positive behaviour change.  Fundamentally festivals can and do help make the world a better place by impacting us as individuals and we're chatting about this and how they can also positively impact the planet which Jacob and his team have championed. Sit back and enjoy the chat.
February 02, 2022
Ep 5, S2 - Lincoln Savage (Yonder Festival Director)
Lincoln Savage is the Director of Yonder Festival and Brisbane Street Art Festival in Queensland, Australia. In this episode, Lincoln shares his love for creating safe, warm experiences that transport you to a new dimension whilst explaining how the DIY nature of raves and parties inspired him to work in events. Gain insight into his journey with festivals, the challenges in event planning along with the proud moments and memories that mean so much. He shares his passion for curation and change and explains why fresh blood and competition can only benefit the music industry. We're chatting about Vast Yonder the agency supporting all his creative projects and his new multi-purpose venue which he's cracking on with amidst COVID. Expect insights in to the Brisbane art and music scene and what to expect from all things Yonder and Australia's largest street art festival. Sit back and enjoy the chat!
January 12, 2022
Ep 4, S2 - Josh Keys (Hopkins Creek Director)
Josh Keys is one of the Directors of Hopkins Creek, a multi-day music festival set in a huge crater in country Victoria, Australia. In the first in-person episode of Creative Connectors we come live from Josh's living room and discuss the birth of Hopkins along with its concept of an intimate gathering in an infinite space. Josh delves into his fascination with dance floors and the energy they create, how profit is poison and authenticity is key. We chat about his connection to the country, giving back to the local community, the wrath and richness provided by mother nature along with the integral role Josh's mum played in helping Hopkins to happen. Expect laughter, drinking, an imaginary hotline and the first-ever chronicle of the Hopkins Creek journey. Sit back and enjoy the in-person Hopkins chat.
December 29, 2021
Ep 3, S2 - Max Stettner (Dragon Dreaming & R.E.G.E.N Festival Director)
Max Stettner is one of the Directors and Event Manager of Dragon Dreaming & R.E.G.E.N Festival which is held in NSW, Australia. In this episode, Max provides insight into his journey from punk bands to electronic music and how tree planting has formed such an integral part of his life and the festivals he's been a part of. We delve into the individuals and influences that led Max to create conscious spaces to party, the misconception of what it costs to put on a sustainable festival, the process for finding a festival site and the importance of engaging the community. Learn more about what to expect from the 2022 edition of Dragon Dreaming & Regen festival, the music production that's had Max in a flow state during lockdown and the elements of his job that he truly loves. Sit back and enjoy the chat!
December 15, 2021
Ep 2, S2 - Lydia Booth (Tonic Tribe & DDR.Live Co-Creator & Performer)
In this episode join Lydia Booth as she shares her journey and passion for festivals through dance, costume design and performance curation. Lydia touches on her early influences including pagan festivals and her love to wiggle, along with her valuable experience living and teaching in Japan. We discuss dance as a form of meditation, the lists that got her through lockdowns and how COVID-19 enabled Lydia to birth a new video streaming business (DDR.Live) in response to events and music moving online. Expect to chat around how innovation and technology can combine with the arts, the importance of creating something with elasticity and finding empowerment in our hidden gifts whilst understanding the journey Lydia has been on with Tonic Tribe. Sit back and enjoy the chat!
November 30, 2021
Ep 1, S2 - Matt Bonner (Festival 23 Creative Director)
Kicking off season 2 with a bang is Matt Bonner, Creative Director of Festival 23. Matt takes us on a wild journey from growing up in South Africa to the hectic UK rave scene that cemented his love for music and community. Hear about the path he paved as Australia became home, working in film/TV on likes of The Matrix whilst also being involved in forest blockade fundraisers and festivals including Let Them Eat Cake, Pitch and Festival 23. Expect travel, tales, tips and learnings along with topics including the synchronicities of life, the power of intention, balancing the ego and how Festival 23 aims to harness the hedonism of the rave with a healing component. Follow Festival 23 on: Festival 23 Insta  Festival 23 Facebook It's so good to be back, so please sit back and enjoy the chat🙏🔺 
November 17, 2021
Ep 30 - Arula (Musician and Sound Healer)
Arula Chelsea Kirby is a Musician, movement teacher and sound healer from the US. Arula takes us on the journey of how societal norms took her away from the arts, and a breakdown threw her back into reviewing her joy for expression. In this episode, Arula talks to festivals as an expression of freedom and places of experimentation as well as healing. We cover topics that include imposter syndrome, shadow work, patience, perseverance whilst also discussing festivals are mirrors and the experience of being a woman in the music industry. Arula not only talks about her personal journey within music production and the genre of dark sensual music, but her response to what's happening in the world with music, whilst also delving into her gifts and offerings within sound healing and talking to the power of music for humans. Sit back and enjoy the musical chat.
October 06, 2021
Ep 29 - Mihai Baba (Light Artist)
Mihai Baba of Biangle Studio is an international Light Artist who created the Ghost Ship, a high-tech art installation consisting of a life sized sailing ship reproduced as an immaterial image on water screens. In this episode Mihai takes us on his journey from studying architecture, self learning projection mapping and how the platform of Amsterdam Light Art Festival changed the course of his career and life. We discus the process of applying and executing art on a large scale, the danger of vanity metrics, nuances of the light art community, art competition submission tips and lessons he's learnt throughout his journey. The Ghost Ship has been showcased at festivals including Amsterdam Light Festival, Spotlight Bucharest, Berlin Leuchtet and more. so sit back and enjoy the chat.
September 22, 2021
EP 28 - Suseri (Techno & Progressive DJ)
Suseri is a Techno and Progressive DJ from Japan now residing in Melbourne who has played Australia's biggest festivals and toured Japan. In this episode Suseri shares how one night changed the course of her life, the importance on goals, making music for you and going after your passion. We chat about the scene and DJs she took inspiration from in Japan, her experience moving to Australia as a non-English speaking individual and how a CD took her from garlic picking to playing main stage at earthcore. We discuss the highs and richness of life, along with what caused her to remove music from her life and leave the scene for two years, plus what brought her back. Suseri has a spirit and energy like no other, so tune in to hear her fearless journey through music. Sit back and enjoy the chat🙏
September 08, 2021
Ep 27 - Marie Poliak (Art Car Fabricator & Creative Director)
Marie Poliak is a Creative Director and Art Fabricator. Marie along with her crew created The Prodigal Swan, Heavy Meta Dragon and now the Meta Phoenix which are art cars you can find at Burning Man and events across the US. In this episode, Marie provides insight into the process behind creating these large mythical moving beasts, how these pieces have created communities of 150+ people and inspired other art cars to be created. Marie also shares the empowerment she and other women have felt learning how to weld and use power tools and how this helps you to see the world through a new lens. We discuss what festivals and their communities mean in culture, how we can positively move forward from COVID-19, the challenges that come with making art cars and the importance of creating the world we want to live in.
August 24, 2021
Ep 26 - Mark Swartz (Feather Edge Founder)
Mark Swartz is the Founder of Feather Edge a team who design and install sculptures, festival experiences and activations across Australia. In this episode, Mark chats about how turning paddocks into a wonderland became his passion, and subsequently led him and 3 others to create Loco Festival. We discuss the excitement of challenges and collaboration, the highs and lows of running your own festival along with the importance of community engagement, and how festivals should be considered a high-risk activity similar to skiing. Mark shares his perspective on festivals as a reset/ refresh button, and Feather Edges's vision to use public sculpture as a way to bring the creativity and the innovation you experience in festivals to our cities and communities on a more permanent basis. Sit back and enjoy the chat!
August 02, 2021
Ep 25 - Matthew Rosadoni (Founder of WTFluff & Viral Happiness)
Matthew Rosadoni is the Founder of WTFluff a plush festival installation space, and Viral Happiness which is a free Melbourne event encouraging individuals to explore and express their creativity. In this episode, we delve into his journey building these unique offerings inspired by festivals, his love for plush, dreams for the future, and how COVID-19 offered a pivot into commercial project management. Expect heart-warming stories, wild ideas, enthusiastic energy, and lessons in communication and transferable skills. Sit back and enjoy the plush chat.
July 18, 2021
Ep 24 - Selva (Cosmic Convergence Festival, Art Director & Artist)
Selva is the Art Director for Cosmic Convergence Festival, a multi-day conscious event offering music, art, and education in Central America. In this episode, Selva explains her journey from the Milan fashion world through to running a festival in Guatemala. She provides insight into their unique social outreach program and how the festival and her fashion brand (Conscious Convergence) support the Mayan community, whilst also offering insight into sustainable design practices. We chat about connecting to your heart through creation, building trust with indigenous communities, repurposing materials, and the importance of pushing forward with ideas that have an impact. Sit back and enjoy the chat.
July 04, 2021
Ep 23 - Luke Poulson (Quest Festival Director & Event Operations)
Luke Poulson is one of the previous Directors of Quest Festival in Vietnam and now continues to work in event operations internationally. In this episode, Luke takes us on his journey from creating events in the English woodland as a kid, to becoming one of the directors of Vietnam's first multi-day music and art festivals. The story and detail behind why and how Quest Festival stopped so abruptly after many years of success have not been shared publicly to date, so grab a cup of tea and settle in for this one. Luke opens up about the emotional journey that brought Quest to a close whilst also providing some of the most entertaining memories I think we'll ever hear on this podcast. Expect tears, a lot of laughter and a sneak peek into the wild and wondrous world of running a festival in Vietnam. Sit back and enjoy the chat, because this is one episode not to be missed.
June 20, 2021
Ep 22 - Justin Rudge (Port Fairy Folk Festival Program Director)
Justin Rudge is the Program Director for Port Fairy Folk Festival.  In this episode we discus his journey from musician to Director and the learnings he's discovered along the way. We're delving into the need for more collaboration, festivals as a platform for positive challenge, striking balance, and the magical moments that will stick with him from across his career. Justin also sheds light on his move to Madrid, the cultural nuances of international events, his top tips for finding 'your thing' within the industry and much more. So sit back enjoy the chat. 
June 06, 2021
Ep 21 - David Tait (Twisted Frequency Festival, Event Organiser)
David Tait is the event organiser for Twisted Frequency, a multi-day underground New Years festival in NZ. In this episode we're delving into his journey growing and evolving the event, the wider festival landscape in NZ and the challenges that come with organising events in a smaller country. Discover how and when David feels weaponised and at his strongest, his insights into sharing responsibility and keeping the peace along with the moves happening in the music scene. We also chat about the positives that came out of COVID-19, the plague of tall poppy syndrome, social politics and drama mitigation. So sit back and enjoy the chat - Kia ora
May 23, 2021
Ep 20 - Kyra Bramble (Burning Wings Author & More Pleaze Founder)
Kyra Bramble is a powerhouse from the US, 11-year burner, author of Burning Wings, Chef and More Pleaze Founder. In this episode, Kyra takes us on her journey from being a tour baby right through to publishing a book based on her first experience of Burning Man. We're chatting about everything from writing tips, how to manage volunteers, conscious food, and the importance of play. Expect topics including cultural appropriation, intention setting, vulnerability, and how festivals have supported Kyra exploring and fostering every aspect of her being.
May 09, 2021
Ep 19 - Shannon Moroney (Handsdown & Leigh Boy DJ + Euphorie Bezirk Records Founder)
Shannon Moroney is one half of the techno duo Handsdown & Leigh Boy, along with being Euphorie Bezirk Records Founder. In this episode we delve into Shannon's journey from metal to heavy techno, the dedication and hard graft he put into his DJ career, and how this has taken him to Australia's biggest electronic festivals including Strawberry Fields, Elements, and Rainbow Serpent to name a few. We explore important topics including suicide, mental health and discover the impact COVID had on him as an artist, along with how it felt to play Sydney Myer Music bowl as lockdowns lifted. Shannon also sheds light on his purpose-fuelled vision for Hope Fest, a new project that aims to combine doof culture with mental health awareness and self-development. Sit back and enjoy the chat. 
April 11, 2021
Ep 18 - Matt Backhouse (Jai Thep Festival Director)
Matt Backhouse is one of the Directors for Jai Thep Festival in Thailand. In this episode, Matt takes us on a journey from his involvement in animal welfare through to his baptism of fire into the world of festival culture. We delve into the emotional intelligence and skills he's gained along the way, the importance of art and expression, and the role festivals play in helping us to coexist and connect peacefully on this planet. It's honest, authentic, and an open conversation covering everything from creativity to mental health. Expect insights into the Jai Thep community, their commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and how they create their magic. Sit back and enjoy the chat with two northerners who love tea and a good chinwag.
March 07, 2021
Ep 17 - Asher Luber (Director of Elite Image Events, The Timber Yard & The Petting Zoo Festival)
Asher Luber is the Director of a number of businesses centred in festivals and events including Elite Image Events, The Timber Yard and The Petting Zoo Festival. A man with a huge amount of passion and experience, we're talking about everything from giant flying disco balls, his experience working on the infamous Fyre festival and the differences between the US and Australian festival scene. Tune in as Asher takes us on his journey from an early age in event land, right through to managing some of the biggest festivals in the US and combatting criminal activity as part of his role. Sit back and enjoy this passionate chat.
February 21, 2021
Ep 16 - Lea Lewin (Treecreds Managing Director)
Lea Lewin is the Managing Director of Treecreds, a support, management and advocacy agency for climate change mitigation. Treedcreds work with festivals and artists alike to support events and tours having less impact on the environment around us. Delve into Lea's journey from practicing law, through to being the first face that greets you at the festival gates. We're discussing the role of environmental education, carbon calculators, generational shifts in attitudes and how festivals enable us to be generous, creative and set new rules. Sit back and enjoy the enviro chat.
February 07, 2021
Ep 15 - Paul Abad (Earth Frequency Festival Director)
Paul Abad is the Director of Earth Frequency Festival and long time music promoter. In this episode, we discuss his journey from throwing underground and land care parties, through to developing an annual, intention-based, and sustainably driven festival. We delve into the challenges that come with growing an event, the rise of compliance culture, community complaints, and discovering the impact of your event. Gain insight into the industry trends Paul has observed, the amazing creative collaborations he's enabled, and how the broader media narrative needs to change to the positive outcomes of festival experiences. Sit back and enjoy the chat, this is an awesome deep dive into the festival industry and Paul's creative mind.
January 24, 2021
Ep 14 - Damian Meredith (Performer & Performance Curator)
Damian Meredith is an established performer, founder of Movement Décor (independent contemporary performance art collective) and curator of performance for festivals which have included Esoteric and Strawberry Fields. In this episode we explore his passion for community and sustainability, trends in performance submissions and what he looks out for when curating a stage. Expect giggles, red hot tips, an intro to 'trash performance' and compelling conversations around harm reduction and why you should be spending more time at performance stages. Sit back and enjoy the chat.
January 03, 2021
Ep 13 - Grace Darling (Creative Producer & Director)
Grace Darling is a creative producer who has been involved with many festivals across Australia in varying shapes and forms, from Pitch Music & Arts, Strawberry Fields Festival, Let Them Eat Cake and more. Grace now also acts as Creative Director for Gaytimes Festival which offers a weekend of music, art, community, sexuality and self-expression for the LGBTIQ community. In this episode we delve into her journey to date, how she nearly quit events all together, human behaviour at festivals, the disconnect between event producers and attendees and some valuable pieces of advice for anyone looking to work in the festival space. Sit back and enjoy the chat and gain a great perspective from a female point of view within the events industry.
December 20, 2020
Ep 12 - Clayton Blake (Large Scale Installation Artist)
Clayton Blake is an Australian large scale installation artist who aims to stir the pot, get people thinking and bring awareness to important messages around sometimes challenging or confronting topics. In this episode we chat about his journey as an artist, the trials and tribulations he's faced along the way, right through to the landscape of large scale art festivals and their importance in society.  Tune in to hear Clayton talk first hand about the impactful support of the Burning Man community and his first delve into AR, the artists that inspire him and what keeps his motivation for producing art alive. Sit back and enjoy the art chat.
November 22, 2020
Ep 11 - Holland (Multidisciplinary Artist)
Holland is a Multidisciplinary Artist from the US, now based in Vietnam. With a background in art and education, Holland offers some valuable perspectives into how festivals can send long term educational ripples to a population. We chat about the challenges and opportunities of working in a foreign country, how sustainability lies at the heart of his work and his approach to experimenting with environments in a progressive way. Tune in today for a fresh new view on the world of festivals and what they offer to individuals and communities.
November 08, 2020
Ep 10 - Lev Shani (Paradigm Festival Director)
Lev Shani is one of the directors at Paradigm Festival. Tune into this episode to hear his alternative path to becoming a festival director, the major curveballs and last-minute changes he's had to manage along the way and how important problem-solving is to success. We're talking about everything from fight or flight mode for businesses during Covid, pill testing, the importance and power of a team, right through to how running a festival can be the most rewarding experience of your life. So sit back and enjoy the chat.
October 25, 2020
Ep 9 - Lana Scoville (Within_space, Founder & Artist)
Lana Scoville is a multi-disciplinary artist working on bespoke and sustainable sculptures that have been featured at festivals including Strawberry Fields, Rainbow Serpent, Esoteric Festival and beyond. Tune in to hear her journey from studying art at RMIT, through to managing a team for Within_space, stage builds, sustainability and her move to use art to influence the next generation. We're chatting about the big lessons she's learnt along the way, how festivals have changed and the importance of connection and intention within the festival space. Sit back and enjoy the chat!
October 11, 2020
Ep 8 - Jason Rahilly (B-Alternative Founder)
Jason Rahilly is the founder of B-Alternative a grassroots, environmental solutions group shaking things up at festivals, schools and beyond. We're chatting about everything from female leaders, ancestors, the need for more kindness in the world, through to how festivals have enabled B-Alternative to make measurable positive impact. Jason's mission is to literally go out of business, so come hear some inspiring words and understand how you can be the change we need in the world and the role festivals have played in his journey to-date.
September 27, 2020
Ep 7 - Anna-Maria Flynn (Eclectica Founder)
Anna-Maria Flynn is the founder of Eclectica, a performance collective and school of mystery that empowers women to find their creative gifts within and express their true self. Hear her journey on learning to trust intuition, explore self-worth and how to push pass self-limiting beliefs in order to grow. Discover how festivals acted as platform for art and performance to become ceremony, and the way a sense of tribe can be transformational. This episode offers a beautiful view on festivals and the unique experience they offer to all, expect grounding advice and important discussion around female empowerment. 
September 13, 2020
Ep 6 - Tigre Bailando (Installation Artist)
Tigre Bailando is a large scale installation artist who talks to festivals as a foundation to the human experience, centred in connection and community. Discover how Tigre's work encourages individuals to reconnect, delve into a deeper sense of self and empower those parts of you to feel free within the world.  Having showcased work at Lightening in a Bottle, Rainbow Serpent, Burning Man and more, come on a journey of creativity, connection and discover insights into the world of festival art and beyond in this episode.
August 30, 2020
Ep 5 - Stefanos Makroyiannis (Gumm & Novel Head of Marketing)
Stefanos Makroyiannis aka Gumm is not only an artist, but also heads up the Marketing team for Novel. Tune in to hear his journey from throwing beach parties, landing his dream job, through to releasing music and playing Pitch Music & Arts Festival. Expect chat around getting your foot in the door, pushing forward with your passion and plenty of chat around his festival experiences.
August 16, 2020
Ep 4 - Patrick Holmes (The Hammock Temple Founder)
Pat Holmes is the creator of The Hammock Temple, which brings nurturing spaces to festivals with a focus on connection and expansion. An individual centred in creativity and community he also shows up through Poems4Trade and has some great stories to share. Tune in to discover the importance of down time at festivals, why we're addicted to the freedom these events offer along with chats on bringing a childhood dream to fruition during COVID-19.
August 02, 2020
Ep 3 - Tara Medina (Strawberry Fields Festival Director)
Tara Medina is one of the directors for Strawberry Fields Festival who is here to share her story from starting a festival at a scout camp with friends to what we all know and love Strawberry to be today.  Expect chat around the role festivals play in culture and society, what it takes to be a festival director, to composting toilets, wild foods and regenerative agriculture.
August 02, 2020
Ep2 - Louis Tobin (Moontide)
Louis Tobin aka Moontide takes us on a journey from jumping the fence at Blues Fest in Byron Bay and playing in hardcore bands, through to becoming an accomplished electronic artist playing festivals including Rainbow Serpent and Strawberry Fields. Expect topics including astrology, art, music, random stories and plenty of laughter.
August 02, 2020
Creative Connectors Intro
Thanks for checking out Creative Connectors. This first mini episode is just a quick intro on what this podcast is all about. I hope that you'll enjoy the different individuals who come on for a chat and be inspired by how they show up in the world and shine their light. At a time dominated by COVID-19 where festivals can't happen, this aims to remind everyone on their importance, role and the community they create.  I welcome feedback and if you are or know someone who would like to come on for a chat, please get in touch! If this is your kinda jam, please subscribe, share with friends and tune in each fortnight for new episodes. 
August 02, 2020