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The Creativity Roots Podcast

The Creativity Roots Podcast

By Ronald Paredes
Creativity is at the top of our basic human needs and is a natural expression of our species that has been repressed to our own detriment. Creativity Roots is an exploration of our extraordinary capacity to be creative; a movement to rediscover our natural ability to innovate.
We will do this by demystifying creativity, expanding our understanding of ourselves and embracing our own potential to innovate.
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Celebrating International Podcast Day - Creativity Roots - S1E12

The Creativity Roots Podcast

Cultural Appropriation - Creativity Roots - S3E28
Creativity Roots - Episode 28 by Ronald Paredes Cultural appropriation its a controversy in its own term, culture doesn’t belong to anyone, it doesn’t have intellectual property so it can not be appropriated. Culture is an ever-changing and developing entity in which we are all born, raised, and assimilated. Cultures or aspects of culture being reinterpreted, adapted, and used as a base for new expressions is only natural. When we prevent others from using some aspects of our culture we are isolating it, and a culture that is isolated is condemned to disappear. We need to encourage cultural enrichment, diversity, and evolution by allowing people to use it as a springboard or their own creativity. - Music featured in this episode: Gambia by Sona Jobarteh Hona by Boubacar Traoré Complementary videos and links: Toronto gallery cancels exhibit of white artist's paintings over complaints of cultural appropriation Picasso's African-influenced Period - 1907 to 1909 VCU student goes viral for response to cultural appropriation criticism Can White people have dreadlocks? Joe Rogan Rants About Cultural Appropriation "It's stupid!" What Defines Cultural Appropriation? | i-D - Visit for more of this episode Support the podcast at Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots
May 27, 2020
Evaluating Our Cultures - Creativity Roots - S3E27
Creativity Roots - Episode 27 by Ronald Paredes Cultures are alive entities that evolve, adapt, mature, and change with time. It is important not only to study, understand and preserve our cultures but also to abolish some of the practices and behaviors that do not correspond with our times and with the state of our human evolution as modern and developed societies. We must evaluate our cultures and turn them into practices that enrich and strengthen our identity, cultures that are respectful and considerate to all the members of our societies. The music featured in this episode was: Free Fall by Dave Johnston from the album World Didgeridoo Vibes Volume 1 - Visit for more of this episode Support the podcast at Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots
May 18, 2020
Conversation with Brendan Davis - Creativity Roots - S3E26
Creativity Roots - Episode 26 by Ronald Paredes Brendan Davis is a filmmaker, producer, consultant, and prolific podcaster with three active podcasts, Big Fish in The Middle Kingdom, How China Works, and If I Knew You Better, additionally he is involved in current film projects which includes three movies and in the creation process of a TV series of his own inspiration. His name is included in the credits of several movies, short films, documentaries in roles that range from sound operator, acting, editor, writer, producer, and director. His most recent involvement in film projects is the newly released documentary film “Crazy Hot” in which he is a writer, and as producer in “My Favorite Season”, film that at the moment of releasing this episode its been nominated for best picture at the International Fashion Film Award 2020. Brendan Davis at IMDb Crazy Hot (Documentary) Instagram: @brendankdavis - The music featured in this episode was: Damien Escobar in a HipHop Violin Freestyle performance IG: @dameesco SoundCloud: Dameesco Youtube: Damien Escobar - Visit for more of this episode Support the podcast at Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots
May 08, 2020
Labor Day Episode - Follow Your Own Path - Creativity Roots - S3E25
Creativity Roots - Episode 25 by Ronald Paredes It is terrible to spend your entire life frustrated stuck in a job that doesn’t motivate you only to wake up at 50 years old to find out that you have wasted your entire life and you don’t even know who you are and what you really want to do with your life. This episode it’s a Labor Day tribute to all those who in these terrible circumstances are putting all their heart, passion, love, and expertise to keep us safe and helping us battle this terrible pandemic. The closing song is called Ovation performed by Masterkhisis Instagram: @masterkhisis80 Visit for more of this episode Support the podcast at Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots
May 01, 2020
Interview with Ronald Paredes - Co-release by Brendan Davis
Creativity Roots - Episode 24 by Brendan Davis / Ronald Paredes This is a co-release of an interview to me by Brendan Davis with the title “RONALD PAREDES | Floating in Uncertain Waters” originally posted on his podcasts “If I knew You Better” and “Big Fish In The Middle Kingdom” where we talk about my career as an artist/designer and my current living situation in China. Links to both original shows below: Visit for more of this episode Support the podcast at Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots
April 30, 2020
Change Happens Within - Creativity Roots - S3E23
Creativity Roots - Episode 23 by Ronald Paredes Note: For those listeners located in mainland China the podcast is accessible by using a VPN connection. The first quarter of 2020 has been completely overtaken by the COVID-19 pandemic that took us all by surprise, disrupted our lives and created an economic crisis like we probably have never seen before. This situation has forced us to rethink our relationship with ourselves and the way we live and we are all expecting changes however we tend to think of change as something that will happen somewhere, somehow without thinking about our role in such change, same like with creativity we think of it as something external and out of our control. How Change is related to creativity and how much of a role we have in it? Music break by Empress Ellehcim performing Tujja, find her on SoundCloud: Visit for more of this episode Support the podcast at Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots
April 21, 2020
Conversation with Stephanie Fuccio - Creativity Roots - S2E22
Creativity Roots - Episode 22 by Ronald Paredes Stephanie Fuccio is a fellow podcaster, but not an ordinary one. She has made of her passion for podcasting, communication, connectivity, culture, and education an amazing mix that is already touching and influencing those who follow and listen to her with engaging, interesting and I might add, a continuous stream of online content. Stephanie is currently producing 4 regular and very active podcasts, Virtual Expats, Changing Scripts, Geopats, and the most recent called Creatively Complicated which she co-hosts with Summer Rylander. Although she insists on calling herself not-creative she is the personification of what I think is the most important aspect every creator should have, the crystallization of the ideas, which are the same as non-existent until we actually put them out to the world and that is what Steph does so well. That doesn’t mean she is just indiscriminately putting stuff out, she is actually producing, curating and editing everything she is sharing which is incredible to me, given the immense amount of work this represents. Instagram: @stephfuccio The Creator for this episode was: Masterkhisis Performing: Awakening SoundCloud: Instagram: @masterkhisis80 Visit for more of this episode Support the podcast at Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots
August 28, 2019
Conversation with Alëna Olasyuk - Creativity Roots - S2E21
Alëna Olasyuk is an Ukrainian artist who lives and works in Beijing. She graduated from the Arts College in Khmelnytsky city and later complementing her studies at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology where she obtained degrees in arts and media. Since then she has been working with a variety of mediums, such as oil paintings, ink on paper, woodcut print and piercing art. I met Alëna and started following her work through several art and creativity related on line groups. Although it would be a while before we got to meet in person I was already fond of her cool personality.  In several occasions Alena shared on these groups her deep rooted interest in the phenomenon of creativity and that sparked even further my curiosity even further. This is a conversation I was really looking forward to.  Find more about Alëna Olasyuk and her work here:  linkedin:  facebook:  instagram:  instagram:  tumblr: The Creator for this episode was: Mariana Savchenko Performing: Music Is My Only Guide  soundcloud: Visit for more of this episode  Support the podcast at  Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at  Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots 
July 27, 2019
Conversation with Yolanda Vom Hagen - Creativity Roots - S2E20
Creativity Roots - Episode 20 by Ronald Paredes  I first met Yolanda through a social media art group when she was making a call for volunteers to participate in one of her photography projects. The first time I met her in person the first impression is this very tall and slender, beautiful and unpretentious woman, then I got to talk to her and I was immediately hit by her insightful and caring personality, it only takes a few seconds to know what Yolanda is all about because of her blunt honesty, an aspect of her personality that she admits sometimes gets her in trouble.  I was chasing this interview for a while because I knew Yolanda would give me a very interesting view of her creative process and she delivered.  Find more of Yolanda and her work at: The music at the end of the episode is from an Indie Rock band called Stray Monroe, find more of them at:  Facebook –  Twitter –  Instagram –  YouTube –  Visit for more of this episode  Support the podcast at  Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at  Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots 
February 20, 2019
Love Induced Creativity - Creativity Roots - S2E19
Creativity Roots - Episode 19 by Ronald Paredes  Note: For those listeners located in mainland China the podcast is accessible by using a VPN connection.  At the moment of recording this podcast, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day and what a perfect day to think about the effects that love have on us, especially when it comes to creativity, what is it about love that provokes in us that urge to express our love creatively. There a scientific reason to that and it has to do with a change produced in the way we think and most importantly in a disruption of our logical thinking process. Love drives us crazy and that is a wonderful thing.  In this episode I cite a couple of articles about the studies on our thinking process when we are in love and how people involved in healthy relationships live longer, you can find those in the following links: The creator for Valentine’s Day is my dear friend Gemini George performing his song Evening Melody, find him on his website:  Visit for more of this episode  Support the podcast at  Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at  Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots 
February 14, 2019
I'm Back - Creativity Roots - S2E18
Creativity Roots - Episode 18 by Ronald Paredes  After a year that closed with struggles that prevented me from producing the podcast regularly, The Creativity Roots Podcast is back with a season 2. It was difficult, but the year ended up well, with a lot of work and interesting projects that kept me extremely busy. A lot of learning, and a lot of new information that I want to share with you.  For the creator, we have once again the wonderful Empress Ellehcim with a song called "I a woman", listen to her most recent work at: or Visit for more of this episode  Support the podcast at  Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at  Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots 
February 09, 2019
Falling Victims of Ignorance - Creativity Roots - S1E16
Creativity Roots - Episode 16 by Ronald Paredes After all the tragic events that keep happening under our noses I can’t help to think that we have failed to ourselves, we have fallen victims of our own ignorance, our lack of education, our incapacity to sustain all the social battles that we fought and won in the past, because of our bad choices. Societal deceases like racism, inequality, homophobia, xenophobia, antisemitism, intolerance, and the worst of all white supremacism, all signs of a great ignorance, fear and manipulation. When we educate ourselves and most importantly our children, we prevent falling for manipulations from populist and criminals, people with questionable characters that we have put in positions of power and influence. We can’t keep failing to ourselves, we need to develop a generation of individuals with the capacity to make better choices, to analyze, discern, and understand the consequences of making decisions out of manipulation, disinformation and ignorance. The creator this week is a guy called Don Draper and his upbeat and delightful song “Got U" Find more of him at: Visit for more of this episode Support the podcast at Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots
November 08, 2018
Reflections on Education - Creativity Roots - S1E15
Creativity Roots - Episode 15 by Ronald Paredes In this episode I reflect on my own experience teaching to a group of highly unmotivated and disengaged group of high school students who have turned this way by being enclosed for several years in sterile classrooms, under an educational regime the stifle their creativity and forced them to fit into standardized mentality, hence repressing who they really are. We know this is wrong and yet we keep trusting the education of our kids to these institutions that very often care more about fulfilling a program than forming strong and critical individuals The creator this week is a woman I came across in the internet called Jessica Hart with her song "Soul Phazed” a very enjoyable and delightful tune Find more of here at: Visit for more of this episode Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at Also, follow me on Instagram @creativityroots
October 23, 2018
Don't Chase Fame - Creativity Roots - S1E14
Creativity Roots - Episode 14 by Ronald Paredes Like money, fame should never be the purpose for doing anything in life, since the arrival of the internet the idea of fame has completely changed, everybody with a camera and an outrageous behavior now have the chance to become famous by simply pulling pranks on people or making some stupid challenges that many times have ended up badly. We have to be more selective about what we consume, what kind of role model we have in our life, who are we following. Fame is an illusion, is temporal, it vanishes with time and not necessarily leaving something relevant behind. Instead of fame, we should work for legacy, by producing work that is relevant, important, of benefit to somebody, something constructive. The creators this week are the Venezuelan duo from Masseratti 2Lts and their theme “Levantate”. Find them at Visit for more of this episode and Masseratti 2Lts Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at
October 16, 2018
Building on Criticism - Creativity Roots - S1E13
Creativity Roots - Episode 13 by Ronald Paredes Have you ever being so afraid of being judged or criticized? Criticism is one of the biggest inhibitors that creators and pretty much everybody face, every single person in this planet experienced it constantly, it can completely restrain you from expressing your ideas regardless of how well you do, in fact, the better you do more exposed you are to judgment and criticism. For a confident person, with a healthy level of self-esteem and fully aware of their motivation and purpose, criticism represents a source of information an opportunity for growth. Criticism is a signal that there is some conventionalism that is being broken, it means that the work it’s having an impact, negative or positive but there is something moving and changing and changes always make some people uncomfortable. * Don’t receive criticism with arrogance * Maintain your work aligned to the highest possible purpose * Be open-minded and objective enough to listen and adjust but never compromise on your idea The creator this week is the recurrent and always powerful Krystal Gypsy Orellano with her poetry piece called “Normal” Visit for more of this episode and Krystal Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at
October 08, 2018
Celebrating International Podcast Day - Creativity Roots - S1E12
Creativity Roots - Episode 12 by Ronald Paredes Today is September 30th, and we are celebrating #InternationalPodcastDay. It is a good day to think about the reasons why we started podcasting, obviously we all have something we think is worth saying, maybe we feel that we represent a group of people with some specific need or maybe some of us just want to entertain. Whatever it is the motivation for us to get in front of the microphone we need to be always aware that we are occupying a space, that we are stirring a pot somewhere, that we are influencing people and for that reason is important to be aware that all this comes with a responsibility. Congratulations to all my fellow podcasters! Happy #InternationalPodcastDay! Visit my website:
September 29, 2018
Chef Nino Scordo - Creativity Roots - S1E11
Creativity Roots - Episode 11 by Ronald Paredes Chef Nino at the Pacific Restaurant at the Jinling Hotel in Nanjing is without a question one of the most interesting people I have met in all my years in China, his approach to producing menus, creating dishes and serving is very unique, he enjoys creating an entire experience where all the senses are involved, even those senses we didn’t know we had, Nino believes that we possess 7 senses adding emotion and thinking to the traditional 5 ones, and they should all participate in the enjoyment of his food. Visit for more information and images. Remember to send your creative work, comments, and feedback at
September 24, 2018
Summary on Identity - Creativity Roots - S1E10
Creativity Roots - Episode 10 by Ronald Paredes Note: For those listeners located in mainland China the podcast is accessible by using a VPN connection. Given the importance of developing a sense of identity I feel is necessary to summarize the topic and emphasize some important information about it. I mention an experiment about isolation called "In Solitary: The Anti Social Experiment” that you can find int he following the link: The Vanuatu Women's Water Music documentary directed by Tim Cole can be found at The World Didgeridoo Vibes is available at The creator this week was Gemini George performing his song Full Foolish Moon, find him on his website: and more information at:
September 17, 2018
Benj Kinenga Mushila - Creativity Roots - S1E9
Creativity Roots - Episode 9 by Ronald Paredes Conversation with Benj Kinenga Mushila, Congolese visual artist and painter Check the Creativity Roots website for more information about Benj Kinenga Mushila and his work. Originally from the Republic of Congo, Benj Kinenga Mushila is a visual artist who regardless of his young age has developed, through consistent and disciplined work, a very mature and distinctive technique of painting. Using mainly oil painting and knives he basically places chunks of color one on top of the other to create impressionist like compositions rich with a very expressive texture, to me, it looks like painting with pieces of melted candy. The themes of his painting are usually attached to his African cultural roots, daily life scenes, the market, the walking, the working, and even the struggles. Find more from Benji at Contact The Creativity Roots Podcast by mail: IG @creativityroots
September 09, 2018
What is your Identity - Creativity Roots - S1E8
Creativity Roots - Episode 8 by Ronald Paredes Identity is probably the most important aspect of an individual, it is what helps us identify ourselves with the different social groups we interact with, giving us a sense of belonging. Knowing who are, where we come from, having a strong sense of identity can help us to be more social adaptable. Lack of an identity can create great conflict that can be of great detriment to our mental and physical health and maybe even make us incur in criminal behavior. Our identity can be a rich source of material for our creative activities. The featured creator for this week is once again Krystal (Gypsy) Orellano with a wonderful piece called “Who I am” Enjoy!
September 02, 2018
Sabine Ichikawa Ph.D. - Creativity Roots - S1E7
Creativity Roots - Episode 7 by Ronald Paredes Conversation with Sabine Ichikawa Ph.D., researcher, conference speaker, developer of programs in luxury and creative industries in Europe & Asia, currently living and working in Shanghai for the last six years. Currently, Sabine Ichikawa is working on a research that focuses on identifying the resources and characteristics that make of the city of Shanghai a potential fashion capital and a creative city of international relevance. Check the Creativity Roots website for more information about Sabine Ichikawa and her work.
August 26, 2018
Summary Episode 1-5 - Creativity Roots - S1E6
Creativity Roots Summary Episode 1-5 by Ronald Paredes After reaching the episode number 5 I wanted to make a summary of the topic we touched in the previous episodes to remind ourselves of those things that we know so well but we tend to take for granted, also for those who are landing into this thing and are starting to listen they will find in this a review of what we have been talking about so far.
August 22, 2018
Define Your Success - Creativity Roots - S1E5
Creativity Roots - Episode 5 - hosted by Ronald Paredes Success is one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of our life. There are external factors that pretend to enforce on us an idea of success that is confusing and wrong, family, friends, partners, society, in general, make us believe that success is determined by wealth, possessions, fame, recognition, titles, diplomas, power and influence, and we grow up thinking these are the rights things to pursue in life, our goals, when in reality these should be the consequences of a life pursuing our real passion working to achieve those things that we really love. It is important to define what is your personal idea of success and happiness and work with discipline and commitment to achieve those REAL life goals. For the Creator featured this week we go once again with Empress Ellehcim, she introduces herself and explains her source of inspiration for her creative work and perform her song “Listen To My Lion”
August 15, 2018
Embracing Failure - Creativity Roots - S1E4
Failure can be either a perception or an attitude and it only happens in our brain and later it manifest in our life. We must understand how failure was first implanted in our mind as a concept at a very early age, how it works in our perception and how the fear of it is one of the first and strongest creativity inhibitors. To overcome the fear of failure and redefine it's meaning is one of the first and biggest steps in acknowledging our innate capacity of being creative. Failure is a healthy and necessary part of any process that can not be avoided, the best way to deal with it is to set our mind with the fact that it will happen and that it must be embraced with an open mind. Only that attitude will allow us to learn from it and take advantage of the outcome to develop further. The song played at the end of the episode is called "Nothingness" and it was composed and performed by the beautiful Empress Ellehcim, a multi-talented Micronesian artist, singer, and performer.
August 07, 2018
Brain Gymnastics - Creativity Roots - S1E3
Creativity Roots - Episode 3 - hosted by Ronald Paredes I closed the previous episode with the claim that creativity makes us better human beings, which sounds a lot like self-help voodoo, since that’s not what we are doing here, in this episode we talk about what is the process taking place in our brain when we start engaging with creative work. I clarify that creativity is not exclusively what an artist produce but also what scientists or anybody in any other discipline or practice can use or do by innovating, by doing things differently and breaking patterns. I also talk about how these activities that force the brain to step out of the comfort zone, to learn and to make new connections represent a way to keep our brain young and healthy. Exciting news, our first creative feature it's a powerful piece of poetry submitted by Krystal (Gypsy) Orellano Weldon, titled “I Speak These Words”. You can also submit your work at:
July 31, 2018
Creativity it's a Human Need - Creativity Roots - S1E2
I can not think of a better way to start making the case of creativity being not only an essential part of our existence but in fact a human need, than talking about Maslow and his pyramid of human needs. The American psychologist Abraham Maslow created what is called the Maslow Pyramid of Human Needs in which he identifies the basic human necessities for survival, well being and motivation. In this diagram, he organized those needs from the most primordial and basic ones such as food, air, sleep, and sex to the most elevated ones such as self-actualization, in which creativity is amongst the factors included in this tier, which was at the very top of the pyramid before Maslow added self-transcendence. As creativity is a human need we must try to engage with it in every possible way, every day of our life. Engage with creativity doesn’t necessarily mean stand in front of a canvas or sit in the piano, simple steps like a good read or simply listen to some good music are a good start.
July 25, 2018
The Creativity Roots Podcast - S1E1
The Creativity Roots Podcast hosted by Ronald Paredes - Episode 1 I wanted to start by giving a brief introduction about who I am, what I have been doing as a professional creative and my motivations behind hosting a creativity podcast. The idea of sharing my experience and information working as a creative in a way that is palatable and easy to understand to those who haven’t had the chance of being in contact with creativity and feel intimidated by it. The ultimate intention is to encourage people to rediscover the creative confidence that we all had once when we were kids and that went away as we grew up. I hope the information that you find in this series serves the purpose intended which is to encourage people to become a better individual through the development of their creative capacities. An intense thanks to my gorgeous and super talented friend Michelle Masiwemai for composing the opening music that you will hear at the beginning of every podcast.
July 18, 2018