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Creator Cast with Cody and Kris

Creator Cast with Cody and Kris

By CreatorCast
Cody Briner and Kris Risner are creators in the St. Louis area who love to chat design, photography, and video. We will also be interviewing Creators from different fields. -- Want to be on the podcast? Email us: ! Creatorcast finally has their own instagram! Follow the creators on Instagram: Kris: @iamkrisrisner & Cody: @cody.briner &
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Meet The Creators

Creator Cast with Cody and Kris

10 Freelancing and Small Business Myths Every Creator Has Heard
In this episode Cody and Kris chat about myths that freelancers and small business owners have heard. 
January 15, 2020
Looking back on 2019 and What to Expect in 2020
Cody and Kris take a look back at the year of 2019 on social media and discuss what we think will happen in 2020. 
January 08, 2020
Special New Years Episode: Setting Goals and Accomplishing Them
In this special New Years Episode Cody and Kris discuss setting goals and the best way to accomplish them. We talk about our goals last year and we also discuss our goals for next year! 
December 30, 2019
Discussing BUDGETS with Your Clients
Cody and Kris talk about pricing and how to discuss budgets with your clients. Getting paid and negotiating your price are both very important aspects of being a freelancer and we walk you through how we do it. 
December 18, 2019
OK BOOMER - Content Strategies for the Different Generations
Cody and Kris discuss the different ways that you generation can impact your content strategy. You won't find a bunch of boomers on Tik Tok or Millenials on Facebook. How should you account for this when making your strategy? 
December 11, 2019
Interacting with Clients | Clients 101
In this episode Cody and Kris give the lowdown on clients. Once you've landed your first client you want to make sure you are handling them properly so that everybody is happy! Remember - Your client is not your boss, there should be a certain level of respect that goes both ways! 
December 04, 2019
6 Months of Podcasting! What Did We Learn?
We are finally back! We recorded this a few months ago, but now we are really making our return. In this episode we discuss what we learned in the last 6 months. If you have ever considered starting your own podcast then this would be a great episode to listen too! 
November 27, 2019
Taking A Short Break
Cody and Kris are taking a short break to get some more interviews lined up for Season 2! 
September 10, 2019
Everything You Need To Know About FREELANCING
In this episode Cody and Kris discuss freelancing! Both of us have been freelancing for the past few years. 
August 28, 2019
Film School, Dream Cameras, and Freelancing | Interview with Mitch Kraus
In this episode we talk with Mitch Kraus and discuss his degree in film, his journalism background and the camera industry.  Follow Mitch Kraus at: and
August 21, 2019
How to Become a Better Creator | Understanding the Creative Process
In this episode Cody and Kris talk about the creative process. Having a solid process can help you become a much better creator! 
August 14, 2019
Starting a Content Management Company Straight Out of College | Tommy Hosltein Interview
In this episode, Cody and Kris talk with Tommy Holstein from Holstein Studios. Tommy started a video production business straight out of college that transformed into a Content Management Company. Some great information about video, social media, and business in this podcast!  Follow Tommy Holstein: @holsteinstudios
August 07, 2019
The Future of Creating Content & How is Social Media Impacting Us?
In this episode Cody and Kris talk about the future of content creation and content creators! I think the future is brighter than ever, but it will definitely have some interesting things changing in the next couple of years. 
July 31, 2019
Interning with the St. Louis Blues, Agency Life and Dream Camera Setups | Jordan Ridenour Interview
In this episode we chat with Jordan Ridenour about video production, working with an agency, his internship with the St. Louis Blues, and quite a bit more.  You can follow him here:
July 24, 2019
30 Years of Design Experience, Branding, Coaching, and Finding Inspiration | Ari Weinstein Interview
Ari Weinstein is a Branding Expert and Business Coach. He has over 30 years of design experience. He was working with the internet before the majority of you were even born (me included)! We talked design and finding inspiration away from the digital screens.  You can follow Ari at:
July 17, 2019
In our most side tracked episode yet, Cody and Kris discuss the things that every creator should know about Instagram and social media! 
July 10, 2019
Film Festivals, Starting a Production Company, and Jerry the Wino | Jed Nichols (Canted Angle Media) Interview
In this episode Cody and Kris discuss film production and film festivals with Jed Nichols from Canted Angle Media.  Follow Jed at:
July 03, 2019
The Man of Many Talents | Matt Klose Interview
In this episode we talk with Matt Klose about sound production, being in a band, Djing, photography and video! We also discuss how he manages all of these things and tips for other creators looking to make it in any of those fields!  Follow Matt Klose: @oddsoulsightsound
June 26, 2019
10 Things EVERY Creator should KNOW
Cody and Kris discuss the ten things they feel every creator should know. They have tips for your work life and your personal life. 
June 19, 2019
Branding Yourself as a Creative and Promoting Yourself on Social Media
Cody and Kris discuss branding and promoting. We've tried to discuss it before, but it always gets a little messy. If you want to become a full time creator, then having a good brand and being able to promote yourself is going to be essential. 
June 12, 2019
Dub Dub Recap | Creators discuss WWDC and the new Mac Pro
Cody and Kris discuss WWDC19 and the new software updates for the Ipad, Iphone, Mac, and the new Mac Pro! 
June 06, 2019
2019 Macbooks, Peak Design Tripods and More Tech News
Cody and Kris discuss some of the latest things happening in tech and photography. 
May 29, 2019
Chatting About Movies
SPOILER ALERT! In this episode Cody and Kris discuss their favorite movies, least favorite movies and more. They discuss Avangers Endgame! 
May 22, 2019
Do Creatives Need a College Education?
Cody and Kris discuss education and their thoughts on college. 
May 15, 2019
Staying Inspired as Creators and Business Owners
Cody and Kris discuss how they stay inspired. We talk about the apps that we use, content we consume and more. 
May 08, 2019
Our Favorite Tech to Create With
In this episode Cody and Kris discuss their favorite tech, video games, desk setups, etc. 
May 01, 2019
Horror Filmmaker - James Dean
In the episode Cody and Kris sit down with James Dean, the director of "Maniac Nun on a Mission to Kill Leo Fountaine". We discuss his future projects and film making.  
April 24, 2019
How to Handle Creative Burn Out
Cody and Kris talk about Creative Burn Out and how they handle it. As creatives, we are under a lot of pressure and it is natural to feel burnt out every once in a while. We also talk about way to keep yourself from getting burnt out. 
April 17, 2019
How to Stay Productive As A Creative
In episode 5 Cody and Kris discuss productivity and how they stay productive. They share what apps they use and their best advice for being productive. 
April 10, 2019
How to Stay Motivated and Inspired as A Creator
In this episode Cody and Kris discuss the ways they stay motivated and inspired. They talk about the different creators and influencers that inspire them. 
April 03, 2019
How to Grow Your Instagram Following
In this episode Cody Briner and Kris Risner discuss Instagram and how they are using to increase their following. 
March 27, 2019
Travel Photography and Disney World
Cody Briner and Kris Risner discuss travel photography. Cody went to Disney world last week and spent a lot of time shooting photos with models down in Florida. We also discuss the gear that we take when travelling and other stories from photoshoots in new locations. 
March 20, 2019
Meet The Creators
Cody Briner and Kris Risner talk about how they met. Between classes together in college, and working together at two seperate jobs Cody and Kris have spent quite a bit of time together. 
March 13, 2019