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Creator Economy Club

Creator Economy Club

By Hugo Amsellem
Feeling overwhelmed by all the things happening in the Creator Economy? Every week on Fri 9AM PST on Clubhouse, we're making sense of what happened around the topic: Trends, startups, insights, news & more.
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#5: MusicBreakr connecting Artists & Creators + Exploring what it means to be a Clubhouse Creator
Hey everyone, this week's (Feb. 12th, 2021) program: 00:00 - Intro 4:30 - MusicBreakr with Anthony Brown 28:00 - What are Clubhouse Creators? With Erika Batista, Robbie Crabtree & Sterling Proffer Brought to you by Jen, Uri & Hugo.
February 15, 2021
#4: Crowdfunded essay on the blockchain, Jellysmack's model, Spring's rebranding & Twitch latest figures
Hey everyone, this week's (Feb. 5th, 2021) program: 4:50 - Crowdfunded essay on the blockchain with John Palmer 23:00 - JellySmack's underrated model with Lauren Schnipper 46:20 - Spring's rebranding and total creator focus 54:30 - Twitch 2020 metrics (engagement, growth, etc) And surprise speakers from the audience! Brought to you by Jen, Uri & Hugo.
February 11, 2021
#3: YouTube 2020 stats, the Newsletter war, Twitter's revue acquisition, Stir's new drop
Hey everyone, this week (Jan. 29th, 2021) we had: 4:14 - Matt Koval (YouTube's creator liaison) talks about his role & the YouTube 2020 stats & trends. 19:10 - Mario Gabriele (The Generalist) with Jason & Rodolphe from Pico talk about moving away from Substack to your own stack. 38:05 - Twitter acquires Revue 48:30 - Stir's new drop with Peter Yang And surprise speakers from the audience! Brought to you by Jen, Uri & Hugo.
February 11, 2021