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Creator Economy Club

Creator Economy Club

By Hugo Amsellem
Every week, we're inviting a founder, a creator, or an investor that is shaping the creator economy!
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Educating the next generation of creators with Colin & Samir

Creator Economy Club

"How are top creators growing on YouTube?" with Paddy Galloway
Half of the world's professional creators are YouTubers. Millions of them are trying to beat the algorithm every day!  YouTube Wizard Paddy Galloway has been breaking down the strategies of 24 top creators, amassing millions of views on his own YouTube channel.  So, what did he learn? Feat. Hugo Amsellem, Rodolphe Ködderitzsch & Uri Levanon.
July 27, 2021
"Helping creators build commerce empires" with (Tee)spring's CEO Chris Lamontagne
Creators are building DTC merch empires without retailers. Logan Paul says his ‘Maverick’ Merch brand made $40M in its 1st year. But what seems like a commodity today used to be a headache yesterday. Just a few years ago it was still very tricky to sell great merch as an indie creator. You usually needed to "have a merch guy" that not only understood your design needs but also could handle the production process with providers and, more importantly, master the e-commerce intricacies! Fast forward to 2021: you can use and all of that complexity melts away for you. You can essentially have a Merch-team as a Service. That's why we're thrilled to host Spring CEO Chris Lamontagne for our next Creator Economy Club! They started in 2012 as Teespring, went on raising more than $60M from top investors like A16Z, and historically were enabling anyone to sell great merch. They’ve recently rebranded to Spring and now are 1) focusing on creators and 2) helping them not only sell physical product but also digital ones.
April 9, 2021
Educating the next generation of creators with Colin & Samir
Creators are scalable individuals. They get near-infinite leverage through platforms & tools. More tools mean more complexity and more pressure! The only way to balance this is with education. But who's educating the creators? Ideally, other creators. Like many things, it's best to learn from people who have done it before. And that's where Colin & Samir come in. They've been playing the creator game for almost 10 years and are now focused on the great mission of educating the next generation of creators. Video after video, they simplify the Creator Economy and distill its essence to allow other creators to focus on what is most important: Making great content.
March 31, 2021
How are streamers monetizing their audience? with Alber Emegé from Streamloots
Last year, Twitch viewers watched over 1 trillion hours from 6M creators on the platform. Top streamers are earning millions from donations alone. Alber Emegé thinks he can help them earn 4 times more with his platform, Streamloots. How? They enable superfans to buy real-time interactions with live streamers. Think of Streamloots as a way for viewers to control what happens during the stream with cards from packs dropped in chat. Alber has been building for creators for a few years already and has a strong opinion on the importance of creators owning their audiences. We'll dive into Streamloots' journey and explore a few questions: How are streamers monetizing their superfans? How much can a streamer earn solely from tips per month? How are streamers earning 4x more per fan on Streamloots than on Twitch?
March 23, 2021
#5: MusicBreakr connecting Artists & Creators + Exploring what it means to be a Clubhouse Creator
Hey everyone, this week's (Feb. 12th, 2021) program: 00:00 - Intro 4:30 - MusicBreakr with Anthony Brown 28:00 - What are Clubhouse Creators? With Erika Batista, Robbie Crabtree & Sterling Proffer Brought to you by Jen, Uri & Hugo.
February 15, 2021
#4: Crowdfunded essay on the blockchain, Jellysmack's model, Spring's rebranding & Twitch latest figures
Hey everyone, this week's (Feb. 5th, 2021) program: 4:50 - Crowdfunded essay on the blockchain with John Palmer 23:00 - JellySmack's underrated model with Lauren Schnipper 46:20 - Spring's rebranding and total creator focus 54:30 - Twitch 2020 metrics (engagement, growth, etc) And surprise speakers from the audience! Brought to you by Jen, Uri & Hugo.
February 11, 2021
#3: YouTube 2020 stats, the Newsletter war, Twitter's revue acquisition, Stir's new drop
Hey everyone, this week (Jan. 29th, 2021) we had: 4:14 - Matt Koval (YouTube's creator liaison) talks about his role & the YouTube 2020 stats & trends. 19:10 - Mario Gabriele (The Generalist) with Jason & Rodolphe from Pico talk about moving away from Substack to your own stack. 38:05 - Twitter acquires Revue 48:30 - Stir's new drop with Peter Yang And surprise speakers from the audience! Brought to you by Jen, Uri & Hugo.
February 11, 2021