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Creator's Honey

Creator's Honey

By Sandra Cerna
Anyone can be a dreamer, but it takes a lot of courage to shift from dreamer mode to doer mode. On the show I interview women who took their dreams to the next level and created successful businesses. You’ll get inspiration and confidence to start your own business as you listen to their entrepreneurial journeys. These women take a simple passion like vintage clothing, brand design or music and transform it into something beautiful. You have a gift and a light to share with the world just like these women and I’m cheering you on every step of the way!
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Episode 9: Village Underground- Mariana Duarte Silva

Creator's Honey

Episode 14: The Desi Bride- Arjita Shrimali
Arjita is a passionate problem solver with a BA from The University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management. She started her career as a management consultant at Deloitte, moved to Amazon to drive the profitability of a $1B brand, and most recently launched the country's first 5G phone and drove Samsung's eCommerce sales for home appliances. When Arjita's husband had a panic attack resulting from an  intense 14 months of wedding planning she knew she wanted to change the stressful process. She left the corporate world to build The Desi Bride and make wedding planning less anxiety-inducing for couples. The Desi Bride is a digital platform to help couples planning South Asian weddings find curated vendors through transparent pricing and honest reviews. She shares her journey through entrepreneurship and what it takes to stay motivated.  Site: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: email:
May 26, 2021
Episode 13: Mindset Work- Kelly Wittman
Kelly is a brand strategist, designer and owner of Witt and Company, a Minnesota-based brand strategy and design studio. She loves helping service-based businesses effectively tell their brand story through consistent and cohesive branding. Kelly started out in the nonprofit sector, built a home improvement blog and then transitioned to full time branding work. She shares what it was like to evolve her business and the personal mindset work involved in aligning your thoughts with what you really want.  Links
May 19, 2021
Episode 12: IEP Consulting- Shelley Kenow
Shelley Kenow is a wife, mother to one amazing daughter, and a fully trained human to a chihuahua. She is a certified special education teacher who has been a special educator for over 25 years. She completed the Master IEP (Individualized Education Program) Coach® Mentorship and is a member of the Master IEP Coach® Network. She has worked in the United States and England and during her career she developed her own behavior modification system that has worked with hundreds of students. Shelley shares her experience starting her IEP Consulting business and what it was like to transition from her role as a teacher to helping parents and students navigate their IEP.  Shelley Kenow IEP Consulting Shelley's book Those Who Can't...Teach: Shelley's Web Show #Nolimits:
May 12, 2021
Episode 11: Lifelapse - Sarah Boland
As a former professional videographer and marketer, Sarah helped brands create and integrate video into their social media strategies. She knows firsthand how expensive video marketing can be and set out to help small brands create eye-catching videos using their phone by creating Life Lapse. On the episode, Sarah walks us through how she started the app and gives advice on how to pursue all your dreams despite challenges that may arise. Originally from Toronto, you can now find Sarah hiking the mountains and exploring beautiful British Columbia on the weekends with her husband and dog.  Instagram: lifelapse_app Website: App Store: Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker
May 5, 2021
Episode 10: Creative Consultancy - Debora Saveriano
Debora owns a creative consultancy and branding studio called Heima based in East London. She believes in visual language as the most powerful way to communicate brand values in today's landscapes. The studio exists to help brands find their identity, serving companies and organizations in the music industry, fashion, lifestyle and travel. On this episode Debora shares her experience moving to London from italy, her experiences freelancing and what it was like to make her dream of owning a branding studio a reality. 
April 28, 2021
Episode 9: Village Underground- Mariana Duarte Silva
Mariana is a Graduate in Business Management and co-founder of Village Underground Lisboa, a cultural and coworking hub for creative industries and event space. She worked for 18 years in the music industry promoting new talents in bands and electronic music DJs. 3 of those years were lived in London, where she devoted herself to producing several events to promote Portuguese music, using her vast expertise in press relations, advisory and public relations in the music industry. In London her dream to start Village Underground was born. She shares how she started the business, how she is adapting during the pandemic and her new music school project.
April 21, 2021
Episode 8: Custom Branding - Amanda Guerrasio
Amanda is a brand and logo designer based out of Austin, TX. She helps motivated creative entrepreneurs build momentum and clarity in their business with strategic brand design. She has been playing in Photoshop since middle school, and (more formally) received her BFA in Graphic Design in 2006. Fate brought her down to Austin after college, and her love of independence took her into freelancing. She has been a one-woman design studio ever since. She believes that pretty design and strategic design aren’t mutually exclusive. Well-thought-out branding (visual and otherwise) can start your business off on the right foot, or give it new life. These days she resides in Round Rock with her husband, daughter, and dog. Aside from design, she dabbles in screen printing, writing and photography, and can often be found with her nose in a book. During the episode she gives great advice on how to grow your business through networking and how to maintain your sanity as a business owner!  Links:
April 14, 2021
Episode 7: The Beauty of Education - Carly Browness
Carly started her journey in the beauty industry 18 years ago while attending cosmetology offered through a high school tech program. It was there that Carly found her love for helping women feel confident. After working for many years as an instructor teaching permanent cosmetics, Carly realized there was a need for a reputable academy that offered all modalities of permanent cosmetics. Her passion is helping women feel beautiful, capable and confident; whether they are her clients or students. As a mother of three girls, she is committed to finding a balance between helping other women accomplish their goals and spending quality time with her family while raising strong, confident women with the help of her loving husband Chase. When not at NPCA, you can find Carly decorating or renovating, chatting with a friend, or checking out a local restaurant with her family.
April 7, 2021
Episode 5: Empowerment Through Boudoir- Avion McNab
Avion loves capturing the essence of women and showing them their beauty within that they sometimes forget is there. She moved to Utah shortly before covid-19 began and despite being in a new state, and starting over during a pandemic she was able to grow a successful business. The backbone of her business is a women's empowerment group that she hosts on Facebook. Be sure to check her out in the links below!  Links: Instagram: Avionphotography
April 7, 2021
Episode 6: Serial Entrepreneur - Carolina Báez
Carolina Báez is what some might call a serial entrepreneur. Her businesses range from a health food business to a social media agency with lots of projects and non profit work in between. She hails from Quito Ecuador and is well known for her humanitarian efforts throughout her country. Helping others find self reliance and inner wellness is her passion. To find out how she manages to do it all, have a listen as she shares some of her secrets.  Instagram: Carobaezh Instagram: zaluvidasana Instagram: zpaceparaempresarias
March 31, 2021
Episode 4: On Brand -Sonja Stojcevski
Artist, entrepreneur, wanderer and creative mind behind Patterns O’ Clock. Sonja helps businesses elevate their branding with intention, design & strategy by communicating their story and passion as if it were her own. On this episode she teaches us about how to pursue a mindful, balanced business life in a way that inspires and motivates!  Links All The Women Behind Me - Mindful Branding Workbook - Patterns O’ Clock Website- Insta & Pinterest handle @patternsoclock
March 17, 2021
Episode 3: Vintage Dreams - Abbey Smiley Trujillo
Abbey smiley Trujillo entered the vintage community with some trepidation because she wasn’t sure she belonged, but she found that wasn’t true at all. she had a dream to start a vintage thrifting business and she persevered. Now she is the owner of Peach Vintage. What started as a vintage thrift business has since snowballed into her creating a small sustainable clothing line, hiring a seamstress and pattern designer and advocating for a more sustainable fashion industry. She is a powerhouse woman who is a ball of light and supportive of women everywhere.  Visit Peach vintage at: Instagram: thepeachvintage Facebook: Peach Vintage Website:
March 10, 2021
Episode 2: Manifestor of Magic
Kim is a manifestor of magic in her own life and inspiring others to go after all of their dreams through trusting their intuition, practicing self-care, and being deeply heart-led. She is changing the way teams work together in corporate America by operating from a place of joy and love. You can change your life in an instant by practicing meditation, stillness, trusting the universe through synchronicity, signs, and all the magical stuff that you simply can't make up! Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram: Manifestwithkim The Corporate Hippie Book launches on Amazon on March 12th
March 3, 2021
Episode 1: From Side Hustle to Full Time Design
Sarah is a watercolor artist and owner of slate and brush design studio! On this episode We talk about everything from how to get started with a side hustle to shipping and selling products and staying motivated while doing it. Sarah just recently quit her day job and is now full time in her design business. In our interview She really taught me a lot about determination and perseverance. Her business has really evolved over the years. She shares lots of creative tools you can use to run a business and how to keep growing and learning along the way. You can find Sarah's work at, @slateandbrush (on Instagram) or
February 24, 2021
Episode 0: The Winding Path to Entrepreneurship
The founder of Creator's Honey, Sandra Cerna shares her story of finding the path to Entrepreneurship. After growing up in the Middle East and Latin America, Sandra settled in Salt Lake City, Utah. She pursued a career in the non profit and higher education fields before turning to tourism. As a coordinator for a university small group community travel program she thought her world fell apart when Covid hit. Quite the opposite happened as she discovered a new career path in producing stop motion business ads and coaching business owners on how to develop strategic content for their Instagram accounts. She shares her vision for the podcast, hoping to inspire women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams through the stories of other successful female entrepreneurs. For more information about her services visit
February 17, 2021