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CSB Check-In

CSB Check-In

By Cree School Board
CSB Check-In engages students, parents and community members that help us promote student success in our schools. The podcast is in the East Cree language and the targeted audience is the James Bay Cree hosted by Nick Wapachee.

We provide the highest quality content that gathers thoughts, ideas and sounds related to Eeyou education.

The podcast's goal is to expand a dedicated listener base that embraces and supports CSB Check-In because they believe it enriches, entertains and improves their lives, and they feel like their school is the best place to learn!
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CSB Check-In (June 15, 2022) - Nick Wapachee

CSB Check-In

CSB Check-In (September 21, 2022) - Nick Wapachee
Here's our fourth episode! We talk about the Council Highlights. The Director General announces the upcoming 4th Regional General Assembly, which will be a Community Tour in Eeyou Istchee. You'll also hear a message from Chairpersons of the Cree School Board and Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay encouraging Cree graduates and students to further their education and work with the organizations. Catherine Rutherford talks about the upcoming Special Needs Symposium to be held in Gatineau, QC, on November 29 to December 1, 2022. Juanita Gull completed her training in the Continuous Learning Journey from the Cree School Board and shared her recent trip to an AFN conference in Toronto. Finally, Azure Robertson is recruiting a Youth Artist Assistant for the Mikw Chiyam Program. Listen to the episode today!
September 21, 2022
CSB Check-In (August 24, 2022) - Nick Wapachee
Here's our third episode! We are back to school, and graduation ceremonies are happening! We talk about what parents can do to have a successful school year for their children, Graduation Dates announced, Graduation Data presented, Digital Learning Updates, the announcement of the NIMUTAN Portal, and post-secondary funding deadlines, the Sabtuan Adult Education Services announcing their new programs for 2022-2023, and the Regional General Assembly Community Tour coming soon! Listen to the episode today!
August 24, 2022
CSB Check-In (July 20, 2022) - Nick Wapachee
The CSB Check-In Radio Show will be hosted by Nick Wapachee. In this second episode, he talks about the Council Highlights, the Work-Oriented Training Program Graduates, Continuous Learning Journey Graduates, Vocational teaching in your schools, Mozaik Registration Results, Commissioners Elections, and Community Engagement in Mistissini.
July 20, 2022
CSB Check-In (June 15, 2022) - Nick Wapachee
In this first episode, I’ll talk about the Council Highlights, the Eeyou Iihtuwin department, Iyeskuwiiu program, Mozaik, post-secondary studies, snippets of our newsletter and our new coordinator of community engagement will talk about their position and things they will do for the communities.
June 15, 2022