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Crime Obscene

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Crime Obscene is a monthly true crime podcast. As the nature of the podcast is adult that deals with murder, disappearances and unsolved mysteries content is not suitable for children and triggering topics may also be discussed. Listener discretion is advised.
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Who Killed Lori Lynn?

Crime Obscene

Crime Obscene Update 22.01.22 (Personal )
Hello everyone, in this update i get into the various reasons as to my absence and lack of content of late. If you are triggered by discussions of suicide and and other such issues, please do not listen. 
January 22, 2022
Beauty and the Beast
This upload is not a true crime episode, it is a start of a conversation I hope the greater community of true crime can start having, It is about the blessing and curse of what viral media content can be and how it affects the victim's and families and also of the responsibilities of indie podcasters and professional journalists have alike.
October 08, 2021
The Unsolved Murder of Raonaid Murray
In the late hours of Friday night, down a darkly lit laneway in Glenageary, South Dublin, Ireland a voice pierced the September night air, a voice cried out  “leave me alone, go away and fuck off”. These were witness reports of what would soon be determined to be of Raonaid Murray in her final moments. Raonaid or “Rainy” lovingly called by friends had been out in a bar with some friends after finishing her shift at work. She had spent an hour there before deciding to head home briefly to change clothes as the group were deciding to head to a nightclub. Though had friend waited, and even rang the house phone to see where she was, Raonaid did not show. Later that night, shortly 12;30 am as Raonaid’ s sister was returning home with some of her friends, they spotted something unusual in the laneway known locally as “The Gap” or more sinisterly as “The Cut”. There they found, tragically, was the lifeless body of the 17- year- old. Raonaid had been viciously stabbed four times and even more heart-wrenchingly she had died within 20 yards (18 m) of her home, evidence later showing from pools of blood she had lived on and staggered for a time before succumbing to her wounds. In today’s case, we cover Irelands “longest-running active murder investigation in modern Irish history,” with more than 9,000 people interviewed, from 12 suspects to no suspects and a 22-year-old question left on unanswered, who is responsible for the brutal and senseless murder of Raonaid Murray. SOURCES
August 08, 2021
The Murder of Chandra Levy
*THIS EPISODE CONTAINS DESCRIPTIONS OF VIOLENCE, DOMESTIC ABUSE, ASSUALT AND SEXUALT ASSSUALT THAT SOME LISTENERS MAY FIND DISTURBING* On May 1st, 2001, Chandra Ann Levy disappeared without a trace. The 24-year-old had recently wrapped up a paid internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, DC but was due to return to her home in Modesto, California in time for May Graduation. But this did not come to pass as five days later, on May 6th, Levy’s family would alert the Metropolitan Police Dept. of the District of Columbia (MPD) from Modesto that they had not heard from her. The police responded by carrying out a welfare check on Chandra’s apartment which resided in Dupont Circle but found nothing. Further investigating and from Levy’s own father, it would be learned that Chandra had been having an affair with a then U.S congressman Gary Condit. This information was corroborated by Chandra’s aunt. But beneath this story of what sounds like a tale of scandal, seedy secrets and murder, something that of which Hollywood itself could spin, beats the cold heart of truth. The truth of a truly horrifying investigation riddled with errors of judgement, media frenzy and trials by both court and television alike, in Today’s episode we will bring the lens back into focus on to that young woman who vanished twenty years ago and later be found 6 km from her home dead, in the Murder of Chandra Levy. SOURCES:
July 01, 2021
The Disappearance of Maddy Scott
On May 28th, 2011, twenty-year-old Madison Geraldine Scott or Maddy, attended a birthday party at Hogsback Lake approx. 25 km southeast of Vanderhoof, British Columbia. Maddy had attended the party with her friend Jordi Bolduc. But as the evening went on and turned to midnight, Maddy retired for the night to tent she pitched beside her 1990 white Ford F150 pick up truck. A fight had broken between Jordi and a few other men at the party out and left Jodi injured and as she was drunk also felt she needed to leave with her new boyfriend. After trying to talk Maddy into leaving with them it was clear Maddy didn’t want to get up as she was already settled in for the night, Jordi left. Between the hours of 3 am and 4 am, many of the party goers had left, and these being some of the last people to physically see the young woman, many had reported talking to her and even offering her a ride back but Maddy declined. At 8:30 am Jordi and her boyfriend returned to the campsite as she had to pick up her clothes and sleeping bag before going to work. Having arrived, Jordi noticed the tent unzipped with Maddy’s sleeping bag and stuff moved to the side but with Maddy nowhere to be seen. Jordi stated she did not see Maddy anywhere and never reported the state of the tent to anyone. With a party of over 50 people attending, a large frame of missing time and the trail getting colder by the minute, an investigation will be launched using some of the most investigative tools than have been used in a case before in BC history and theories involving the purposed Highway of Tears and even serial killer Israel Keyes, today we look into the unexpected and truly baffling disappearance of Maddy Scott. SOURCES:
May 12, 2021
Victim's Spotlight - Jody LeCornu
Jody LeCornu was the victim of a murder on March the 2nd, 1996 and her case remains unsolved. This is her spotlight. SOURCES
March 14, 2021
Who Killed Lori Lynn?
Lori Lynn left her home of Ravenna, Ohio, United States on the morning of August 1st, 2017. She was to pick up her mother, Wanda Pullin in Liberty Township, Ohio to take her to the Trumbull County Court house to file some property records. Along the way, Lori placed several calls to her mother but failed to reach her. Cameras fitted to her mother’s residence show Lori arrive at 11:02 am and enter, looking for her mother. She exits at 11:36 am after finding Wanda not home and makes her way back to her vehicle and is seen leaving the residence driving back towards the road, out of view of the cameras. This is the last confirmed sighting of Lori. By the evening, Lori’s absence is very much noticed, and soon frantic phone calls are placed to her phone by worried family and would continue well into the morning. The next morning two family members find Lori’s brand new 2017 Nissan Pathfinder parked in a garbage pile behind the barn of Wanda Pulin’s property, this was followed by the discovery that the tractor and brush hog used to tend the grass was missing. The two family members followed the trail of mowed grass until the came across the tractor in one of the ponds on the property. Lori was on the tractor with her face submerged in the pond. An initial investigation by Liberty Township Police Department ruled the death a farm accident which began a near four long agonizing fight by Lori Lynn’s family who insisted the retired heavy machine operator 60-year-old had not died by accident but in fact was the victim of foul play, claims sadly falling on deaf ears. Initial missteps in early investigation and a too quick to rule accident put a significant hamper on getting to the bottom of Lori Lynn’s death and allowing a potential killer to get away with homicide. Today, we explore the tragic and untimely death of Lori Lynn. SOURCES:  
March 01, 2021
Conviction - Dylan Redwine's Murder
A Crime Obscene Mini Series "CONVICTION" focuses on a case that has had court proceedings and/or has led to charges.  In this episode, we look into horrific events that led to the untimely and brutal murder of thirteen year old Dylan Redwine. Music credits : background music by DJFilms. Opening and outro music recorded, written and performed by me. SOURCES:
January 28, 2021
The Unexplained Death of Tom Brown
This episode contains potentially triggering topics of suicide and suicide ideation. On the night of Wednesday, 23rd of November 2016, Tom Brown and some friends met at a Middle School car park. An ordinary night filled with driving, listening to music and big dreams to leave the small town of Canadian, Texas behind and start their lives. Tom and friends Christian and Kaleb bundle into Christian’s car and they drive around town, stopping to go for a walk. Soon 11 pm rolls along so the trio decided to call it a night. Christian drives the boys and herself back to the car park where they get into their own cars. Kaleb watches Tom get into his red Dodge Durango at 11:26 pm and drive away, not knowing this would be the last time he saw his friend. At the Brown residence, Tom’s midnight curfew comes and goes without any sign of the 18-year-old and mother Penny begins to worry as it was very unlike him to be late. The minutes slowly trickle by and after a few texts, Penny is advised by her husband, a volunteer firefighter and Tom’s stepfather, to ring a sheriff’s dispatch And after 45 minutes a deputy responds and search for Thomas begins. What ensues from this night and well into the days, weeks, months and years is a truly bizarre and baffling case. A case where misinformation, a thousand different stories and rumours attach themselves to a case already beset with issues such as private investigations and rumours of a cover up. But behind the controversy and small-town gossip, lies a heart-breaking case and questions that remain unanswered, what happened to Thomas Kelly Brown, a young man who played football, video games, was well liked and a class president. How did his car come to be abandoned at a water treatment plant, his belongings scattered for miles beyond and ultimately where his remains would be found three years later? In this episode we explore the disappearance and eventual discovery of Tom Brown.  SOURCES:,the%20family%20it%20was%20suicide.
January 01, 2021
Where Is Jennifer Kesse?
On Monday the 23rd of January 2006, Jennifer Kesse left her boyfriend’s house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The two had been vacationing in the Virgin Islands and Jennifer stayed a night there, as she often did before driving to work. After working a full day, Jennifer left work at 6 pm before driving back to her condo in Mosaic Millenia. She spoke to her parents and brother Logan, telling them about the vacation and catching up. Around 10 pm, Jennifer calls her boyfriend Rob but as she was tired from the vacation was in bed and the conversation was brief but before getting off the phone they told each other they missed each other and were excited for the next break away they would take. Rob was running late for work the next morning and seeing no call or text from Jennifer which she done in the morning, decided to call her instead but got only her voicemail. Upon finishing a work meeting later on, Rob would call her again but this went straight to voice mail, and upon learning Jennifer did not arrive for work that morning either, both Rob and Jennifer’s parents were notified of this and they began to drive the two hours from their home in Tampa , Florida to Jennifer’s condo. Upon arriving and gaining access by the management whom the Kesse’s had called beforehand, there appeared to be nothing amiss in the condo. The bed looked slept in, items of clothing spread out as the outfit of the day, a towel wet from a shower and make up out, all the indicators that Jennifer had at least got ready for work that morning. The only things that were missing were her purse, keys, phone and iPod and of course Jennifer herself. Police were soon notified of her disappearance and there the OC Sheriffs and OPD deputies arrived, before deeming it a possible mental breakdown or tiff with the boyfriend, they left and that is how the long and arduous journey for the Kesse’s 14 year search for their missing daughter. A search which was plagued by a lack of physical evidence, an uncertain time of disappearance and even CCTV footage of the “luckiest person of interest in the world”. In todays episode we explore the mysterious disappearance of Jennifer Kesse, a much-loved young woman who was seemingly plucked off the face of the world and has not been seen or heard of since. Intro music written and recorded by me. Additional music by DJFilms. Sources :
November 29, 2020
What happened To Jaliek Rainwalker?
This episode contains information of crimes involving children. Listener discretion is advised. *While Recording this episode I was so wrapped up in the mixing I did not realise that the airing of the podcast would coincide with 13 years to the day since Jaliek went missing until it was already mixed and ready, this is why it will be even more imperative to please share this episode as far and wide as you can* On the night of the 1st of November 2007, Jaliek Rainwalker was last seen by his adoptive father. When Stephen Kerr woke up the next morning, Jaliek was nowhere to be seen. With his bed made up to apparently look like he was sleeping, Stephen realised his son was gone and would report Jaliek missing to the police. When Police arrive, Stephen informs them that a duffle bag, a stuffed animal that belonged to his adopted son and some clothes were missing, and most  harrowing of all; a note is found seemingly written by the twelve year old stating he was leaving. But what looks from the onset as a runaway child, soon spirals down a much sinister path. Both family and loved ones of Jaliek insist he had not run away, and the investigation soon turns into a suspected murder with none other than his adopted parents in the spotlight. In this episode, we uncover the suspicious vanishing of 12 year old Jaliek Rainwalker, a young boy who from his very birth had trial after trial levelled at him and uncover the information from the day he was reported missing, through to the avenues of investigation that led police to looking closer to home in the disappearance. Crime Obscene is a monthly true crime podcast hosted by Aaron Burke. Music intro: written and performed by Aaron Burke Additional music by DJM Films: SOURCES: interview source:
October 31, 2020
The Vanishing & Suspected Homicide of Deirdre Jacob
Crime Obscene is a monthly true crime podcast. Adult content and triggering topics discussed such as violence, murder and disappearances. Listener discretion is advised.On the afternoon of July 28th 1998, Deirdre Jacob, an Irish native who studied in England to be a teacher was home for the Summer holidays in her town of Newbridge, Co. Kildare. With errands to run in the town, Deirdre walked the twenty-five-minute walk from her home Roseberry to the town of Newbridge, all this recorded on CCTV. Deirdre disappeared within steps of her home, and she has never been seen again. There has been a tireless investigation into her disappearance, an upgrade to a homicide investigation and even a person of interest named in her disappearance. In this episode we delve into the information surrounding this heart-breaking case and in uncovering the details, hope to give this case more exposure so more ears can hear it and possibly can say what they know.  SOURCES: CHILLING CRIMES:,the%20United%20Kingdom%20to%20study.&text=Deirdre%20was%20studying%20to%20become%20a%20teacher.&text=Deirdre%20was%20in%20Newbridge%20that%20day%20as%20planned.  THE JOURNAL:  EXRTA.IE:  THE IRISH INDEPENDENT: SOCIAL MEDIA:  See for privacy and opt-out information.b9WRZ3mnFpy1llc2SG02
September 30, 2020