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The CritCast

The CritCast

By The Untitled Critical Hit Podcast
After looking at the podcast landscape, the dummies over at Africa's biggest pop culture website thought the world needed a podcast dedicated to video games.

This is that podcast.

Join the Critical Hit team as they discuss the news of the week, the things that held their attention spans and maybe figure out a name for this thing.
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Grand Theft Arkham

The CritCast

Officer Bidoofy
Honestly, the fact that Darryn and I were able to pull this off for sixteen weeks without killing each other is nothing short of a miracle. Listen gang, it’s been a fun ol’ ride, hasn’t it? I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one: This will be the last episode of The CritCast before the show goes on a bit of a hiatus. It’s no one’s fault and we still love you! It’s just that I’ve stumbled into a somewhat important career opportunity that’s about to consume all my time and Darryn is about 3 cups of coffee away from full-blown burnout; Man works hard at his two jobs. Thus, we’re taking a bit of an extended break but who knows? Once a new rhythm is found and normality is restored, we might return to plague your ears once more… In any case, we’ve got a show that’s stuffed filled with games this week! Darryn talks about how frustrating yet rewarding Returnal is as well as elaborating on whether or not New Pokemon Snap is a first person shooter or not (it totally is). Then we also discuss some dumb anime about fighting mechs in space, Mobile Suit Fighter G Gundam and have a rather lovely conversation about how much we enjoyed The Falcon and The Winter Soldier now that that’s all wrapped up. As for the news, well it’s financials season, baby! It’s been a fun little experiment folks! Thanks for humouring us and our dumb nonsense which you’ll still be able to find in spades on the website every day. So having said that, I’ll see you in whatever bit of news I think is interesting tomorrow!
May 4, 2021
Cybertron Pranks
There’s a tremendous amount of laughing in this one so if you don’t vibe with unbridled joy than I recommend giving this one a miss. You know, every Saturday Darryn and I come together to discuss our favourite things (sometimes there are a few not so favourite things in there but generally, it’s pretty good). Yet this week was undoubtedly the best recording of the CritCast if you ask me. Darryn brought his trademark chaotic energy to the fore and, well, it’s better if you just listen to it. I’m still recovering from the cackling fit it left me in, honestly. Yet when everything had calmed down, we doffed the professional hats that we so often wear and set to work talking about a whole bunch of topics. Firstly, we quickly delve into Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker on the PSP before diving into the excellent majesty of Titanfall 2. We spend a while ranking some of the best (and worst) DC Animated Movies while Darryn was able to explain the process of making a very authentic Wolverine cosplay. Lastly, there was the news of Square Enix being up for sale even though it wasn’t, Resident Evil’s big ol’ showcase and it’s ridiculous policy of timed demos, Nintendo’s Indie World showcase (complete with new Ollie Ollie World!) and lastly the terror of a potential open world Bioshock game that no-one actually wants. If you want to dip your toes into this week’s multi-layered discussion, you can check out our Anchor here or you can stream the show on YouTube or Spotify. If there’s something that you’d like to see in the CritCast or you need some answers that only we can provide, drop myself or Darryn an email at either or Enjoy the show and we’ll see you next week for another!
April 20, 2021
Balan Underworld
No one believed me when I said that Balan Wonderworld was a complete nightmare. But now they understand. They all understand. Wow, we’ve been doing this show for 14 weeks now, who would have thought we’d be able to keep it going this long without skipping an episode? We have serious matters to attend to this week as I unpack the complicated nuance of Trials of Fire, a game that’s both exceptionally good and much too smart for me, and Darryn can finally tell us all about Balan Wonderland. Turns out, he loved it! It’s his game of the year so far, which I’ll admit I didn’t see coming. It might just be the fact that he enjoys self-inflicted agony though, so bear that in mind. Then we talk in-depth about Close Enough, the latest animation from the creator of The Regular Show, JG Quintel, and Way of the Househusband, and anime that even I’m vaguely interested in watching (even if the animation is complete ass). As for news, we’ve got a delightful platter to choose from: The Deathloop delay, an explanation behind why Mass Effect 1 desperately needs that combat rework, E3 leaping back into action and that new report that’s come out about Sony and its disdain for indie games. It was a busier week than expected! Go ahead and give the show a follow on Anchor or Spotify, why don’t you? Hell, tell a friend about it! Word of mouth is so important in the marketing process. I hope you enjoy this hour of discussion Darryn and I cooked up and we’ll be back with another one next Tuesday!
April 13, 2021
Rock Filled Eggs
That’s right folks, we worked on a long weekend so we could ensure you wouldn’t be starved of Darryn talking about that one time he murdered a leprechaun. Okay, straight off the bat I want to apologise for this episode: I talk about Hearthstone a lot. Like, it’s not a five minute check-in, I go all in on the latest Forged in the Barrens expansion. Darryn practically gnawed his arm down to a nubbin so at least you won’t be suffering alone. Beyond the stimulating Hearthstone discussion (at least, I thought it was stimulating) we get into the weeds on good games and old! Darryn talks about his experiences with Outriders which, from the sounds of it, is very good when you’re able to play it and I bring up Doom (2016) as one of the finest games ever made. Prove me wrong, you can’t. Then there’s the whole conversation about Godzilla Vs. Kong, which does have some very light spoilers (based on my speculations) so just be warned about that before charging in there. Lastly, we wrapped up a very empty news week by talking about how Japan likes the wrong Final Fantasy characters and that Alan Wake really deserves a sequel. Oh, there was also a segment dedicated to old consoles again. At this point we should just spin off into a console-collecting podcast. If there’s something that you’d like to see in the CritCast or you need some answers that only we can provide, drop myself or Darryn an email at either or We appreciate any and all questions from folks listening and we’ll do our best to answer as professionally as possible (even if it’s not all that professional a question).
April 6, 2021
Billy Crystal Dynamics
Hey, kids! Have ya’ll ever played a video game? Oh, you have? Well, then this is good news because if you’ve played one then I assume you enjoy talking about them too? Right on, brother! Take a seat with us and we can gab for a second. Nah, grab whichever one you want, there’s a free one next to Darryn. He doesn’t bite but he does sometimes… Ah, there he goes licking again. Just ignore him, he’ll soon get over your taste. Unless you’re wearing Axe Chocolate deodera… don’t tell me that’s what you’re wearing. Give me a second, I’ll be right back with a towel, a squeezy bottle and some soap. After we’re done cleaning up Darryn’s saliva, we’ll be able to talk all about how the excellence that is Monster Hunter: Rise, how mediocre Marvel’s Avengers continues to be and unpack why the Undertaker is such an iconic wrestling powerhouse (who’s also a lovely man off stage, apparently!) Then we’ll hit a quick wrap up of last weeks news and you can head on your way! Oh, you want more of our dumb bullshit? Don’t panic, friend! We’ll be next next Tuesday with another CritCast and if you can’t wait that long head on over to Spotify or Anchor to view our back catalogue. 12 episodes already, where does the time go. If there’s something that you’d like to see in the CritCast or you need some answers that only we can provide, drop myself or Darryn an email at either or We don’t pay to advertise the show so word of mouth is a real blessing for us right now, if you’d be so kind as to tell your friends and family who might be interested; we’re very good with grandmothers, just so you know.
March 30, 2021
Release the Rob Schneider Cut
Here’s this week’s episode, in which we quickly got over a case of the Moon-Bends, talked for four hours about Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the delightful Kaze and the Wild Masks, Square Enix’s recent showcase, and promised to go back to the one place that hasn’t been corrupted by capitalism: SPACE!
March 23, 2021
Grand Theft Arkham
I look away for two seconds and Darryn swoops in like the cheesecake rejecting monster he is to hijack my show post. Enough of his malarky! While the entire hour of Pacific Rim discuss was a good idea, even I can admit that, but I shan’t go back on the anime ban. This has been a problem within our society for too long, I say. There’s nothing that can convince me to go back on the Anime Ban of… You’re saying they made Pacific Rim into an anime? We can allow an exception, I think. This week on the CritCast, Darryn poured his soul out for an almost six year old game, Batman: Arkham Knight, which he still maintains is one of the greatest games of all time (he would though, right?) while I cry in a corner about how terrible Harvest Moon has become. Darryn tried to commiserate with me but asking the man to feel empathy is like asking Michael Caine to not appear in the next Chris Nolan movie: You can try but the always will always be, “No, Master Bruce”. We also unpack the aforementioned Pacific Rim: The Black, the Bethesda/Microsoft deal finally going through, Disintegration running aground and Square Enix hosting yet another digital event. If there’s something that you’d like to see in the CritCast or you need some answers that only we can provide, drop myself or Darryn an email at either or We might not be intelligent, nor are we especially capable but we try hard and we have smartphones. That’s basically a degree in wisdom!
March 16, 2021
Respect The Ban
Enough of Brad’s meanderings! I’m taking over this show, and there are going to be some changes. For starters, I’m appealing the month-long ban on me talking about anime because I need something to chat about dammit! Next, I’m demanding that we do weekly top ten lists about Batman, the Dark Knight, or the caped crusader. Item number the third, we’re going to be devoting an entire hour to analysis over why Pacific Rim is the greatest movie of all time that never got an incredibly underwhelming sequel that seriously tried to sell Charlie Day as a big-time villain. With that being said, on with this week’s show! In today’s episode I dig deep into the well of my current obsession of obtaining retro video games, Brad doesn’t shut up about Loop Hero, and I request a bucket of the gravy used to make KFC mash so delicious. For all our various platforms that the CritCast is hosted on, you can check out Anchor right here, or you can leave this YouTube video running in the background:If there’s something that you’d like to see in the CritCast or you’d like to send us questions that we can badly answer, drop Brad or myself an email at either or This week we answered Great Balls of Fire’s question, so he earns the No-Prize for allowing us to pop that fan interaction cherry. That sounded a lot less gross in my head to be honest.
March 9, 2021
The Woo Man Cometh
I actually licked a Nintendo Switch game cart during this one and if anyone accuses me of not suffering enough for my art I’ll formally have you written out of my will. The CritCast is a show about many things. First and foremost, it’s about video games. Darryn and I can talk for hours on end about what we’ve been playing and this week was no different. I expanded on my Bravely Default 2 playthrough and discussed my enjoyment for the game even when it was actively trying to stop my fun. Darryn had similar things to say about that Outrider’s demo (while also unpacking all that brown) and we both gushed over Telltale Games. Secondly, it’s a show about non-interactive visual entertainment. Darryn mentioned GoodBadFlicks as a YouTube channel he’s currently enjoying which derailing the conversation into us complaining about YouTube adverts. Have you seen the ad with the bleeding gums?  Thirdly, it’s a show about the news. We unpacked last week’s biggest news including the PlayStation State of Play, the Pokémon 25 announcement and Avatar Studios. So many good announcements! Lastly, it’s a show about the power of friendship. I think. Honestly, I just felt like I needed a fourth point. Sometimes I just run out of things to say, you know? If you enjoy the show, do us a solid and spread it around?  You can also find Critical Hit over on Twitter, so maybe drop us a follow if you're digging the content! We don’t pay to advertise it at all so it’s on you lovely people that we really rely on. Oh, and if you have any questions you’d like us to answer on the show, send me a mail at 
March 2, 2021
Stylish Mecha Heels
Folks, once again I come to bent on humble knee to ask a favour of your. Darryn and I have been doing The CritCast a few weeks now and we’ve decided that we’re sick of each other’s questions. See, working together as closely as we have has caused our brains to almost blend into one. So we’ve decided to open the floor for anyone with a thought or question in mind that’s looking for an answer that only two doofuses working in the video game industry could tell you. So if you have anything you want to share to ask, just leave a comment on the bottom of this post, slide into our Twitter DMs or even email me at with any questions you’d like answered! No question is too dumb unless it’s really dumb. You know who you are. Now that the request is out of the way, sit back and enjoy the CritCast! We talk at length about Apex Legends, Valheim, Fights in Tight Spaces and Thomas Was Alone as well as leap into the news of the last week. Oh, and Darryn totally eats himself at the end. That’s not even a joke, he just straight up does it. It’s gross. Wildly gross. 
February 23, 2021
Take It In The face
In Episode 6 of The CritCast, Darryn and I talk at length about Destiny’s new Season of the Chosen, provide a far more detailed review of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, and delve into the horrors of Little Nightmares. We also discuss how Matt Berry is just comedy’s Pedro Pascal, why the American Military is bad, pat ourselves on the back for predicting the Anthem news, and wax lyrical about shorts and how comfortable and easy to wear they are. Give us a listen over on Anchor and Spotify! If you enjoy the show, do us a solid and spread it around? We don’t pay to advertise it at all so it’s on you lovely people that we really rely on. Oh, and if you have any questions you’d like us to answer on the show, send me a mail at We want to hear more from you as you push our brains to the limit! I mean… even more to the limit than recording a simple podcast takes on us…
February 16, 2021
Bobby Kotick's Plastic Axe
This week, we delve into a pirate’s bounty of topics, including Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood (what a name), Destruction AllStars (also a name), Sony’s (potentially) accidental scarcity marketing strategy, console preservation as visual ASMR and Bobby Kotick’s inability to walk around the Activision offices without a Guitar Hero controller slung over his shoulder. It’s a good time all around, really. If you enjoy the show, do us a solid and spread it around? We don’t pay to advertise it at all so it’s on you lovely people that we really rely on. Oh, and if you have any questions you’d like us to answer on the show, send me a mail at We want to hear more from you as you push our brains to the limit! I mean… even more to the limit that recording a simple podcast takes them…
February 9, 2021
God's Perfect Monster
In this episode of the CritCast Darryn and Brad delve into the philosophical questions raised by Donut Country, discuss how The Medium is not at all scary but still fantastic, lament how bad the demo for Balan Wonderworld is and explore something called… That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. Sure, why not?
February 2, 2021
Step on me, Tall Lady
That vampire lady really is tall, huh?  This week on the finally named CritCast, we discuss all things Hitman 3, Resident Evil: Village, WandaVision and that gross thing that happens when tomato sauce gets all watery.
January 26, 2021
Tom Clancy's Scott Pilgrim
In this week's episode we delve into our mixed feelings around Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, gush about Monster Hunter: Rise and go on about the joys of gambling in Final Fantasy 8. No-one can accuse us of not being relevant, right?
January 19, 2021
Untitled Critical Hit Podcast: Midlife Crisis Core
We kick off the Critical Hit's very first podcast with discussion on Destiny 2, Hades, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, the most anticipated games of the year and more nerd stuff than most people could tolerate. Fortunately for us, we're the highest order of nerds.
January 12, 2021